River Runningwater

"We all have our own battles to fight, I fight mine with drumsticks in hand. Life isn't just bong hits and fruit snacks for anyone"

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a character in “Island Getaway”, as played by PsychoticBunny


Name: River Wolfe Runningwater
Age: 24
Position in band: Drummer
Instruments: Drums, guitar, violin, piano, saxophone
Musicians who inspire you most and why:
  • Jimi Hendrix- While cliche, he had a lot to teach us, and I try to learn as much as I can from him. The way he shreds the guitar, really makes me feel who I am deep down inside.
  • David Bowie- an incredible musician to say the least, he's part of the reason I learned to play saxophone. The ability to play many different genres also adds to his character and the incredibly long list of reasons I like him.
  • Kurt Cobain- One of his quotes about why his band's name was Nirvana, was because punk is musical freedom and that just speaks to me on so many different levels. plus,

Favorite genre to listen to and play:
  • to listen to: classical or punk rock
  • to play: punk rock

History before the band: I grew up on a hippy commune with my older brother who practically raised me. I learned every instrument we came across living on the commune together. I met up with the Members of Stitch at a punk concert. They mentioned they needed a drummer, and I jumped.

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