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It's Our Destiny

It's Our Destiny


If you don't receive a direct PM invite from me, please don't make a character or ask for a character. This is invite only.

568 readers have visited It's Our Destiny since Vix created it.

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The Legend
In the beginning, there was nothing. In a void of nothingness, a single egg came into being, which then hatched into Arceus, the first pokémon to be in existence. Upon hatching, Arceus created three shards and from those shards did three pokémon come: Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina. Palkia and Giratina have long since remained in our universe, controlling time and space. Giratina created his own dimension and disappeared into it with ability to control antimatter. Arceus then created three more shards that became pokémon: Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. The three young pokémon held within them the power to create willpower, knowledge, and emotion respectively. Arceus then began to create a true world, using more shards to make more pokémon that would do his bidding. Groudon and Kyogre created the land and seas, kept from fighting by Rayquaza who was created to keep the peace between the pair.

Arceus then created humans and seventeen shards. Those seventeen shards represent each Type known today. Over time, each of those shards would break off into many smaller shards that would become pokémon. Some shards would even meld together and create Dual-Types. Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit gave to humans and pokémon alike willpower, knowledge, and emotion.

Now. As time went on, there were quite a few “Legendary” pokémon that came from the shards. Eight of them were given very special shards by Arceus, even a man made Legendary that had earned respect from Arceus; Latios, Latias, Manaphy, Phione, Mew, Mewtwo, Lugia, and Ho-Oh. For many years they would hold onto the shards, all having three each. But when the day would come, they would bestow these shards unto newborn children destined for greatness and become their Protectors. These shards granted these children the ability to communicate with all pokémon as though they were pokémon, able to tame and earn the respect of even the most terrifying and raucous of pokémon. The bond they would have with pokémon would be unsurpassed by any other human. They will do great things in their life.

But none of their previous feats will come close to their destiny.

Arceus created many artifacts from the essence and power of the Legendary pokémon he created that could control pokémon and essentially the world. Arceus was God. But even his power was not without limits. Creating such a large world and so much power took much out of him. Those artifacts he created regulated the flow of life. A secret and ever growing crime syndicate would learn of the power and existence of both the artifacts and the Chosen Ones. For even as this legend will fade to myth, some will always believe and wait for the time of the Chosen Ones. Team Mystic will strike. And when they do, the Chosen Ones will rise as their Protectors will come for them and they must embark to restore the balance of good and evil.

The fate of the world rests in their hands.


Character Sheet Skeleton

Code: Select all
[center][img]Go to for your character's name here<3[/img][/center]
[center][img]Character Image![/img][/center]
[size=300][font=Vladimir Script][i][color=???]“Quote”[/font][/color][/i] [/size]

[center][color=???][size=200][font=Century Gothic]❝More Than Just A Name❞[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[left][img]Image of your character or one of their Pokémon.[/img][/left]
[center][font=Century Gothic][color=???][size=190][u]BASICS[/u][/size][/color][/font]

[color=???][i][u]Full Name;;[/i][/u][/color]
First. Middle. Last.

Don't go overboard – No more than four.




Region/City, Town, Village, or Route.

Region/City, Town, Village, or Route. Or wherever else they stay.

Check Class thread. 

Gym Leader, Pokémon Connoisseur, Professor, Elite Four, Botanist, etc. Remember, your character doesn't have to be a Pokémon trainer. They can be that guy that owns the construction company or the woman that runs the restaurant. What did they do before they got their letter?

[center][color=???][size=200][font=Century Gothic]❝Beyond The Disguise❞[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[right][img]Image of your character or one of their Pokémon.[/img][/right]

[color=???][i][u]Basic Appearance;;[/u][/i][/color]
Height, Weight, Hair Description, Complexion, Eye Description, Etc. 

[color=???][i][u]Distinct Markings;;[/i][/u][/color]
Scars, Burns, and other marrings.

What kind of clothes do they typically wear? (Optional)

[center][color=???][size=200][font=Century Gothic]❝Behind The Mechanics❞[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[left][img]Image of your character or one of their Pokémon.[/img][/left]
[center][font=Century Gothic][color=???][size=190][u]MENTALITY[/u][/size][/color][/font]

At least seven.

At least seven.

At least three.

At least three. And “her/his pokémon/family/friends” don't count.

Give me about three paragraphs here.

[color=???][i][u]Theme song;;[/i][/u][/color]
This is optional.

[center][color=???][size=200][font=Century Gothic]❝Behind the Scenes❞[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[left][img]Image of your character or one of their Pokémon.[/img][/left]
[center][font=Century Gothic][color=???][size=190][u]Special[/u][/size][/color][/font]

[color=???][i][u]Strengths and Special Attributes;;[/i][/u][/color]
What are they good at and what makes them special? Keep in mind that they all understand Pokemon and can communicate telepathically with their own Pokemon so that's not really unique among this group.

[color=???][i][u]Equipment and Personal Artifacts;;[/i][/u][/color]
So very self explanatory.

Random facts about your characters. Please put a ☠ next to the secrets c:

[center][color=???][size=200][font=Century Gothic]❝Replaying The Past And Present❞[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[right][img]Character/Pokemon img[/img][/right]
[center][font=Century Gothic][color=???][size=190][u]LIFE[/u][/size][/color][/font]

The length of the history should match the age. I want detail. Not day-by-day, but what happened that got your character to where they are and made them who they are. If you include the history of how you came across your main Pokémon team here, you can leave it out of the bottom.



[color=???][i][u]Primary Type;;[/i][/u][/color]

[color=???][i][u]Secondary Type;;[/i][/u][/color]
Will announce later!

[color=???][i][u]Tertiary Type;;[/i][/u][/color]
Will announce later!

[color=???][i][u]Starter Pokémon;;[/i][/u][/color]

[b][size=100]Current Pokémon Team[/size][/b]
[left][img]Insert Pokémon Sprite Here.[/img][/left]
[b][u]Name[/u][/b] ~ What did you name the Pokémon?
[b][u]Species and Type[/u][/b] ~ Self Explaining.
[b][u]Gender[/u][/b] ~ Male, Female, Genderless?
[b][u]Ability[/u][/b] ~ See list below.
[b][u]Personality[/u][/b] ~ [I]“It doesn't have to be any more than a few sentences.”[/i]
[b][u]History[/u][/b] ~ [I]“How did they come across this Pokémon and what are they like? No less than a paragraph.”[/i]

Repeat above format for other Pokémon.

[size=100][b]PC Pokémon[/b][/size]
What Pokémon are in the PC?

Sprites found here and here.
Pokemon Natures found here
As far as the Pokemons' ability, look for the specific Pokemon on Bulbapedia or even Seribii and it'll let you know. Bulbapedia is a bit more detailed, though.

Thanks to...
Bulbapedia for so much information.
Pokémon TableTop for the Class System (or at least parts)
Nintendo - For Pokémon and all of your other wonderful games. I bow to you.
And finally, h o w - t o - r o l e p l a y on blogspot for the explanation on Mixing. Youdaman! Or...dapage. Whatever.

Classes and other Information may be found within the OoC tab. Whenever I get it up. (Ha. Gross.)

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Character Portrait: Angelique Romain
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Character Portrait: Angelique Romain
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