Jason Joseph Rockler

"Each time is true, but the truths are not the same."

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a character in “It's about time”, as played by Tusho Ka


“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity”

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”

Basic Info


Full name
Jason Joseph Rockler


Tempus Recovery Agent



Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Blue
Height: 5'9
Weight:160 lbs
Tattoos: One on his inner right fore arm.HIC ET NUNC, meaning 'the here and now'
Scars: Scar on his left shin

+ Daggers
+ Liquorice
+ Fire
+ Sailing

- Snakes
- Flying
- Tea
- The French

+ Spending time in and around the water
+ Climbing

- Being stuck in time
- Being tortured

Weapon of Choice
Daggers mostly, although battle ax can be fun as well.

Time Profile


Tempus Recovery Agent - If you've seen time travel gone wrong before like Jason has, you would try to get people to stay out of trouble too.

Jason's goal is to prevent people from being hurt by time travel, whether the time travel was accidental or on purpose.
He will try his very best to make sure the past will stay as it is, because the best way to hurt anyone is by changing their past.

Character Thoughts
On Time Control: Obviously, Time Control is something very dangerous. Life is what it is because of everything that happened in the past. By changing something in 300BC you give your good intention 2300 years to get screwed up. Even the greatest historian would not be prepared for the dangers that the past may present to you. Nothing in the world prepares you for the worst hunger you have ever felt, or torture you would never have thought possible. On the other hand, what if history was meant to be fiddled with? What if you would have never existed if you didn't travel back in time now to be your own forefather?
Favorite Era: The Renaissance/New World age, because after centuries of backwards thinking, civilization finally started moving forward again.
Killing: How does your character feel about the prospect of killing? The end of someones live is pre-destined. If I would be the person doing that I guess it was pre-destined as well.



The easiest,fastest and probably most accurate way to describe Jason is odd.
This applies to a lot of aspects of his life. His sense of humor and logic would be two
of them. Jason is a firm believer in destiny, he would love to change the things that
happened in the past, but he knows he shouldn't. Somehow time would make sure that the
prevented event would happen after all. This is one of the reasons Jason meets his destiny
head on and does not have any doubts or regrets concerning his actions.

Jason is very caring to his colleagues and the accidentals they encounter. He has a
slight tendency to get to attached to his mission, while he knows he shouldn't. Like most
of his colleagues he is a history buff. After some time with Tempus he did
realize however, that history is written by the victorious. Jason is definitely not the
leader of the group. He mostly will do as he is told as long as it does not contradict
with his believes.

Jason was born to Joseph and Johanna Rockler and grew up as an only child. As an army brat Jason moved around about once a year and saw a big part of the world this way. He was home schooled by his mother and they had a very close relationship. Jason's favorite subject was definitely history. Going to so many different places his mom was able to teach history while walking around wherever they lived at the time. When Jason was 10 years old he learned about time travel the hard way. On the way home from the bakery he lost sight of his mom, and he did not see her again for a month. The police was not able to track her in any way. All the leads that they had, turned up empty leads. His mother was finally brought back to the family house about 2 months after by Tempus agents. At this time his father had already changed into a much less happy man than he had been before. Jason's mom had definitely changed as well. She had been an accidental and had turned up on a filled town square in the north of Spain in 1504. Spontaneously appearing in the middle of about a hundred towns people made sure she was soon turned over to the authorities. For the rest of the time she had been questioned and tortured by the ruthless Spanish Inquisition. After a month of torture Jason's mom had lost her mind. She never recovered after that even after coming home. The rest of his youth Jason had spent all his free time visiting the institution where his mother was at that moment. When Jason was 20 years old his father had figured out time travel himself. He traveled back to 1504 in order to save his wife from torture. Appearing in the Middle Ages with a gun, he had a slight advantage over the authorities in that time and was actually able to free his wife. His coming back strategy had not been very good and both him and his wife were caught very soon after the outbreak. After that the torture had gone on for Jason's mom while his father quite literally lost his head. It was then that the Time Keepers had offered Jason a home and a family while he no longer had one.

So begins...

Jason Joseph Rockler's Story


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Time: 10AM
Year: 2019
Place: Somewhere in midwest US

It was a cold and cloudy day. The young man raised his collar to protect his neck from the wind. His hands clenched around the plastic bags he was bringing from the supermarket nearby. As he was coming to the large gates the security guard looked up at him. Out of habit Jason showed him his card, and the man simply tipped his hat and opened the gate by remote.

Walking up the massive driveway he looked to the far left and the far right and once again was amazed by the fact he was not able to see the end of the building. The massive wooden doors opened up to reveal a well-dressed lady behind a desk. “Good morning, Mr Rockler.”
Jason flashed a smile to the friendly woman, who he had seen sitting in the same place for years. “When will you finally call me Jason, I wonder.”
She replied with a small wink: “Not sure, but in any case not today, Mr Rockler.”

She pressed a button which made the door on her left buzz with a soft sound. Jason opened and stepped through the well familiar hallway. The building was old, but stylish. The thick red carpet was soft and cushy underneath his shoes. The walls were covered with wooden panels from bottom to about midway. From there up paintings depicting historical events lined the walls. The end of the hallway showed him 6 elevators. They had golden plated doors with relief that was hardly recognizable. He did not have to wait long before his elevator arrived, it always came quickly. This was the only one that would bring him to where he needed to be. In fact his security access didn’t allow him in any of the other ones.

The elevator was empty and arrived with a ringing sound on the 32nd floor in no time at all. The decoration on this floor was very different. It looked like crew quarters on a ship, which of course it kind of was. Warning signs, notice boards, metal floors and flickering TL-lighting. Jason flicked his card in front of the door of his room. Without him noticing the security camera relaxed as Jason stepped through the door and set back to its original setting from before Jason exited from the elevators.
He put the bags on the wooden table next to the kitchen area. The room he was standing in was his living quarters and had been for years. Despite the time he spent there you couldn’t really say it looked like a cozy, personalized room. No pictures, no art, no personalized cups. Just a few books laying here and there and a fruit basket with plastic fruit (which was there before he moved in). The kitchen area moved over in a dining area, the living room and a bed. It was a studio, but in rather small format. Jason didn’t mind the space, he had lived in worse. He pushed the remote to turn on to the TV before he put his groceries away in cupboard and fridge.

