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Wilhelm Aiden

"I came to do my job, not make friends."

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a character in “Isolate”, as played by Cheshire Kitten



Name: Wilhelm Aiden

Nickname: Will (He only allows his family to call him Will, everyone else has to call him Wilhelm)

Age: 24

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 195 lbs

Ability: Wilhelm can control shadows. He is able to control objects and living creatures through their shadows.

Bio: Wilhelm tends to come across as very uptight and unfeeling but this is due to the way he was raised. He grew up in a very militaristic family and was brought up to be formal and stoic although it sometimes comes across as arrogance.

Primary: Crystal explosives
Secondary: A Crystal flamethrower

So begins...

Wilhelm Aiden's Story


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The setting changes from Milky Way to Eve


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Character Portrait: Wilhelm Aiden
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Wilhelm got up that morning and sighed. He looked out of his bedroom window at the blue sun overhead and was only reminded of just how far he was from home. His entire family had been prominent members of the military so it was only natural that he followed in their footsteps and served his planet. But when he had made the rank of Commander and they had given him a "special assignment" on Planet Eve this was not what he had expected. He thought he would have been fighting to protect humanity from some evil alien race, maybe even helping to make peace between the humans and the aliens but the reality was, unfortunately, much for tedious. Since Planet Eve was a fairly new colony and a good distance away from Earth they sent a few government officials to oversee the colonizing of the planet. Of course these officials would need constant protection, from any hostile aliens and from any revolting colonials, and that was where Will came in.

He got up and followed his daily routine; shower, eat, groom, and dress before going to work. Just as he was putting the final touches on his tie there was a knock at the door. Wilhelm didn't know many people on this planet and the ones he did know didn't know him well enough to drop by uninvited. He hated unwelcome guests, he hated almost anything that he wasn't prepared for so he prepared himself for just about every situation conceivable. It turns out he had been prepared for this situation, Wilhelm carried a crystal pistol in his right jacket pocket and although he was more a fan of incendiary devices this would have to do for now. He opened the door and found himself face to face with something he was not prepared for, two agents that were dressed similarly to him were standing on his porch.

He tried to hide his annoyance and saluted them. They claimed that they needed him for another "special mission", if it was anything like the last one he wasn't to thrilled to go. But they were officers and they outranked him and so against his better judgement, he went with them.


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Character Portrait: Wilhelm Aiden
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Aiden rode in the back of a jet black limousine. He sat across from the two agents that had come to get him. The windows of the limousine were tinted and although he couldn't see just where they were going he made a mental note of every turn they made and how long each strait was. By his calculations they were headed straight for the Space Station but he couldn't figure out why. He would have been notified if he had been reassigned to another post but these men hadn't said anything to him after he got in the car. He was about to ask just which branch of the government these men were from when the car came to a stop. Wilhelm came out, followed closely by the so called agents, and found himself on one of the Space Station's launch pads. None but the most wealthy people could afford their own spaceship and Will didn't know anyone with that much money. Not even the government officials he was hired to protect made enough to have their own interstellar craft. The two men gestured for Wilhelm to get into the craft and he complied.

He had enough money on him at any time to get from any human-populated planet back to Earth. If they took him to another planet in the Lux System he would be able to afford a shuttle ticket back home and figure things out from there. As he was musing this over he was also observing the interior of the craft. Whomever it belonged to certainly spared no expense, the entire thing was lavishly decorated to look like a very posh study. There were book cases, several armchairs, a large desk with a mantle behind it and even a fake fireplace in the corner. Instead of fire there was a cluster of glowing crystals within that gave off a soft glow. Sitting behind the desk was a very well dressed man, his suit had to cost at least $4000 and yet he wore it as if it didn't mean a thing to him. Wilhelm sat in one of the armchairs as the two agents sealed the door. The engine rumbled to life and he could feel the shift in air pressure as the artificial gravity was turned on. Will made himself as comfortable as possible and waited for the man to speak.

"You have some very interesting talents Will, do you mind if I call you Will?. Talents that we could really put to good use. You see we've been watching yo for quite some time now. Watching how you handle dangerous situations, how you save that fool of a governor from the lion's jaws without him even knowing he was in danger." Aiden's eye twitched imperceptibly and his fingers drummed on the side of the chair. He took a long look at the man sitting across from him, he could feel the eyes of the agents watching his every move. It was clear that they knew who he was and what he could do. "First of all I do mind you calling me Will. Secondly where are you taking me? And thirdly, what exactly do you plan to do with my talents?" "All will be explained in good time, once we get to Earth."