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Peter Pan

"And right on till morning..."

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a character in “It All Started With A Book”, as played by shadowseductress



Full Name: Peter Pan

Nickname/ Known by Peter

Age: 18

Sexuality Uncertain

Role/Storybook Character: Peter pan

Appearance: Perter is a slender young man, but he has lived an active life. His body is made up of lean muscle. He has boyish like features. His brown eyes are large and expressive and are framed by a mop of dirty blonde hair. He has calloused hands from a life of adventure. Peter is average height, just shy of six feet. Now without his normal tunic, he wears the color green often. He is light on his feet and very acrobatic. He is getting used to the real world, but it has been taking some adjustment. He still tends to carry some sort of knife around, even if it's not his trusty dagger.


Personality:Peter is always out for the next adventure. He is frigidity and has a hard time sitting still, for this reason he doesn't do well in a school setting. He doesn't like to be bored and is often getting into trouble. Due to his past, he has a severe disrespect for adults and is often telling them exactly what he thinks of them. His rebellious streak is a mile wide.

He is fun loving and likes to laugh. Peter feels his emotions strongly. He is quick to anger, quick to please and quick to upset. He is a protective force and is always protecting the little guy. He has no qualms with standing up to people much larger than he is if it means protecting those around him. He is mischievous at his core, he loves to pull pranks and joke.

He doesn't deal with anger, or negative feelings well and is the type to blow up and then go off on his own until he calms down. When he comes back he pretends the argument never occurred. He is not great and conveying why he is upset, just that he is.


  • Flying/high places
  • Sparring/rough housing
  • Pranks
  • Laughing
  • Adventures/experiencing new things

  • Having to sit still
  • Adults
  • Bullies
  • Serious people
  • Working/being told what to do

  • Peter can often be seen doing crazy stunts like walking on his hands or climbing tall objects
  • When forced to sit and behave he is often moving in some fashion

  • Growing up
  • Being forced to be responsible

  • Travel the world
  • Experience life to the fullest


History: Peter found Neverland at a young age when he ran away from home. His family never wanted him and when he tired of being neglected he left. He doesn't remember exactly how he got to Neverland but was grateful that he did. Time is different in Neverland and after he had many adventures he went back to visit his family. He was heartbroken to see that they had a new baby they doted upon and didn't care that he had left. He didn't leave Neverland for some time after that.

He spent his days tormenting Hook and Smee and gathering his lost boys with the help of Tinkerbell. Eventually he happened upon Wendy who showed him that all families wern't as bad as they seemed. When she returned home, he was heartbroken and missed her terribly. He continued his adventures and living his life until he ended up stuck in the real world, unable to fly back home. He is taking advantage of his time here to see all that he can.


So begins...

Peter Pan's Story


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They were ready for the attack. Peter sat hunched, his lost boys huddled around him, their excitement obvious in the air. They were going to going to raid the ship again. These attacks were always fun, there was nothing quite like messing with Hook and he was lucky enough to have his boys to join him in the merriment.

"Alright boys! Are you ready?" Perter called. His boys responded with a loud yell. That was all the encouragement that Peter needed. He was int he air, his favorite place in all of Neverland. He loved the way the air ran through his hair, and the weightlessness of his body. He could see all of Neverland's wonders from up here. He could see the mermaids bathing on the beaches, and the liveliness of the woods below. But best of all he could see Hook's ship in the distance.

With a signal to his Lost Boys, Peter swooped down, heading down to the ship. He let out his mighty cry, his boys following in suit.

"Cockadoodledoo!" With that they were on the ship causing mayhem. They tripped the shipmates, knocking some overboard. They pulled hats down over their heads, blinding them.

"Pan!" a familiar voice called to him. Peter turned with child-like glee.

"Hiya Hook!" Peter greeted him, standing tall and firm, hovering above the ship.

"What is the meaning of this!?" the captain shouted in disbelief.

"Meaning?" Peter asked with a sarcastic laugh. "Why, this is fun!" Peter charged with his dagger, fighting with the pirate. Their steel clanged but Peter, as usual, was faster, cutting the feather from the captain's hat. Hook let out a cry of outrage.

"Pan! You deviant! You scoundrel!" He shouted in outrage. "Smee! You won't stop me this time! I'll kill him!" Hook came back with fever, ready to go for the kill. Peter only laughed as he blocked the oncoming attacks. However, he was caught off guard. Out of no where, Smee hit him across the back of the head with something heavy. Peter's vision blurred and he was forced to kneel on the ground.

"Well done Smee," Hook said with devilish delight. "Throw that menace overboard." Peter was having trouble seeing, let alone fighting. He could barely resist as he was thrown over the railing and into the icy water below. He felt like he was falling for an eternity. The water's cold embrace a deadly reminder of the peril that awaited him if he didn't get to the surface. Then all at once he was warm and realized he could breathe. He opened his eyes and was in shock. Where had he gotten to?

He had been in this world before, once with Wendy, and again to gather some of his lost boys. Why was he here now. He most certainly hadn't flown here. The room he was in was well organized and he saw a sleeping form on the bed. Peter leaned in to investigate. A sleeping girl, was all he could make out, most of her form was covered in blankets. He didn't recognize her. All he knew was that he needed to return to Neverland and help his boys. He went to fly and realized he couldn't. Out of fairy dust maybe?

"Tink?" he called softly, looking about the girls room. "Tink where are you? We need to go!" he said in a rather loud whisper.