The cartoon channel came on, being the last thing he watched when he had turned the TV off. In the corner of the screen a small envelop appeared letting Jason know there was a new message. He grabbed a glass of juice (mixed with some vodka) and set down on his couch. With the remote he opened moved to the menu to read his messages. He entered his password and found 2 messages waiting for him. The first being from one of his friends and colleagues, asking if she could borrow one of his books. Without replying he moved to the next message which came from Tempus. The email was not much longer than the last one, but an assignment always came with a certain urgency.

He was tasked to meet his supervisor in briefing room 12B at 11AM sharp. Looking at the clock Jason realized he had about 15 minutes left to make his way up there. Not an oasis of time, but he would easily make it. The message gave no further instructions and Jason switched the TV off. I wonder when we are going now, he asked himself before closing his door.


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Time: 11AM
Year: 2019
Place: Somewhere in midwest US

Mr. Hassani was standing in the room looking over notes when Jason entered the room. The man was not like a direct supervisor, but Jason knew he was of a higher rank. The man was balding, around 50 years of age. His thin lips revealed he was upset about something. With Jason’s earlier encounters with the man, Jason wasn’t sure if Mr. Hassani would tell him what was so upsetting.

”Take a seat, Rockler…” the man said softly.
He took a seat, crossed his legs and folded his hands in anticipation. Jason gave off a relaxed look, ready for anything. This wasn’t his first rodeo and he wasn’t particularly worried about the upcoming assignment. It was warm in the room and he saw the older man dabbing his head with a cloth to stop the sweat running from his forehead. Mr. Hassani dropped the manila folder on the table and he shoved it in Jason’s direction. He opened the folder and began reading from the top. Honestly, there wasn’t much there. As usual it stated the date of today, the place where the anomaly would have taken place, the date the anomaly occurred and the method of Time Travel.

”Sir?...This must be a joke…..” Jason said while looking over the paper.
The date of the incident was a mere 3 days ago. Jason was a man who had traveled far and wide, had fought for and against the Roman empire, had been in the New World before the Europeans were. He was being send on a mission a measly 3 days back?
”Do I have the look of a jokester on my face, Mr. Rockler?” the old man said angrily.
”Have I ever joked in front of you before? Have you ever heard rumors on my stand-up routine. Do not forget your place here, Rockler. I give the orders and you follow them, or have I missed a memo?”
Jason read on in the document. ”My apologies Sir, that is not what I meant. But this is barely an incident. The way of Time Travel is listed as unknown. Are we sure this is even worth investigating at all?” Jason took a deep breath. It felt beneath him and honestly, 3 days could not do much damage. At least not as much as his other assignments would have.
”The signature of travelling is known, but we don’t have the actual connection as to how they are doing. It. In the past 12 months we have seen this signature more and more, but without any results on our investigation. This time the signs were 10 times stronger. It is the most positive lead in this case so far, that is why we are sending you.” he sighed and looked Jason straight in the face.
”Meeting over, Rockler. Go to Movement directly and give them the order. I will see you as soon as you return. ”

Jason stood up and walked out the room, his assignment left inside. He went left, back to the elevators. Moving up one floor there was an immediate change in atmosphere. The moment the doors opened Jason could see this floor being more alive. Teams of agents were walking over to Movement. Two of the scientists were running the opposite direction. Jason saw agents walking with Viking weapons, and others carrying a pick-axe and dressed for the Yukon gold rush. He walked out and joined the waiting room to patiently await his Movement.
Jason had waited in this room for hours on previous missions. The science behind it was not something he understood, but it was volatile and getting it accurate was a tough and lengthy job. He quickly noticed Mr. Hassini must have prioritized his mission. He was only there for 10 minutes before he was called to one of the Movement chambers.
He moved into the brightly lit room. The entire ceiling seemed to emit the light as a clear lamp could never be seen. Depending on the size of the team there were bigger and smaller chambers. The one Jason stood in now was large enough for only one person. A pill and a small cup of water were ready for him upon his entrance. He was not sure what was in the pill, but it helped your stability directly after the Time Travel. He had tried without before, but preferred to take the pill now. The empty cup went back on the small board on the side of the chamber. A voice in the chamber confirmed Jason’s name and his destination in place and time. After he confirmed all, there was a countdown from 5. The light turned so bright Jason could no longer see. And by the time he regained his sight he was looking at the wall of an alleyway, Manhattan, 3 days earlier.

Walking out of the alleyway he recognized the outlines of Chinatown. The incident he was here to investigate would happen in about 30 minutes and could have happened in about 3 or 4 buildings surrounding him. He stepped into the first shop on his left, which was a gift shop. It wasn’t crowded, but there didn’t seem to be any space to hide away or appear out of nowhere. He exited the shop and looked at his other options. He looked at a clothing boutique and a bank. In the file he read before there was nothing about a bank robbery or anything in that line. It was the most logical option, but Jason’s instinct told him to go with the boutique.

Walking toward the door he held it open for a young women to go in before him. Inside it was quiet, it seemed to be a bit of a specialist shop. He felt out of place in here, maybe caused by him not really looking at the clothes, but at the surroundings more. He went through a few of the racks to seem to be looking for something. As the girl he let in moved to the dressing rooms he walked up to the register. ”Excuse me, NYPD…”
Jason quickly flashed her a paper in his wallet, not giving her a lot of time to look at it. For most people the notion of the police force alone was enough to answer a few questions.
“Have you seen anything or anyone strange in the store today? Like a person that shouldn’t be there, or that wouldn’t normally come here?”
She looked a bit shocked with the question and hesitated before answering. ”Up to the moment you asked me, I thought this of you, sir. The other people so far I have seen before, or seem right at home. Most woman leave their partners outside, since there isn’t much for them in here.”
Jason thanked the lady for her help. As far as he could see all here was normal. He moved to the door to go and check the bank. It seemed his instinct had let him down this time.


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Time: Late afternoon, 3 days ago
Year: 2019
Place: Manhattan

The bank was a bust. Upon entering he had the feeling he was in the wrong place. Jason couldn’t really put his finger on it, but his gut spoke volumes. He went to the counters and joined in one of the lines. The security guard’s eyes were poking in his back and he realized the guard would not be so quickly convinced by a flash of his wallet. In order not to raise more suspicion he acted the part of an impatient client. With a few minutes of a lot of heavy sighing and constantly checking his watch, he left the queue and got out of the building.

