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Meredith Mackenzie

Capricorn - "Change is coming whether I like it or not."

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a character in “It's a Long Story”, as played by Belynta




(Image not owned by me, credit to SkyFine at deviant art)

Name: Meredith Mackenzie

Nickname: Merry, Mack

Age: 21




Weight:140 lbs

Oddities:Still has her Texan accent, loves animals and has a natural affinity for them and as such her skin is usually lightly tanned as she spends a good deal of time outdoors.

Zodiac Abilities:
ā€“ Healing -
Meredith can heal the injuries or illnesses in others, be it a scratch, or a severe injury, though she currently is unable to heal severe injuries or illnesses (bullet wounds, terminal illnesses etc) but she can heal cuts, bruises and broken bones. However there is a serious drawback as whatever she heals transfers to herself. It does not kill her and would heal quicker than on a normal person but it is still painful and distracting whilst she has the injury. If the affliction is severe enough then her body will shut down in order to heal, making her useless for that time period.
-Enhanced Resilience-
Possibly due to her healing ability Meredith has enhanced resilience which means that she is immune to most illness/diseases and injuries do not affect her as severely as others and take less time to heal. However this natural ability requires a lot of energy and as such Meredith's metabolism is a lot quicker than most people. What this means is that she needs a higher quantity of food in order to continue to function, if she doesn't eat extremely regularly then she will feel faint and after a relatively short time she will pass out.
Main Zodiac Power:
Terrakinesis (LOCKED)
Meredith can shape and manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc. She can use this to project objects (rocks, boulders etc) at something, she can cause earthquakes and create walls of earth as protection. She can use dust/sand to create sandstorms or change the state of the earth (from solid to quicksand)
This ability gives her no extra protection and she can be injured or killed whether using it or not. It also takes a large amount of energy for her to the larger things such as earthquakes and so cannot continue to do this indefinitely.

Zodiac Level:1


Romantic Interest:TBD




Personality:Like many Capricorns Meredith is a cautious person who takes a long time to show their fun side or deepest feelings to others. She can come across as serious and unapproachable, but beneath the tough exterior lies a warm heart wanting to love and be loved. She is not easy to get to know as she keeps her guard up but if someone perseveres they will discover that once she lets her guard down she gives that person her all. Once she considers you an important person in her life she will be completely loyal to you and will do whatever she can to make you happy. She will always make time for you and will never let you down. She can be difficult to be friends with as she feels deeply and can come across as emotionally needy, which some find too tiring to be around. But the friends she does have accept this side of her due to the positive aspects of friendship with her being so strong.

Meredith shares her fellow Capricorns tendency to think rationally and logically. If you come to her for advice then expect it to be honest and for her to pull no punches. She will tell you if you've been an idiot and then try and help you solve the problem. She is honest to a fault generally struggling not to say what she's thinking and though this often gets her into trouble, she means well. Her philosophy is only ask the question if you want the answer, which sums up her blunt, straight to the point attitude perfectly. She prefers it if others are equally straight with her and gets frustrated if they're not. Though this often alienates people those that get to know her soon forgiver her this trait understanding that she is not doing it to be malicious or nasty. But after she has given her opinion she will then set her mind to a way of fixing the issue and will rationally go through the options until she finds something that will solve it.

She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and the more nervous or uncomfortable she is the more sarcastic she becomes. She has always been quick witted and it often surprises others that someone so serious has such a strong sense of humor. She is more serious than others but this does not mean she does not have a sense of humor. Some do not realise however that she is joking due to its dry nature. But once you know her humor she can be a very amusing person to be around. She does not laugh easily or often and can come across as boring or stern but this is far from the case as she loves debating on all kinds of subjects and most who know her would agree that she is far from boring.

She is very creative and views herself as somewhat of a free spirit, she loves nothing better than to sit outside somewhere and draw or paint what's around her. She is often caught up in her imagination and her artwork reflects this showing scenes from her thoughts and dreams. She often draws her favorite subject which is animals and likes to sit and watch them in their natural habitat and then draw what she has seen. She is always on the go and she struggles to sit still for long and hates having nothing to do. She dislikes not being in control and if she is in such a situation where she is not in control she feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. She is also not fond of change, she will deal with it if she has to but prefers to make changes in small amounts.

Deep down Meredith is lonely and wants nothing more than to be loved, she dreams of finding her soul mate but is logical enough to doubt such a person even exists but the passionate part of her hopes for it.



-Sitting still
-Being too hot

x Losing Control x
x The Dark x
x Spiders x

o Can draw/paint o
o Natural affinity with animals (animals like and instinctively trust her o
o Athletic o

= Un trusting =
= Controlling =
= Over Sensitive =


Bio:Meredith was born in Jacksonville,Texas. She had a perfectly normal childhood with her parents doing their best to ensure she grew up right. Though not well off, her father worked as a mechanic and her mother as a cleaner, they made sure that she and her twin brother never missed out on the important things. Meredith was particularly close to her brother and even as they grew older and went to different colleges etc they still spoke regularly and visited each other as often as they could.

Meredith's father loved animals and nature and took his children on walks through the nearby woods as soon as they were old enough to walk. Meredith in particular grew to love animals and it became apparent at an early age that she was a natural with them. She was always bringing injured animals home, nursing them back to health and then releasing them back into the wild. She spent every free moment in the woods, that her house backed onto, and soon knew its trails and wildlife by heart.

Meredith's parents knew of her abilities but decided not to tell her as they worried it would make her feel different and that her twin would feel jealous of her for being special. This changed however when Meredith turned fourteen, her father had been bitten by a stray dog, he had been attempting to coax to coming home with them, and Meredith had taken his hand to have a closer look at it. Not knowing how she had done so she had healed the wound and discovered a bite mark on her hand instead. Knowing they could not explain this very strange occurrence away her parents told her the truth. Meredith was understandably confused as to how she felt about having this ability but over time she grew to accept it as normal for her.

A week after she turned eighteen Meredith's world dropped out from under her. Unbeknownst to her, her brother and her parents had driven to see her not long after she started college in Houston. Her twin brother was diagnosed with cancer and they were told he only had a year left to live. Unable to bear the thought of losing him she came home from college and spent the next year trying to heal him regularly and failing. Tragically she never managed to do so and her brother died 18 months later. Her mother was devastated by the loss and blamed Meredith, as she could not heal him, and from then on her mother behaved differently to her daughter reaching the point where she did not want to be around her.

Meredith chose to go and live with her Uncle as life at home was too uncomfortable and continued studying to become a doctor. Her father's relationship with his daughter did not change and they continued to be close. Not long after her 21st birthday her father was contacted by an old friend regarding Meredith being a Zodiac. Though she did not want to stop her studies Meredith felt a strong need to learn more about her abilities as she hoped she would one day be able to do for others what she could not for her brother.

Meredith has a German Shepherd called 'Buster'

Ellen Mackenzie (Formerly Ellen Brown) - Age 39 - Mother, Currently estranged from her daughter.
Warren Mackenzie - Age 42 - Father, proud of his daughter, very protective of her.
Karl Mackenzie - (deceased) - Twin brother.
Nate Mackenzie - (Paternal Uncle) - 50 - Close to his brother and his niece.


Character Thoughts On Others:

Capricorn - TBA
Aquarius - TBA
Pisces - TBA
Taurus - TBA
Gemini - TBA
Cancer ā€“ TBA [Iā€™m gonna leave these all as To be answered for ya(; )
Leo - TBA
Virgo - TBA
Libra - TBA
Scorpio - TBA
Sagittarius - TBA

Theme Song:

My Sacrifice

So begins...

Meredith Mackenzie's Story