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Marcus Coast

"Sorry, doctors impuls..."

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a character in “Island of the Damned”, as played by SilverHarted






Marcus James Coast

"I prefer Marc, though. Marcus is too formal."



"Only my friends call me Jamie."



"Most people view me as a major father figure due to my age."


January 27, 1969

"I'm a Winter baby, yes."

Place of Birth

San Antonio, Texas

"What can I say? It's where I get my southern accent."


Dark brown, peppered with grey

"Aging has made me look good."


Dark Brown

"Pretty average."

Physical Description

Marcus is tall, reaching about 6'2". Although an older gentleman, he's still in great physical shape, and is rather intimidating. With low eyebrows, and a scruffy beard he's anything but southern. The only thing that gives away his birth place is the light southern accent he has. Marcus has short hair, that looks somehow messy, but brushed. The former soldier normally wears long sleeve plaid shirts, and jeans. He has a worn down back pack that can carry more then one would think.


~Being sarcastic
"Hey, I'm as sarcastic as a comedian..."
~Having fun
"Who doesn't?"
~His friends
"They're like family to me."
~Road Trips
"Something about driving for a long time relaxes me."


~His past
"It's dark, and I don't want to talk about it..."
"No one likes infected."
"They've ruined my life in only a week..."
~People who hurt his friends
"Anyone who touches them will regret it"


"I was raised in the South, wasn't I?"
"I'm strong for an old man."
"I know how to distract people to get out of a situation."
"I can focus my hearing and hear people from a good distance away."

Melee Weapon

Baseball bat
"I've got a mean swing"

Fire Arm

Small Pistol
"It does the job."


~Back pack
"It's bigger than it looks."
~Small pistol
"It's easy to conceal if I need to."
~Truck keys
"They're lucky."



So begins...

Marcus Coast's Story


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Haven had wondered why she didn't trust this him, but once she heard him speak she knew he had been the man that knocked her out. Her frown deepened but she didn't say anything else as they made their way to Marc's truck. It took them a good ten minutes to get to where Marc had parked his truck, which was in the driveway of a small brick home. Pulling out a set of keys from his pocket Marc opened the truck and reached into the cab, looking for his supplies while Haven and Jenga waited behind the truck. Haven pulled down the tailgate and lifted herself up to sit, taking pressure off her leg that made her sigh in relief.

"Let me see your arm" Haven ordered Jenga, who in turn lifted her arm for Haven to inspect. Haven grumbled quietly as she spotted signs of a bacterial infection, most likely from the river water getting into the tissue.

"We are going to need to clean this properly, warm water and soap should get rid of most of the bacteria then we should stitch it before reapplying that ointment. If we don't do it right that bacteria from the river could make us sick, I'm surprised we haven't suffered from a fever or nausea yet" Haven informed Jenga. At least those years of Med school wouldn't go to waste, all depending on how far the sickness spans into the future doctor's would be a rarity especially those with advanced knowledge of the human anatomy and surgeon skills. Haven remembered Marc mentioning something about being a doctor but she didn't know what kind of doctor.

Letting go of Jenga's arm Haven painfully maneuvered her own bandage off, inspecting the deep wound on her leg. Once again signs of bacterial infection were obvious which made her sign in irritation. Blood flow had slowed, her body probably working over time to stop her from bleeding out. Upon inspection Haven cursed, spotting a couple small rocks embedded into the inside meat of her leg. Thankfully she had tweezers in her bathroom bag. Un-shouldering her backpack Haven opened it up and searched for her tweezers, which were easily spotted being a flashy neon yellow.

"Hey y'all I found my kit and I've got some thread and needles" Marc sudden popped up from behind them, making Haven jump and point her tweezers at him. Sadly when that group had attacked her she lost her knife.

"What on earth do y'all think your gonna do with those?" Marc chuckled, a small grin brightening his face briefly. Haven only scoffed, not answering. With slight anger she snatched the medical kit from Marc's grasp, pocketed the tweezers and gingerly hopped down from the truck.