Jason’s eyes were once again fixed on the door of the clothing boutique. Did I miss something? Aside from the lady and the register and the girl trying on the dress he hadn’t seen anything. Jason felt bad about going back with no information. He knew the case wouldn’t be the easiest one he ever solved. It wasn’t a elderly professor lost in the gladiator pits, or a computer analyst in a concentration camp. Someone travelling back in time for three days would not stand out like a soar thumb. They didn’t dress different, act different or speak different than the other people there. They wouldn’t use new age terms for old fashioned things. They wouldn’t be threatening the Aztec priests with a lawsuit.

Jason had hoped to find something though. Not to boast, but he was good at his job. He had a knack for it. The part historian, part actor and part detective fit him like a glove. It fit him so well, he could not believe his gut let him down. In a last attempt at success he looked back at the boutique and decided to go in once more.

The girl he saw earlier was now paying for the dress. It seemed the most normal thing in the world. Jason couldn’t see what she was buying as it was already in the plastic bag provided by the store. When she left through the door he saw a slight smile on her face. Alone in the store now he stepped again towards the lady at the counter. ”Excuse me, sorry to be such a bother. Do you mind if I just check the dressing rooms?”
Her face showed she was clearly bothered, but she didn’t put up a fight. She simply gave a hand gesture towards the dressing rooms before going back to folding clothes. Jason walked to the back and saw the three dressing rooms, none occupied. He opened each curtain slightly but did not see anything out of place. To be honest, he could not even be sure which of the rooms was just used by the girl.

He realized it had been a long shot, and that he was about 15 minutes past incident time, but he would have blamed himself for not checking. He walked back and out the store without a word. He turned into the alleyway where he had come from earlier. Making sure he was out of sight and in the shadows he used his left hand to press a button underneath his skin on his right bicep. Pressing it firmly for 5 seconds made him disappear back to his own timeline.

The chamber he appeared in was a different one then before. He stepped out and walked to the reception. He gave his name and mission and they changed his status from On Mission to Home Base. They gave him the room number to wait in, to give his briefing on the mission. Walking to the room he still had a bad feeling. He was almost sure he had been in the right place, but whoever had been Time Traveling there, they had left shortly after.
It wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to get off Tempus’ radar by jumping through time quickly, but it didn’t feel the same. He didn’t look forward to the debriefing. It didn’t happen much that Jason had a mission where he came back with zilch. Especially not in such a strange type of case.

Jason was surprised when he opened the door. Mr. Hassini was already there, waiting for him. Last time I needed to debrief to him he made me wait for over an hour. What is going on here….?
”Sorry, sir. I checked the location and time, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was like looking for a business man in a group of business men. Everything looked like it belonged.”
Mr. Hassini looked at him with deep thinking eyes. Like he was trying to look straight into his soul, like he tried to read his mind. ”You’re lying,” he said.
”You have ideas, you have thoughts, you have suspicions. You have no evidence, and that’s why you are not telling me.” The man sounded strict, but direct. There was no anger in his voice, but Jason seemed to spot a hint of curiosity.
”Let’s not pretend this was a normal mission in the first place. Tell me what you think, not what you can prove.” He gestured at a seat and Jason sat down. The door opened again and a lady came in with two steaming cups. Ugh, I hate tea, why always the tea? She put the first nasty smelling cup in front of Mr. Hassini. The second she put in front of Jason, and to his surprise he saw the cup filled with coffee. Thankful, he took a sip and started explaining.

”I apologize sir, but this is not how I usually give a debriefing. But, if you insist.” Jason put the cup down and told his supervisor the story. He told him about the boutique and the bank, and about his decision to go back to the boutique again. The entire time the older man listened with full attention, not one moment dismissing any of Jason’s thoughts and ideas.
”I am not sure why you send me on this mission sir. It’s done and although ideas and thoughts are nice, they don’t bring us a clear cut case. I thank you for your confidence but I think it is better for me to concentrate on my next mission.” Jason finished his cup of coffee. Feeling refreshed and energized he thought he would go to the gym for a bit.
”Stay seated, Mr. Rockler. I never said your mission was over. Stay on the case, do more research. Check newspapers, reports of similar incidents. Find out what the hell is going on. If there is a new type of Time Traveling signature we must chase it until we find out who and how. You will not be assigned another mission until I am certain you are done with this one. Your access level has been upgraded for certain sections of the record room. Use your time wisely. If you need to Travel, simply go to Movement. They will inform me of your trips directly, and I will authorize or not authorize then and there, without the red tape. Go with your gut, and give me results.”

Jason could not believe what he had heard. His reputation in Tempus was not spotless. There were other agents with good records and a more clean way of getting the job done. Younger people than him were climbing the ranks faster than he ever could. He had been an agent for quite a few years now, and although he was getting solo missions, he was never put in charge of a team. He didn’t know if he should be happy or worried.
”Sir? This is a surprise. I…, I will do my best.” Jason stumbled over his words. He never had any ambition to climb the ranks. Bureaucratic crap, he had always called it. He enjoyed what he did, and had no intention of changing. Seems they have a different idea Even though this was unlike previous assignments, this case was intriguing somehow.
”I don’t need your best, I need results. Doesn’t matter how I get them. Show me something soon before I must call upon someone else. Higher people than me are watching this case closely.”
Jason left the room and decided to set up a plan first. Let’s get to my room first, I need a drink.


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Years: 2019 // 1965
Location: Chinatown, NYC. // Syracuse, NY
Time: Early Afternoon. // Mid-Afternoon.
”Here she is, press the button to retract the light blade.” Amelie said as she tossed Lux to Irealia and then flounced back down onto the couch.
She’d go on to explain how it worked, and her theory about how smoothing out the jagged energy around the edges of the portal made the transportation through time smoother.

”That’s amazing Amelie!” Irealia said, as she played with the retract button on Lux’s base. ”After years of time traveling even I find the magic involved hard to control upon exiting a portal. Don’t get me wrong, I can control it, but only to a point. You say this gave you complete control?”
Amelie gleefully explained how she pictured exactly where she wanted to land, and landed there perfectly.
”It couldn’t have gone better! Well, in terms of exiting the portal initially...”
Irealia smirked and then tossed a retracted Lux back to Amelie. ”This is really something Amelie, but it makes sense - the energy from this blade, in conjunction with our magic, being strong enough to warp the energies surrounding the portal. If only we could create that same intensity without ‘Lux.’”
Amelie’s eyebrows shot up at the notion. ”That would be…quite something!”

The two women would chat light-heartedly about Irealia’s recent adventures in 1912, and the Suffrage Parade she took part in, until Amelie grew hungry and suggested the two go get lunch.

”You know I’m pretty hungry now that you mention it, where to missy?”
Amelie would sit back and think for a minute before a McDonalds commercial gave her a wild idea.

