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Mika Oyama

"We need to work together. Yet we also need to learn to make the best of this, who's with me?" {MWIP}

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a character in “Ivory Wave”, as played by DESPAIRBXTCH


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GENDER:♀Female.___________________________FACECLAIM:Elizabeth Midford, Black Butler

AGE: Nineteen years old__________________________ROLE: Exuberant Cutiepie


Sugar, spice and everything nice builds up an exuberant cutie who's artistic persona can be transformed into a bloodthirsty killer. However Mika is quite a sweet and exuberant sweetie who is sympathetic and sweet. She often spends her time communicating and chatting with other people in her clique. However, despite her clique and all, being inside and entangled and caught up with nearly everything that goes on within it she is kind to everyone. She loves adventure and cute things, such as animals and dresses. However we shall get to that later. She is kind and understanding, extremely patient and introspective often looking within for the answer, is what she is and all. Its like she is actually borderline and crossing the line of being happy and all. Many people get suspicious and all. She dislikes it when they get that way. She is often only trying to help people be a better person and improve themselves.

Though her personality can take a turn for the worse. She can be very easy to set off. Especially if she doesn't get what she wants. She has little temper outbursts and all. Much like a tiny three year old. Though she only does this because she cares deeply about people and constantly feels that if they get hurt since she has been taught to protect the weak, she is responsible for whatever they get hurt and injured for, even if it shall be the simplest cut. She feels as if she is responsible for whatever. Really its quite a bad trait of hers that she has inside of her, she gets this from her father. She also feels that for whatever bad thing she does she needs to apologize for, over and over. Hurt her family and you're fucking dead, lesson are that to not mess with her or her family, or even anyone she is close to.


___________________________________________________________________________________LIKES & DISLIKES[left]Image
Many likes and dislikes bother this girl and bother her on a daily basis and all. First of all she absolutely loves anything deemed cute in her eyes at least. She thinks cute things are the best thing ever. Why? Well cute things and frills upon a dress means that you can really see the good things inside of the world and focus more upon those things, and they provide a distraction rather than anything else. Shoes is something she finds simply wonderful! Because she finds shoes and dresses she can collect and all. She loves unique clothing and finds that its amazing how many clothes there are. Especially old vintage and Lolita clothes. She loves to paint and do anything related to art it makes her calm and relaxes her since she focuses more on that at the moment and doesn't have to worry about anything until she stops painting or doing something artistic, preferably painting though.

The thoughts of the bad things going on in the world such as bullies she hates because they are toxic and simply make people's own lives harder when likely it is hard enough. She also hates vegetables she hates veggies and finds them bland and lacking all flavor inside of them. You can barely feel any sweet tasting things. But yet its not like she expected anything else or anything. She hates dogs and cats mostly because a cat scratched her and she is a wimp and it burned for a while and somehow she got an infection. Yet it was a stray. Dogs are just so big and intimidating to her not to mention they lick you all over and their slobber is disgusting to her and she hates it.


________________________________QUIRKS & HABITS
The only things she shall eat is raw fruits, celery as long as it is drowning in rich buttermilk ranch dressing. Its almost to the point where she shall refuse to eat anything else if she even is offered. However she cannot deny any kind of sweet sugary thing, either, even if she does need to have her insulin and she is diabetic since her own birth and all. She only writes with her left hand but she does everything else with her right hand[/b], despite whatever the given circumstances are.

Almost all of her handmade things, such as purses and everything, even more things though too vast to list simply all of them here and now she can't stand seeing things without a cute and sweet touch to it, they are all covered in obscene amounts of glitter and stickers. Despite what everyone else thinks. She also will refuse to hold anything glass and she can't stand the sensation, mostly because of having a piece of ice put in her glass when she was little and then exploding in front of her. She was then [b]afraid of glass and cannot even stand to look at glass.


死神歌: Shinigami Song/Death Song

Attack 5/5__________________________Defense 3/5
▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇________________________▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇

Mika is able to possess a beautiful song, much like in Greek mythology how sirens were able to sing to the sailors and reel them in. She can reel them into a trap and get them entranced in her beautiful song before they can say how amazed they were and so. She is able to trap the victim in her song, and when they listen closely their own ears shall start bleeding and she is able to kill them with her song. However if someone dares choke her of grab her neck tight enough and twist carefully it could damage her vocal cords and leave her vocal cords scarred forever. And she could even loose her voice if it is too hard for her vocal cords and all and they choke her hard enough, or even touch her neck.


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