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Westly "Queso" North

"Yeah, my name's pretty funny..."

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a character in “Its a Band Thing”, as played by Child of the Winged


Name: Westly North
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 130
ImageDescription: Pretty blue eyes and black hair make little West look mixed, even when he's not. It's just hair dye, one of his favorite things in the world. His natural hair is a soft blond-white but he hates it. He has snake bites, one black the other white and his tongue's pierced. He has glasses and wears them everywhere but on stage. His style is a goth with Asian flair, thanks to Terriyaki, his best friend ever.
Personality: Spicy! That's the only thing you can call Queso. He's passionate and upbeat and so happy about everything. He's rarely depressed and is always grinning about something. He hates anything sad and will cheer anyone up using any means.
History: Born to some rich family, he ran away at a young age. He never looked back once as he ran and he's glad for it. He survived on stealing and playing music on the streets. He meet Terriyaki on the streets and they became friends. They started the band and quickly recruited people.
Family: Queso hasn't seen his family in years but he sees the band as such. He loves Ares, Terriyaki's cat.
Instrument: Bass and violin
Positon: Bassist of TED

Writing Sample: Same as last time, QT

So begins...

Westly "Queso" North's Story

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Terriyaki sat up and nudged the cat off his chest. "Ares... Go wake Queso up..." the grouchy red cat meowed and hopped off the hotel bed and onto the "nest" of covers, where the first bassist lay, snoring. The cat dug his claws into the blankets making them yelp in pain. Terriyaki shook his head and got his favorite black t-shirt, which had the words, "I Play, You Obey" on them and a pair of grey cargo pants.

"Terriyaki... We're playing with that one girl's band, right?" Queso asked, finally awake. Ares sat on the covers, licking his paws. The other boy nodded and watched as Queso groaned and whined. "Bro, I don't wanna play with them! They're all weird and junk!" That had Terriyaki throwing a shirt at his roommate and long time friend.

"Get up and get dressed, you moron. We gotta meet them, like now." Queso just pulled on his Fox Tail shirt and a pair of black jeans. Ares followed them as they exited the room and spotted Fern. "Yo! Fern!" Ares ran over to the shirtless male and purred happily.

"You're actually awake? Damn!" Queso looped an arm around Fern's neck, reaching up on his tiptoes to do so.

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Hearing some rather noise boys Say sighed deeply before smiling at Blitz, her and Blitz were close. "Hey, calm down hunny their just boys" She teased the beautiful girl softly. "Love your dress by the way? Where you get it?" She laughed knowing full well that it was their outfit for tonight Blitz style. Looking over when she heard Slashy's voice she moaned, "Slashy get your ass over here! You are not starting a fight right now im going pop out of my shirt if you cause me to move to much!" She yelled up the hall way that the devious girl was in, rolling her eyes at Blitz she saw what she thought was Angel walking down a hallway in her zombiefied I just woke up mode, but she was only wearing a bra, "Was that...?" she asked Blitz with her eyebrows raised. "I am Adem. You look lovely." turning to face the voice she reconized him to be one of the bass guitars for the Boy Band. "Im Say Moore, the Lead singer of your rival band, now go put yourself away before you scar a little kid." She laughed, she wasnt mean or even cold but what she said wasnt excatly welcoming but it was funny.


Laughing at Terriyaki and Queso Fern kept walking until he heard a female voice, stopping for a seceond he continued on, until a pretty girl with short dark hair that was stading in many diffrent directions walkind in front of him. Watching he ass sway he smiled, it was a nice ass but the fact taht she was trying to tease him only made him laugh. He wasnt one to be teased, he was the one to tease. Walking faster to catch up he breathed in her ear, his warm breath tickling it as he bent over her small frame, anything was small to him really, "Hello there, you must be part of the Blood Red Roses. Your certianly as beautiful as a rose." He murmered huskily, he didnt think she would react other then laugh at him because it was a game, he could sense it just as she could.

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Terriyaki and Queso both followed Fern and had to hide their laughter as he was shot down. "Ouch, brother! She's got claw, Leo, watch yourself..." Queso said, leaning on Terriyaki as he laughed. Ares had padded over to some blonde girl. Terriyaki followed his wayward cat, letting Queso fall to the floor as he continued to laugh at Fern's expense.

"Ares. Come here, you fluff ball." The cat who was nuzzling the girl's leg meowed and trotted back to his master. "And you're the tiger we're based off of, act like it." The cat didn't answer. Terriyaki bowed slightly at the girl. "Nice to meet you. I'm Terriyaki of your rival band." he said, trying to play nice while the rest of his band goofed off. Queso finally got up off the floor and stared at the blonde girl.

"Yo, Terriyaki! She is sooooo my type! Get her number for me!" He yelled, grinning at the girl. Terriyaki rolled his eyes.

"You want it? Come get it yourself, moron." he retorted, making his long time friend flick him off. "Hate you too."

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Yuche knew he slept in. He always did and he knew it always got on his band's nerves, but they were used to it by now. Every chance he got, he would always fall asleep and be dead to the world. His almond shaped eyes opened slowly as the sun beamed right into his eyes as he woke up. He yawned softly and cracked his back as he sat up. He ran a hand through his long chestnut hair. After blinking the sleep out of his eyes, he got out of bed. He looked at himself in his body mirror, admiring his physic and tattoos before grabbing his tye dye hoodie that was really too big for him quickly. Putting it on, he slipped on some white skinny jeans and attempted to brush his unruly hair. Not having much luck with his hair, he sighed and walked out of his room to people talking.

The Asian saw the blond girl and fully remembered that they have to play with a girl band. He didn't mind, he was actually hoping to be friends with them. He smiled, but it faltered when he saw the girl's outfit. It was...a little too revealing. Though, he wouldn't care. He didn't play for that team anyway. So if she was trying to seduce, if that was the word, then it would not work for him. He went passed her with a smile and a wave as he walked over to Terriyaki and Queso. "Hey...Sorry I slept in." His abnormal blue contacts made his appearance a bit creepy.