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Sola Meridian


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a character in “It's a Long Story”, as played by Circus Freak



Please note that I do not own this image, the creator is Youlien on Deviantart

Name: Sloane Rose Meridian

Nickname: Sola

Age: 19

Sign: Aquarius

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120LBS

Scar running from the tip of her thumb all the way up to her inner elbow.
Tattoo of a amethyst gem on inner thigh and a white butterfly on her ankle.
Ears and navel are both pierced, both piercings are white in color.
It can be noted that she has a lightly detectable (But barely there really) English Accent.

Zodiac Abilities:
– Deflection -
The ability to stop the progression of a projectile, sort of like a force field. Only if the attack comes from behind the deflection won't work. The deflection range itself is only as far as her hands can reach out in front of and to the sides of her. Given time and power increase the range may increase by a few feet.

- Emission -
The ability to release bursts of air to create a physical attack. These bursts of air, though invisible can be hurled at an opponent with an alarming speed. However this ability is at most only able to knock someone of their feet and rarely causes physical wounds.

Main Zodiac Power: Asphyxiation | At its highest level Asphyxiation is a power that allows the user to close off the air surrounding a person. Either used to choke or cause a person to pass out from oxygen loss. Unfortunately this ability only works on more than one person IF they are in close proximity to each other. For example two people within arms length would both be affected, but two people several feet away from each other would mean only one of them is affected. This ability is at its most powerful in a closed in place. Open spaces make it a little harder to control as the air flow is higher.

Zodiac Level: 0

Sexuality: Bisexual

Romantic Interest: TBA

Allies/Friends: TBA

Enemies: TBA



Her personality in comparison to her star sign is noticeably similar. Like most "Aquarians" she is an unconventional individualist, with many quirks and habits that often lead her to seem almost eccentric. Has an unusual sense of humor, and finds interest in things that are out of the ordinary.

Though intelligent she often never uses her knowledge unless for her own gain. She boasts a humanitarian mindset up until the point that this mindset begins to conflict with her own interests. She can be extremely selfish when it comes to the things she wants, and sulks if she cannot get it.

She can be extremely friendly to certain people, and at the same time be extremely aggressive to others. Usually its a balancing act with a line that has to be walked on carefully. However it can be noted that she will go the extra mile for someone she is friends with. But can also have a falling out with a friend just as easily.

Changes her mind just as quickly as she changes her mood. She can seem indecisive and lost, but is really just led to follow her heart more often than her mind.

She can be very angry at times, and snap at those around her. She is known for pushing people away and creating walls to keep them out. She holds a grudge, and shouldn't be expected to let go of one very easily. Given her hypocritical nature she can be seen as someone to avoid if you are looking for someone to have a peaceful and easy relationship with.

All in all her personality varies greatly, driven by her complex moods and natural instincts.

Other: Her stance on religion is often controversial, as she supports the right to practicing religion but she herself is Agnostic.


+ Free-Thinking
+ Social Events (aka parties)
+ Being active
+ Adventures
+ Individualism

- Being Stuck
- Oppressive Rules
- Those without imaginations
- Being yelled at
- Prejudice

x Seclusion x
x Closed In Spaces x
x Injury x

o Inventing Things o
o Finding Uncommon Solutions o
o Reading Others o

= Can Be Aggressive =
= Stubborn =
= Rule-Breaking =
= Easily Angered =
= Drives People Away =


Sola grew up with her mother and father for the first ten years of her life, but eventually as all things do her parents relationship fell apart. Her mother was too constricting, and her father too carefree. They just couldn't make it work and Sola was stuck right in the middle of it. Of course being so young they didn't give her the choice of who she would live with. Yet neither of them could agree on who she would stay with. Sola personally would have rather gone with her father to England, where he was planning on staying with his side of the family for a while. Unfortunately her mother won the custody battle, the judge deciding that Sola would have an easier time with the divorce if she wasn't uprooted from her childhood home.

She resented her mother for years after that, blaming her for driving Solas father away. To this day she still holds that particular grudge, but has pretty much gotten over it to the point that it doesn't have any effect on her anymore - even if brought up.

She could never really decide on what she wanted to do with her life. Throughout her young life she would change hobbies constantly, often costing her mother and father a lot of money so that she could fuel her interest of the moment. Eventually Sola figured out that she can't just continuously change what she wants to do, especially once getting to collage. Currently she is working towards a psychology degree.

