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What You Call Impossible, I Call The result of Intense Training.

0 · 311 views · located in Nanto City/Taizan Jungle

a character in “Isshi Souden”, as played by JayZeroSnake


My Name is Jack. That's all I know. I can't really say I have a last name…

I'm 17, and I have Spiked Jet Black Hair, Blue eyes, and an Athletic Caucasian Build that stands at 5,10. My muscle can expand slightly with a breathing technique I use while powering up.

I usually wear a Red and White Hawaiian Shirt with a Black T-shirt under. The Hawaiian Shirt has all but the last three buttons near the bottom undone to look almost like a Karate Gi top. My Pants are a dark blue color with yellow stripes on the side, and I have a simple Black Leather belt. My sneakers are colored Black and red, and I wear Dark Blue Wristbands.

Sometimes I may wear a Dark Blue headband, or Wayfarer style Ray Bans. I also enjoy candy cigarettes.


Shirt- ... QK-Red.jpg

Wristbands- ... or_men.jpg

Pants- ... ys-47x.jpg

Shoes- ... n-Sale.jpg


Quiet. Calm. Stoic. That's what I try to show off neutrally, and towards people I don't like. Sometimes it pisses off assholes, and scares a couple people. I don't trust too easily, but when I do, I wish to be kind to my friends, maybe show a little attitude and joke around, but I'd still give my life for those close to me.

(Theme A) Double Dragon

(Theme B) Tough Boy


Cell Phone, Keyring, Candy Cigarettes… And Knowledge of the Ansatsuken Martial Art, which comes with some pretty superhuman physical and spiritual ability. My Ansatsuken follows the Certain Kill Principle, or 'Hissatsu.'

Hissatsu Kyuuso Ken (Certain Kill Rush Fist): A Rapid Punch that retains strength and accuracy to hit vital points

Ikken Hissatsu (One-Hit Certain Kill): A Devastating strike that forces out the body's Ki into a huge explosion of power into the target.

-Tensho Hissatsu (Flying Certain Kill): A Flying Uppercut Variation of Ikken Hissatsu. Looks like a Shoryuuken.

Hissatsu Kyaku (Certain Kill Kick): A Double Flying Kick, in which the leg not used attacks after the striking leg has hit.

Hissatsu Ranbu (Certain Kill Chaos Dance): Jack's Super Move. It's a high speed series of attacks using all the attacks he's learned to strike at once. He is intangible for the duration of the technique, meaning he cannot be touched. However, his attacks CAN be blocked.


The last Orphan to be found, in the order of the Street Punk, The Healer and the Conquerer, and finally himself, the "Jack" Of All Trades."

Jack is a hard working fighter who took up martial arts like Clouds to the sky. He loves it dearly, and wishes to become the strongest, as well as to have a heir to pass on his Ansatsuken. He also wishes to find a good lover, at the moment, the Master's Daughter. But Fate may just intervene.

He has been trained in the Principle of 'Hissatsu' or the idea for an absolute death of the enemy that is ensured, preferably in one shot when possible. His Brutal Ansatsuken and skill in the art of fighting ensure his opponents will stay down, for good. Speaking of Good, Jack himself is the type to think of others before himself, always protecting those who couldn't defend themselves.

So begins...

Jack's Story