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Name: Walker Keaka(Hawaiian for God's Gift) Gracile
Nickname: Take your pick from any of the jokes you can make from Walker, or Gracie, but only one person gets to call me that.
Gender: Male
Year: Senior
Type: Princely
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Straight, although I have dated transgendered women, I'm more concerned with femininity than what parts you have down there. So long as there are boobs involved.
*Messing with people's heads in a good way
*Musicals of any kind
*Music of any kind, except dime-a-dozen country and "thug life is a party life" rap.
*Chocolate covered strawberries
*Cake, cookies, and other sweets, preferably the ones I make, and yes I bake, nothing wrong with that.
*people who act like their crap tastes like ice cream
*people who lie to harm others
*Oranges, not Clementines or tangerines, just oranges. Something about the inside of the peel sticking to the flesh just irks me.
Picture: Image

Personal Description: Well, I have grey, almost white hair, but don't think I bleach it, it just runs in my family! My eyes are a light grey as well, so I'm glad they match! Matter of fact, add in the pale skin, and I could look like a ghost for halloween! I have sharp features, but I've been told looking into my eyes when I'm smiling is like hugging a kitten on a summer afternoon, which I can verify from personal experience as being the most awesome thing ever to ever ever. I'm about 5'10", and weigh about 150 pounds, but don't let that fool you, I could easily deadlift 250 thanks to my kickboxing in my spare time!

Personality: I'm the risk-taking type, not afraid to take a giant leap to get to where I want, and carefree enough to accept the results if I fail. I've been called loyal, but really, it's just that I trust people enough that it doesn't matter what I do for them, because I know they'll do the same for me. "Borderline insane" is often thrown around with me as well, especially when it comes to contemplating virtually anything. Call me the philosopher if you want, I don't care. My HOST persona, however, has been cultivated since my first year of hosting. I take on the role of the man who would sweep you off your feet and take you away to a land where he would hand-feed you chocolate covered strawberries.

History: Not much to say, really. My middle name Keaka came from my barely surviving childbirth and only pulling through after my mother said a prayer for the first time in her life, NOT because I'm a conceited ass. Born to a rich family in Oahu, raised in a rich family in New York, bored stiff half my life in a rich family, and the other half asleep. For future reference, my family is a long line of successful theater producers, directors, and actors. And for some reason, they sent me here to Ouran, mostly because I'm an anime character here to be the comedic foil for a roleplay and they won't let me open up my own productions elsewhere... Jerks.

Extra: I can sing in any accent I want, which made the music teacher soil their drawers with delight the first time they heard me, which is ALSO how I was able to keep the Music Room for the Host Club. Also, despite my being the token foreigner, I speak fluent Japanese, English, Gaelic, and German. I also have released multiple music albums, all under the pseudonym Arctic Rush to represent those chills you get when listening to good music. So far I have released one metal album, one pop album with 70's-80's stylings(This one reached Platinum), and two rock albums, also with 70's-80's stylings. My cover of Fire Woman by The Cult hit #1 in America, and my own pop single, "Love, Lust, and Paradise" hit #3 in the world. So far, I've been able to keep my identity as Arctic Rush secret to everyone except my family and my agent, as the sunglasses I wear cover half my face and are mirrored.

Theme Songs:
Nonprince Persona: Footloose, Kenny Loggins
Kyrie, Mr. Mister
I Wanna Rock, Twisted Sister
Come And Get Your Love, Redbone
Smooth, Santana

Prince: Everybody Loves Me, OneRepublic
That Man, Caro Emerald
Who Is In Your Heart Now, Studio Killers
Livin La Vida Loca, Ricky Martin
I Like It, Enrique Iglesias

So begins...

Walker Keaka Gracile's Story

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"When I was a little lad
And so my mother told me,
Way, haul away, we'll haul away, Joe!
hat if I did not kiss the gals
Me lips would all grow moldy.
Way, haul away, we'll haul away, Joe!"

Albert's booming voice filled the air of the Host room as he lounged on the couch he usually performed his host-duties on, laying on it with his head on one arm rest, and his feet hanging off the other end easily. His foot bounced to the beat of the song. It was an old Sea Shanty he'd learned in his free-time.

"Way, haul away, we'll haul for better weather,
Way, haul away, we'll haul away, Joe!
Way, haul away, we'll haul away together,
Way, haul away, we'll haul away Joe!"

He stopped there as he yawned and closed his eyes a bit. "It'd sound so much better with like....fifty people singing along...." He said idly as he sat up and stood up fully, stretching out his long, strong body before heading over to the table where the Host Club normally kept its pastries and other goodies. He hummed to himself as he perused his options.

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After his classes were over, Seiji spent a little while socializing with his classmates before making his way to his club activities. He sprinted up the stairs to make sure that he wouldn't be late, nearly skidding past the music room in his haste. He managed to skid to a halt by grasping the doorknob. Once he composed himself, Seiji entered the Host Club's music room, looking around to see which hosts were already present. It appeared that Nemui was being tailed by her twin sister as always, and Albert was eating sweets. Seiji tilted his head a ran a hand through his blond hair with a sigh. Risu and Velonix were in attendance as well. Seiji immediately approached Hikaru and tackle hugged her due to their similarity in height, "Hikaru-Chan! Nemui-chan! Hello~" He exclaimed with excitement that rivaled that of a young child. His arms were wrapped around her shoulders and he gave the girl a tight squeeze before releasing her with a bashful smile on his face. His orange-red orbs shifted when he got a whiff of the cake, waving to Nemui and Hikaru before joining Albert at the table of sweets. Seiji picked a nice slice of chocolate cake but did not take a bite just yet. He went to the couch where he usually sat while hosting and pulled a small bag from his coat pocket. He placed the saucer with his cake gently on the coffee table in front of him and unzipped the black bag. He pulled out the device that was stored inside and began testing his blood sugar, not even wincing when his finger was pricked.

