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"Hi there! Do you want to play with me?"

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a character in “Isles of the Black Sand”, as played by Gladis



Name: "My sister says I'm not allowed to tell my name to people I don't know.!" Miu
Age: "I'm a big girl now! Soon I will be seven!" 6, 7 in a week.
Gender: "I'm a princess!" Female
Family: "The bestest person in the world!" Her sister, Emiko (Miu calls her Mi-Ki)

Personality: "I'm a lady! And a princess, yes!" Miu is cheerful and bubbly, like most children you will meet. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she will always answer 'a princess, because all little girls are princess. Papa used to say that.' She possess the naivety and innocence of all children, which can be both troublesome and positive at the same time. Since her parents and siblings death, Miu is somewhat more withdrawn than what she used to be and not always quite as happy anymore, but it is obvious it has effected her less than her sister. Maybe it is just because Miu still has Emiko to rely on. She, just like Emiko (still is, she just doesn't know it), she can see something beautiful in everything. She always tries thinking positively, even if the situation looks all but with even a ounce of hope in it and hates to see people around her sad, so she tries to cheer them up. She loves anything pretty and cute she can come across, which involves practically anything with frills and baby animals. Added to that, she can't get enough of sweets and loves drawing.
Sexual Orientation: "Heeeeeeh?" Not relevant at this age.
Likes: "I like my sister!" Anything with frills, baby animals, animals in general, sweets, pretty things in general, flowers, dresses, gardening, helping people, drawing, kind people, good food, playing and fooling around, laughing, making people smile and playing princess.
Dislikes: "I really don't like... rainy weather, because it sucks because you get all drenched and stuff, and then you get a cold and then you can't go out playing anymore." Mean people, scary people (although it takes quite a lot before she finds someone scary), darkness, nighttime, nightmares, coldness, cruelty, people treating her sister badly and vegetables.
Biographic History: "I-it's a sad story..." See Emiko's form.

Hair Color: "Like all white foxes!..." Silver/White
Eye Color: "Like mama and Arashi and Akio and Misa!" Electric Blue
Weight: "Uhhh... I actually don't know... normal, maybe?" Slightly underweight.
Hight: "Far shorter than sis!" 128 cm
Brief Appearance Description: "I look like a princess!" That's not really quite true, Mi- no,no! Don't cry! You do look like a princess, okay! Just don't give me those gigantic puppy eyes... it's heartbreaking. Anyways, back to topic. Miu is a tiny girl, even more petite than her sister due to her age. Although she is going to grow over time, she most likely won't surpass Emiko's hight. Her hair, like Emiko's is silver/white, but edges more towards the pure white direction- as pale as the driven snow. Her complexion is fair as well, and other than her eye color, she looks about exactly like Emiko did when she was Miu's age. Miu likes everything in pretty colors and with frills, and will wear it if she can... but since she doesn't have anything even close to that, the rags she usually wears will have to do.

So begins...

Miu's Story


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#, as written by Gladis
They were everywhere. Flames, the sound of terrified woman crying out into the night, the quiet and haunting echoes of sobbing children, the voices of men who tried to protect their families… but for nothing. They would all face defeat this night and the village which had been there for over three hundred years would crumble to the ground, as though it was nothing and disappear from the pages of history. Blood would be shed; innocent men, woman and even children would be brutally and ruthlessly killed.

There weren’t meant to be any survivors that night.

And yet Emiko and Miu made it.

Dawn had arrived and the inferno from the night before was totally gone. However, smoke was still rising to the chimney and a heavy haze had laid itself over the ruins. The stench of death and rot had already started settling over the village. The bodies of the slayed were everywhere; no one had been spared. No woman, no children, not even the animals. Everything had been eradicated, everything was gone and dead. It was a terrible sight indeed, especially for a child.

A spooky silence had swept across the Floralia Village since the soldiers left and now only sound which could be heard was the crows feeding of the dead bodies on the ground. Still, it was better than the total silence which had been there before the crows arrived. It had been so silent, Emiko’s ears almost hurt because of it. She was used to having sounds around her all the time; if it wasn’t the laughter of children playing outside or the voices and noises of the people going on about their everyday life’s, or the sound of the dogs or hens, then it was her mother singing for her, or her father giving her and her siblings their normal lessons. At night she would hear the insects outside, the constant distant melody they sang, just like the birds during the day. Yes, there had always been life in this village… and now it was gone. Everything was just… gone.