Seeing Amelie’s wide excited eyes Irealia knew something was up. ”Uh-oh, what is that brain of yours cooking up?”
”Did you know that back in the 60s when McDonalds and Burger King first started, there were a bunch of other chains that tried to give them a run for their money? I just watched a documentary about it on YouTube the other day! The biggest competitor was a place called Henry’s Hamburgers! We should go there!! There was one in Syracuse, let me look it up again!”
Amelie grabbed her phone and began googling until she found the location in Syracuse, New York.
”Here we go! Built in 1960 the Syracuse location was open until 1974….hmm, which year should we go back to!?”
”Wait, we’re going back in time - for a hamburger?”
”Not just any hamburger! A Henry’s hamburger!!" she'd joke. "Besides, it’ll be fun - I love the 60’s, I have a ton of outfits that would fit for that decade - come look!”

The two women would make their way up to Amelie’s bedroom and go through a collection of mid-to-late 60’s attire. The two both wanted to wear mini-skirts, finding the allure of wearing a mini-skirt in a time when they were just coming on to the market and facing resistance, too much to resist.
”Okay okay, if we’re going to twinsies in these skirts lets go back to the mid 60’s! 19…1964! No no, 1965!”

Amelie would rush to get dressed in a lime green and white high-waist mini skirt, white knee-high socks, and a loose lime green button-up blouse. Irealia would put the same outfit on, but instead of lime green and white her colors would be yellow and white.
The two women then spent a good half hour doing their hair - Amelie opting for big poofy pig-tails reminiscent of the 1960’s doll Chatty Cathy, while Irealia opted for a more simple flipped bob style.

After digging in Amelie’s closet for purses the two would go through her small stash of old money, gathered in various ways. The two would count out ten dollars in single dollar bills they made sure were dated before, or in, 1965.
”Alright then, lets get going. After all that work I’m even more hungry now!”
Amelie nodded in agreement, and the two would go back and forth reminding each other of the various things they should and shouldn’t do - from turning their phones on vibrate, to remembering the lingo of the time. Irealia would eventually deem them ready to go, and after entering her heightened state she’d use the picture Amelie googled earlier to form an image of the Henry’s Hamburger restaurant inside of a portal she'd create atop Amelie's bed.
The two women stared at the people loitering outside of the restaurant in 1965….the image of where they wanted to go wasn’t as clear as it could be due to the jagged edges of the portal, so without thinking Amelie used Lux to smooth the edges and image out.

”Look, there…there’s an alley at the end of the strip mall behind the restaurant, it’s against a brick wall so that should be a good place to land and walk out from!”
Irealia wasn’t as convinced as Amelie but due to her hunger agreed with her young friend, and after securing Lux inside of her purse Amelie would close her eyes, enter her heightened state, and picture exactly where she wanted to land before entering the portal - followed directly by Irealia.

The two would walk smoothly out of the portal at the very back of a dark damp alley against the brick wall Amelie had spotted. Not a single person was in sight, and the two easily were able to return to their normal states and walk out of the alley and head towards the restaurant without being seen.

”I gotta say, that was the smoothest exit I’ve ever experienced through a portal. That thing sure is a godsend!” Irealia whispered as she patted Lux through Amelie’s purse.

As the two women approached the restaurant all eyes locked onto them. Sure, they were in style for the decade, but the mini-skirt was still a new thing, and while the other women loitering at the order window or nearby cars wore similar hairstyles and dresses shorter than what their parents probably liked, Amelie and Irealia were the only two in Miniskirts.

Being a naturally introverted young woma Amelie was a bit uncomfortable with so many eyes on her, but Irealia ate up the young women staring daggers at her while their boyfriends and male companions stared eagerly.
”Why hello there sir, may I have two cheese burgers and some of your famous onion rings? I’m quite famished.” Irealia said somewhat dramatically as she leaned into the ordering window, making sure her skirt lifted ever-so slightly for the audience she knew was behind them.
Amelie on the other hand crossed her arms over her chest in a slightly protective stance - twirling back and fort unconsciously as she took in the sights around her. It was only when she heard Irealia say “Famished” that she'd turn around and tap her friend on the shoulder - whispering in her ear.
”Famished? Really?” she said with a small laugh, before ordering the same thing as her friend - but adding a cup of lemonade, something Irealia would quickly add to her order too.

Henry’s Hamburgers was a carry-out establishment where people typically ate at their cars or took their food home. Thankfully however on this day there were two picnic tables set up, and after getting their meals the women would sit down at the picnic table furthest from the group of cars in the restaurant's parking lot.
”Dear god, could they stare any harder?” Amelie said as she opened her brown bag and pulled out her food.
”Lets give them something more to stare at!” Irealia joked, before crossing her legs.
”Come on girlie, don’t go all shy on me now - do it!” she whispered, eventually goading a slightly embarrassed Amelie into crossing her legs as well.

The two conversed for a while about various things they spotted in the strip mall they were in and about the men they saw staring at them, until the conversation eventually made it’s way back to the boutique.
”I know you’re sick of repeating it to me at this point, but mind repeating everything that happened again? Start from the beginning, this is the last time I'll ask, I promise!”
Amelie sighed and after a brief protest repeated her story again. Irealia would press her for any interaction she had with the cop and without thinking Amelie would spit out how she had walked by who she assumed was the police officer on the way out but he never talked to her directly. ”And that’s it! It’s not a big...deal.” Amelie’s voice trailed off before she could finish her sentence, quickly realizing that passing the man she assumed was the police officer on her way out was again a memory she felt like she was remembering for the first time.
Irealia too noticed the change in her story and dropped her burger onto the table before quickly leaning in towards Amelie.
”This is the second time your memory has changed involving this officer! Do you still think these new memories aren't odd?”
Amelie crinkled her eyebrows and shook her head softly in confusion.
”I-I, I don’t know.”
Irealia sighed, unconsciously running her hand through her hair before leaning back again. The two would remain silent for a brief moment before Irealia eventually spoke up again in a low voice.
”Look, we all get memories scrambled up sometimes, but the fact that your new memories involve a man claiming he’s a cop, bothers me. I’ve seen this before, with other Plethora member's stories….a cop, a security guard, some form of law enforcement, questioning those who were around them when they time traveled. On the surface it seems innocent enough, but put all together don’t you think it’s a bit strange?”
Amelie shrugged. ”I guess so, yes. What are you trying to say though? Does the energy and magic involved in our method of traveling set off alarms or something that alert the authorities to the establishments we land in or by?”
”I thought that myself, but when this phenomena occurs when one is traveling to the 1800’s or middle ages I don’t think we can chop it up to a security system - no?”

