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Simon Seferino

Libra - I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

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a character in “It's a Long Story”, as played by Retrovertigo




Name: Simon Seferino

Nickname: Sef

Age: 20

Sign: Libra

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 165lbs

Oddities: [Add quick fun facts about appearance, or facts in general. Could replace this with appearance if you wish to write out their looks. OPTIONAL]

Zodiac Abilities:

– Persuasion - Also known as charmspeak, it is the ability to control another person’s will with vocal commands that are too compelling to resist. Of course this is all dependent on the complexity of the command, the intelligence of the manipulated party and the subjects own power level. With enough power and control it is possible to persuade others to hurt themselves or even commit suicide, although one can never be persuaded into doing something they are not capable of. If the target can’t hear the command you obviously can’t follow it and if the subject is somehow incapable of speech their power is rendered moot.

Simon has, so far, only scraped the surfaces of his latent talent in persuasion and it is not something that he is consciously aware of using. Yet. Currently he is only capable of a gentle persuasion that works on those most susceptible, those of the world who want more than anything to believe in something.

-Enhanced Lung Capacity - Essentially the subject has tremendous lung capacity enabling them to hold their breath for extended periods of time while remaining physically active. While the subject can survive for longer without air it doesn’t mean they don’t need it. Sooner or later they have to breathe.

Main Zodiac Power: Aeromancy |The ability to read the future, present or the past in air currents. The user is able to use any source of wind to see visions or insights into time. Of course when winds are dissipated there is no chance of seeing anything, it also requires an extreme amount of skill and concentration to make a vision happen. At times the visions are incomprehensible and require much thought and effort to sort out their true meaning. There’s also the added psychological drawback of the user being overwhelmed and overtaken by their vision if unprepared.

So far Simon has no idea that aeromancy lies in his future if you will and the effects it will have on him if he succeeds in reaching this ability is unknown.

Zodiac Level: 0

Sexuality: Bisexual

Romantic Interest: None Yet

Allies/Friends: (Can fill out later or can guess characters that yours may trust.)

Enemies: (Follows same rules as Allies)


Personality: Simon has always been a quintessential Libra if you will, showing a great talent for diplomacy and gregariousness at an early age. Simon’s mother is often fond of saying that he’s never met a person he didn’t like. Which for the most part is true for the open-minded twenty year old as he possesses an innate sense of fairness.

Simon loves to be surrounded by people, and finds himself most at home with those who have take charge attitudes and aren’t afraid to take risks. Seeing as Simon can be quite indecisive this makes it easier for him by just going along with the crowd. That’s not to say he doesn’t have defined opinions about things and if something truly bothers him he will speak up although it will usually be in a calm, level-headed manner.

At his worst Simon could be seen as manipulative, using his charm and his way with words to get what he wants. In the grand scheme of things, he’s always seeking comfort. Be it in owning nice things, dressing well or surrounding himself with beautiful and interesting people. If he has to take a bit of initiative and nudge people into doing what he wants why not go ahead and make them think it was their idea in the first place?


+Pretty Girls
+Pretty Boys
+Old Books
+Social Engagements
+Common Courtesy

-The Rude
-Being Uncomfortable
-Boring People
-Getting Caught
-His Own Indecision
-The Dark

x Death x
x Never Figuring Out His Purpose In Life x
x Ending Up Alone x

o Diplomacy - Simon is the go to guy for resolving conflict. o
o Dance - Has studied ballet since he was eight years old. o
o Manipulation - Is a master at getting what he wants with minimal effort. o

= Addictive Personality - If it feels good keep doing it. =
= Extremely Indecisive - If Simon doesn't have strong feelings on the subject it can be nearly impossible for him to make a decision =
= Clingy/Detached - Simon hates to be alone and will cling to people in an effort to stave off loneliness alternately he can be extremely detached and aloof if he feels as though he's unappreciated or has been slighted in some way. =
= Passive-Aggressive =


Simon Seferino hadn't always been his name, once it had been Avel Oleksiy. It seemed like a lifetime ago that he left the Ukrainian orphanage that he called home for the first five years of his life. Once safely ensconced with his new parents he was soon given his new name and his early beginnings began to fade alongside the magical existence his parents were providing for him. Walter and Georgette Seferino, who'd been trying for years since their marriage to have a family, had been warned about adopting. Especially an older child and one who obviously had a rough going, but Simon's sunny disposition and ease at transition soon alleviated these fears.

Simon seemed to lead a charmed life, he was an only child doted upon by his parents. Friends came easily as did school for the most part although he was often accused of being lazy and capable of more. The one thing that Simon did take seriously was dance. It might not have been the most masculine activity to take up but Simon bore the taunts without much thought and found his true love, ballet. Something he greatly excelled at and could see himself having a future in, which was a first for the normally flighty boy.