He stared at the device waiting for it's verdict, hoping that it would allow him to splurge and enjoy the delectable cake he had already had his heart set on. When the numbers crossed the small screen, a large smile formed on Seiji's face. He realized he could have the cake, and so he would. Seiji properly disposed of his test strip and put the device back into its bag and returned it to his pocket where it belonged, "Yay~" He exclaimed to no one in particular. He raised his spoon, licking his lips with anticipation before digging into his cake with more excitement than a 4th year should. From his short stature to his childish behavior, nothing about Seiji indicated that he was a senior in high school. He nearly finished his cake before he turned on the couch to face the others, "Has anyone seen Walker today? He isn't sick is he?" He asked, his orange orbs shifting between Risu, Hikaru, Nemui, Velonix, and Albert. He figured that at least one of the others would know where the missing host was, and if not, at least he showed his concern.

The boy stood and returned to the pastries, taking a few doughnuts this time. While his sugar was quite low, if he kept up this pace it would be through the roof by the end of the evening. Before anyone could protest he bit into the first of the three doughnuts chewing on it quietly. The doughnut itself was bigger than his mouth, and he looked somewhat goofy chewing on it instead of holding it in his hand. He glanced up to Albert now that they were standing side by side once again, reminded of their severe height difference all of a sudden. Seiji gave up on ever hitting a growth spurt, but he did wonder if being that tall had more perks to it than being able to reach the higher shelves. While he would likely never find out, he couldn't help but stare up at his fellow host for a moment. His eyes shifted to the door, then to the other hosts. He couldn't wait for their work to begin. He really needed to curl up in someone's lap. He needed confirmation that he was loved, even if it was all just a charade. He could lie to them if they would lie to him too.

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A grey-haired streak blew past several students as he sprinted across the academy's main courtyard, his bag slapping against him as he ran towards Music Room #3. As he ran, he quickly flicked his wrist up and checked his watch to see how much time he had, cursing silently as the minute hand ticked past his planned arrival.

{I swear to God, did the class prez REALLY have to talk to me for THAT long about Hamilton?} he thought to himself, reaching an arm out and snagging one of the poles by the stairs to swing around and slingshot up as he rushed for the door, taking a roundabout way so the girls didn't see him rushing like this, {I mean-} he paused as he ducked into the back room and pulled a small towel out of his bag, quickly wiping himself down and spritzing himself with a quick dash of cologne before throwing a fresh uniform on, {I don't want to be the ass, but they KNEW I had to be here on time today of all days...} Walker caught himself before he got too distracted, and took a moment to close his eyes, erasing all of his stress from the day and putting it into a little toolbox for later. When he reopened his eyes, they had a slight gleam to them, like that of a man who knows the world is his for the taking. Slipping into the Music Room, he briskly spoke to his fellow hosts, hostess, and darling manager as he strolled to the door holding back the throngs of ladies and not-exactly-throng of three or four men as well.

"Sorry I'm late everyone, I got held up after class and couldn't escape our LOVELY class pres. Hope you're ready, everyone, because we are so far behind it is not even funny!" Walker sped through his words before reaching the door, taking a deep breath as he readied himself for the oncoming event.

"Alright. Let the Princely duties... begin." he said to himself, pushing open the door to the Host Club and lifting a hand in a welcoming gesture, waiting for the cheering girl to calm down a little before beginning, "WELCOME, LADIES! Welcome to a new year and a new beginning for the Host Club! As you may know, our esteemed upperclassmen graduated last year, leaving a deep, deep hole within our hearts... But fret not! For like a magnificent force from heaven, they gave unto you our tender hearts, yearning for your love, and ACHING to see your smiles! So come and join us, and always remember, we're here-" he slid a rose out of his sleeve, like a handsome magician, "For YOU!" With his little speech done, he swept the door open and revealed the hosts inside, waiting for the women to come and indulge, like fine wine.

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#, as written by Yakima


Hoshizora slowly walked down the hallway thinking that the swarm of women and men alike disappeared into thin air once more.

Oh how wrong she was.

She could hear the footsteps of at least a hundred students rushing to get to the 'ever so great host club'. That is what other girls and boys have talked about nonstop. Hoshizora never ease dropped on other people's conversations, but they talked so loud that the teachers could hear them gushing about nonsense. Then again, even the teachers have their share praise for the host club.

Hoshizora tried to walk a bit faster in order to avoid the crowd of hungry fan boys and fan girls. Unfortunately, she was no match for their speed. Several people ran into her and pushed her into the ground as they continued to run over her. They practically used her frail body the same as the floor itself. No one offered to help her on her feet. No one even acknowledged her existence until three girls passed by her. One of the girls tripped over her body. The other two girls gasped as they tried to help the girl off the floor. She slapped their hands away abruptly rejecting their offer.

As she stood up, she wiped any dust off her lemon shaped outfit and shot an icy glare at hoshizora.
Ugh, look at what you done! Do you know how much this outfit costs?!
The girl's annoyed facial expression slowly turned into a devilish grin. Hoshizora slowly opened her eyelids to look up the unknown female talking down to her. She couldn't see anything because she was facing her right side.

At that very moment, she could feel something come in contact with her back. Not once, not twice, several times. It hurt her so badly that she was on the brink of tears. The girl laughed hysterically as she mocked hoshizora.
Haha, how does that feel, poor girl?!" Indeed. Hoshizora was so poor that she couldn't eat for three days after purchasing her lemon shaped outfit. Her father was loaded with money, but he wastes it on cigarettes and alcohol.

P-please stop.
Hoshizora pleaded as she slightly grasped the unknown girl's ankle. She was swiftly kicked away as she rolled on the ground.
Ew, don't touch me peasant!
The girl exclaimed visibly upset. The other girls comforted her as she groaned still slightly upset but calmed down.
I don't have time to deal with this peasant. Come on girls, she knows her place.
The girl said satisfied as they ran down the hallway.

Hoshizora slowly stood up as she wiped the dirt off her clothes. She didn't have time to let her emotions out when she still had school to attend. Hoshizora bends down to pick up her bandage eye patch while slowly slipping it around her right earlobe.
I will never understand what is so good about that club.
Hoshizora mumbled to herself while gripping the edge of her cloak hood to pull over her head.

She continued to walk down the hallway as she tried to avoid the third music room. She could see many people bursting inside the door. She wanted to shake her head, but she went against her wishes.

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Albert merely tilted his head at Velonix swallowing the doughnut hole he'd popped into his mouth. "I'll be sure to send you the bill my dear." He said softly to her before piling his plate high with goodies and heading back towards his couch, setting them on the table again. He began to hum to himself as he made sure his area was ready for the girls and occasional guy he hosted for.