Before she could respond Amelie would feel a hand on her shoulder and jump slightly.
”Oh, I’m sorry ma’am - didn’t mean to frighten ya there.” said a handsome young man with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. Amelie felt her cheeks flush a bit as the young man smiled at her.
”O-oh, it’s quite alright. May I help you with something?” she responded, with a warm smile - attempting to mask her nervousness.
”Well I couldn’t help but notice you from across the way, you’re right beautiful. Me and my pal Jimmy over there, we were heading to the theatre and would love if you and your friend joined us.”
The young main pointed to a man around the same age as him several yards behind them leaning on a black muscle car, before then pointing to the theatre across the street.
Amelie began to turn him down before Irealia cut her off.
”Oh yes, we have time! Would you two mind walking us back to our hotel after the movie though?”
”Of course ma’am, that’s not a problem at all!”
”Swell! Come on Layla, we’re gonna have a gas!”
Irealia would introduce herself as Rachel and Amelie as Layla to the brown haired man, before leaving him with Amelie and approaching his blonde-haired friend.
”Layla Is it, well I’m Brett. Pleased to meet ya!”
Amelie would smile softly and shake his hand, the two would then throw away Irealia and Amelie's trash from the picnic table before walking over towards the car his friend and Irealia where standing at talking.


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Time: 3PM
Year: 2019 / 1965
Place: Somewhere in midwest US / Syracuse, NY

Back in his room he walked to the small cabinet on the far side. He took out a classy looking bottle with a golden brown substance inside. He poured himself a small glass and landed 3 ice cubes in it. Taking the tumbler, he sat down on his couch and let out a sigh. Just when he thought he had this institution figured out, he was thrown another curve ball.
Jason was not one to wait in doubt, and at this moment any idea is better than no idea. He emptied his glass in a few quick sips and headed to the library. It was quite a walk as it was at the end of the east wing of the building. The room was large and fully filled with computer equipment. The amount of searching stations was enormous, and Jason had no problem finding a free spot. As usual he sat a bit to the side, he wasn’t a big fan of close encounters with his colleagues. Always those colleagues that try to talk your ear off…
There were no books to be found here, or at least not any physical ones. Most of the books were in storage and a team of administration workers was digitizing them. Jason had never met one of them, but he had heard the stories. All historical books could be found in the system. Sometimes it took a while to find what you were looking for due to the enormous amount of titles available.

This time Jason was looking quite specifically. He wanted to search the Time Travel Diaries, basically the mission reports of the institute. For all reports you had to fill out a list of questions before writing the report itself. One of those questions was the amount of time between the time at which travel started back to the point where they arrived. When he entered the search term 3 days, he received 406 results of past cases. When he applied the case status filter to ‘solved’ only 23 cases remained. With a sigh escaping his lips he opened the first case and started reading.

90 minutes later Jason had gone through 20 of the cases. Mostly the reasons were to save a loved one from an accident or worse, or to simply win the lottery. The last case had been a bit more disturbing. The case had not been solved based on the 3 days time travel. However, when the man went back 40 years and killed a farming family they were able to catch him. With the interrogation it came out he had tried his theory first by travelling back 3 days. It once again showed Jason the seriousness of the job he was doing. It might not be killers every time, but there was always a chance.
He leaned back and rubbed his eyes when he heard a zooming sound and saw a message appear on his computer screen. The message told him to immediately report at Movement where a message would be waiting for him. Jason gave his notebook at the reception and asked to load the unsolved cases on there. He could take the notebook (which looked like a book) back in time to keep the cases at hand.

Soon he found himself back in the elevator moving up to Movement again. Coming to the reception desk he simply showed his card to receive the message left behind. He took the letter without a word and moved back into the waiting room for the second time that day. He looked at it and noticed he had to make another stop before going.
A few rooms down from the waiting room was the Changing room. Considering the range of history and clothing, you’d expect it to be massive. The room you could enter was merely 10 x 6 meters. At the desk you gave the year and place and your clothes would come from the back. Jason always saw it as a bit of a mystery. It never took more than 10 minutes, which should mean they have masses of people working there, or it was a highly automated system. Whatever it was, you could always see the same grumpy lady sitting in front.

”Place?” was all she said when he stepped up to her.
”Good day to you as well, Miss MacKenzie. How are you doing today?” Although his attempt was extra cheerful, there was no reaction from the stern woman. Her half glasses were down on her nose, like an old-time librarian. Without moving she repeated. ”Place?”
A small sigh escaped his mouth as he checked his letter and gave the answer. ”Syracuse, New York.” Knowing the next question he added himself: ”1965.”
She madly typed in the information and a few minutes later Jason’s clothes came to the front. He quickly changed and went back to the waiting room. He was scheduled to arrive a day before the arrival of his current objective. He would have some time to get used to the lay of the land. It might make it easier to spot something that looks out of place.
Some 20 minutes later it was time. He once again went to one of the chambers and before he knew it, he arrived in 1965.
Last time there were some different buildings to choose from where the incident could have taken place. This time though, there was only one building which could be the target for a time jump. Henry’s Hamburgers was surrounded by a parking lot, not big by todays standards, but big enough. Jason saw cars parked where people enjoyed their food, and a picnic table in front where guests could sit down.
The children’s play area was not a thing yet, and drive-through didn’t exist. But the place was clearly recognizable by their signage. Jason had never been here, and honestly had never heard of the establishment itself. He weighed the option of going in as a customer. However, with the small seating area, the absence of his own vehicle and at least a day to spend, it wasn’t the obvious choice.

Instead Jason walked to the back of the restaurant, where he saw an older man taking out some of the trash. ”Sir, you think there is any work here for an honest man?” He walked up to the man and stretched out his hand waiting for the inevitable handshake.
The man invited him inside, and in a small office the two spoke. ”Where are you from, son?”
Jason answered with Kansas City. For some reason the man looked suspicious, although Jason couldn’t really place it. He looked around the office and started to notice the little things quickly. A medal on the wall, a picture of men in uniform, and a newspaper opened on the page with updates on the Vietnam war.
”Mr. Henry…, I won’t be here long. I was just cleared from medical leave, but they told me I have to wait before I can go back to Nam. I’ll just stay for a few days, but I find it hard to sit still and do nothing.” He added a bit of a pout, knowing all to well the selfie hadn’t destroyed it yet at this time.
The older man’s suspicion seemed to die right then and there. He got a smile on his face, stood up and pat Jason on the shoulder. ”Good man, Mr….” he waited for a response.
”Rockler, Sir. Joseph Rocker, but call me Joe, please.”
”Excellent, Joe. If it wasn’t for my bad legs, I would have loved to join you myself. We need every bit of help we can get to kick those commies back to the USSR. My wife burned her hand yesterday and we are a bit short in the kitchen. Think you can manage that?” The man walked to the door of the small office and opened it. ”There is an apron on the counter in the kitchen. And by the way, I am not Henry, it’s just a name. Call me Steven.”

