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It Hurts

It Hurts


With a new male group trying to take away the spotlight, ICU feels threatened and alone. What will happen to the company? !!!!!1 MALE & 1 FEMALE SPOT OPEN!!!!!!!

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It Hurts
"I don't care what you say! I love him and you can't do anything about it!"
FreakTV Entertainment is different from your normal idol company. They don't care about appearances and popularity. All they care about is if you have an extraordinary talent. The owner, the boss of FreakTV is someone you don't want to mess with ever. She deems three male trainees worthy of debuting as a new boy group called PURGE. With FreakTV's number one solo artist, ICU, feeling threatened with PURGE's rising popularity, he thinks he's being replaced. After interrupting their meeting, he leaves and runs to his dance studio. Alone in his dance studio, he starts to cry and hug himself, the depression finally hitting him. The leader of PURGE goes after him, finding ICU crying and singing his heart out. Feeling like he was touched, he falls in love at first sight with the solo artist. When ICU finally recognizes that he was being watched, he bubbles with anger. In a rage, he goes after the leader, but trips and accidentally kissing him instead. With that starts ICU's journey through angst, friendship, and love.


  • Please use the Posting Skeleton when posting. It'll make things easier.
  • Reservations only last 24 hours, okay?
  • No god-modding. No one likes a character who is perfect in too many ways.
  • Be nice to everyone, I don't want any fights, you hear?
  • Post daily, if you cannot or having personal problems, PM me.
  • When posting, post a good lengthy post. Word Count should be over 200.
  • Swearing is also encouraged, but not all the time. Don't say them repetitively.
  • When making your profile, use the character skeletons. I will not approve your character if you don't use it.
  • The will be romance in this roleplay, but remember not to be very explicit. Don't want any rule-breaking here.
  • When your RP is going towards steamy and 'private', please switch to PMs.
  • Warning, there is going to be many different types of romance in this roleplay. Homophobia will not be welcomed here.
  • Please have a icon for your character, I don't have a reason why, but I just like the icons to be there. But if you can't get one, it's okay.
  • Please, for the love of Shisus, please use the face claim that is given. I'll reject you if you don't.
  • This is a somewhat advanced roleplay. If you don't know how to use the codes that are given below, please leave.
  • To make sure you have read the rules, please put down BLUE somewhere on your profile.
  • Have fun!

  • The RP will start off with the boss having a meeting with PURGE about what their theme should be for their debut and whatnot.
  • ICU will interrupt the meeting, wanting to talk to the boss about his schedule.
  • Feeling embarrassed and a bit angry, he leaves and runs off to his dance studio.
  • The boss will inform PURGE about ICU's predicament and the leader will excuse himself.
  • The leader will find ICU in his dance room singing his heart out.
  • He'll go in a rage and charge after him which will turn into the accidental kiss.
  • The rest will be filled in on a later date, but yes, romance will start to sprout later on (some sooner than others).
  • The couples that are lined up will be listed down below.
  • ICU is a solo artist who's theme is hip hop, occasional rapping, and cuteness. His music kind of sounds like Piko Utatane & B1A4.
  • 2S (Too Sexy) is a sister duet that is really close friends with ICU. Their theme is mysterious and sexy with a chance of strange. Their music kind of sounds like Rania & SunnyHill.
  • PURGE is the new three male group. Their theme is dark and spontaneous. Their music will sound kind of like B.A.P. & CROSS GENE.

!!!FreakTV Entertainment!!!

Bong-Cha Oh
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
She is the owner and the boss of FreakTV Entertainment. She's also ICU's manager and adoptive mother? She may look very young, but she's pretty old. She strong and independent. Very overprotective of her adoptive son and will make sure he's happy. She adopted ICU before she made FreakTV, of course letting him audition when he was old enough. Don't mess with her, she knows how to fix a problem, okay? Later on, gets paired up with the manager.
Face Claim/Yubin from Wonder Girls

Yuumin Oh - ICU
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
Yuumin was orphaned at a very young age and then was adopted by Bong-Cha when he was five. After auditioning when he was ten, he promised himself that he would do anything and everything to be number one in the company. He's very sensitive and wears his emotions on his sleeve, though he can be very stubborn when he wants to be. Knows English and Japanese very well. Later on, gets paired up with G&G.
Face Claim/Heechul from Super Junior

Sohee Park - Sara
[Reserved/Taken by ???]
She is the older sister and more of a leader than her younger sister. She does most of the singing as both of them dance the best. Her and her sister have been close friends with ICU since their trainee days. Later on, gets paired up with Yo-Yo.
Face Claim/Jessica from SNSD

Jinhee Park - Jara
[Taken by DreamerOnTheStars]
She is the younger sister and does the most aegyo in the group. She does most of the rapping as both of them dance the best. Her and her sister have been close friends with ICU since their trainee days. Later on, gets paired up with King.
Face Claim/Krystal from f(x)

Woohyun No
[Reserved/Taken by ???]
He also used to be a idol, but his group disbanded when he was younger. He is the manager of 2S and PURGE. He can be a bit of a scatterbrain, but everyone loves his friendliness. He can be serious, but no one hardly takes him seriously. He's known to do corny jokes and stupid pranks, but no one can never catch him in the making. He's had a crush on the boss ever since he laid eyes on her. Later on, gets paired up with the boss.
Face Claim/Hee Jun Moon from H.O.T.