By the time he graduated high school Simon had secured a dance scholarship, promising his parents that he would at least try school before setting out to join a company. Moving away from home and transitioning to life his own had been tricky but Simon withstood it with grace and even when he'd been approached by a stranger that offered him very intriguing news about Simon and who he really was, Simon handled that with grace as well. It finally seemed like things were starting to make sense...

Simon loves his parents but doesn't tell them anything about his life other than he's well and classes are going fine. He doesn't want to have to explain who...or what he is to them.

Father - Walter Seferino - 52 years old -resides in Seattle, Washington - Pediatrician
Mother - Georgette James Seferino - 48 years old - resides in Seattle, Washington - Homemaker


Character Thoughts On Others:

Capricorn - TBA
Aquarius - TBA
Pisces - TBA
Taurus - TBA
Gemini - TBA
Cancer – TBA [I’m gonna leave these all as To be answered for ya(; )
Leo - TBA
Virgo - TBA
Libra - TBA
Scorpio - TBA
Sagittarius - TBA

Theme Song:

Sia - Bring Night

So begins...

Simon Seferino's Story

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“Yes, I’m eating, yes, I’m taking care of myself and no I haven’t met any nice girls yet.” Simon replied automatically into his phone as he stepped into the park that would lead home. The twenty year old university student loved his parents dearly but couldn’t help being thankful that he was over a thousand miles away from them. He’d had to fight them tooth and nail to even get them to consider letting him cut his summer trip home short.

It wasn't as though Simon didn't want the attention, he loved it to be quite honest but his mother could be one of the clingiest women to walk this earth. At moments he felt as though he was being smothered and not for the first time in his life the adoptee idly wished his parents had added more children to their family. At least that way they could have shared in the affectionate, well-meaning burden that was his parents.

"I love you too, I'll call soon. I promise." Simon smiled to himself ruefully as he tucked his phone into his back pocket. He'd spent the majority of his walk home from dance class with his ear glued to the phone as his mother droned on about what was happening at home but now he finally had a chance to take in his surroundings.Summer was coming to a close in Dallas, and he was sure that he couldn't be the only one grateful for it, but it also meant school was on the horizon. At the thought a grimace flitted across his face as he ran a tan hand through his dark hair, the still damp threads subtly wetting the collar of his light blue t-shirt.

You could say that school wasn’t exactly his thing; in fact he often said those words himself. Sure, Simon passed, did most of his work and occasionally participated but it really held no interest. The Seattle transplant was here because his parents demanded he get an education, or at the very least try. So he picked a school a reasonable distance from them that would offer him a scholarship for dance and shipped out for Texas, biding time until he could live life the way he wanted. On his own terms.

It was at this juncture in his inner diatribe that he caught sight of a friendly face, although Simon wasn’t sure if Art would agree with him there. The other boy was so different than himself, it was very nearly fascinating how the two wound up speaking let alone becoming roommates. Simon could honestly say he had never met anyone quite like Antares before, which only made Simon like him that much more. He’d always been a fan of mysteries, and though they shared an apartment it was nearly like pulling teeth getting Art to talk to him all. Yet Simon knew if anyone could bring someone out of their shell it was he.

Coming to a stop a few feet from the pair, Simon shifted his duffel bag further onto his shoulder while lowering a hand to greet Ares, allowing the dog to catch his scent if she so chose. “How’s things, Art? You look about a million miles away.” He offered congenially in greeting, wondering if his taciturn roommate would bother to return it.

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#, as written by Maestro

“Well, isn’t that the understatement of the century.” Rhetorical, of course. Art doubted anyone could really sympathize with his plight nor begin to fathom what coursed through every fiber of his brain. No one could understand just how disassociated he was with the world, or maybe it was the world that was disassociated with him. “And here for a moment I thought Ares was the only dog who was following me home.” Of course, it was nearly impossible to figure whether Art was joking or a not. To be perfectly honest, even Art wouldn’t be able to answer that himself. There was a part of him that was, but then a completely other that simply questioned everything just because he felt someone should.

Classes were right around the corner, and Art only had another semester to go before he would be finished with his dual-major in both Psychology and Neuroscience. Just last semester he had received a 45 on the MCAT; a perfect, and unheard of score. “Once I drop Ares off, Simon, I think I’m going to pop by the school and pick up a few books.” Wasn’t much of an invitation. Art rarely asked for anything, and when he did, he was keener at getting his way without ever having to ask at all.

Both Art and Simon had been living in a rather upscale two-bedroom apartment on the third floor, overlooking the river and much of the city. They were only about two-blocks from it, and a short ride on the light rail from the university. As Ares sniffed Simon’s hands, Art only had to snap his fingers for the dog to quickly fall in line behind him. Even for the dog being so young, it knew better than to not mind him – something the dog could see in Art’s eyes. “Shall we go then?” Whether he was speaking to Ares, or Simon, was up for interpretation.