Albert took notice of the other Hosts arriving as he sat at his couch and began to sing again, though softly this time:

"I can't stop this feeiln'
Deep inside of me.
Girl you just don't realize what you do to me~

His song was cut short by the opening of the doors of the Host Club, and the cheers of the girls (and men). He smiled and greated each customer that came to him, hoping they enjoy their stay in the Host Club no matter who they choose to be with for the time being. He also continued to stuff his teeth with foods, and would gingerly swipe away anyone who tried to take his food as if he were a playful cat.

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Walker had barely had time to step out of the way before the swarm of ladies had rushed in, revealing a rather squashed girl from underneath the crowd who was in the process of being bullied. Had he not been stuck with a wall of upper-class chicks each dying to talk to him between them, he'd have gotten to them faster, but several passing smiles and making sure the girls knew to meet him inside the room left him just barely caught up to the rather gloomy girl after the others had left, and without thinking, was dusting her off and making sure she was okay.

"Are you alright?" he asked as he gently pressed against certain spots on her body to make sure she hadn't broken anything or suffered too many bruises, "Most people usually get out of the way of that stampede... More importantly, come with me, your dress has a tear on the back I can sew up while we talk." he said, dragging her into Music Room 3 without a second thought past the other girls to his table and sitting her down with a cup of jasmine tea, pulling out a small box filled with threads the color of the school uniforms, both men and women's, and began threading a needle with the candy yellow dress's color. As he worked the needle back and forth on the spot, there was no hint of disgust or condescension in his actions as if he were just providing a charity, but merely the concern of someone who didn't know or care about anything outside of acting like a mother hen whenever someone was hurt. His fingers occupied, his mouth decided that it wanted to do things to, so he spoke gently, his eyes holding a warm, but faint sparkle as he worked, having fixed the tear as best he could and now giving it a once-over to make sure it looked nice.

"So I saw the three girls giving you a tough time. Any reason why they might have done that, or was this one of those target-the-loner deals where they just did it because they're assholes?"

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Risu Yamasaki

Risu had barely finished her pastry when Walker barged in his typical style and unleashed the horde of guests upon the room.

That's a lot of people... No worries, though. Just remember your training. You got this Risu... She continued to console and brace herself as a clump of girls she recognized from her classes rushed over to her area.

"Look! There he is! It's Risu-kun! He really did join the host club!" This was met by a chorus of giggles and squeals of unadulterated joy. A couple of the girls had plopped down by this point on either side of Risu while the others filled in the two couches surrounding her table. One girl had even happily situated herself at Risu's feet. She smiled nervously completely blanking on what she should be doing.

Just stay calm... All you need to do is keep them entertained... The girls became bombarding the poor cross-dresser with a million questions at once asking about her favorite foods, classes, hobbies, and so much more. Trying to defuse the situation she said,

"Ladies, please... One at a time if you will..." Without thinking, she turned to one of the girls sitting on her left and took a strand of hair in her hand and leaned in close.

"My... what beautiful locks... It's so soft, I feel like I could run my hands through it all day..." Risu gave the girl a blinding smile as she stared into her eyes.

Ugh, what am I doing... I'm being so creepy-" Her thoughts were cut short by the girl giggling in delight before abruptly passing out in a daze of euphoria. This had an immediate effect on the other females.

"Risu-kun! What about me? Would you run your fingers through my hair?"

"Oh please! Me next! Me next!"

Risu was stunned to stay the least. To think people would get such a thrill from something so silly... She continued her attentions of the other girls when movement across the room caught her eye. The noise of the guests was also dying down as Walker escorted a young girl with a rip in her dress to his couch. Risu's brow knitted in confusion at what was going on, but when she spotted Velonix make a bee-line to a group of girls that were snickering and scowling towards the girl in question, the situation was beginning to click together.

Risu's guests were silent now as the rest of the room and quietly clung to her arms in preparation for what was about to occur. Risu felt her temper rise in defense for the young lady that Walker was attending to. She listened to Vel confront the girls and clenched her fists as a silent rage built up in her chest at their comments regarding the bullied girl. Risu was about to stand up to give the trio a piece of her mind as well when Vel proposed to Walker that the girls be banded from the host club.

She settled back into her seat. The guests looking up Risu questioningly.

"I second Velonix's proposal. Anyone who would act so barbaric towards another person is by no means welcome by me. "

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#, as written by Yakima

Hoshizora continued to stare at the door of people bursting inside of the third music room. It was similar to when moths see a light, they get close to it. It's usually covered up or just a regular light bulb. What if it was electric though? They would still do the same thing. No one would care how it would affect their lives, they just want their precious set of men and women to comfort them for ten to fifteen minutes then toss them away to flirt with the next guest.

'The people here are too easily swayed by the acts of appearing innocence and flirtation' Hoshizora thought as she slowly stepped away from the third music room. She didn't notice that the club leader himself was trying to catch up to her until he asked if she was alright. 'Alright from what?' She wanted to ask, but the words were caught in her throat. She merely thought as she dreaded the reason behind his 'concern'. She was so wrapped around her thoughts that she didn't realize that he was wiping the dust off her lemon shaped outfit. She always hated her uniform that the school gave her, that is why she always covered it up with her raven black cloak.

That, and she loved the color. The color black was indeed a pleasing color. Nevertheless, she was brought back to reality when Walker gently grasped her palm to drag her into the third music room filled with delicacies and beautiful scenery. Of course, she wasn't focused on her surroundings, she was focused on Walkers actions. His slight touch hurt as much as the girl that stepped on her earlier. Yes, it may be a tad bit of an exaggeration, but that was just how sensitive her skin was.

She just wasn't used to interacting with other human species unless it lead to misfortune. So hoshizora was definitely surprised when the host club leader asked about her earlier incident with the three girls. She didn't show any emotion, she just looked down at her creamy pale white hands while walker continued to sew her dress. 'No, they only pick on me because I'm poor and not cheerful enough. It's okay though, I'm used to the pain. So there is no need to worry about my well being'. Hoshizora thought to herself wishing to answer his question.

