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Salem Wales

"Someday I'll be able to forgive myself."

0 · 332 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Irresolute Fate”, as played by BAWADABOO


Salem Wales

"Someday I 'll be able to forgive myself"
Gone Too Soon- Simple Plan


Race White
Gender Male
Age 18
Occupation Student (Waiter)

Appearance Salem stands at 5 feet 11 inches and weighs in at 153 lbs. He is leanly built but muscular. He has no visible scars or tattoos. His hair is a light blonde that just barely covers his blue eyes. He dresses up, but with a lazy sense of style. He is usually in dress shirts of varied colors, and a loosely tied tie. He sometimes wears a vest over his shirt in place of a tie. He wears a black belt around a pair of black or brown slacks, or jeans on some days. He wears black or brown wingtips to match his slacks, or brown sperry boat shoes with jeans. He wears a class ring with a ruby gem on his right hand ring finger.

RelativesFather (Decesed sister and mother)

Special AbilitiesN/a
Weapon of Choice Sword

Alignment Neutral
Motivations The memory of his sister and mother.
Sexuality Straight

History Salem grew up in a small canadian town. His parents spoiled him and his sister quite well. This led Salem to be a trouble child. He started getting this way when he entered high school. He took up drinking and smoking, partied almost every other night. His parents always lectured him about it, but he didn't care. He was having a good time. Until he passed out at a party one night. His parents and sister were coming home from dinner and got t-boned crossing an intersection. They were all in the hospital in critical condition. It wouldn't be until his sister and mother had passed that he would finally wake up and check his missed calls. Once he arrived at the hospital the doctors had just finished opperating on his father. His father made it out alive, but wass never the same man. Salem made a pact with himself that day to clean up his act. He never got over not being able to say goodbye to his sister and mother. He is now two years older, and working in a restaraunt to pay the bills because his dad retired shortly after the accident. He hasnt smoked, or drank alcohol for two years.
Sample Post"Sir, I understand that the steak is undercooked, but can you please have a seat."
A ceramic dinner plate flew by Salem's right ear and shattered on the wall beyond him. 'guess not' he internally growled. He began to tiptoe his way to the kitchen, not taking his eye off of the raging man standing in the middle of the restaraunt. The man looked like he did this kind of thing often. He was large, and pink. A brown beard covering quite literally, his entire face, and to top it all off, he was wearing steel toed boots. That should have clued Salem off from the get-go. Once Salem reached the kitchen, dodging silverware along the way, he peeked back to the chefs. "Uhh, reinforcements please?" he pleaded.

The chefs laughed and sent two of the biggest men they had out into the dining room. Salem stayed in the back and watched the show with a smile. The raging man must have been either reaally confident, or reaally stupid. Either way it did not pan out well for him. The man puffed out his chest and squared up on the two chefs. They looked at each other and shrugged their massive shoulders. They got on either side of the man and waited for him to make a move. He threw a sloppy punch at the larger of the two. The other immediately grabbed him from behind and pulled him back. The punch hit a solid nothing and the man got even redder with embarrasment. The two makeshift bouncers marched the man out the door and with a satisfying kick, sent him to the pavement. They heroicly walked back inside and made their way back to the kitchen, with cheers from the rest of the restaraunt's patrons. As they passed by Salem they held up hands for high fives. Salem smiled, slapped both hands, and strolled to the closet to grab a mop and broom to clean up the idiot's mess.

He entered the closet and scanned it for what he needed. "AHA" he pronounced in victory as he retrieved the broom and mop from their respective corners. He turned to go clean up his mess and came face to face with the manager... 'Stan.' "Hey Stan" He said with a fake smile. Salem hated, no... dispised, no... detested Stan.

"You want to tell me why its always your customers that cause these kinds of problems?" The skinny waste of a human asked him. Salem replied, very politely and respectfully.

"Well sir, I just don't know. You always set me up with the kindest and gentlest looking folk around. I just cant imagine why that big wookie wannabe would freak out like that." He could see the little vein on Stan's neck pulse with anger at the comment, but what was he gonna do? fire him? Salem was his best worker. The restaraunt would be dead, and not to mention boring, without him here. There would be a coup-de-etat if he was fired. At least, there would be in Salems mind.

Stan rolled his eyes and left the closet. Salem walked out and gave the very best sarcastic salute he could muster. "At yo suyvice massta" He then decided it would be best to stop being a sarcastic ass and got to cleaning up the mess.

So begins...

Salem Wales's Story