A game character comes alive after a thunderstorm. How will the woman who designed him react.

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Jesseline Duran created a game for women. A game where you could design yourself and make the main character fall in love with you, eventually marry and have children.
The character was meant to be the perfect boyfriend.
One night she was debugging it and a violent thunder storm took out the electricity. The next morning jesselin discovered that the character had come to life.

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“cheerios” She mumbled. Her hand grabbed something but then it went slack. She murmured something else along the lines of “don’t peel the potatoes” but came out as “’ont peeal ne potatoes”
She rolled over again.
Something felt strange. She cracked open one eye.
She sat up suddenly knocking her head against someone.
“ouch” and then she noticed who that someone was.
Her dreams were becoming mightily real now.
“I really should stop with the coke addiction” she said. And she didn’t mean the let’s get high and do lines sort of coke addiction but the mild red one that was bubbly in her mouth.
All around her, on her dresser and her computer desk cans of coke sat open and empty.
She needed to clean her room.
But later now back to the fact that there was a man in her room who liked a lot like the man on the poster. That poster was stuck to her ceiling. She looked up and admired it. Yep they were both very much alike.
She looked down to the man sitting beside her. She reached out and touched his face and shrieked when she discovered it was real.
“I am dreaming”
She pinched herself. “I ah…I ah need to stop playing so much” and with that she jumped over her bed, tripped on her shoes and hit her head against the floor. She scrambled up and opened the door to the bathroom . “Oh god”
She locked the door to her bathroom and grabbed her cell phone
from her pocket.
“aunt sophie” she breathed into the phone when her aunt answered “I think I am dreaming. There is a man in my room who looks a lot like the man in one of my games. “
“what…oh the game..ah its called that’s not the new name for crack….its not a drug..what…you are calling my mom..oh no…I mean APRIL’S FOOL Aunt Sophie” She laughed “huh? April’s fool is on april? Yeah I know its November …I just wanted to get a heads start”
Her aunt hanged up.
“damn” She wailed
Maybe the man was gone. Maybe she had just hallucinated. Maybe she really was on crack. Maybe she was dreaming. Maybe she was desperate for attention. Maybe she was crazy.
She peed first.
There really was no need to face her madness with a full bladder..
Next she took a bath.
If she was going to be crazy she might as well be clean.
She brushed her teeth and combed her hair and trimmed her nails. She clean her ears with a cotton swap and applied lotion to her dry legs.
When she opened the door of the bathroom she was ready to face whatever came her way. Meaning a man who really should not exist. She had created him. She had designed him. She had drawn him from scratch. She had designed the game from scratch and now this man was here. Which probably meant she was crazy.


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Pierre watched as she moved around the room, somewhat concerned he thought about knocking on the bathroom door, but then again that wouldn't really be like him now would it? His mind was like a computer, it processed things differently piecing things together bit by bit trying to think of the most logical option to do in any situation. He looked around the room one more moment his new surroundings were unfamiliar to him, and yet he felt as if he’d been there before. Standing up he walked out of the room without even glancing at the poster on the ceiling.

Before she could come back he walked downstairs to the kitchen like he remembered doing everyday and started breakfast, knowing she’d enjoy a nice cheese omelet.


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She came out tip toeing to the closet she grabbed her best weapon- an old metal bat. With this in hand and raised over her head she traipsed down the stairs towards the kitchen. She flattened herself against the wall and counted till three. The living room was empty.
She heard a noise from the kitchen and hurried towards there. She was going crazy, or had been abducted by aliens...or she needed to get drunk..
She stopped and looked into the kitchen.
Damn it. He was!!!
"what are you doing" she questioned. Her voice was shrill and hit a note she really was not sure she could hit.
"here?'' in my kitchen, in my life, outside the damn game?
Her bat was still in her hands ready to unleash her freakish concerns.
"are you real"


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Pierre stopped what he was doing and looked at her, "I'm just making you breakfast." he said and smiled. "It's not much but it's really the only thing I know how to make." he laughed and turned of the stove. Then noticing the bat in her hands, "What are you doing babe?" he said concerned, as he slid the egg onto a plate and offered it to her slowly. "Babe put the bat down." he said worried about her a little.

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Character Portrait: Jesselin Duran
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