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Tempus Agency

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[left:2q3mlaln][img:2q3mlaln][/img:2q3mlaln] Year: 1927 Time: Evening Place: Harlem, New York[/left:2q3mlaln] After taking his glass from the bar, he took a sip. He coughed a bit involuntarily. Not that the taste was bad, but this home-brewed stuff was always a lot stronger than what he was used to. He leaned up and turned his attention to Lucy. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”Okay, let’s scan the room. I am sure they have a good costume, so it won’t be easy to spot them. Especially when it’s this busy.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] Lucy nodded, and moved slightly away from him. She was still close, but clearly took it upon herself to scan the left side of the room. As Jason moved a bit more to the front, he recognised he could not get very close to the stage. He could not imagine the two girls were able to get close either. The name Bobby Short rang a bell to him, but it wasn’t really more than that. But one of the nice things about his job was that he could see artist from history getting famous. [i:2q3mlaln]The guy must be popular…[/i:2q3mlaln] Jason thought as he was slightly pushed and pulled by the crowd. He nearly spilled his drink, and instead of getting upset he just downed it before going back to work. He scanned the crowd as much he could without much success. The clientele inside was hard to typecast. It seemed there were people of all places in society. There were definitely some dodgy buff guys around. Jason would need to watch his step if he didn’t want any trouble with them. There were shouts all around him. People were getting anxious. It was stuffy and the alcohol was flowing more freely than Prohibition would have suggested. He took a wide stance in order to make sure he wouldn’t fall over. He checked over to the side to make sure Lucy was okay. Not that she needed the checking, she found a good spot, out of the walkway. He had hardly been able to spot anyone when the piano music started. The people around him started to get a bit more settled upon hearing the melody. It gave Jason some chance to look around and approach a few of the tables in the back to see if he could see the women he was looking for. As the voice started to fill the room, he couldn’t help but enjoy the song. He only started to suspect something when he heard the murmers around him. All spoken softly, as not to disturb the song: [b:2q3mlaln]”that’s his song, but it doesn’t look like it’s ol’ Bobby singing.”[/b:2q3mlaln] With his curiosity slightly poked, Jason looked over at the stage. His eyes widened when he saw her there on stage. Her dress was of this time, and her hair looked different. But there was no doubt in his mind this was the girl he was looking for. He tried to get Lucy’s attention to indicate their target was on stage. He tried to make his way closer to the podium, but couldn’t get far due to the mass of people in front of him. Jason was blown away by her rendition of the song, and the positive sounds around him told him they felt the same. Jason looked over intently, half wondering if the girl would start glowing again, but no such thing happened. He looked into her eyes, captivated. As she finished the song, she looked over the audience and locked eyes with him. He could see the moment she recognised him, a smile appearing on her face. [i:2q3mlaln]Bad news…[/i:2q3mlaln] Jason thought. It wasn’t a positive smile. It was a tempting, teasing, challenging smile that she threw him. As if this was a game to her. She had no idea her stunt could hurt history itself. As the applause started to erupt around him, he tried his luck again, approaching the podium. He was making some headway, not knowing if Lucy was following or not. As a short guy grabbed the microphone a gunshot sounded behind Jason. He looked over his shoulder at Lucy, who seemed shocked, but not hurt. The tables where people had been sitting, enjoying the performance, were suddenly overturned. The sound of breaking glass around him, only drowned by the trampling of feet and the sound of screams from the other guests. There were not enough doors to let everyone out, and all the people in front of him now came in his direction. It became warmer as if the gunshot started a fire. He was pushed and pulled again, and with difficulty he made it to the wall. Lucy joined him a few seconds later. Along the wall it was a lot easier to make it to the podium and beyond. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”I couldn’t see, but she must have left through the side exit further up.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] After a few seconds he help open the door to go through. [b:2q3mlaln][color=green:2q3mlaln]”You take this one, I see another door back there. Meet you in a minute.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] Jason went through the door coming out on the street. It was busy with other people that came out of the club. There had not been a second shot, but he couldn’t lose his focus now. He couldn’t see the woman out here, but it was hard with the mass amount of people. He asked one of the men waiting outside. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”Did you see someone exit through here? I am looking for the singing girl. ”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] The answer of the man was sarcastic. Something in the line of the amount of men that were looking for her now. He turned to a girl dressed in red standing next to him. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”Have you seen her, I swear she must have exited here.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] The woman was looking at him intently. [b:2q3mlaln]”I am sure there is nothing she can do that I can’t. For the right price I can show you a hell of a night.’[/b:2q3mlaln] Jason waived her off with an impatient gesture. He looked further around, but nobody seemed to be particularly helpful. A commotion on the other side of the street caught his attention. When he looked over he finally saw what he was looking for. It seemed they were both here again, not just the younger woman. Unfortunately, between Jason and the two ladies there were three police officers with a weapon aimed at him. There was no question it was directed at him, since they did not seem to protest the other former Cotton Club patrons moving out of the way. [b:2q3mlaln]”You! Back up against that wall right there and don’t you think about running boy!”