She was basically in front of royalty. She wouldn't trouble them with her problems. After all, she herself understands that she is just a lowly peasant. The only reason she could attend this academy was because of her outstanding work performance. She also hoped to make her father proud, and she did. That is why she continued going to this academy with stuck up students. Not only did the one and only walker help her, but the German beauty herself confronted her bullies and defended her.

She glanced at velonix and saw the three girls. They were her regular bullies. Yuki, the brown haired leader. Her hair was perfectly curled and put into one ponytail as a single braid was wrapped around her head like a crown princess. Her hazel brown pupils matched her look as her porcelain skin shined. Her henchman Akane and Hanaki were also very beautiful. Akane was the shortest among the three but her long blue hair appeared very silky as her lavender purple pupils matched the two hair pins on the side of her hair. Her lightly tanned skin also made appeal more to men. At least, That's what she thought. Last, but not least, Hanaki. She actually appears much more kinder than her friends, but in all reality, she is just a nasty. Her short blonde hair matched with her emerald green eyes similar to hoshizora's other eye. She was shorter than Yuki, but also the most seductive.

Hoshizora locked eye contact with them as she heard their countless insults being launched towards her. She was used to it, but it didn't mean that it doesn't hurt her nonetheless. She wouldn't let it get to her, they were just mere insults. Velonix asked how much it would cost to visit the club daily, and she almost chocked on her own saliva. 'T-that much money is cheap?!' Hoshizora thought as she turned her gaze towards the girls once more. Her heart dropped as velonix pointed out what they said while asking walker to consider banning them from the club. Even Risu agreed with Velonix's statement. This was starting to become more than hoshizora could handle, she didn't wish for the girls to be banned.

It was the only time they truly left her alone.

Hoshizora immediately rose from the couch and spoke in a calm yet cold tone.
That will not be necessary. We are actually on very good terms. I just wanted to play the victim and confuse others with my actions. I'm very sorry for letting my prank go as far as ruining the club events scheduled for today.
Hoshizora bowed apologetically as she spoke in a more relaxed tone.
If you want to ban someone, ban me.
Although that wasn't anywhere near the truth, hoshizora was fairly serious.

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Soon the crowd of ladies found Albert and he was left with a few girls to host for, and a smile on his face. "My, my. I wasn't aware there were so many beauties in this school." Cheesy, sure, but it worked. He smiled at the girls' reactions and let out a chuckle. "Alright ladies, who's first?"

After figuring out who would go first, the nervous girl sat behind the Host Club's resident "Gentle Giant" with a bit of apprehension. He tilted his head and reached out to her face. She flinched when he touched her face, but opened her eyes in shock. "S-so....Gentle...."

"Did you think they'd let me in to be a host if I had lied about my title, my dear?" He smiled, brushing some hair past her ear gently while his other hand brought up a pastry, and fed it to her gently. She quivered with delight at its taste and that he was feeding it to her like this. After she was done eating, she decided to be bold and even go in for a kiss...

Albert, however, heard the commotion going on with Velonix, and he put a finger gently to the lips of the girl who he was hosting for currently, causing a blanket of sighs to fall over them. "Excuse me, if you will, little one." He smiled.

"A-anything for you, Albert!"

Albert stood and headed over to to where Velonix was schooling the three. "I third the motion. I'll take them out myself." He'd been listening the whole time, of course. That was the thing about Albert; one never knew when and where and how much he was listening to. He towered over the four in front of him. He waited for the answer from Walker.

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Walker raised a single hand, the motion almost silencing the area around them, as Walker stood up. He smiled, and tilted his head, holding back the urge to say so many things to so many people. When he DID speak, it was gentle and calm, the Prince spoke the words Walker would have been too uncomfortable to say out loud.

"While I also agree that bullying is not condoned, I also have to point out that Miss Black here is probably also bullied outside of this instance. First, Miss Black, no group of friends I have EVER met lets another friend get trampled and ignores her until they're already falling over her. And while I feel your actions to try and avoid our punishing them so they don't take it out on you are admirable, they're also enabling to these three." He quickly held up a finger to their leader, about to raise a contradiction, "I saw everything. Lie and say otherwise and I make sure your families are blacklisted from any social event that even THINKS of having entertainment, and nothing drops social status faster than only being allowed to parties with no festivities." Her mouth shut faster than a spring trap on a mouse. Now let me be clear. One hundred percent clear. The three of you are banned from the Host Club until the end of the year. If I see you being unkind to Miss Black here again. If she tells me about you being unkind. If I hear from anyone ELSE you've been unkind. You will be blacklisted permanently and everyone who uses our services WILL be notified. And your families will be none to pleased that we did so."

"BUT SHE'S POOR!" the girl on the left said, and Walker's eyes snapped to her, his smile warm and comfortable despite the anger he held.

"You didn't lie, so I'll hold off on the warning I gave earlier. But I am a working man outside of school, with all the musicals I've written and performed in. I have worked with rich kids who worked with the absolute best in acting, and men who spent their days washing tables so they could afford to eat just so they could pursue their dreams. I appreciate hard work, unlike you. I know what goes into making big things happen. So when someone who isn't able to just buy their way in like you and me can get admitted to this school, it means that either someone believes in them enough to put their all into seeing them succeed, or they themselves bought their way into this school with grades rather than standing. You may now leave the club."

Walker waved them off, and after they left, turned to Velonix and Hoshizora, clucking his tongue at the Germanic babe as he gently put a hand on her shoulder.

"Velonix. Force was not necessary at any point there and you know it. As for our Little Miss Black, I don't want those girls tearing into you now that they have free time, so I want you to stay with the Host Club during our hours, maybe people will accept you a little more if they know that we're supporting you. Is that okay with you?"

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"If you judge a book by its cover, you may miss out on a phenomenal and amazing story!"

Slowly her fellow hosts agreed with her proposition. The girls beside her sputtered, their faces turning bright red hues. Tears welled in their eyes as they darted them from person to person, the expressions begging for anyone to argue with the hosts on the matter. When not a single person spoke - aside for the hosts themselves - the leader of the small trio instantly contorted her face in a mixture of betrayal and sorrow.