A sudden sneeze, however, broke this uncomfortable silence. All the while, Emiko and her younger sister, Miu, had been cowering under their parent’s bed. They’d been lucky, because the soldiers passing through hadn’t noticed them. Even as one went into the house to see if anyone was there, the only one they had found was Emiko’s and Miu’s mother. Quickly, Emiko shut her eyes as the images of what the man had done to their poor mama flashed back through her mind. She had seen it all, and it made her feel sick to the stomach. Miu hadn’t seen, Emiko would not ever have let her younger sister experience anything like that, not even in a situation like this… so Emiko had just placed her hand over her sister’s eyes and waited until it all was over. It didn’t matter now anymore, though… because their mother was gone, dead.

Feeling so sick she thought she would throw up, Emiko looked horrified as Miu sneezed. Even if the soldiers seemed to have been gone for hours by then, the sisters still did not dare making a sound as they made their way through the destruction, stepping over dead bodies and fallen facades. The sister’s clothes were torn and their faces were dirty. Emiko’s shoulder length, pale hair was tangled totally out of order, something which would never had happened on a normal occasion. The young girl always made sure to take good care of her hair, as well as her sisters. That was what her mother and older sister had thought her, after all.

Another lump formed in her throat and she fought hard to keep back tears. She couldn’t cry, she wasn’t allowed to cry. Not with Miu there… she had to stay calm and collected, she needed to stay strong for her sister. She hadn’t cried all night, so why should she cry now?

Miu gently pulled her sisters sleeve, looking up at her in concern. “Miki?” she asked in a tiny voice. It was thick with emotion and it was obvious that Miu had cried recently. If it had been in fear or because the child knew what was going on… Emiko wasn’t quite sure of. “I-is it over now?” the younger girl asked, her voice barely more than a whisper. Her silvery white, long hair bounced slightly in the air as she glanced up at her sister. “W-will everything be alright again? Will we find m-mama and papa and Ki-Ki and Meio a-and Rashi now?” she continued, almost pleading for her sister to say yes. At least those were the emotions that flashed through her electric blue eyes.

Emiko hesitated, not wanting to lie to her sister. “I-I don’t know, Miu…” she said quietly, giving Miu’s hand a gentle squeeze as she glanced out over the chaos spreading out around them. The village would never be the same again.

“This is so sad…” Miu whispered quietly as she set her eyes on one of the corpses. She tightened her grip of her elder sister’s hand and gulped, tears filling her eyes once more. “I-I want to go home,” she whispered, her voice slightly choked with a sob, “I-I want to go home to mama now…”

Emiko bit her lip. She wanted to go home to her parents and siblings too. All she wanted was to go back home to them, and for everything to return to normal. Drawing a deep breath, she crouched down in front of her sister and gazed up at her with her strange, amber eyes. “Miu, listen to me now… we can’t go back home, don’t you remember what mama told us, Miu?” she asked, forcing her voice to remain calm and soothing, despite herself.

Miu hesitated, her tears growing larger and larger and her sobs louder by the second. She looked as though she tried to remember, but honestly couldn’t think clearly for the moment.

Emiko hugged her gently, pulling the six year old child close to her and gently running her fingers through her hair. “Do you remember, Miu?” she asked in a whisper as she pulled back and gently wiped her sister’s cheek with her thumb.

Miu’s sobs calmed ever so slightly and she tried to speak, starting to nod. “G-go… you have to go, as soon as… it all is…over…” Miu quoted her mother’s words.

Emiko nodded her head, smiling at Miu weakly, reassuringly. “Exactly…” she said softly, “so that means we have to go, no? She told us not to worry about her, didn’t she? So we have to do as mama tells us, right?” the silver haired girl asked her younger sister, who once again burst into tears but now more quietly than before. Miu's nodded her head slightly in agreement, but remained silent for a long while as they walked, just walking beside Emiko and focusing not to fall over corpses or other hindrances in the way.

Then, after a while... she suddenly stopped. Emiko did the same, slightly confused as she tilted her head. She watched Miu carefulky as the child started speaking, grasping hold of Emiko's arm and clinging to it. “Y-you will protect me, right? Always?” Miu asked tearfully, her expression as well as voice filled with fear of what the future may hold.