Mother - Julianna Meridian (Living)
"A stern woman with a knack for causing drama to arise in their family. Sola and her mother rarely get along, but when they do get along they usually bond over their shared hatred of prejudice and bigotry. They rarely talk to each other, but it isn't uncommon for Sola to receive angry phone calls regarding any trouble that Sola happens to get in. She disagrees with many life choices that Sola makes."

Father - Aric Meridian (Living)
"Sola hasn't seen her father since she was ten years old. But they are by no means strangers. Unlike with her mother Sola actually gets along with her father, and they often talk whenever they can. They share a lot of views on things, and Aric being creative has always made sure to support that particular side of Sola. He isn't as stern as Julianna, thus doesn't annoy Sola as much either."


Character Thoughts On Others:

Capricorn - TBA
Pisces - TBA
Taurus - TBA
Gemini - TBA
Cancer – TBA
Leo - TBA
Virgo - TBA
Libra - TBA
Scorpio - TBA
Sagittarius - TBA

Theme Song:

Blasphemy or Drown

So begins...

Sola Meridian's Story

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Two whole days, that's how long it takes Sola to make her way to Dallas. She knew she should have taken a flight, but paying for a plane ticket would have set her back. She needs the money, so that she won't have to rely on the good graces of her mother to help her out. With the school and living expenses she knows it will be a struggle to keep herself afloat, but Sola is nothing if not determined to make it.

Another day later and shes staring at the mostly empty inside of her new dorm. She should be unpacking, but she doesn't. Instead she waits around a while, only unpacking things as she needs them. Until the point where she realizes she packed up her phone, and has to dig through various boxes to find it. She notices several missed calls and texts, all from her parents and a few various friends back home. She sends out a few texts before calling her dad back, not wanting him to worry that she may be dead or something.

"You should give your mom a call." Those are the first words out of his mouth. Annoyed, Sola sinks into her unmade bed.

"Maybe later..." She answers, pausing to fix herself a glass of water. Using a chipped mug from the only box she has unpacked so far. In truth she would rather stab herself in the eye. No doubt her mom is already awaiting the call, ready to tear into Sola for whatever reason she can think of. Julianna being the kind of person to find fault in just about anything. Sola is too tired from the long road trip to deal with it. "Shes worried," He points out. Sola highly doubts that, if anything Julianna could care less about her daughters disappearance. Not that her disappearance is anything to really worry about, she's going to be attending University in Dallas. If anything Julianna should be happy that Sola is seeking out a higher education.

"Sure she is," Sola replies.

"Oh come on shes your mother, I know she can be difficult but -" Sola snorts, blocking out the rest of his sentence. "Difficult is an understatement." She says, suddenly very tired. "She's still your mother Sloane." His reply is a little snappish. Sola knows he is becoming annoyed. She can't blame him though, Sola knows her own ability when it comes to getting on other peoples nerves. But instead of backing off with her childish whining she only becomes angry. She clenches her hand around the mug, trying to control herself.

"Wow, nice observation, she was your wife at one point maybe you should be calling her."

He pauses, Sola can hear his steady breathing on the other end of the line. She prepares herself for some kind of reprimand. Instead he sighs, sounding tired and defeated. "Sorry...I just don't want to fight with her right now." Sola admits, feeling like the biggest jerk in the world. She sets aside the chipped mug, watching water slosh over the top and spill out over the table. Another thing to add to the list of annoyances for the day.

"I'll call her after I unpack, I promise." Little white lies, Sola is going to put off calling her for as long as possible. But her words seem to placate him enough. They chat for a short while longer, mostly about the classes she will be taking and how shes settling into the apartment. For the most part Sola answers truthfully, though she glosses over the part about feeling completely isolated in the apartment. Eventually she sets the phone aside and stands to examine the gathering of boxes in the middle of the apartment.

"Ugh, time to get to work..."

Unpacking the rest of the boxes takes nearly the rest of the morning.

With all of her unpacking finally finished she decides that now is as good a time as any to check out the University. Since its where she will be spending most of her time from this point on. She changes into something a little more comfortable, and grabs her black jacket from the pile of clothes she has thrown haphazardly on her bed before leaving the dorm.