"Walker, you idiot!" she screamed in his face. Instantly she turned and dashed from the room, her two henchmen following her like trained lapdogs. The door slammed shut with a resounding thud, and for a few moments the air was quiet. Finally, after the static in the air had died away a bit, she felt Walker's hand drop on her shoulder. A small jolt went through her - a combination of surprise and something else that she couldn't name - and she turned her head to the side, tilting it back so she could look up and meet his gaze. When he lectured her - albeit gently - she felt a small thrum of disappointment and sadness fill her stomach and chest. Lowering her gaze a bit, she fought back tears.

"I ... I'm sorry, Walker-Senpai," she said quietly, reverting to her Japanese suffixes out of respect. "I just ..." she sniffed a bit, her lower lip trembling a little. Lifting a hand, she rubbed at her eye. "I just wanted to watch out for her is all."

An immediate uproar filled the room, the young men inside of it rushing to brim around Walker's section, crying out choruses of, "No, Velonix, don't cry!" and "She's so cute when she cries!". Velonix looked up in surprise, her tears escaping as she did so, and the movement giving her a wispy, doll-like look. The boys lost it, the hired club photographer snipping away pictures of the events and her face for future products. Immediately her cheeks tinged pink and she lowered her head a little, lifting her hand to press her knuckle to her upper lip.

"You guys ... You're embarrassing me," she insisted, but a small sparkle was in her eyes. "Please, meet me back in my section and I would be more than happy to entertain you," she asked, lifting her eyes and looking through her lashes at the young men. They sang out in her praises, agreed, and scurried across the room and back to her section, a few girls straggling along.

Turns out, she was popular with the female clients too, who loved the fact that they had a female host to relate to and gossip with.

After a moment, Velonix turned to the smaller girl - a rare occurrence, given her five-foot-four-inch height. With a bright smile, she tilted her head to the side and beamed at her.

"I apologize for making such a scene. I simply cannot tolerate bullies, and they had crossed the line, wouldn't you say?" she asked, blinking at the girl. "I wasn't going to allow them to get away with treating you in the way that they had. I saw everything, so I felt the need to act," she explained. "I think I speak for all of us here that we would rather cause a scene than allow something so awful to take place without repercussions." When the girl responded with silence, Vel lifted her hand and placed it on the girl's cheek, leaning down just enough so that they were eye level.

"I know what you're doing right now. I know that you are doubting yourself at this moment. I know that you feel unsure and scared," she said softly, her smile now a gentle one. "I really wish that there was a way for me to make you understand that you will get through this. I know you will." Pausing a moment, she pulled her hand back and turned her smile into a bright one once more. "I believe in you."

A second went by of utter quiet between her, the young lady, and Walker. Finally, Vel clapped her hands around the girl's and smiled at her stunningly.

"I agree with the President on this one. I think you should join us from now on and visit. I myself will refuse to have you pay to visit, and if you feel as though you should be doing something in return, I'm sure that one of us - undoubtedly Nemui - can think of small tasks you can do to help out. Plus, I would be able to visit with you!" she exclaimed. She released the girls hands and held out a hand towards her. "I look forward to spending time with you! I am Velonix Orako, third year student. It's so nice to meet you!"


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#, as written by Yakima

Is it so hard to believe that others can care about you? Maybe. Maybe not. Everyone has different back stories

Hoshizora turned her attention back to Walker as he silenced the room. It was quite an interesting sight to say in the very least. Many students that come to the third music room always talk about how kind and sweet the hosts are to them. Of course, they also showed their distasteful sides by showing a boastful attitude towards each other. Occasionally saying that they would be the one that would marry a certain person from the third music room in the near future. For awhile, it seemed like satire.

Unfortunately, they were serious. A few months back, someone requested to set a marriage date for one of the hosts. They declined and the person was so devastated that they demanded to transfer to a different academy. In all honesty, the entire story sounds so plain and rubbish that hoshizora just ignored the people around her and marked the story as a small rumor spread around by bored students.

That reminded her of this situation. Although she didn't wish to make such a big deal out of this situation, the three girls just wouldn't keep their mouth shut. They caused much more drama when they continued to insult hoshizora as they called her poor and then tried to defend themselves. It was truly a pathetic sight to witness. Their panicked expressions did not bring her joy, nor did it make her reject her previous actions of defending the three musketeers. It was just saddening to know that someone would behave in such a way that it could possibly affect their lives.

Walkers words hit her harder than anything else. His statement almost brought her to shedding tears, but she held it in. 'I wonder why they are doing all of this. Are they trying to seem like better people? Or did I misunderstand them perhaps?' Hoshizora was reflecting on her previous thoughts as she fought back her the droplets of water around her eye sockets. Hoshizora took a deep breath and felt neutral once more. When walker finished scolding the three girls, he dismissed them and turned to face her and velonix.

He scolded velonix slightly before turning his attention to hoshizora. Even though she wasn't too keen with being with other human specimens in her free time, she would feel horrible for rejecting walkers request. It was the least she could do for them. Hoshzora silently nods her head to indicate that it was alright with her. Velonix seemed to have gained a lot of attention when she started crying.

As strange as it is, her tears streamed down her cheeks because she felt as though hoshizora was being treated unfairly. People were taking photographs of her tear stained face and shouted out that she didn't need to cry. Yet, she appeared cute while crying?

Hoshizora will never understand the third music room's hosts or customers.

Once velonix approached her, she had to look up her. Unfortunately, Hoshizora was the shortest girl in the school.As velonix apologized for making such a big commotion, she asked if hoshizora thought if the three girls actions were crossing the line. Hoshizora remained silent. Their actions aren't exactly something she can consider terribly cruel. Average at best in the very least. Then again, she was too used to those actions to consider what is too much to handle and what is not.

Right after, velonix bends down to her height level as she touches her cheek. Hoshizora wants to step back of the burning pain, but she tries to fight the burning pain as she silently listened to velonix.After she finished speaking, she pulled her hand away. The burning sensation cooled down as she stared at velonix. There was a short pause between them the two girls before velonix clasped her hands on hoshizora's hands.

Again, the pain came back. This time even worse.

Hoshizora's heart was racing as she tried to calm down. Even though her hands were driving her crazy, she continued to listen to velonix. She agreed with the club leader and offered hoshizora to do small tasks if she feels the need to return the favor. As velonix let go her hand, she introduced herself with a smile. Hoshizora stared at her outstretched hand for a few seconds before slowly outstretching her own arm to grasp velonix's.
It's nice to meet you Velonix-senpai. My name is Hoshizora Kima Tomara and I am in the second year.

