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Ashley Icarus

Oops I missed your head, but not your heart."

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a character in “Isolate”, as played by Ashmotal


Name: Ashley Icarus

Age: 26
Power: Can close eyes and see through the eyes of an animal she has come in contact with.

Primary: Single-shot Crystal Sniper Rifle
Secondary: Silenced Crystal Pistol.


Wears long sleeve black shirts, and long black pants, and combat boots.

She always has a pet eagle with her.

So begins...

Ashley Icarus's Story


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The setting changes from Milky Way to Eve


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The raging winds outside of the dark tent were louder than Ashley could think. She shook her head and brought the cigarette to her lips. She took a long drag as bangs fell in her face. She blew the smoke in front of her with a sigh. Ashley was getting real tired of this place. She'd been here for far to long. She'd practically forgotten why she was here. She brought her cigarette up to her lips for another drag. 'Such a pain...' She kept thinking this and shook her head.

She blew the smoke out the corner of her mouth, and left the cigarette just hang from her lips. She stood up and walked over to a sheet that was covering her beloved Rifle. She pulled the sheet off, and held it on her hand. Lagiacris, the sniper of crystal that never misses in her hands. A smirk rose to the frail woman's lips. The hair that once covered her face was now shaken off. She admired her weapon with her light green eyes.

Ashley covered her weapon once more and moved to walk outside the tent. As soon as she exited she felt the cold winds bash against her body. This brought forth a shiver, but one last drag from her Cigarette shook that off. She held out her arm and closed her eyes. Through dark eyes, lit with green surroundings she saw something approaching her. Then it landed on her arm and looked at her expecting a treat. The woman opened her eyes and chuckled. She pat her hawk with a small hand and turned around to go inside. "You hungry Barnobus?" She spoke in a tired, but gentle voice. This question brought a joyed yell from the animal and she turned to the rations pack. She unzipped the top most hole in her pack. She pulled a cold, dead rat from the back. She casually picked it up and tossed it over to Barnobus the hawk, who happily gobbled it and tore it apart.

Ashley went to pick up another Cigarette and wait for the call from command to make a move, or come home for something exciting. Because she was currently bored beyond help. She wanted so very badly, to shoot something.

The setting changes from Eve to Milky Way


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The setting changes from Milky Way to Lux System


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Ashley stared down at the Hawk that now rest on her arm. She brought Barnobus eye level and made soft cooing noises at him. Barnobus brought his beak to his partners cheek and made sounds of pleasure. Ashley chuckled and let that go on for a few moments. She finally brought Barnobus down and set him on his perch. She heard the winds picking up and felt a breeze come through her tent, causing her to shiver violently. The woman pulled some blonde locks out of her face and reached in her pocket. She pulled out her packet of Cigarettes. "One left, damn." She depressingly stared at the last bit of warmth she'd get for ever until she got called. Ashley pressed the cigarette to her lips and pulled a match from her waist. She lit it on the first try unlike the others. She took a drag from the Cigarette and stared at the radio. "Maybe its broken?" She looked at Barnobus and they seemed to both shrug at one another. She picked it up and brought to her ear.

The Machine cracked with life as she did this causing her to fumble for it and drop it on the ground at her feet. "Shit.." She frowned. That had scared the hell out of her, but she brought her hand down to pick it back up. She brought it to her ear and spoke. "Hello?"

A distorted voice came through. "Ashley Icar-?" The gruff voice started barely hear-able. "Yo- nted- back at Ba- Now! On the Do-" Static filled the Radio. That was all Ashley needed. She grabbed her green coat from the makeshift bet she slept on at night. She brought her warm gloves to cover her hands and placed her black combat boots on her feet. She made sure they were tight around her feet before she stood. She looked over at Barnobus who instinctively flew to her shoulder. She pat him on the head and then walk to the covered gun she always used. She removed teh cover and put her hand on the butt of the gun. She turned it to the base of the gun was resting on her shoulder. Ashley looked to the exit, and made her way out. It took her a total of three hours to cover the ground that'd normally take a day.

Arriving at camp she found herself and Barnobus being ushered into a plane. After being sat down infront of a few women in buisness suits they began talking. "Ashley is it? Lovely name."

"Not really," Ashley says flatly, staring at the two women. Mostly just staring at their chests though.

"Er, of course." They chuckled nervously. "Anyway i think it'd be best to tell you why your hear."

"That WOULD be nice." Grunted Ashley as she reached for a cigarette that was no longer there. A frown crossed her face as she listened to the two women speak, one after the other.

"Yes, Ashley you've been selected!" One started, but was cut off by the other.

"You'll be participating in a military expiriement and that is why we are taking you to earth!"

"Yaay~" They both chimed together.

Ashley groaned and shook her head. "Whatever as long as I get there." She lay back and rest his head on the wall of the air craft.
She felt it lift off the ground until they were barreling through space, traveling back to the home planet of humans. Earth.