"We need to go inside, where there is still running, warm water. These wounds aren't going to clean themselves" Haven snapped as she started walking towards the door, Marc and Jenga right on her tail. As she assumed Marc and his previous gang had already scavenged the place. She cautiously walked inside, unsure if anything had gotten in. Jenga took the lead, gun at the ready. Haven and Marc waited by the door which Haven closed just to make sure. Once Jenga came back and gave the thumbs up Haven grabbed her uninjured arm and went to the kitchen. Grabbing the dish soap and turning on the water Haven waited until it was the perfect temperature before cleaning Jenga's cut, making sure to be as gentle as she could. Once she was sure it was clean Haven lead Jenga to the kitchen table and instructed she sit down. Going into 'Doctor Mode' as her dad had so endearingly called it Haven placed everything she needed from Marc's kit onto the table before sitting down herself.

"Make yourself useful and check the freezer for ice then come hold my phone" Haven snapped at Marc as she dug her phone from out of her backpack and turned on the flashlight app before handing it to him. He didn't look happy as Haven bossed him around but he complied, searching the fridge freezer for ice which he wrapped in a kitchen towel before handing it to her and taking her phone which he shone on Jenga's arm. Haven let the ice sit on Jenga's wound for a while, touching it everything once and a while and asking Jenga if she left anything. Once the wound was as numbed as it was going to get Haven readied the needle and started working on stitching Jenga's arm.

She did it as quick as she could but Haven couldn't help but feel guilty every time Jenga flinched or voiced her pain. Once Haven finished she inspected her work, quite proud of the perfect stitch she did. She then grabbed the ointment from Jenga's bag and spread it around the closed wound before wrapping it in new bandages from Marc's kit.

"There that should do it" Haven said proudly, briefly forgetting about her own wound which then throbbed in pain.

"Alright me now I guess" she said before standing up and walking to the bathroom, grabbing the dish soap on her way. Haven would have to use the bath tub to wash her wound. After finding the bathroom Haven took a seat on the edge of the tub and turned on the water. Grabbing the tweezers from her pocket Haven gulped before using the tweezers to fish out the small rocks. It took her a good twenty minutes to get everything out and wash up her wound. Once she finished Haven limped back to the kitchen table and iced her wound before she starting stitching.

Haven had to pause every once and a while as she clenched her fists and groaned in pain as she stitched up her wound. She had to stop halfway, unable to finish on her own.

"Hey Marc....hand Jenga the phone and go wash your hands I'll need you to continue where I stopped" Haven ordered, glaring at the older man who gave her a surprised look before complying. Haven had a feeling the only reason he was complaining about her commands was because he felt slightly guilty for knocking her out. But that was only her guess.

After Marc washed his hands he got down on his knees and continued to finish stitching Haven up. Once done Haven sighed in relief before applying the ointment and wrapping up her wound. She then turned to Marc.

"Thanks, but don't think for a moment that I trust you. I know it was you who had knocked me out" Haven growled.

Oh my gosh. Its so long lol


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Jenga watched as Marc stitched up Havens leg, eyes wide in fascination. After a while she started to realize how gross it was, so she got up and started to walk around the house. Almost everything was gone, save for a kitchen table, some beds in the other room, and a flipped over couch. The carpets were dirty already, and in one of the rooms there was obviously mold or something, due to an open window allowing rain to pour in.

Marc looked surprised at Havens statement, then a little angry. He looked away, as if trying to figure out wheither or not he should confront Haven. He understood that the girls don't trust him, but Haven was acting like he killed her puppy or something. He was only doing his job, and even then it was practically with a gun to his head. It took him a long time to be able to sneak out of that house with the leader of the group to attack someone in cold blood. Marcus shook his head and walked away, deciding it wasn't worth it to fight with someone half his age. Instead he went into his back pack and started to pack up the medical kit, putting it in his pack. Looking back at Haven he growled, "I get that you don't trust me, I'm a big guy and everything is fucked, but you don't have to act like I killed your dad or something... I was doing what I was told for the survival of myself... And I am not going to apologize for that..." He narrowed his eyes, realizing his posture was rather hostile.

He took a few steps back, starting to calm down now. His mouth was still tight, but his body relaxed. There was a soft creek in the doorway that made Marc spin around, as if about ready to pull a gun. It was only Jenga staring at the two of them with a slight frown. She knew Haven didn't trust Marc, so she probably confronted him on it or something, which got Marc mad. Deciding not to pour gasoline on the fire, she simply said, "Does that truck of yours have gas, M?" She asked, making up her own nick name for Marcus. Marcs eyebrow raised a bit, but he didn't question the new name, answering, "Yup. Almost a full tank. We could easily get all the way across the island if we needed to. Why, you fixin' to leave?" Jenga nodded. It was too dangerous here, seeing as there would be more bandits on the way any minute now. M understood, fishing the keys out of his pockets. "I have a house on the military base we could hold up in, although it's a few hour drive from here, it's kinda hard to get to," Marc suggested.