Hoshizora spoke in a calm tone as she showed a slight smile. Her hand still stung, but she felt less pain. Afterwards, everyone returned back to their conversations and sampling the wonderful delicacies.

The atmosphere was slowly turning bright and cheerful once more.


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"Hikaru-Chan! Nemui-chan! Hello~"

Hikaru felt her chest tighten when her upperclassman embraced her. She immediately wanted to punch him in the face for touching her so familiarly, but his grip was comparable to iron despite the fact that Seiji was shorter than herself, "Yukine-Senpai! L-Let go! We're gonna fall!" Hikaru exclaimed in a shocked tone of voice, trying to shake the shorter boy off, but he released her before any real conflict could form between them.

Hikaru froze when Walker opened the doors, seeing as she was NOT a part of the club and did not need to be here. Nemui greeted the guests cheerfully, putting an apron on Hikaru, "Serve drinks if you're going to freeload!" she snapped in a quiet tone to not alert the guests. However, things went sour very quickly elsewhere. When put on the spot, Nemui's mind was blank. Nemui quickly calculated for a moment, then answered just as hurriedly, giving the general amount with Host fees, but also the general fee per person for desserts, teas, and coffees. She adjusted her glasses shortly after, feeling nervous herself. Nemui did not know the bullies personally, but she knew that they were the type that she and the poor black haired girl needed to avoid. Nemui may have been from a well off family, but that wasn't always enough to deter bullies in a school like Ouran Academy.

"Agreed," Hikaru stated with a casual tone when Velonix mentioned how inexpensive it was to be a customer at the host club, glaring at the bullies. She wanted to tear into them, but that kind of behavior would, in turn, get her kicked out of the room, and she couldn't leave Nemui alone with these people, even if they were half decent, it did not mean that they would not take advantage of her sister.

Upon listening to the Velonix's words pertaining to work, Hikaru couldn't help but grin. That was a burn if she had ever heard one. She was starting to like Velonix more and more as the girl continued to speak. She managed to keep from snickering, but the amusement was evident on Hikaru's features. She was definitely enjoying that the bullies were being treated how they deserved. She always loved it when justice was served. Nemui, on the other hand, glanced among the hosts, then to the guests, hoping to end the situation quickly to begin damage control.

Nemui simply nodded in agreement when Velonix mentioned banning the girls from coming back as customers, Hikaru even nodded her head as well, even though she was not a host, nor part of the club in another fashion. If anything, she was simply Nemui's guard dog. Hikaru had to admit, though, she was impressed that the entire club was willing to banish three of their customers. Nemui seemed completely unphased to Hikaru's surprise. Apparently, the shy twin did know more about this club and its members than Hikaru had given her credit for. Hikaru had to admit that the club handled the situation rather well, in fact, during a moment of weakness she actually thought they were pretty cool. Though it was definitely a moment of weakness. What else could it be?!

However when the male customers began to swarm Velonix as she was crying, Hikaru let out a soft sigh of disappointment. She couldn't believe that a few tears and a pretty face were all it took to get customers going wild. She rolled her eyes, not really interested in the face value. She appreciated the mind more than anything else. Nemui immediately tried to get everyone in a single file line but was glad that the boys seemed to listen rather well and calmed down on their own. Nemui put her arms out, blocking a few off to prevent Velonix's table from getting too crowded. Nemui then spoke in a soft tone and with a smile, "G-Gomenasai, but there is only so much room at once. Book an appointment and you will be seen shortly. I will have Hikaru fetch you some tea. In the meantime could I interest you in our brand new APP? GIFs of every host, including your beloved Velonix, are on our app and are updated every single day. If you purchase the APP and become a VIP member you will receive exclusive photos that no one else can get." Nemui stated, showing them a few sample photos from her phone to get them hooked. Several of the girls and boys waiting began searching the App on their phones, keeping them busy while they waited for their turns with each Host. Hikaru blinked a bit and went to the back of the music room to pour the tea that Nemui volunteered her to serve, sighing a bit. Once out of sight of the customers and Hosts, Hikaru poured the tea, spilling a tiny bit on her left hand, the affected area turning red. She let out a quiet hiss and immediately ran cold water over her hand, patting it dry gently.

Realizing she had to get the tray to the customers waiting to be seen, Hikaru dismissed the burn and carried the tray onward despite her finger still searing with pain. She handed out the tea to those that were not being entertained by the hosts, smiling kindly to them, "This is on the house by the way. Nemui is covering the cost for the horrible events everyone had to witness." Hikaru was about to complain, then she was reminded of the poor girl that got bullied. That's right, she was still here. There was a left over cup of tea, so Hikaru approached Hoshizora offering her the last of the tea that she had poured. Honestly, Hikaru would be more than glad to have the weight gone due to the burn that was sending her sharp, painful reminders that it was still there, "Yeah, Orako-Senpai is right. My sister will definitely find you something to do...but I bet she'll go easier on you than she does with me. I am Inoue, Hikaru by the way." Hikaru stated with a smile, although hers was far more goofy and mischeivous than her twin's sweet and timid smile.

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Albert nodded to Walker, and to everyone else involved when the incident dispersed itself, then turned. For someone of his size, he walked like he was someone smaller; almost forgetting that he was indeed almost six and a half feet tall and almost two hundred pounds. He walked so gracefully, and so quietly, as if he were five-five and only one hundred and thirty pounds.

He sat at his couch once more and yawned, stretching out his arms around the girls on either side of him, causing them to sigh dramatically. "Where were we, ladies? Contemplating my eventual falling out with the club due to your beauty? Or was that some other girl?" he asked.

"N-no that was me!" one girl cried, followed by arguing.

"Ladies, ladies! I'm sure your combined beauty would kill me....hence why I can only handle one of you at a time." he winked to them causing a few to swoon.

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Risu Yamasaki

Risu breathed a sigh of relief as the situation defused. Ugh, what a mess. Glad that's taken care of...

She swept her gaze over to the young lady who had been the center of the skirmish and observed as she quietly acknowledged and listened to her fellow hosts promises of protection and comfort. Not particularly wanting to be left out, Risu stood up to greet her as well. The ladies on the couch huffing in disappointment.