[/b:2q3mlaln] Knowing there was no way to deal with this quickly, and understanding the officers were on edge, Jason adhered to the instructions. He put his arms on his head in a slow manner and backed up to the wall behind him. As the two officers on the side kept there distance and their gun pointed, the middle officer came closer. [b:2q3mlaln]”Turn around and hands on the wall.”[/b:2q3mlaln] Jason slowly turned, seeing the trigger happy scenario playing in his mind. He tried to think hard about the police force in the 20s. The police in New York had been corrupt as long as it had been in existence, but he couldn’t remember the level of corruption in this time. As he faced the wall he felt the officers hands over his body. He padded him three or four times on the hip before concluding there was nothing there. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”May I ask what you’re looking for? I might be able to help.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] Jason’s voice sounded too impatient and rude. In any case, that’s how it came across to the officer behind him. [b:2q3mlaln]”Shut up!”[/b:2q3mlaln] Jason’s hands were being pulled down and were placed in cuffs. They weren’t particularly comfortable, but Jason had seen it coming and had widened his wrists as much as he could while they were placed. He was dragged off, and for the first time he could look around him. He caught a glimpse of Lucy and with his eyes he indicated she should follow the two. He would see her later. They had worked together long enough for Lucy to know exactly what he meant. He saw her walk off in the same direction the two women had gone a minute earlier. All the way walking to the 14th precinct a few blocks down, he couldn’t believe how stupid he had been. They had wanted to set him up, and it had worked. He was disappointed in himself. He had felt a connection the the younger one back in Syracuse, thought she wasn’t out to watch chaos unfold. But he had been wrong, she had intentionally tried to influence history by getting on that stage. She had looked him dead in the eye, knowing she would set him up minutes later. Jason had hoped it didn’t have to get to this point. In the precinct he was put in a jail cell together with about 20 others. For some reason he was the only one here with the cuffs still on, and the menacing smiles on the faces of the others didn’t make him feel very comfortable. As the officers left him in there some of the bigger men came his way. They might have been looking for money, but their question didn’t indicate that. [b:2q3mlaln]”Who are you with?”[/b:2q3mlaln] Jason didn’t understand. He was alone, Lucy might be around, but he doubted that they were aiming at that. [b:2q3mlaln]”Are you one of TK’s boys?”[/b:2q3mlaln] Jason still didn’t have a clue, but he wasn’t about to admit he was nobodies boy. He took a guess. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”You think I would be in here if I was TK’s boy? They’re not stupid enough to get caught.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] In hindsight, it hadn’t been the most considered answer he could have given. He dodged the first fist he saw coming towards his face. By cupping his hands and relaxing his wrists he was able to get out of the old fashioned handcuffs he was wearing. He flung them around and the next person attacking him got the cuffs in his face. The others moved away a bit. Before they could recuperate the officers showed up again, taking him out the cell to ask him some questions. Minutes later, he sat on a simple chair, no desk in between him and the standing officers. [b:2q3mlaln]”What did you do with the gun?”[/b:2q3mlaln] the question was soft, but sounded angry at the same time. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”I don’t have one, never had.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] [b:2q3mlaln]”Then who was firing the gun around the Club. People clearly heard a gunshot happening just outside the doors.”[/b:2q3mlaln] [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”Maybe you should ask someone that was outside when the shot was fired. I was inside, enjoying Bobby Short’s replacement.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] The officers were quiet, perhaps not knowing what to do. They left him sitting there for a moment. A minute later they came back, seeming angry and disappointed. [b:2q3mlaln]”You’re free to go, next time you should be more careful…”[/b:2q3mlaln] Jason got up and walked to the door. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”More careful like what?…. Standing?”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] Their faces did not seem amused and Jason did not want to push his luck. It had already taken about an hour and a half to get all of this done. He only had half an hour to meet Lucy again. Five minutes early he arrived at the corner where he had been arrested just before. He was tempted to get another drink, but he decided not to. If they would have smelled the whisky on his breath he would probably still be in the precinct. A moment later he saw Lucy show up at exactly the right time. It’s nice that their code still worked perfectly, even years later. [b:2q3mlaln][color=green:2q3mlaln]”You seem unscathed,”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] she laughed at him. [b:2q3mlaln][color=green:2q3mlaln]”Come on, they are in a hotel close by. ”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] Jason asked if she knew the room number. [b:2q3mlaln][color=green:2q3mlaln]”Of course I do. They even tipped me when I brought them room service.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] she said as she winked at him. For the first time since they arrived here, the smile came back on Jason’s face. [b:2q3mlaln][color=brown:2q3mlaln]”Awesome. That means you can pick up the plates again too. Try to split them up somehow, it will be easier than taking them on together.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln] Lucy indicated that it shouldn’t be a problem for them to be separated. They arrived at the hotel, and Lucy slipped back into an apron she had found in the back. As they reached the floor where the ladies stayed Jason saw they were almost to late as a girl was about to knock on the door already. They stopped her just in time and send her to the kitchen with some lame excuse. As Jason hid in a cupboard on the same floor, Lucy knocked on the door. In a well played role, Lucy assumed the voice of a nervous young, shy, working girl. [b:2q3mlaln][color=green:2q3mlaln]”Uhm.., sorry to disturb. I am here to pick up the plates. Also…uhh…the Maitre D’ said there was something wrong with the payment. He requested you to come to the front desk.”[/color:2q3mlaln][/b:2q3mlaln]