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And at last I see the light...

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a character in “It All Started With A Book”, as played by shadowseductress



ImageFull Name: Rapunzel
Nickname/ Known by Blondie
Age: 18
Sexuality Heterosexual
Role/Storybook Character: Rapunzel
Appearance: Rapunzel has long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She is thin but has nice rounded hips and a nice curve. Her pale skin only makes her eyes more enhanced. Now that she is in the real world she typically wears skirts and sandals instead of gowns. She likes to be able to move freely.

Personality:Rapunzel is a free spirit. She loves to dance and is a fan of art in all forms. She is genuinely kind hearted and sweet. However she can tend to be a little naive. She is often take advantage of due to her gentle nature. She believes everyone should go after their dreams, not matter how big or bizarre they may be. Rapunzel does have an ary of trust issues though when it comes to people getting close to her. She has been scorned before and doesn't plan on it happening a second time. Rapunzel also has severe claustrophobia. However she is very dignified, having once been the princess of a nation, she knows how to hold herself in public.

  • Outdoors
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Love stories

  • Inclosed spaces
  • Violence
  • Being told what to do
  • people commenting on her hair
  • Bullies

  • Rapunzel is often reading and has a habit of chewing on something while deep in thought
  • Tends to twirl her hair when nervous

  • Kidnapping/cages/locked away
  • Being alone

  • Falling in love and having a happy family.
  • She wants to write childrens books and illustrate them

Rapunzel was stolen from her real family as an infant. She was told that she was a special little child and that the world was cruel place where she would be used for her gift of healing the wounded and reversing the effects of time itself. Finally she rebelled from her 'Mother' and went on an adventure that showed her that her 'mother' was not her mother at all. She had spent her entire life in captivity, locked away from the world when in fact she was made to rule her world.

When she was torn from her life she was learning from her biological mother, the queen, on how to be royalty and rule a country. She wants to go back to her world so she doesn't loose any more time with her biological family.

Other: In the story world her hair healed the sick and was miles long. Now that she is in the human world, it's only about as long as her waist and has no magical properties.

So begins...

Rapunzel's Story


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It was a normal day for Rapunzel. Now that she was free from the tower she spent most of her days in a series of classes in the castle. She was training to be queen after all. She had an entire country to learn about, especially since she had spent most of her life in solitude. The classes seemed to go on for ages and there was a bunch of important stuff she was supposed to remember that left her memory as soon as it entered it. Her mind was in other places today.

"Rapunzel, is something wrong?" her mother asked as she looked up from a rather large book. Rapunzel was playing with a half asleep Pascal and barely heard her mother speak to her.

"I'm sorry mother, what was the question?" She asked absently.

"I asked if you were alright," her mother repeated, a worried expression on her face. "I hope this isn't too much all at once." Rapunzel shook her head.

"It's not your fault at all, I am just daydreaming I guess," She responded. Her mother came and sat next to her, a comforting hand on her shoulder. She stroked Rapunzel's hair, and the princess had to keep from flinching. Any time someone touched her hair it brought back awful memories of her time stuck in the tower. How she had been abused for her power.

"I know what it is, you are worried about Flynn, aren't you?" her mother said knowingly. "He will be back soon."

"I hope so!" the princess replied. "I don't mean to be so absent minded, but I have a hard time focusing when he is away. You never know what kind of trouble he can get into."

"That's not it at all," the queen retorted. "You just miss being out there with him." It was true. Rapunzel found herself often dreaming of adventures. Not that she wasn't grateful to finally be with her family, but her mind was often with Flynn envious of all the sights he got to see. Rapunzel feared she was missing out on a lot being stuck in the castle.

"Why don't you go take a walk," the doting mother offered, "...clear your head, maybe you will feel better." Rapunzel nodded, leaving Pascal to sleep in the window. Maybe a walk would do her some good. As she walked the halls Rapunzel felt a bit funny. Like she hadn't eaten in a while. Her head grew hot and fuzzy, her vision tunneled and she assumed she passed out on the castle floor.

When she came to, she wasn't surrounded by guards as she expected, she wasn't even anywhere she recognized at all. In fact she was pretty sure she didn't recognize anything around her. The walls around her weren't stone, she couldn't quite decide what they were made of in fact. She looked around wildly, attempting to decipher where she was, the only thing that came into focus was someone sitting at a desk. All she could see was the back of a head. A brunette head.

"...Flynn?" she asked weakly before she passed out again, falling onto a soft carpeted floor."


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Collin pressed his forehead to the desk trying to let the coolness of the surface calm him. His jaw clenched slightly the desk doing nothing for his nerves.


Collin froze his breath catching in his throat. Did he just hear a voice? There was no way he could have. He was in his room alone. Collin's ears perked up as the hair on the back of his neck began to stand. He could suddenly make out the soft sound of breathing, and he knew for a fact that it wasn't his own. He hadn't had any oxygen since he heard the voice.

Swiveling around quickly in his chair his eyes instantly locked on a girl. One who seemed to be unconscious. His blue eyes quickly darted to the two windows in his room, seeing that they were still locked and hadn't been opened.

Then how did she get here?

Collin slowly rose from his chair making his steps light and cautious as he made his way to the sleeping stranger. He quickly sized her up, she looked innocent enough, and if she was some kind of murder or something he didn't understand her sleeping tactic and he was pretty sure he could take the petite girl.