Jiang Yoon - G&G
[Taken by mummydove]
Male/Leader/Eldest/Main Dancer/Singer
A trainee from China, Jiang came to South Korea for a new life. He accidentally found himself auditioning for FreakTV and winning. He's known as he very good dancer and he loves to sing. He does have some issues with his Korean, but that just adds onto his image. Too nice and a good cook. Later on, gets paired up with ICU.
Face Claim/Hangeng from Super Junior

Yuhan Shin - Yo-Yo
[Reserved/Taken by Fruity_Loopsxx]
Male/Main Singer/Sub-Rapper
Became a trainee to help his family pay debts, he's pretty quiet and keeps to himself. Sometimes he'll pop out of nowhere and scare off his teammates, but it's all with love. Later on, gets paired up with Sara.
Face Claim/Thunder from MBLAQ

Biho Kang - King
[Taken by Neon.lynxie]
Male/Maknae/Main Rapper/Sub-Singer
A clueless kid who really doesn't remember auditioning to the company, he has a real talent for rapping. Even though he's pretty tall, he's nice to hang out with. Very childish, but he can't help it. Later on, gets paired up with Jara.
Face Claim/Zelo from B.A.P.

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[right][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][size=200]FULL NAME HERE[/color][/size]
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            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Nationality[/b][/color]
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            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Room[/b][/color]
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            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Age[/b][/color]
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Character Portrait: Bong-Cha Oh
0 sightings Bong-Cha Oh played by PrincessBoy
"I'm the president of FreakTV Entertainment, do anything that'll ruin my reputation and you'll wish you've never been born."
Character Portrait: Yuumin Oh
0 sightings Yuumin Oh played by PrincessBoy
"C-can I h-help you?"
Character Portrait: Jinhee Park
0 sightings Jinhee Park played by DreamerOnTheStars
"Anyoung~! Hehe now let me play with your heart" [Admit, but still working on it abit~ ^^; clean up]

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Yes, you may Neon~ I'm gonna have to take up the manager...oh well.

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Okay~ Ill double up! May i also be Sohee Park - Sara? ^u^

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I wish! My pocket aint big enough though D:

and eh ill try! -salutes- I only have like one friend on here though... Ill see on what I can do!

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Ww only have two more spots to be filled and no one wants them!


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Haha, can I have a Daesung so I can put him in my pocket? I would love that...XDD

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WHOA O_O i would never do that honestly. XDD jk jk. -thumbs up- Im glad you are commited to the rp... or your just too lazy to get on a comp. [thats me actually XD]
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well it was only during halloween.

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yep neon. you can!

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IKR SO KAWAII~ And LOL I would take a video if I could, but I assume it would have been dark ^^;
and YAY another K-Pop fan :DDD

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May i reserve Biho Kang - King? Please and thanks

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Anyway, I took off HorseyGirl's reservation because well it's been overdo. :I

But I got Fruity getting on their character! ^^ Now we just need three more spots filled.

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OMGOMG Poor Daesung! XDD I love GD's expression throughout the roller coaster. XDD

I've been in a haunted house at Six Flags during Screamfest. I was scared shitless. Like I was hiding in my dad's chest, crying. One part of the house, was a doctor kid of hospital and one of the nurses went out of character and actually wet up to me to see if I was okay. XDD Though, he met up with this black father and his son and made the adventure funnier. He kept yelling back at the monsters. XD

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D:.... hey if anything here is a video! IT IS SUPER FUNNY! Big bang goes to a rollar coster and a haunted house~ Dae Sung and GD are chickens~~! <3 kawaii
Haunted house with different stars~ the quest to find batteries.

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YEP YEP Pretty much summed it up.

And, that sucks. Hm. We might have three male spots if Fruity doesn't do anything. *headdesk*

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awww.... well I mean we have to wait for the other characters so..

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Haha, yes! The empire! We are the Kimchi warriors! XDD *shot*

And that's good. ^^

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Good Job! -Thumbs up- Another fan! Now the empire is almost complete~ [what empire??? XD] -commence evil laughter-
I sent all the PMs to the missing rpers and loki responded quickly. She said she will turn in her character soon~!
the others though havent responded..yet!

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Yeah. It was last night. Stayed up until 2am. Yeah...But hey. She likes em. XDD

That would be lovely.