"Hey, don't make those faces. I'll be back soon. Just need to give the new girl a warm host club welcome!" She winked at the girls, and their disappointment was quickly forgotten as they giggled in sheer delight. Risu turned her attention Hoshizora and walked over just as Hikaru handed her a cup of tea.

"Hey Inoue-senpais. Chipper as always." She grinned widely at the manager and her sister ignoring the hostility radiating from the latter. She turned to Hoshizora and bent down to look her at eye level.

"Hello, my name is Yamasaki, Risu. First year. If you'll allow us, we'd love to show you what the fuss is all about..." She gently tucked a piece of stray hair back behind Hoshizora's ear then stood back up to her full height.

"Would you like to see?" She stretched out her hand to the girl in question in hopes she'd take her hand, but could deny it all the same if she chose.

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Walker smiled as the girl nodded her head, about to make a speech, then was cut short by all of his fellow hosts interrupting him each time he was about to start up, with even Nemui's sister getting a good interruption in. Chuckling, he waited until everyone was good and done before speaking again, gently taking her hand as if he were lifting a cloud as another thornless rose slid out of his other sleeve, almost as if it were magic.

"Well, it's wonderful to see you accept! And Hoshizora, my name is Walker Keaka Gracile, and I promise you, ALL of you-" he paused so that he could sweep the hand with a rose in it out to all of his girls, "That no woman shall be wronged when I have a say in it!" Several girls squee'd at his words, knowing his every action was aimed at making all of them happy, regardless of the costs to himself, and each one loving him for it as he returned his attention back to Hoshizora. "And to make sure you stay safe, shall I walk you home afterwards?" Several girls rose their voices at this, each one wanting to be the one he walked with instead. He raised a hand, and again the area shushed, to the point where he wondered if everyone had that power or just him, and if he should use it for evil, or at least self defense from that weird cult that had formed around one of his fellow hosts last year... They never DID find out who had abucted him. Walker just wished they were giving that boy all the sweets and love he could ask for, possible creepy sacrifices in his name aside.

"While we normally charge a rather high fee for our guests, especially when it comes to solo services, which you can talk to Nemui about-" he paused as several girls went to Nemui to set up appointments, "I believe Hoshi deserves a... scholarship, for lack of a better word. After all, as I said, I am a man who understands what hard work means, and I feel it should be rightly rewarded. Nemui!" he said, raising his voice so the hypercompetent manager(despite what she thought of herself) could hear, "Place any bill Hoshi would have here on my tab, and if she chooses to work here, we can also give her a wage of sorts, I don't know how, but it seems fair. And Hikaru, before you say anything, you're already getting paid in all the freebies you get being Nemui's guard." he said the last bit with a smile, as if he were only teasing... Which he was.

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#, as written by Yakima

As everyone was starting to enjoy themselves, hoshizora sat back on the beautifully decorated couch. It was very soft to the touch and felt like one of the clouds in the sky. She wanted to doze off, but she wanted to stay composed. She thought it would be rude to suddenly drift into unconsciousness since she was invited to a place such as this. Unfortunately, she had a difficult time adjusting to be surrounded by a ton of individuals in one room. Hoshizora looked around the third music room for a few seconds to take in the beauty of the room.

Not only the room of course, but also the delectable desserts and intoxicating beverages. The way the hosts were able to sway the customers so easily was confusing. But very amusing at the same time. The furniture looked expensive and handcrafted to perfection. The atmosphere tied everything together to create a lighthearted mood for everyone to enjoy themselves. Hoshizora looked down at her yellow dress as she twiddled her fingers in circles. She was trying to distract herself in order to not appear rude or creepy.

She didn't want to ruin everyone's fun by staring at them with one red pupil while the left pupil is covered with a Japanese eye patch bandage. Hoshizora knew that she appeared odd, but she also knew that staring at others was rude. 'Maybe if my skin wasn't so pale I would look better. Then again, my personality is pretty terrible as well. Maybe I should just pretend to be more outgoing to please others? No, that wouldn't work either. I'm way too poor to change into someone else. Haha, self pity jokes at their finest' Hoshizora smiled on the inside as she was thinking about things that would occur to her every so often.

Although hoshizora rarely thought of these issues, she used to question every single thing about herself in the past. It was kind of damping her own mood down. Her inside smile disappeared as she continued to gaze down at her powder white palms. 'Stop looking so depressed in the face, hoshizora! You know very well that you don't belong here. So that doesn't give you the right to be ungrateful for everyone's kindness idiot!' Hoshizora said inside of her mind as she scolded herself for her own behavior. Her attention was pulled away from her internal thinking as she lifted her head up to the tea that was being given to her.

Hoshizora blinked more than once as she processed what was happening. "Oh. Thank you very much!" Hoshizora slightly bowed her head as she spoke with gratitude. This felt like she was getting special treatment of some sort. It actually felt very strange and made her feel even more awkward then before. She lifted the cup of tea towards her lips as the warm, bittersweet liquid went down her throat. It filled her whole body and warmed her up. If she didn't try to hide her emotions, their would be a glint of excitement in her eyes.

Ah, it's nice to meet you Hikaru-chan
Hoshizora said after she set her cup on the table across from her. She wished that she could return her smile, but nothing happened. She appeared strange once more as she was practically staring at Hikaru. Then, she saw Yamasaki Risu walking up to her bent down to her eye level as he introduced himself. The most unbelievable thing about his introduction was what year he was in. Even when he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, she was still focused on his school year. Hoshizora didn't feel any different with risu's actions, she just became even more bewildered then before.

She paid attention to everything Risu said despite her confusion. She closed her eyelids to think for a moment before opening them. 'It would be rude to not accept his offer' Hoshizora thought before outstretching her arm to grasp risu's large palm into her smaller palm. She gave him a firm handshake as she kept questioning if he should be in the right school year. As they exchanged greetings, walker suddenly started to speak as he caught everyone's attention. Hoshizora hands were suddenly in his as he gave her a thornless red rose. Hoshizora wouldn't lie if she said that she thought that trick was a lame trick to sway others. Instead, she stared down at the thornless red rose that was in her hands.