He bent down over her running a hand through his hair. "Hello?" He whispered. He tried not to step on her long blonde hair, that was splayed around her, as he scooted closer to her. He gently shook her, his mind deciding to leave all rational thoughts about how this stranger had magically appeared in his room behind. Glancing up at his bed he nodded to himself. He didn't know how long it would be until she woke up, or how long it would be until he could get some answers from her, she also looked rather uncomfortable on the floor.

Collin reached out towards the girl his hands hovering over her hesitantly. Maybe he should just leaver her on the floor. No, if he passed out he would want someone to help him. Then again he doubted he would ever pass out in a strangers bedroom. With a final nod he scooped her up into his arms and stood. Her soft skin rubbed against his bare skin due to his short sleeve shirt. Collin looked down at the girl as he made his way to the bed, the closeness of her making his heart beat increase slightly. Setting her down on the bed he immediately stepped back.

What was he doing? He had a stranger in his room on his bed. Fiddling slightly he decided to exit the room. Making his way down the stairs he began to formulate a plan. Okay when she wakes up he would question her and then send her on her way. That's it. Easy and simple, then he could get back to his homework. Grabbing a glass out of the cabinet he poured cold water in it before heading back up the stairs and setting the glass next to the sleeping girl on his bed-side table. He brought his chair up next to the bed and sat down.


And then suddenly he wasn't falling.

Everything was black. Aladdin blinked, his eyes adjusting to the sudden drastic change in lighting. His head felt dizzy and he brought a hand to it, his five senses slowly coming back one by one.

He noticed at once that he was no longer carrying the sword he had picked up, in an attempt to slay the villain Jafar.

"Jasmine?! Abu!? Genie?!?" Aladdin yelled his dark oak brown hair falling into his eyes as he looked around wildly. He was no longer in the throne room or even anywhere close to the place where he grew up.

Aladdin was suddenly aware of voices and turned to see a wide screen with images playing on it. "Abu?" Aladdin whispered confused his eyebrows furrowing as he watched the animal who had become his best friend and an animated character that looked similar to himself and the clothes he was wearing, race through the city doing flips as guards chased after him. A girl was also there, dressed in brown. Jasmine. He watched as they were all cornered and the men tried to take them away. The woman suddenly threw off the brown ragged cloak she wore and revealed that she was a princess. The princess.

Aladdin shook his head. He remembered that, he was there. He remembered the slight feeling of betrayal from the stranger he had saved and the feeling of sadness that he wouldn't never see this girl who he had taken a liking to again. Why was this on this screen?

Aladdin ran a hand through his long slightly wavy hair and balled his hands into the carpet where he sat. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that he needed to get out of here and back to the palace to save his friends. He stood trying to fulfill his wish only to stagger due to the pain in his head. Aladdin looked down letting his hair form a curtain around his face as he tried to clear his blurry vision. Only looking up in time to see a head pop into the room from around a wall.

The first thing he noticed about the head was hypnotizing hazel eyes that captured his attention immediately.

"Who are you, and where am I?" Aladdin got out, his voice weak at first but slowly becoming stronger.


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When she realized she was asleep, Rapunzel felt a sense of relief wash over her. She had probably gone a little bonkers from the heat and passed out in the castle. If she had to guess she was lying in her bed right now and would wake to find someone caring for her, maybe if she was lucky Flynn would be back.

She opened her eyes and stretched. Mid stretch she stopped short, quickly realizing this was not her room at all. In fact she wasn't entirely sure where she was at all. There was in fact someone sitting by her bedside but she didn't recognize him at all.

It all started to come back in pieces. This was the room she had passed out in. This person was the one she had seen sitting at the desk, the one that for a second she thought was Flynn. Where was she? Was this some kind of magic?

She hadn't heard of any kind of magic existing since Gothel was destroyed, but that didn't mean it didn't exist.

“Excuse me?” Rapunzel asked hesitantly. “I think I'm lost or something. This is not my castle, or any part of the woods I recognize, and I really need to get home. My mother must be worried sick.” She held out her hand to introduce herself.

“I'm princess Rapunzel,” she said with a warm smile. She immediately regretted it. What if she had been kidnapped? She didn't need to be giving them any more incentive to keep her and ransom her. Her parents had just recently gotten her back, and she knew they would go to any extreme to keep her.


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“Excuse me? I think I'm lost or something. This is not my castle, or any part of the woods I recognize, and I really need to get home. My mother must be worried sick. I'm princess Rapunzel."

Collin had had his eyes closed and his head bent as he waited for the girl to awaken. The sound of her voice making him rise his head slowly. He looked up only for his eyes to meet an outstretched hand.

Castle. Woods. Princess. Rapunzel.

All of these words swirled through Collin's head, as his eyes flickered from the girl's hand to her face. Was this girl really serious? There was no way she could have called herself Rapunzel. He was pretty sure the blonde headed princess only existed in fairy tales.

Taking the hand politely, Collin shook it, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Its nice to meet you....princess Rapunzel," he said his eyes searching her blue ones. "I'm Collin." He chose his words carefully as he continued to try and read what lie behind her delicate features. Could she really be some crazy nutter?

"Not to be rude, but how did you get in my room? Also when you say this isn't your castle or any part of the woods you recognize, your castle doesn't happen to have gates and bars around it, does it? With a whole bunch of nice people who sometimes put you in a jacket so you can't hurt yourself?" By the end of his sentence Collin was leaning back in his chair watching her carefully, his usual serious expression on his face, only a the slight furrow of his eyebrows making it that much more serious.

"Water?" He asked after a moment reaching to pick up the water before reaching to give it to the girl. As he did so, he gave her a once over searching for any possible spots she might have hid a weapon.