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Kenzou Goda

"I'm not really in the mood for this game." WIP

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a character in “Itai!”, as played by Victorant



Ken, Coquet (means flirt)
Nishiki Nishio (Tokyo Ghoul)
Sexual Orientation
Japanese and Irish

Kenzou is evil.
βœ“ Writing
βœ“ Kickboxing
βœ“ Hacking & Trolling the interwebs

βœ– Arachnophobia/Spider Phobia
βœ– Girls
βœ– Coffee


So begins...

Kenzou Goda's Story


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Kenzou was confused when he woke up to the dimly lit room. The last thing he remembered was walking to school and sharing an umbrella with a pretty girl he just met along the way. It was a normal social interaction but then a group of weird mutated looking chicken freaks split them up, grabbing and shoving him inside a dark car. The logical conclusion was that he had been kidnapped in the weirdest possible way. He checked his clothes that weren't soaked anymore from the sudden confrontation. It let him know that he'd been here long enough for it to dry off and he had no intention of sticking around any longer. He got up on his feet and moved to the door to attempt to pry it open but it wouldn't budge. Figures.

He paused to gather his thoughts, his hazel eyes looking around the room for any hints or noteworthy sights. Maybe something would trigger a memory or a clue to who had taken him and why. Looking around, he noticed there were others unconscious too scattered around the room. They all looked around the same age and from looks alone, there was nothing else they had in common. Seeing one other awake, he pushed up his glasses and approached him."Hey you, make yourself useful." It was only up close that he realized the dark-haired boy had crutches. Oh, great. There was no telling what was going to happen but if a time came to run for it, this disabled kid was going to be a major setback. Kenzou sighed but continued speaking. "Tell me what you know. Where were you last? Do you have any enemies?" If they could find common ground, then it'd be a hint at the person behind the scheme's motives.

He moved away towards the large screen acting as the main source of light in the room. Kenzou's hands slid in his pockets trying to identify the strange symbol in the center of it. Nothing was ringing a bell. It could be anything like a cult, an organization... He checked what the screen was hooked up to. Maybe there was something he could fiddle with and hack into for answers. Nothing. Shit. He turned around and looked at the others again to see if anyone else had woken up. "Rise and shine sleepyheads." he muttered under his breath unenthusiastically. He didn't have a good feeling about this but numbers mattered. The more of them awake, the more of them could confront or distract the kidnapper or kidnappers...

Kenzou checked his pockets more thoroughly and the spot he had woken up. His school bag was gone, taken probably but his wallet was still on him along with his student identification and money. It'd be nice to force the door open and get a head start but how? It was a really solid door that made it obvious whoever was behind this, was intending to make it difficult for them to leave without permission. The room also had no windows or vents. The door was the only option but it felt as thick as cement to kick down unless the muscular guy who was still knocked out had the strength to punch a large enough hole in the wall. "Any bright ideas? I'm all ears." he asked the awake one in an irritated tone. It wasn't like Kenzou to be helpless and it irked him.


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Rin Amano


Dimly lit rooms were not Rin's thing. Waking up twice in a day was not Rin's thing. Being kidnapped by costumed freaks was not his thing either. Nothing about this situation was his thing. The only thing good about it was the sleep he had just woken up from. His bag was nowhere to be found, neither was his scarf and coat, strangely. A few conscious moments earlier, Rin was in school, his daily morning club as always was just starting. He believed the other two was going to come in when the door had opened. Instead, two costumed freaks came in and grabbed his arms. Instead of putting up a fight, Rin had just let himself get dragged away. Too much effort would have been needed to escape, which Rin didn't have any of. If anything would save him, it was going back to sleep, however, this was impossible as there was clearly a person walking around and another trying to get up. The person next to Rin seemed to have not noticed he was awake, seeing as all the person's concentration was going into trying to stand.

The person walking around also seemed to not notice he was awake. He overheard the standing one ask the other for any ideas. "Ah... Erm, it doesn't seem like the people behind this are aggressive. At least I don't think so..." The boy with crutches spoke up, finally managing to stand. Rin could only smirk at the boy with crutches, not the most bright, any kidnapper must have an ulterior motive to kidnap in this volume. "I have a bright idea: Shut up, some of us prefer trying to sleep rather than trying to escape." Rin sighed, sitting up and stretching. He didn't care that he was locked up, Rin didn't really care about much. Due to having enough sleep, Rin wasn't as quick to snap as he would have normally been right now. "Maybe you should try watching what the screen, might show something when everyone is awake." Rin sighed, folding his legs and placing his head on his hand; still trying to wake fully.

Looking around, Rin noticed... Nothing. Other than unconscious bodies, it was a plain room. Even the door had no pin-code to open it. Focusing his sight onto the screen, he looked the symbol over, "Isn't that symbol like everywhere in the city or something... I've at least seen it somewhere..." Rin muttered, remembering that he had seen it somewhere before. Noticing the boy on crutches looking at him, Rin looked up at him: "The name is Amano Rin, now can you stop looking at me."
"Ah! My name is Kichirou Hirabayashi! What's yours?" The boy, now known as Kichirou Hirabayashi, spoke happily, turning his attention onto the other person who was awake. Not caring about their names, Rin closed his eyes. There was no motive for his kidnappers, he wasn't one to be bothered to even get on any side of anyone, so there should have been no motive against at least him. Rin wasn't the most caring people out there, he didn't even care he had been kidnapped- to an extent.


