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Tempus Agency

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[center:2vfv67dg][img:2vfv67dg][/img:2vfv67dg] [size=100:2vfv67dg][i:2vfv67dg]Time: Late afternoon Year: 1965 Place: Syracuse, NY[/i:2vfv67dg][/size:2vfv67dg][/center:2vfv67dg] The younger girl was too apprehensive. Jason was sure she had time traveled at least twice now. She was the main target of his mission, but she kept to herself more than the other one. This young woman was more outgoing, really enjoying herself. She was also less careful. She flaunted around the shop in the direction of the register while her friend was in the dressing room. He saw his chance clear now that the two girls were not together. As she was waiting at the register Jason closed in, casually browsing through the surrounding racks of clothes. The girl was talking to the lady at the register, not taking notice of him. He stayed close to hear what she was saying. Listening for any giveaways on her name, possible a location. She kept in her role though and did not let out any information that was useful to him. He went back to perusing through the racks to slowly move himself away from her. Only a minute or two later he saw the other girl coming from the changing rooms. He tried to keep his eyes pierced on the shirt he pulled out. His eyes were pulled to the girl when he noticed the change in her hair style. While looking he saw how she bumped in to one of the other customers. He should have looked away, but he didn’t and by the time she stood up they looked each other straight in the face. Immediately he diverted his eyes downward, but he was scared it was too late. She had seen him back at the boutique, and there was a good chance she would recognize him. He stayed back a bit as the ladies walked out of the store. He was 90% sure they wouldn’t be there much longer. He didn’t know what the plan had been, but he couldn’t imagine this was going according to their plan. After about 10 minutes more he walked out. He looked around, but he could not see the girls around. Of course he could have asked, but he doubted he would be able to approach them without them making a run for it. It may be best to return to Tempus, gather his thoughts and his findings and wait for the next time jump. He walked back to Henry’s Hamburgers. [b:2vfv67dg]”We need you in the back, kid.”[/b:2vfv67dg]Steven was busy taking orders, and by looking at the line it was busy. Jason walked into the back, put on his apron and started grilling again. After only 5 minutes he didn’t want to stay any longer. To be honest, the only reason he was grilling now was to do a favor to Steven for taking Jason in like he did. But walking out now wouldn’t make any difference. Jason would just be a slight memory in their lives for about 2 years maximum. They wouldn’t remember him afterwards unless they would see him again. He wouldn’t be looked for and he wouldn’t be missed, there were no lasting connections made. Jason was aware of the popular belief of the butterfly effect. Any small change made in the past caused large differences at a later stage. He didn’t particularly believe this theory, history was mostly a solid definitive line of events. Small changes caused by time travel are rectified by time itself. However, most people that took the leap of traveling through time had bigger changes in mind. He wondered about the motivation of the two girls. [b:2vfv67dg][color=brown:2vfv67dg]”Steven, I’ll be taking out the trash…be right back!”[/color:2vfv67dg][/b:2vfv67dg] Jason grabbed the full garbage bin and stepped out the back door. He turned to the container and dumped the trash inside. He took off his apron and paper hat and folded them up, leaving them next to the garbage bins. He heard a commotion further in the alleyway. It sounded like a high pitched noise, and he couldn’t really hear it, but more …. feel it. As he looked over he saw lights moving, or at least he thought he did. It is like the little black spot in the corner of your eye that just keeps on moving further away the moment you try to focus on it. Throughout the light he saw the girls just appear. Not jumping into existence, not materializing, not appearing in any way that Jason was used to. [i:2vfv67dg]What the hell are they doing…[/i:2vfv67dg] As the light fell away they appeared clearly as if they just turned around the corner. Force was not an option, even if he took one, the other would get away. He wasn’t sure which of them was allowing the time travel, although he had to assume it was the younger girl of the two. He wasn’t sure what to say to them, what would make them talk, stay, or even go with him. The fact he saw them at all right now was pure coincidence. He was literally just taking out the trash, although it didn’t have to look that way to them. [b:2vfv67dg][color=brown:2vfv67dg]”Good afternoon ladies. I think we all know and can accept that we do not belong here, in this time.”[/color:2vfv67dg][/b:2vfv67dg] He paused a moment to let the ‘busted’ feeling sink into them. [b:2vfv67dg][color=brown:2vfv67dg]”I think we also know that I am able to find you, trace you. Coincidences are real, but limited, so it is no accident we are here now, face to face. I would like to invite you to my organization. We are interested in your mode of transportation. I extend the invitation to both of you. So it’s up to you. You can come now willingly, or we keep up this cat and mouse game.”[/color:2vfv67dg][/b:2vfv67dg] He stood there in silence for a moment, taking in their faces. [b:2vfv67dg][color=brown:2vfv67dg]”But I promise, the next time the cat catches the mouse, I will not ask as friendly.”[/color:2vfv67dg][/b:2vfv67dg] He could still turn this mission in a full success. He might have just made the biggest break through in the case so far. Whatever hapened now, he should not forget that Tempus was able to track their signature, hard as it may be.