young, nervous, and very easy to influence

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Nickname/Alias: Henry

Age: 26

Gender: male

Hair Color: blonde

Eye Color: blue

Race: white

Distinguishing Marks: scar running across face from ear to ear

Other Appearance Traits: short (5'3), skinny (120 lbs), wears a green v-neck

Personality: jittery, easy to influence, and very slow to reach conclusions

Fears: loneliness, the dark, spiders, poverty, stupid people

Skills: photographic memory, notable sense of deduction, ties to royal family, excellent shot with a musket

Other Features: born into the royal family, studying under the most noble thinkers to become an academic prodigy. however, inn his enlightenment he saw through his uncle, the king's, facade and decided to venture forth and make a new life for himself! he took with him 300 gold coins and a small boat, and he blazed a path to what he would later learn was called Havana. at the age of 16 he was alone and scared, be found solace in his acquaintance and soon-to-be colleague; Stenforn Didgek. at age 18 they had a small business of cooperative assassination. with Henry's intellect and handiness with a musket, and Stenforn's sword play they were a true force to be reckoned with. as rebels against his majesty's navy, they together worked together as a brain and muscle team, the partnership resulted in an immense wealth through the pay brought from the pirate contracts. they divided after five years of work, and Henry attended university for three years, until setting out to begin a new adventure to spread his wealth of knowledge to the less fortunate, whilst riding on his immense fortune of 15 gold coins

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#, as written by Okrokon
Sten warched as Ben sailed out of tortuga. "Well shite" he muttered. He had found someone of decent sword skill and he couldn't fight him . He groaned as he thought of what to do next. He still hadn't found a crew to sail with and ben and rain were his best bet at that. He saw rain walk out of the inn to get marina some food and clothes. "Hey Rain" he said. She turned to look at him . "When she wakes up we're going after that bastard and don't worry about how cause i know a guy". He turned to walk back imto the tavern "Henry" he muttered