Jason thanked him and walked to the kitchen right away. He picked up the apron and washed his hands. In a minute or 2 he was introduced to the colleagues and he started grilling. He enjoyed this part of the mission. Getting to know the people of the time, their stories and their hopes and dreams. Although war was raging and there were more diseases than in his own time, somehow the 60s seemed to be less cynical. And an honest day work actually felt good.
Jason’s position was optimal. Henry’s Hamburgers had been copied of the McDonald’s set-up. An open kitchen where the guests could see the food being prepared for them. He could see all people walking up to the windows without problem. He kept flipping burgers till the place closed for the day. He worked without a break but always with a glass of water around. He was sweating and regretted not having an extra shirt on him.

As the staff was all leaving, Jason stood behind. He needed a place to sleep and was looking for the nearest motel. He was happily surprised when Steven and his wife came up to him and offered him a bed and a shower for the night. He gladly accepted and at least did not have to worry for the night.
On his bed he read some of the other files without learning much from them. He was looking forward to the next day, hopefully to be able to make headway in the case.
The day had been a long one, so it was no surprise he fell asleep quickly.

When he woke up in the morning it was because of a knock on his door. It was Steven’s wife who now called for him. ”Joe, dear? We are going to the restaurant in 30 minutes, are you ready?”
He replied he would come with them as soon as he had a shower. And with the cold shower he had it only took him 10 minutes to be fully ready to go. In the kitchen there was a plate ready for him with some eggs and bacon. With a smile on his face he started eating right away and cleaned his plate afterwards.
Steven looked at him strange when Jason cleaned the dishes. Clearly it was the woman’s work, and letting Jason do it was not right.
”My dad died a long time ago. I always had to help my mom around the house. Really, I don’t mind.”

They got in the car, and drove to the restaurant. The work hadn’t changed much except for starting with eggs before the burgers. Jason noticed however, that by 11 am the burgers had already fully replaced any of the egg orders.
He knew that the incident was not long from now. He kept his eyes open on the customers while diligently doing his job. His attention was raised by the people at the cash register. He heard a tut-tut from one of the older ladies and noticed all men standing just a little bit taller. Steven’s wife came to Jason. ”Can you believe that Joe? Our country is at war, and those girls come up here barely wearing anything. It’s worse than those hippies.”
Jason just nodded as he tried his best to get a good view. When he finally saw the girls in full he knew right away they were the time travellers. First of all, they stood out like a soar thumb. Although the miniskirt was getting popular in Europe, America was a bit more conservative. Adding the bright colors and the feminist attitude Jason could be sure. In addition, of course, he recognized the girl immediately. He had seen her less than 24 hours ago in a small boutique in China Town, over 50 years from now. The other one, he could not recognize. She wasn’t in the same shop before.

His mind was racing. If there was more than 1, it might be a bigger issue than he had expected. It also ruled out an accident, seeing as it happened twice in a short time and considering the women were dressed for the occasion. Jason noted they went to sit at the table outside. ”Steven, can I take a quick smoke break?”
Steven agreed and walked out with Jason. They lit their cigarettes as they looked out over the parking lot. ”Those girls, do they look familiar to you?”
Steven told him he had never seen them before. ”Probably some city girls out for the day.”
Yes, and a far way from home… Jason thought. He saw the boys going over to the table and picked up the conversation. He could intervene now, but he had no idea how they had traveled. He needed a softer approach then just giving himself away. With his paper hat and apron on, he could only hope the girl wouldn’t recognize him. Although he was pretty sure she didn’t get a good look the day before.
If they leave, I might have to follow them. He was thinking of a way to get hold of their purse. He needed some clue on how they were doing this.


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Time: Late afternoon
Year: 1965
Place: Syracuse, NY

Jason lit a second cigarette looking over at the table. A conversation had now started between the time travelers and the boys that approached the table before. ”They seem quite popular off the bat…”, he mentioned to Steven.
The man looked over at the table again. His forehead turned into a frown as he seemed to recognize the boys. ”Lucky ladies, getting the attention of the mayors son and all…" Contrary to his words he didn't seem that impressed. " Useless prick never did an honest day of work in his life. Can’t believe he even got his friends out of military duty though, that’s a new low.” The older man let out a heavy sigh and was shaking his head in disapproval.
”Wow, it seems that’s happening in all times…” Jason mumbled to himself. ”Which one is the mayor’s son?” he asked as blasé as he could.
”The one talking to the young girl there, Brett Beckerman. Best of luck to the girl…” Steven answered as he through his cigarette on the ground and stomped it out with his feet.
”I’ll be 2 more minutes, see you inside Steven.” Jason kept looking at the table. Both girls didn’t seem to have eyes for anything else than the attention of the boys. As they were getting up he saw them walking over to the cinema. Well, I guess that will keep them busy for some time.

Jason walked back inside and continued the now usual grilling of his burgers. Through the open kitchen he could keep an eye on the cinema entrance, but not as much as he wanted to. He called out to the front to see if there was anyone that wanted to switch, and a few minutes later he was taking the orders rather than making them. Every few seconds he would glance over to the cinema, even though the movie must be at least one more hour to go.
Just a few minutes later there was some commotion coming from the cinema when the two girls came storming out. From this viewpoint Jason could clearly see the ripped blouse one of them was wearing. She was going for the boys car like a bull running after a red cloth. He didn’t have a lot of time to think, but he could see trouble coming if the police was involved. It seemed however, that her friend had the same train of thought, since she jumped in between the car and her friend.
He couldn’t hear what was going on, but he lost focus of his work looking over at the two girls. He wasn’t alone, as most people in the restaurant as well as at the tables were now looking in their direction. He saw the two girls hugging and moving away from the muscle car in the direction of Sears. He heard Steven behind him: ”Well, they were asking for it, the way they were dressed…”

Jason flared up and felt himself getting red in the face. ”You really think so, Steven. I mean, we were near the two girls and my penis never left my pants. As far as I could see neither did yours, but maybe I missed something?” He maybe sounded more passive aggressive than he wanted.
He could see the man getting angry. Jason thought to calm himself down, this was a sign of the times. But then he didn’t feel it was an acceptable one. This was a difficult point in his job. He saw crimes and misjudgments happen in front of his eyes, but he was supposed to do nothing about it. He was protecting history, as terrible as that sometimes was. It was only normal that people wanted to stop murder, rape and injustice overall. Jason was no different in this, he had half a mind to beat up this Brett dude. If he would have been near them when it happened, he just might have. And this was the thing that Jason hated about himself. His first instinct should be to kick the crap out of him, and even the fact that he would think about reconsidering made him sick.