It's beautiful
Hoshizora mumbled as she was taken in by the beauty of her favorite flower. She almost blocked out every thing that walker was saying, but when he offered to walk her home, her eyes slightly widened before immediately looking up at walker.
It's okay. I know a short cut to my house. So I should be fine
. Hoshizora's tone of voice was dull and calm. She wiped her surprised expression off her face as she listened to everything else walker said. She didn't want to be greedy and make everyone feel as though they have to spend money on her for everything. She shook her head as she spoke in a disapproving firm tone
Thank you, but no thank you. You don't have to pay me when you're already paying for my visit here. I will gladly work here free of charge.

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Risu Yamasaki

Risu grinned from ear to ear at her reaction. She hadn't said a word, but still had taken her hand all the same. She had become slightly confused when she had shaken her hand, but laughed at the thought of her treating it like a business proposal.

I suppose in a way, it is.... she thought to herself. Risu was about to speak and work her magic when she was suddenly interrupted by Walker and his own theatrics. Suddenly very annoyed, she gave Walker a silent, but pointed glare out of the corner of her eye. She would be lying if she didn't say she had a competitive streak in her. Walker, since the day she had first met him, had unnerved her, and she couldn't quite figure out why. But, unlike the others who had no clue as to her real identity as far as she knew, Walker seemed to look at Risu as if she was transparent. Like he knew exactly what she was trying to hide... but there was no way he knew... right?

Risu was snapped out of her pondering when she heard what he was offering the girl. Although the gesture was very kind, having come from a similar situation where her grandmother had pooled together her resources for Risu to come to this damn rich kid school, the independent woman in her was frowning. She spoke up after the girl had declined Walker's offer.

"Now, now, no need to baby her... We must respect her wishes." She turned back to Hoshizora.

"However, don't feel like you owe us for what we did. We do what we do because we believe it is right not because we expect something in return." She smiled once more down at the girl trying her best to reassure her.

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"Sing for us, Albert! Sing for us!" his patrons pleaded suddenly as soon as word got out that he could sing. A blink spread across his features of embarrassed confusion. Mentally he tried to determine who let out the secret, but it didn't matter as the circle of girls around him grew.

"Very well, ladies, anything for you!" he smiled and stood. "What would you all prefer? Something more modern? Or perhaps...some Opera?"


Visibly his lips twisted. While it was true that his family grew to fame through opera, he didn't know much opera, himself. He knew enough, though bugger if he knew what any of it meant. And so, with his booming, yet at the same time soothing, melodic Bass voice, he began to sing:

"Christus factus est pro nobis
Obediens usque ad mortem
Mortem autem"

He stopped and scratched the back of his head, not knowing any more to the song. Regardless, the girls all squealed with delight, his voice having rumbled the walls on some of the notes he'd hit. He chuckled and tried to calm down his gaggle of girls, a small blush spreading across his cheeks. "Girls...p-please...I can't sing for you more if you can't hear me...." he said calmly.

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Reluctant Heroes | AmaLee

"Dream as if you'll live forever ... But live as if you'll die tomorrow."

"Velonix-senpai, sit by me please!"

"No, Velonix-senpai - sit by me!"

"She doesn't have any choice but to sit by me - I'm the most obvious choice!"

"Velonix-senpai, I'll pour your tea if you sit by me!"

Blushing profusely, Velonix approached her area after lightly patting Hoshizora's head and smiling at her.

"Gentleman, I cannot possibly sit by each of you at once. But we can take turns!" she suggested, dropping daintily down onto one of the couches. She crossed her ankles and smiled at the boys seated around her. Two more appeared behind her on the other side of the couch, and one even dropped down by her feet.

"It's so nice to meet each of you!" she said gently, looking through her lashes at her throng of admirers.

"So, you're from Germany?" one of the young men excitedly asked, leaning forward on his couch. Turning her gaze to him, she smiled.

"Yes, I am! I was born in a small town there. My mother was born to a small farming family in the close-knit town, and grew up helping her Mama and Papa with the fields and her siblings. She met my Papa when he visited her there, and they fell in love at first sight," she smiled, obviously finding the story to be a classic love one. "Then my Papa invited her to move here and be with him, and shortly after she did, they found out that she was pregnant with me. When they went to visit my Grandmama and Grandpapa several months later, she went into labor and I was born there. Since I was so young, they decided it would be best to raise me there. We moved back to Japan when I was thirteen, but I've been learning Japanese and everything about the culture since I was little. I also visited extremely frequently so I could visit my Papa's parents. I never really had time to make friends her, though - I was always confined to the Oasko estates. But when we moved here and I started school, I started meeting more people," she explained, smiling at the young men.

"Were you always this popular growing up?" one asked.

Turning her gaze to him, she smiled once more. "No, of course not. I was actually quite unpopular, and was bullied a lot because of my accent and my Papa's families' professions. People didn't understand my family or me, so they tended not to want to be around me."

Her group went slightly quiet at the confession and the lax with which she said it. Finally, one spoke up.

"How come it's so easy for you to talk about it, Velonix-senpai?"

Turning to face him, she lifted a finger to her chin, clearly thinking over her answer before responding. After a bit of mulling, she smiled again.

"Well, you see ... I don't see the point in focusing on the past as a bad thing. Everything that I've experienced, seen, and been through since I was born ... It's all helped to sculpt me into the individual that I am now. Without all of those experiences, I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't be the person that I am today. Even though some of those instances were negative, the positives throughout my life have far outweighed the negatives. I try to focus on the good instead of the bad, but at times, one has to come to grips with what has happened to them. Until they do that, they'll spend their life so entirely focused on the bad thing that happened that they can't enjoy the here and now."

"Does that make sense?" she asked, quirking her head to the side and smiling at the boy.

Immediately the young men erupted into coos of how adorable and admirable she was, throwing in the random compliment of how brave and hot she was for doing those things.

"You're such a role-model, Velonix-senpai!"

"How do you do it?"

"I love you Velonix-senpai!"

Ducking her head, Velonix blushed a bit and looked at the men through her lashes. "I have the Host Club to thank for who I am today. Without them, I never would have come to grips with everything that I've been through. I would still be sitting in the back of the classrooms with no friends and hiding in my books if it wasn't for Walker. He's my role-model," she said, flicking a glance in Walker's direction before returning it to her group.