Without hesitation, Emiko gave a firm nod. “Always…” she said gently before giving Miu a gentle pat on the head. This wasn’t just something she was saying in order to make her younger sister calm down. This was a vow, something she swore to do, not just for Miu, but for herself too. She would do everything to protect the only one she had left. She would never let her sister come to harm. And one day, she would take revenge on those stealing her home, her family and the rest of her people from her.

“I promise…”


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#, as written by Gladis
ImageMiu clung to her elder sisters hand, dried tears glimmer on her cheeks, though her mood had become slightly more positive than before. They had not yet quite gotten out of the village, and Emiko was still afraid they might run into some remaining soldiers, in which case they would have no chance. However, other than the corpses everywhere and the creatures feeding of them... the village truly seemed deserted, dead. Even if the image was a horrible one, Miu wouldn't let it bother her, though. She had the image of how the village had been before the raiding fresh in her mind, and Emiko had the feeling that was how Miu still tried to see it.

"Sis," the little snowy haired girl started in a quiet voice, glancing up at Emiko again, "Sis... will we ever come back here?" she asked, her voice barely audible and Emiko could hear hidden pain and sorrow in it. Just as it was evident in her younger sisters voice, it was evident in her expression and especially in her electric blue eyes. They were like big, sad pools of crystals... so fulled with sorrow it could have reduced even the most rough necked of men to tears.

The elder of the two gulped and gave her younger sisters hand a gentle squeeze before sighing, averting Miu's gaze. "I can't know for sure, Miu..." she said quietly, shaking her head, "maybe... one day. If we do, I guess it will have to be our job to restore the village, no?" she smiled down at her sister weakly and Miu's expression instantly shifted from heartbreakingly sad to simply... well... still sad but a bit less.

"Yes!" Miu agreed with a nod of her head and a small grin tugging the corners of her lips, "then we can make everything as pretty as it was, and plant beautiful flowers eeeeeeveeeeeeerywhere!" she said happily, giggling at the thought ad she hugged Emiko, making them come to a halt once more. "And everyone can be happy, mama and papa too!" the child continued.

Emiko laughed softly, sadly, and gently hugged her sister back, carefully running her fingers through Miu's hair. It sounded wonderful, but she was unsure it that ever would happen. When her sister mentioned their parents, Emiko's expression saddened even worse. She had the feeling Miu didn't quite understand that their parents were gone, they they wouldn't be coming back no matter how hard the two of them tried. It all was gone... and there was nothing they could do about it. She didn't want to make her sister sad now again when she had found a little happiness, so she just smiled weakly and said nothing for quite a while.

"Yes, maybe that is true... maybe not... who knows, little cub?" she asked softly, a warm and soothing, almost motherly tone in her voice. It didn't a all fit the age of her appearance, since it somehow was so... mature. "Now, lets going, shall we? We will need to find something to eat... and a shelter for the night," she said gently as Miu nodded her head.

"Uh-huh!" the child agreed cheerfully, started to skip on slightly ahead and humming happily to herself.

Emiko couldn't help but smile slightly as she followed her sister.

By the time Emiko suddenly heard the noise of a movement not very far away, they had almost reached the exit of the village. Because of their inheriting, white foxes had enhanced senses such as hearing and seeing in the dark- as well as an enhanced nose and reflexes. However, in turn they were fragile, even more so than a human, which often put them at a disadvantage no matter what.

Automatically, Emiko sprinted over to her sister and grasped hold of her shoulder with one hand, so that she would come to a halt, while placing her other hand on the hilt of he sword. Even if she wasn't amazing with a sword, she was good enough to protect Miu, at least for a while, if a battle should ever arise. However, if she could she wished to avoid this as good as possible. She hated fighting and she hated bloodshed. She hated everything having to do with unnecessary violence. In the end, it would bring nothing but despair to anyone.

Emiko pulled her younger sister up to herself, holding her protectively as she scanned the area carefully, he eyes narrowed in thought and her amber eyes almost burning with anticipation. She quickly pulled her sister around the corner of the remains of a house as the sound of footsteps came closer, holding her breath and placing her hand over Miu's mouth so she wouldn't be able to make any sound. Luckily, Miu did not question this and simply silently went with her sister, although she looked ever so slightly confused about what was going on.

