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Silas Aldrich

"People are full of contradictions."

0 · 243 views · located in San Francisco

a character in “It's Anything But Simple”, as played by Malfunction


Silas Aldrich


Full Name: Silas Elias Aldrich
Nickname: Some people have gotten in the habit of calling him Silo or Lassie and honestly, he doesn't mind it and will even answer to it.
Age: 25
Birthdate: March 3rd
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Apartment Number: 2A
Occupation: Full-time waiter at The Mighty Bean.

- Video games
- Lucy (that's the name of his X-box)
- Food
- The Mighty Bean coffee (being around it for so long has gotten him accustomed to the horrible taste and now he can't seem to stand any other coffee besides it)
- The couch
- Animals
- Sleeping
- TV shows / movies|
- Comics
- Cigarettes

- Losing (only when it comes to video games)
- Parties
- Strangers
- Being hungry
- Children
- Fighting
- Tight, closed-in spaces
- Hospitals
- Bad graphics
- People touching or talking bad about Lucy
- Being disturbed when he's in the "mode" (aka playing video games)

Silas is a person that's hard to figure out and get to know unless you're related to him or are around him a lot. He comes off as easy-going and friendly when he's around family and close friends and at the same time a guy who doesn't give much thought about strangers. He isn't kind to change or anything that he isn't comfortable with so he tends to avoid things like that at all costs. There are certain people who can easily cross through his defense and become friends with him quickly; there are also certain people that it takes a lot for him to open up to. He does not know what separates the two kinds of people and really he doesn't put much thought to it. That's another thing about Silas, unless it concerns himself or his loved ones, he usually doesn't care about anything else. He can be a bit aloof, almost like his head is in the clouds. Sometimes he can act selfish, like playing video games instead of helping with something, but if really needed, he will try to help in a way he would prefer to go unnoticed. Silas avoids the limelight as much as possible, preferring to be on the sidelines and help in nondescript ways. He honestly can't handle too much attention because he is deeply afraid of others opinions about him; as much as he tries to hide it, Silas is a very sensitive person who can take simple things to heart. He is also sentimental and has a habit of collecting stuff that mean something to him (usually things people he cares about give him or things that remind him of something). It gets to the point where he has a lot of useless junk in his room.

Silas can be a bit lazy at times but can brush it off with ease, it just depends whether he wants to give in to it or not. He has childish traits like being playful, affectionate at times, easily controlled by emotions, and with a weak tolerance to any sort of pain (though he does his best to hide it). He can be impulsive when a situation stresses his emotions but usually he thinks through many things before acting, which can lead on to some people thinking he is just slow. In reality, he is fairly smart when it comes to school and various things, he just rarely asserts himself to do better. If you aren't close to Silas, it can be quite easy to annoy him seeing as he has little patience with people he doesn't know well. He usually never acts out on his anger and is the type to take out his anger out alone (this usually means he'll play video games, listen to music, or read comic books; just anything to distract him from his anger and calm him down). He rarely snaps at someone or bursts and if he does, it isn't all that chaotic, just an insult or statement of some sort, an apology, and a quick retreat from his part. He is a passive individual and has been known to let people walk over him because he just can't bother to stand up for himself. His self esteem is pretty low and that has caused quite an affect on him. For example, he tends to be a pessimist, he isn't the type to glorify his achievements to others, is often skeptical, and is prone to depression a lot. He isn't competitive unless it deals with video games in which case he hates, hates, hates losing with a passion. Playing video games is the only thing he is good at and when he wins, it is the only time he doesn't feel like a failure so he tends to be fairy obsessive about it.

Although his lack of confidence in himself, the bonds he has grown with the tenants has opened him up and gave him a slight boost. He is known to be a bit sarcastic at times, joke around a lot, and even throw in his opinion out at times. Silas isn't the comforting type, though, and because he can barely deal with his own emotion mess, he has trouble handling other people's problems and feelings. He can be a good listener but he finds it hard getting the right words out to make others feel better. He will also act strong-willed at times but it's fairly easy to get him to back down or change his mind. That being said, he is a bit of a coward at times, especially when it comes to trying new things or just things he rarely does. The only times he finds himself taking a stand is when it deals with protecting the people he cares about, whether it be physically or emotionally. Because above all, Silas can't stand the thought of being alone.

Silas was born in San Francisco in a family that consisted of Lucia, his mother; James, his father; Johan, his older brother; and Silas, the youngest. It was a normal middle-class family in which the father worked and her mother stayed to take care of the house and kids. Being the youngest, Silas was doted by his mother quite a lot. Because of this, he had a very tight bond with his mother and was extremely attached to her as any little kid could be. He was a normal boy growing up, with friends his age, his teasing brother constantly calling him a mama's boy, and a father who tried to be there for him as much as he could. It wasn't until he was four years of age that the normal routine changed for the Aldrich family. It started with a lot of coughing to the point that one time she coughed out blood. Only Silas had been around to see it and she made him promise not to tell anyone so he didn't. It grew into shortness of breath and wheezing and suddenly she was having trouble breathing. It wasn't until she passed out during dinner that they took her to the hospital only to find out she had a lung tumor. Being ignored for more than three years, the tumor had grown progressively. In an attempt to take it out or at least decrease the size, the hospital decided to perform a surgery in which her lung ended up collapsing. The death of Lucia was a bit too much for a kid of seven years of age to comprehend and take in. All he knew was that his mother was admitted into a hospital and never returned and because of that has grown a resentment and fear towards hospitals. After it, his care free and innocent nature slowly locked itself away inside him.

The adjustment was hard for the entire family. His father working most of the time made it hard for him to properly take care of his sons. He would often not be able to pick up Silas from school and he would have to walk home. They would constantly run out of groceries and Jonah soon started high school and he used every excuse in the book to stay away from home. He would constantly go to parties and would rather stay with his friends all day than go home. Because Silas was alone at home most of the time, his father bought him an X-box in hope that it would entertain him. It was then that Silas entered the gamer world. He would play all day when he had nothing else to do and he soon began to use it as a distraction of his loneliness. It made him forget he was alone and that was all he needed. He soon grew addicted to it and video games became what he grew up with and his best friends. He did little socializing at school and the only activities he did outside school was work part-time at The Mighty Bean - a job he had gotten when he was sixteen years of age in order to buy more video games. His lack of ambition made him unable to decide what to do after graduating from high school. He decided to stay at home and do what he did best, play video games. With his brother already in college, his father wasn't happy with Silas's life choices. He became strict and very unforgiving of the unhealthy lifestyle of Silas's and it went to the point that he threatened his son to kick him out unless he stopping playing games and went out to the real world. This lead to a lot of tension between the two and it wasn't until Silas heard that a room opened up in the apartment building next to The Mighty Bean, he decided to make a change. He moved out and although he had a hard time adjusting to the change, he found it was the best decision he had ever made in his life.

So begins...

Silas Aldrich's Story