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Zaire Ai Blaiseille

"I am like a wild rose, beautiful, but willing to draw blood."

0 · 284 views · located in The Town Of Izagi

a character in “Izagi Detention Center”, as played by Kveria


Name: Zaire Ai Blaseille

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Zaire is out there. She's beautiful, smart, talented, privileged, and she knows it. She's not afraid to make the world know it, too. The kind of person who's jumped into every fire like her skin was flame-retardant, getting burned is just something that doesn't happen to Zaire. Actually, she's the one holding the matches. Not that she actually sets things on fire, she leaves that for the kids who belong at Izagi. No, Zaire just... hurts people. She wants what she wants, and she's hella blunt. If a guy asks her out and she's not interested, she doesn't let him down gently. No, she roasts him alive. She wants something, anything? She'll pull all the strings she has to to get it. Zaire is charming and sociable and says "I'm just teasing", but there's a hint of blades behind her words and snakes in her pretty hair.

That's not to say Zai is a terrible person. She's not. She's bitchy and manipulative and loves to tell you what to do, but she also has surprising soft spots. She can't stand to see anything in pain. Emotional pain sometimes glances off of her, but she's run out in the rain, even though her hair was freshly straightened, because she saw a baby bird on the ground. Even though she hates spiders, she won't let anyone kill them. And Zaire truly cares about her friends. Even though she kind of treats them like subordinates, she also really values them and would never want to lose them. She has a great capacity for love and kindness, she just also has a great capacity for spoiled behavior and narcissism.

Spot: The Beauty

Likes: Animals, sunshine, warm days. Tank tops, the approving looks of guys, getting her way. Dancing, clubs, strobe lights. Attention, ferrets, crowds. High heels, laughter, makeup.

Dislikes: Loneliness, quiet, gray days. Spiders, snakes, elephants. Bad smells, ugly things, being in trouble.

Talents (4): Plays the flute, never trips, gymnastics (especially flexibility), great at applying makeup.

Relationships: Zaire is best friends esque with the shy girl... At the very least, they hang out a lot. She also finds the jock pretty hot, but she kind of goes for the leader more, as she sees the pull he exerts and wants to be part of it. She is, or was, on good terms with her mother and father, until the sent her to Izagi. She didn't speak to her older brother. She still doesn't.

Bio: Zaire was born into privilege. Her mother never gave her a silver spoon, for fear of what metal would do to her precious baby, but she might as well have had one. Zaire completed the perfect family set. The father, the mother, the older boy and the younger girl. And her "exotic" looks were cooed over from the get-go. A mixed-race baby, parents of two half-blacks, she got the dark skin and the recessive blond hair they apparently both shared. Everyone called her beautiful. Well, she was.

Zai had a pretty normal young life. She played with dolls and tried on makeup and was reading Harry Potter at age five. Okay, so not so normal. She showed a pretty prodigious intelligence very early off, as well as a talent for music. Though that's leveled off as she's gotten older, she always was a cut above the rest. Because of her baby social skills, rather than being outcast, she was loved for her talent, and she learned to soak up adoration like a sponge, cultivating it and becoming popular despite her blackness, which she always saw as something of a disadvantage.

When Zai was ten, her lifestyle changed dramatically. Where her father had once been upper class, already pretty special, his computer company suddenly made it big, and he became CEO. An already generous salary tripled, but because of that, the entire family had to move. They ended up by Seto Private High, where her brother enrolled as a freshman. Abruptly, Zai could really do anything she wanted. She became even more entitled, taking to the excess like a fish to water. She owns a cat, two small dogs, and four ferrets now. Because of the extra money, she could increase her time and training in flute and gymnastics. By the time she entered Seto, Zai was an enviable, startling beauty, with caramel eyes, a soft body, and an unassuming smile. She immediately took to dominance over the school, working towards being on the council and dipping into every social thing she could.

Now, the summer between her junior and Senior year, Zai meant to continue with her impromptu "adoption" of Samantha, get even more beautiful, and have as much social, outgoing fun as possible. But apparently, she can't buy, charm, or plead her way out of this one. And she's just thrilled.

So begins...

Zaire Ai Blaiseille's Story