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xxxxKurenai had a late start to the day. Her alarm clock had failed to wake her and she was still sound asleep when she was taken from her home abducted by people in costume making her the perfect victim. She was dreaming of being a member of the girl's volleyball team and the captain getting their just deserts for refusing her before. She giggled lightly, curled on her side oblivious to her captors and the drastic situation. She was light in weight and small so even carrying her did not pose a problem. Kurenai was too lost in her dream.

xxxxShe only began to stir at the sound of unrecognizable voices and the floor was a bit chilly compared to her comfortable, warm, queen-sized bed. Seeking warmth and a more cozy position, she moved and rolled until she was laying her head over someone's (Rin) lap. The voices grew louder like she had gotten closer to them after moving. "I have a bright idea: Shut up, some of us prefer trying to sleep rather than trying to escape." This voice, in particular, was very near to her. The word escape should have started ringing alarm bells for her to get up and panic but she was still half asleep and drowsy, desiring to return to her perfect dream world where she wasn't a silly mascot.

she mumbled, curling more on the spot. She didn't have a blanket with her so she had to roll into a ball to gather more warmth. "Maybe you should try watching what the screen, might show something when everyone is awake." Kurenai didn't understand what was being discussed but she was not interested in watching anything, her bangs falling over her tightly shut eyes. The voices then began saying their names. They were all male names so far like Rin.. Kichirou... This was what ultimately jump-started her awake.

xxxxShe opened her eyes, revealing her innocent golden hues looking up directly at the person whose lap she had been borrowing. She didn't know who he was or why she was here. She tilted her head to the side in confusion, still remaining laying down on his lap. "Igarashi... Kurenai." she introduced herself, following their lead and blinking twice. "I'm supposed to introduce myself, right?" she asked. She didn't remember anything but instead of reacting in a startled manner, she was taking baby steps to registering what was going on. It was common for her to forget things so it hadn't quite hit her yet that something was terribly wrong.

xxxxHer eyes rolled to the sides seeing a boy in crutches and another pacing the room. Two others were asleep in the same room. She moved her head back to look at the boy in crutches first then the other one with minimal movement. "Hi.. Hello." She greeted them both in a soft voice. These circumstances reminded her oddly of school camping trips but she didn't remember going or the people around her. They were all unidentifiable and that is why they had introductions. Kurenai combed her hair with her fingers as she was considering leaving. She didn't remember her purpose for being here and with that, it was probably best to make herself scarce. She attempted to sit up from the boy's lap, only to fall back again. His knee collided with her head. "Ow!" she shrieked.


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Rin Amano

Gazing down at the girl who had made her sleeping place on his lap, Rin groaned. "Try not injure me, will you?" As she fell back into his lap. Glancing around, the lazy Amano shook his head and looked back at the floor. 'Definitely no escape while the last two are asleep.' He mentally groaned, noting the silent others.

Undoing his top button, Rin ran his hand through his hair and laid back. He clearly wasn't bothered by Kurenai being on his lap. Oddly enough, the floor was comforting to Rin, much better than sitting up anyway. The cold ground was solid, almost as if it was made with steel. The roof was shrouded in darkness. The only shred of light came from the large monitor glaring from the west of the room. "Anyone know the time? I feel like I've been asleep for hours," Rin sighed, placing his hands behind his head.

The boy on crutches shrugged softly, sitting next to Rin out of boredom. "I don't know... But it can't be that late... All I know is that I'm hungry!" The boy laughed, setting his crutches down. Rin looked at him then at the girl, then at the prowling around and finally to the two sleeping forms. "So, we have an Igarashi and a Hirabayashi.... And we're yet to know the other's, fun." He said dully, earning a nod from Kichirou. "Just call me Kichirou, no need to be formal!"
"Alright, just don't accept the same rules to me, call me Amano,"

Kichirou nodded eagerly and looked down at Kurenai, "Can I call you Kurenai?" He asked smiling warmly at the smaller girl. Rin groaned, looking up at the darkness that seemed to carry on forever.

Silence seemed to carry on other than talking and breathing, almost as if nothing else was alive. Rin himself had an eerie feeling someone was watching them, he knew the kidnappers were in wait- probably to the others woke. Still, he swore he had seen that symbol dotted around somewhere, he couldn't remember where exactly though. It was on the tip of his tongue, the edge of his mind, yet he couldn't pin-point it. And that fact annoyed him. Then it struck him, well not exactly, those weird costumed freaks were like the governments' icon/characters. Who hadn't seen them?

"Crazy question, but was everyone else kidnapped by costumed freaks... 'Cause I think the government kidnapped us." He said calmly, his eyes closed as he thought. Couldn't be that farfetched, right? He thought, open his eyes a little. Kichirou was looking down at him and nodded, looking semi surprised. Rin half sat up, balancing himself on his arm. "I mean, just look at the place, our kidnappers must be rich if they can afford all of this, costs quite a bit to by such over-priced stuff just to kidnap six students." He said, tilting his head off to the side as he watched the door.