She isn't exactly sure where to go first. Instead of wandering aimlessly she takes a seat at a bench, content with watching the flow of people coming and going. Its almost overwhelming, and she knows the first few weeks won't exactly be easy. But her determination to succeed pushes away the anxious thoughts.

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#, as written by Alligot

Emilie sighs, looking at the new pile that awaited her. A large duffelbag, a suitcase, and her schoolbag. Luckily for her she didn't have to carry five-hundred-something-odd pounds of junk to her dorm. Like hell she'd have to pay for the extra shipping.

"Remember, I texted you the building and room number!" Anne had helped haul Emilie's belongings to the campus - the two of them had originally forgotten to bring it, and Emilie stayed and tried to familiarize herself as Anne did a quick round trip. It burnt through the time they had originally planned to spend together, and Anne apparently had something else important on her plate. She was back in her car as soon as the last bag hit the ground, and was speeding away before Emilie could even explain that her phone had died.

Painfully shouldering her belongings - each bag Emilie carried seemed to worsen the pressure in her ankle - Emilie trudged towards the residential area; several complexes with small dorms, a humble rec center, and various other facilities. She passed other students exchanging farewell with family or friends, hauling box after box of junk. They all seemed relatively busy, and she doubted they'd know where her dorm was either. Probably just as new as she was.

She later saw a lone, diminutive girl sitting on a bench, and approached, calling out.

"Hey - hey, do you, uh..." Emilie said, giving a sigh as she takes a seat shaking her bad foot, "By any chance, do you know where 502 is? Dorm 502?" She had repeated herself just in case, as her dialect seemingly gave some Texans trouble earlier. "I'm not sure how it's organized here... and I forgot which building it's in."

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She teeters on the edge of oblivion. Mind straying to the far corners of her imagination. Boredom finally gnawing its way into her, she leans her head back and lets the sunlight wash over her face. Eyes watering from brightness of it. Day dreaming to pass the time as she sits, nothing else to do besides go back to the dorm room and wait. But she doesn't want to be there alone yet. Its still too new for her to be comfortable in.

Sola looks up at the approach of another young woman. At first when the other girl speaks Sola is taken off-guard by the dialect. Even Sola, with her own watered down accent couldn't compare. In her daze she almost misses the question, so overtaken by curiosity. 'By any chance, do you know where 502 is? Dorm 502?' A question that Sola began to ask herself in her mind, repeating it until her mouth finally caught up with her brain.

"I'm not sure how it's organized here... and I forgot which building it's in.' She speaks again before Sola answers. It has to be a coincidence, or thats what Sola tries to tell herself. But Sola has never believed in coincedence...everything happens for a reason. Its about twenty seconds before Sola realizes that she has been almost awkwardly staring at the young woman for nearly a minute, not saying a word. Sola feels heat rush to her face knowing she must look like such a weirdo.

"Oh uh, I'm Sola."She stands quickly, feeling a little foolish now. Palms sweaty from her sudden spike of nervousness. She tries for a nonchalant smile, though smiling has never really been something she's good at. "I'm in 502 as well, looks like we're roomies."Sola lets out a small, dry laugh. Its not something anyone would find funny, but the situation itself has brought about the Sid of Sola that seems to think anything is funny.

["Um...I can show you the way?" she offers, motioning with her hands towards the way she came from earlier. Hopefully the other girl wouldn't see her as a complete lunatic, but Sola knew better than to hope.

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#, as written by Alligot

Emilie couldn't help but shake the feeling that this girl - Sola, her name was - was a bit anxious... perhaps a bit 'out there'. Maybe it was her hesitant speech or jittery movements. Then again, she did just come in and randomly happen to find her roommate, so maybe this girl had found that strange. Maybe she was just overeager for attention. Maybe Emilie should stop thinking like a shrink and trying to analyze a total stranger.

"Sure. Just - oomph..." Emilie said, slowly standing up, pushing herself from the bench and giving Sola a warm smile. "I'm Emilie, by the way. And sure, I'd love to know the way. Beats wandering around aimlessly for hours on end, carrying lord-knows-whatever's making all this so heavy." She punctuated this with a small chuckle, effortlessly shifting her dufflebag from one shoulder to the other. None of her three bags were really too heavy, especially for someone of her height, but her foot was already starting to ache terribly. She wanted nothing more than to just sit down somewhere comfortable for a while.