Akechi Mitsuharu

The Enthusiastic Ex-Wrestler

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The Enthusiastic Ex-Wrestler

The Reflection

Full Name: Akechi Mitsuharu (明智 光春 | Mitsuharu Akechi) Image

Nickname(s): Kuma (くま) | Haru

Age: Seventeen (17)

Face Claim: Daichi Sawamura From Haikyuu!!

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Nationality: Japanese

Ethnicity: Japanese

Linked To: TBA

Height: 190 centimeters (6'2")

Weight: 98 kilograms (218 lbs)

Dominant Side: Right

The Truth

ImageAppearance: Mitsuharu stands at a staggering height for a Japanese man let alone a Japanese boy. He disregards any questions or comments about his height with humble remarks of how great vegetables are. Mitsuharu's broad shoulders and thick arms compliment his height well. Mitsuharu prefers to keep his hair short due to him being accustomed to it. He takes in his surroundings with bright, upturned brown eyes. His posture reflects the optimism found in his eyes, open and confident.

Mitsuharu walks with a noticeable limp due to a past injury. Underneath his pants he hides scars on his right knee of the failed surgery he underwent in an attempt to regain full usage of his leg. 'Failed' isn't the right word for Mitsuharu's case but he considers it such since he can no longer wrestle.

History: The young Mitsuharu was driven to do one thing; wrestle. It was the only bridge to him and his father the only family the boy had. It was just a coincidence that he fell in love with the sport but a welcomed one. His grades weren't too great nor were they bad. His circle of friends was broad but that was credited to him being an athlete. Mitsuharu's future was bright. In high school he was featured on magazine covers and appeared on TV a few occasions. It all changed during the Semi-Finals to nationals. It was third period and both Mitsuharu and his opponent, Daichi, were tired. Mitsuharu knew though. Daichi was on the ropes and a little more push and Mitsuharu would go to the finals. All his hardwork was for this moment. To be number one in all of Japan.

That dream was cut short. A single wrong position was all it took to end Mitsuharu's career. It wasn't illegal, it was just wrong and dangerous. Thus, Daichi was declared the winner while Mitsuharu was doomed to never play sports again let alone wrestle. It was a fairly sensational story to the mass media. A promising bud was plucked before it could bloom. Mitsuharu was lost and confused. He couldn't wrestle, something that defined him since his childhood. It also burned down the only bridge that connected Mitsuharu to his father. The distance was only increasing since that event.

The Facade & Legacy

ImagePersonality: Mitsuharu is an enthusiastic young man. Anything he does, he does it with vigor. His optimism and zest are two of Mitsuharu's best traits according to himself. He is friendly and open to people from all walks of life. This attitude of his has garnered him more friends than he can keep up with. Luckily for Mitsuharu his memory is superb so he has no trouble remembering names.

Mitsuharu tends to be indecisive. He second guesses himself on important matters and finds himself moving with hidden hesitation once he appears to be resolute. He worries about others much more than himself. He believes that putting others before yourself is how others should live. He is quite dogmatic with this belief and will coax others into following it.

Mitsuharu finds himself scared. He is scared of losing something important again. He is scared of being alone. That is why he promised no matter what he will always wear this smile, forced or not. He has little regard for himself and even if he spreads himself too thin he will just silently suffer than confront someone about his feelings. He feels that if he doesn't put up this friendly, happy facade everything he has been building up after the accident will be nothing again.

Wrestling: Mitsuharu was good enough to go to nationals with his skills.
Social Circle: Mitsuharu is pretty good at friends even if he is maintaining a facade some of the time.

His Limp: His limp cripples him. He feels like a bird with clipped wings because of it.
Wrestling: Wrestling is now like a trauma to Mitsuharu. It is something filled with regret and sadness.

So begins...

Akechi Mitsuharu's Story


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xxxxKurenai had a late start to the day. Her alarm clock had failed to wake her and she was still sound asleep when she was taken from her home abducted by people in costume making her the perfect victim. She was dreaming of being a member of the girl's volleyball team and the captain getting their just deserts for refusing her before. She giggled lightly, curled on her side oblivious to her captors and the drastic situation. She was light in weight and small so even carrying her did not pose a problem. Kurenai was too lost in her dream.

xxxxShe only began to stir at the sound of unrecognizable voices and the floor was a bit chilly compared to her comfortable, warm, queen-sized bed. Seeking warmth and a more cozy position, she moved and rolled until she was laying her head over someone's (Rin) lap. The voices grew louder like she had gotten closer to them after moving. "I have a bright idea: Shut up, some of us prefer trying to sleep rather than trying to escape." This voice, in particular, was very near to her. The word escape should have started ringing alarm bells for her to get up and panic but she was still half asleep and drowsy, desiring to return to her perfect dream world where she wasn't a silly mascot.

she mumbled, curling more on the spot. She didn't have a blanket with her so she had to roll into a ball to gather more warmth. "Maybe you should try watching what the screen, might show something when everyone is awake." Kurenai didn't understand what was being discussed but she was not interested in watching anything, her bangs falling over her tightly shut eyes. The voices then began saying their names. They were all male names so far like Rin.. Kichirou... This was what ultimately jump-started her awake.

xxxxShe opened her eyes, revealing her innocent golden hues looking up directly at the person whose lap she had been borrowing. She didn't know who he was or why she was here. She tilted her head to the side in confusion, still remaining laying down on his lap. "Igarashi... Kurenai." she introduced herself, following their lead and blinking twice. "I'm supposed to introduce myself, right?" she asked. She didn't remember anything but instead of reacting in a startled manner, she was taking baby steps to registering what was going on. It was common for her to forget things so it hadn't quite hit her yet that something was terribly wrong.

xxxxHer eyes rolled to the sides seeing a boy in crutches and another pacing the room. Two others were asleep in the same room. She moved her head back to look at the boy in crutches first then the other one with minimal movement. "Hi.. Hello." She greeted them both in a soft voice. These circumstances reminded her oddly of school camping trips but she didn't remember going or the people around her. They were all unidentifiable and that is why they had introductions. Kurenai combed her hair with her fingers as she was considering leaving. She didn't remember her purpose for being here and with that, it was probably best to make herself scarce. She attempted to sit up from the boy's lap, only to fall back again. His knee collided with her head. "Ow!" she shrieked.