Jenga looked over to Haven a 'we going to do this?' look in her eye.


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Haven knew, she knew she was acting like a raging juvenile. But there was something about this man that tugged on her heart, made her feel slightly betrayed. She felt angry at this man but that anger didn't come from being knocked out. No it was more from having a dream crushed.

This man, Marc. A man who looked and sounded so much like her father's best friend, Mac. When Haven was little her father had been stationed in Hawaii and her and her mother had come to see him. And that is when six year old Haven had met her idol, a man who saved lives daily and always seemed to have a smile on his face. Mac and Haven's father, Issac had been best friends for years meeting during Navy training. Haven had so many fond memories of Mac, from the barbecues with his family to him teaching her how to do how first stitch. Haven hadn't seen Mac in years but her child brain had always thought that if she was to see Mac he would instantly recognize her.

Haven guessed that's why she feel angry and hurt, was because her stupid childish dream had been broken. Haven knew she couldn't hold it against him, she hadn't seen him since she was 13.

"I was asking for an apology Mac....yeah the military base sounds promising. My dad's got a house there too" Haven said, looking at Jenga before standing up gingerly. Her leg still hurt but it felt better without the rocks.


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Marcus walked out of the house, still annoyed but not steaming. He looked up and down the streets while the girls were still inside. They were clear of most cars, save for the few that were either crashed or parked and abandoned on the side of the rode. The village was practically abandoned when they herd the city was doused in something toxic, so there were few zombies. The ones that were walking around were either stuck in houses, or quickly killed by the rebellion group.

Jenga gave Haven a slightly confused look at hearing the name 'Mac'. "Uhm... Okay? Come on, I'll help you into the truck and you can take a nap, you look exhausted," She said, going over and wrapping Havens arm around her shoulders. Leading her to the truck Jenga called out to Marcus, who looked lost in his own thought, "Can you get the door?" Marc obliged with a nod, helping Haven inside the back seat as well. "There's a bunch of junk on the seat, you can just shove that down onto the floor," He said over his shoulder as he rounded the truck to the drivers side. Once everyone was in Marc attempted to start the car. There was aloud wheezing sound coming from the engine, like there was a lose belt or something was stuck.

Marc instantly stopped turning the key, his eyes wide in surprise. "I don't get it, it's got a full tank," Marcus said, looking around the dashboard as if it held all the answers. "That wasn't the tank, it was the engine, something's not right," Jenga said, hopping out of the hood, mumbling something to Marcus like, "Pop the hood." She went around the front of the car, and pushed up the hood, propping it up with the built in prop stick. Marcus got out of the car as well, saying over his shoulder to Haven, "Stay here, please." Going over to the engine Marc started to mess around with some things. Jenga looked as well, tapping Marc on the shoulder. "Hey, shouldn't there be a part here?" She asked. There was a large hole on the side of the engine where some sort of devise use to be. Marcus's jaw dropped as he dropped to the ground and looked under the truck. "Did they-... Are you fucking kidding me?!" He growled out, obvious rage and irritation on his face. "They took out the fucking oil tank!" Jengas eyebrow raised. What she really wanted to ask was 'is that even possible?' but instead asked, "Why would they do that?" She bent down to look at Marcus, who was still laying under the truck, staring up at it in disbelief. "To stop me from leaving? I don't know, they probably knew I was gonna try and get away one day..."

Jenga frowned, jumping when she heard something in the bushes across the street. She looked over, seeing something move. Her eyebrow raised, and she knelt down, looking back to Marcus. "There's no zombies here, right?" She asked. Marc didn't even look at her as he answered. "Not many, and the ones that are still alive are stuck in houses," He was messing around with something on the bottom of the truck, but froze, looking over to Jenga, "Why?..." There was more shuffling, causing Jenga to look up. She wouldn't have seen it if there wasn't a flash of the scope from the sun. Her eyes went wide, and she instantly bolted out from the spot she was sitting. Not milliseconds later there was a loud bang, something flying into the trucks lower engine compartment, sparks flying all over the inside of engine, landing on Marc, who rolled from under the truck, quickly brushing them off. "There's a sniper!" Jenga said rushing around to the other side of the truck. There was another loud bang, a bullet landing only a foot to the left of Jenga.