Pressing herself against the wall and gesturing for Miu to do the same beside her, she finally let go of her younger sister and waited a moment before glancing around the corner.

It was a man, most likely a soldier of some sort... but he did not look like be belonged to those who had raided the village. Letting out a tiny sigh of relief, Emiko still did not feel comfortable meeting any stranger who did not belong to the fox village. Humans simply were strange beings... and those outside her village were supposed to be even more so. Or, at least that was what she had been thought. If she could trust the words of their village elder or not, she couldn't know for sure.

ImageEverything shattered as Miu suddenly squealed in delight and ran out from their hideout. Not far away from the soldier, there was a tiny fox cub stumbling his way along the path. It had been custom to live in harmony with the both the normal foxes and arctic foxes who thrived around the mountain and forest area in which the village was situated in, so it was not usual for the foxes to come down there- some even lived with the families. This seemed to be another survivor of the massacre... but now he was giving them misfortune, or at least that was what Emiko thought as she hurried after her sister.

"Miu, come back!" she said, her voice still soft but somewhat sharper than before. There was no chance the man wouldn't notice them now, but it didn't matter.

Miu blinked and carefully picked the fox cub up, glancing at her sister as she cuddled it. That was just how tame the foxes of the village were. "Look, sis... isn't he adorable?" Miu asked with a small grin.


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#, as written by Gladis
Image"Very..." Emiko said, although she did not seem to quite hear hear what she said as she stepped between the man and her sister, just in case. He looked strong, and like Emiko had thought when she first saw him, she didn't think she would be able to keep up against him for very long. Either way she hated battle and would prefer to avoid it if possible. Although practicing a type of martial arts was common in the village of the white foxes, it was all done for self defense in a pinch or for the honor of the family; most did it because they considered it fun. But no one ever got seriously hurt when they sparred... bloodshed, then again, was an entirely different matter, and Emiko despised even the thought of it. At least, when done without reason. Foxes hunted other creatures and devoured them, but they still possessed respect for their mother nature. That made that kind of bloodshed an entirely different matter. Or at least that was what Emiko had been thought.

As Emiko suddenly stepped in front of Miu, she blinked, first then noticing the man. While still holding the fox Miu peered at him from behind her sister, curiosity and a slight glint of fear sparkling on her electric blue eyes. She couldn't quite understand what he was saying, for in Miu's opinion he was speaking a strange language. However, she could catch one or another of the words; realizing he was using the common tongue. Although it was truly rare a white fox would leave the village, it was custom the children were thought the common tongue, despite them usually using another, ancient language. It was far softer and more lyrical the the common tongue, giving it a mysterious but beautiful, melodically tone.

Emiko made a small, polite bow, letting go of the hilt of her sword although she kept her guard, ready to draw it any moment, if she had to.

"Forgive my sisters rudeness, sir," she said gently in common tongue before straightening up again, "we are not used to... strangers in our village," she said, never raising her voice much even once. No matter what, she always spoke in a soft, quiet tone. She did speak properly and clearly, so everyone would understand her if they listened... but she never spoke very loudly. She spoke with a slight accent which made even the simple common tongue sound melodic in a way. Never having used it much, other than during her lessons, this was... good training for her.

"Where are your parents?"

Miu could see Emiko tense slightly at that question, and even if the little girl didn't understand exactly what he said, she had the feeling it was a rather personal question- or at least one that touched Emiko deeply. She had managed to keep her composure so far, so not many thing would manage to break her, Miu decided. She wasn't going to break now either... but the right words could probably hurt her.

"Gone," Emiko replied simply; something edging towards great emotional turmoil flashed through her amber eyes, but she quickly tried to mentally shake off that feeling, hoping he hadn't noticed. If she couldn't control her feelings and focus, how should she then be able to control her sister? It would be impossible, obviously.

"Is this your village? Who did this? Speak up!"

Emiko didn't like the tone he used towards her. Not at all. It was nothing like how a white fox would have spoken to even a stranger, and the common tongue made it sound even... rougher? Even so Emiko wouldn't tell him that. She had learned to be polite in all matters and would act as such. She simply nodded her head at his first question, otherwise remaining silent. It was not that she couldn't speak, but she was a quiet girl and would not speak unless she had to.

"Who did this?" she said softly, quietly, "I do not know... soldiers, they were soldiers...but some...were not human..."