”Now don’t get fresh with me young man. Don’t act like I did something wrong. I gave you a place to work and a place to sleep, this is a strange thank you.”
Jason wanted to protest and opened his mouth to tell Steven that him accepting that Brett would make unwanted advances, was nearly as bad as making the advances himself.
”Before you open your mouth again I suggest you take get some fresh air outside and cool down.” Jason had to agree and went back to the smoking spot, this time without actually smoking. He hadn’t seen the girls coming out of Sears and thought he ought to investigate when he saw another commotion at the cinema.

Brett and his friend came nearly running out, looking around frantically. They walked to the middle of the parking lot looking in all directions. They didn’t find what they were looking for and they stormed in the direction of Henry’s Hamburgers. It looked like Brett had a bleeding nose and his belt was not yet tied.
”Give me a phone now! I am calling the police!” He literally screamed in Jason’s face.
”Oh my, what happened to you Golden boy. Want to call the police over a missing belt?” He tried to laugh it off, and cool down the situation. The police wouldn’t help Jason right now.
”That bitch punched me in the face, she needs to be arrested!” He was on his way to step over to the window to ask for a phone.
”So you want to call the police, many of them your fathers friends and acquaintances, to tell them the mayors son was beat up by a girl? Wowzers, I am sure that will be the talk of the town.”
Brett stopped. ”Well, she deserves to be….” he started doubting himself. ”You…you can’t just get away with something…” With a sound somewhere between agony, anger and frustration he left and walked towards his car. With a sound to destroy CO2 submissions the world around he drove off.

Jason called through the window, ”Steven, if you don’t mind I am just gonna check if those girls are okay, all right?” Steven let out a sigh and seemed ready to protest before his wife jumped in. ”Sure thing doll, see you in a few minutes.”
He took off his apron and his paper hat and walked over to the Sears. Thinking of her ripped blouse, he was pretty sure they would be at the fitting rooms. He followed the signs and from a distance could see the younger girl waiting at the fitting rooms. He could only think that the other one was occupying the fitting room itself. He was too scared of being recognized to come any closer. There was not a lot of room there to hide away, and although the purses were laying on a stool next to her, he didn’t see a way to get a hold of them. All he could do now was to stay close and try to pick up on their conversation.


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Years: 1965
Location: Syracuse, NY
Time: Mid-Afternoon.

After only a couple minutes Irealia would come out of the dressing room stall and hold two shirts up, asking for an opinion on which is better. Before Amelie could even respond the excited redhead proclaimed she’d just get both, before walking over towards the cashier.
Amelie smiled slightly before pushing her way into the dressing room stall - locking the door behind her. After dropping their belongings onto the stall’s bench she’d quickly change her shirt and then shove her old torn shirt inside of her bag.
Staring at herself in the mirror Amelie sighed as she pulled her hair out of the pigtails she had styled it into earlier. Using her fingers she’d comb her long thick hair out until it was relatively straight, almost reaching to the ends of her miniskirt.
”I wanna go home…” she muttered, before closing her eyes and entering her heightened state of being. When she opened her now white eyes she’d look around her stall and quickly find not one but two tears, she’d touch one with her hand - causing it to open into a small portal the size of a grapefruit. She thought for a second about just widening it, pulling Irealia inside the dressing room, and leaving, however she quickly realized it wasn’t the right location - the cashier knew they were in the store still, and so did a gentlemen who had entered shortly after them, so Amelie dropped her heightened state, picked up their bags, and exited the stall.

”Ready to go finally?” Amelie said to Irealia as she approached her.
”Yeah, I just finished doll, so lets….go.”
Her friend paused for a moment before finishing her sentence, taken off guard for a second by Amelie’s hair being straightened out.
”So, where to? Maybe the city? Oh yes, lets go stroll by NYC!” Irealia said as the two made their way to the front door of the shop.
”Yeah, no. Lets just go home, I’ve had enough for one day.”
Amelie would accidentally bump into a woman’s shoulder as she was approaching the door - knocking a wallet out of her grasp. Without thinking Amelie bent down to pick it up and handed it back - apologizing.
She’d look up towards the woman’s face briefly with a smile before casually looking around the woman - spotting the man she had seen enter the store before.
As the woman walked away from her Amelie would find herself staring at the man, something about him seeming familiar for some reason. Before she could walk closer to get a better look her friend pulled her back towards the door and out of the shop.
”Come on, no gawking at strangers, though I must admit that one was quite the looker!” Irealia joked, letting go of Amelie’s arm only once the two were outside the front doors.
The pair quickly spotted a bus stop bench ahead of them near the Henry’s Hamburgers and began walking towards it.

”He looked familiar” Amelie muttered, more to herself than her friend, and after Irealia dismissed it as likely deja vu she’d agree, sit down on the bus bench, and cross her legs.
”We need to find somewhere to go. Maybe we can ride the bus around until we find another secluded spot?”
”You know there’s actually two tears in the dressing room of Sears. If only we could get in there without being noticed.”
Irealia quickly gave her friend a light tap in the back of the head.
”Of course we can! Come on, lets go back to the movie theatre, we can use the bathrooms and teleport to the dressing rooms! Heck, there might even be a tear in time we could use inside of the theatre’s bathroom.”

Just the mention of the movie theatre made Amelie feel slightly sick to her stomach.
”Yeah I rather not. I really don’t want to step inside that place ever again.”
Irealia sympathized with her, but eventually talked her into it - claiming it was their best option in the short-term.
”Fine., lets just make our stay in there quick.”

The two women stood up from the bench and then began to cross the street, but Amelie would stop in her tracks when she realized why the man in Sears looked so familiar.