She dove into her passenger door, grabbing her bag and staying low. She grabbed one of the four guns in her pack, as well as all the extra magazines she got. She handed one to Haven, growling under her breath, "Stay close to the truck, and don't you dare get hit." She gave one to Marcus as well, who was ducking in the drivers seat. She was about to say the same when Marc waved her off. "I know, be safe, don't get shot, what we need to do is sneak around the side and get the angle on him. He'll be focusing his fire on me, because I'm the traitor and the most capable of doing that. Jenga, can you do it?" Marc looked to Jenga, who nodded a bit. "It's not my first time running from someone with a gun. I should be able to do this." Marcus nodded and hopped out of the truck, running to the next closest cover. Jenga hurried to get out of the truck, shooting one more look at Haven. "Stay safe," She said before rushing out of the truck. Marc was right, there were focusing most of their attention on him, only shooting at Jenga as an after thought.


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Haven watched as Jenga and Marc split off into different directions, leaving her behind the truck. Peeking out from behind the truck Haven glared at the bushes, confusion buzzing in her head. The shot had come from the bushes just across the street, the shot should have been simple. An easy shot. Yet this guy had almost literally shot at Marc and Jenga's feet. So either he's a very terrible shot or he was planning something.

Glancing around the truck Haven spotted both Jenga and Marc as they went around the side, trying to corner the shooter. Haven saw the glare of the scope but she found it strange. Why would the shooter leave it visible? Out of pure suspicion Haven moved out of her hiding spot and walked towards the shooter's hiding spot.

"I knew it" she growled as she reached into the bushes, pulling out the hidden hunting rifle. The shooter was gone. The rifle was just your common hunting rifle but it had a detachable scope, shoulder sling and extended magazine. This gang must have hit up a gun store along their travels. Checking the magazine only a few bullets were missing, probably the one's he shot at Jenga and Marc. Haven shouldered the gun just as she saw Marc and Jenga walking towards her, both having a rather unpleasant look on their face. Haven could sense the scolding Jenga was preparing for her.

"Did you see him? He ran off but its really strange, this isn't a bad gun so why didn't he shoot you guys? You were right out in the open....I don't like the feeling of this, we have to get out of here" Haven's voice held suspicion and uncertainty.


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Jenga saw the men run, hidden by a electrical box in the yard. She almost was able to hit one of them with her pistol, but when she heard "I knew it!" She froze, and turned around. Haven had walked right up to the gun, picking it up to show that no one was holding onto it. Jengas face visibly darkened with anger and annoyance, seeing as the move was a very stupid one. She walked over to Haven, looking over to see Marc was just as angry as she was. Marc grabbed the gun, mumbling grumpily, "Give me that..." He looked it over while Jenga just stared at Haven, arms crossed. There was so many things she could say right now, but a piercing stare would do just fine to convey her point.

"I know this gun," Marcus growled, either still angry at Haven or angry at the fact that he knew the owner of the gun. "It's my friends... We need to go." He turned and started to walk away. Jenga continued to stare at Haven, calling out, "You know she's right..." Marc stopped and looked back, confused. It took Jenga a second to finally pull her eyes away from Haven, still angry. "We were very easy shots, if this was your friend then you know it's probably unlikely for him to miss," She looked at Marcus, who was still pissed. "Do you not think I know that?" Marc growled, taking a step forward. Jenga visibly tensed, her arm flexing for her gun. Marcus stopped, frowning. "I'm taking us out of here, but a different way then normal." With that he turned around and started to walk away. Jenga gave him a confused look, walking after him, glancing back to make sure Haven was still following. "And what way is that?"

Marc was starting to grab all the stuff out of the truck that he could. "There's some mountains not too far from here. We'll be safe if we can climb 'em." Jenag raised an eyebrow. "What about the naval base?" Marcus turned towards her. "The Naval base is on the other side of the mountains." The anger was gone, now a childish like look was in his eyes as he gave the girls a slight grin. "It'll take a while to get over them, they are some pretty large mountains, but there's tiny villages dotted all over them, and the trails aren't too steep, so it'll keep Havens leg from going through too much hell." Marcus handed Jenga and Haven some bags filled with stuff. With that he started to walk.