”Oh my God, that’s him!” she’d say, before turning around and staring back in the direction of the department store.
It wasn’t until a car blew it’s horn at her that Amelie would snap out of her daze and jog across the street towards a curious Irealia.
”What? Who are you talking about and who are they - I’m confused.”
Not wanting anyone to hear Amelie would link arms with Irealia and begin to walk towards the theatre entrance - stopping short of going inside.
”That man, the man in Sears, that’s the cop!” she’d whisper frantically.
”What?” Irealia looked quite puzzled at the statement.
”From the boutique, with all the new memories, that’s him, that’s the same guy!”
Irealia would pull out of her grasp and instinctively look over towards the Sears before looking back at her friend, her expression suddenly stone cold serious.
”Amelia are you sure? Did you get a good look?” she inquired.
”I think so.” Amelie responded with, much to Irealia’s frustration.
”You think so?”
”Irealia! I’m sure, I know that’s the same guy -what does that mean? Why is he here?”

The two of them would again look over in the direction of the Sears before Irealia quickly opened the movie threatre door and pulled Amelie inside.
”Come, now! We need to leave immediately.”

Irealia quickly dragged a reluctant Amelie into the same bathroom she was assaulted in less than an hour ago, and after checking all the stalls she'd lean up against the bathroom door - not wanting to lock it since they wouldn't be going back out.
"I know this has to be uncomfortable for you, but we'll be out of her quickly. Going to create a teleportation gateway to the dressing room, and then we're going to leave.
"What if someone is inside there? Lets teleport to the Alleyway, the tear there should still be viable."
Irealia agreed and entered her heightened state in record time. She'd curse at there not being a tear in time inside of the bathroom, but instead of leaving she'd hold her hands out and begin to collect all the energy orbs floating about around her - dragging them in front of her hands until she had enough energy to create a gateway.
Amelie was not in her heightened state of being and couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but as a gateway began to form she'd question her mentor's methods.

"Wait, if there wasn't a tear how did you just create a portal!?"
Irealia smirked ever so slightly. "I didn't. I created a teleportation gateway, it would take far more energy for a portal - hence the reason finding a tear in the fabric of space and time is an easier way to create, and travel via, an actual portal."
"That doesn't answer the question, what did you just do!?"
Irealia ignored the inquiry and began to stretch the gateway until it was big enough for them to walk inside.
"Come, we're getting out of here asap, i don't want to be followed!"


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Time: Late afternoon
Year: 1965
Place: Syracuse, NY

The younger girl was too apprehensive. Jason was sure she had time traveled at least twice now. She was the main target of his mission, but she kept to herself more than the other one. This young woman was more outgoing, really enjoying herself. She was also less careful. She flaunted around the shop in the direction of the register while her friend was in the dressing room.

He saw his chance clear now that the two girls were not together. As she was waiting at the register Jason closed in, casually browsing through the surrounding racks of clothes. The girl was talking to the lady at the register, not taking notice of him. He stayed close to hear what she was saying. Listening for any giveaways on her name, possible a location. She kept in her role though and did not let out any information that was useful to him.

He went back to perusing through the racks to slowly move himself away from her. Only a minute or two later he saw the other girl coming from the changing rooms. He tried to keep his eyes pierced on the shirt he pulled out. His eyes were pulled to the girl when he noticed the change in her hair style. While looking he saw how she bumped in to one of the other customers. He should have looked away, but he didn’t and by the time she stood up they looked each other straight in the face. Immediately he diverted his eyes downward, but he was scared it was too late. She had seen him back at the boutique, and there was a good chance she would recognize him.

He stayed back a bit as the ladies walked out of the store. He was 90% sure they wouldn’t be there much longer. He didn’t know what the plan had been, but he couldn’t imagine this was going according to their plan. After about 10 minutes more he walked out. He looked around, but he could not see the girls around. Of course he could have asked, but he doubted he would be able to approach them without them making a run for it. It may be best to return to Tempus, gather his thoughts and his findings and wait for the next time jump. He walked back to Henry’s Hamburgers.

”We need you in the back, kid.”Steven was busy taking orders, and by looking at the line it was busy. Jason walked into the back, put on his apron and started grilling again. After only 5 minutes he didn’t want to stay any longer. To be honest, the only reason he was grilling now was to do a favor to Steven for taking Jason in like he did. But walking out now wouldn’t make any difference. Jason would just be a slight memory in their lives for about 2 years maximum. They wouldn’t remember him afterwards unless they would see him again. He wouldn’t be looked for and he wouldn’t be missed, there were no lasting connections made.

Jason was aware of the popular belief of the butterfly effect. Any small change made in the past caused large differences at a later stage. He didn’t particularly believe this theory, history was mostly a solid definitive line of events. Small changes caused by time travel are rectified by time itself. However, most people that took the leap of traveling through time had bigger changes in mind. He wondered about the motivation of the two girls.

”Steven, I’ll be taking out the trash…be right back!” Jason grabbed the full garbage bin and stepped out the back door. He turned to the container and dumped the trash inside. He took off his apron and paper hat and folded them up, leaving them next to the garbage bins. He heard a commotion further in the alleyway. It sounded like a high pitched noise, and he couldn’t really hear it, but more …. feel it. As he looked over he saw lights moving, or at least he thought he did. It is like the little black spot in the corner of your eye that just keeps on moving further away the moment you try to focus on it.

Throughout the light he saw the girls just appear. Not jumping into existence, not materializing, not appearing in any way that Jason was used to. What the hell are they doing… As the light fell away they appeared clearly as if they just turned around the corner. Force was not an option, even if he took one, the other would get away. He wasn’t sure which of them was allowing the time travel, although he had to assume it was the younger girl of the two. He wasn’t sure what to say to them, what would make them talk, stay, or even go with him.

The fact he saw them at all right now was pure coincidence. He was literally just taking out the trash, although it didn’t have to look that way to them. ”Good afternoon ladies. I think we all know and can accept that we do not belong here, in this time.” He paused a moment to let the ‘busted’ feeling sink into them.
”I think we also know that I am able to find you, trace you. Coincidences are real, but limited, so it is no accident we are here now, face to face.
I would like to invite you to my organization. We are interested in your mode of transportation. I extend the invitation to both of you. So it’s up to you. You can come now willingly, or we keep up this cat and mouse game.”
He stood there in silence for a moment, taking in their faces. ”But I promise, the next time the cat catches the mouse, I will not ask as friendly.”
He could still turn this mission in a full success. He might have just made the biggest break through in the case so far. Whatever hapened now, he should not forget that Tempus was able to track their signature, hard as it may be.