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Roleplay Idea 4


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a character in “Jade's Boutique”, as played by xLevesquex



-three way war between Potentia (means power/poor/forceful and barbaric/enemies), Rebus (means prosperity/rich/technologically advanced with weapons, etc./enemies) and Pacem (means peace/neutral wealth/diverse groups of people and a livelier place to live/ally)

NOTE: If you don't know what some of the roles mean, you can look here or here for more information.

Roles open:
โ™‚ = 6
โ™€ = 4

Image (FC: Kit Harington from GoT or Pompeii) T A K E N
|| || || || || ||
After his father's mysterious death, _____ is trying to change the ways of his crew members and turn them into a ship that attacks the governments and the rich, rather than steal from the poor and innocent. However, he is still in the mourning of process and it's a tough fact to chew that he now has to run a ship full of murderous, treacherous beasts. He replaced all old positions of power and demoted many sick minded people that he found unworthy to be in control of the ship, angering many of the crew members. Luckily, he has his new First Mate and best friend (FC: Alyssa Sutherland) at his side to help guide him through tough waters and his Second Mate (FC: Zach McGowan) to help him make tough decisions.

First Mate/Quartermaster
Image (FC: Alyssa Sutherland from Vikings) O P E N
|| Aggressive || Ambitious || Outspoken || Alert || Adventurous ||
_____ was raised in a royal family and as a child raised in the type of environment that she was in, she grew accustomed to barbaric ways her family ruled Potentia and didn't see much of a problem with it. She learned at age 11 that her parents must've been raising them in a much more disturbing way than she originally thought because her twin sisters murdered their parents, simply so they could rule. _____ got scared and fled the castle. Because of her appearance at the time, she was mistaken for a boy and was kidnapped by crew members of The Weeping Princess' ship. She was forced to work as a Powder Monkey and kept her gender a secret, fearing that they wouldn't trust her abilities and she'd be killed or worse. She became friends with the Captain's son over the years. At 14, _____ hit puberty hard and it became blatantly obvious to those around her that she was a girl. They were going to kill her for lying for so long, but the Captain's son saved her life and they let her work as a servant on board. Since then, she's been building strength, learning new things and becoming a true pirate. After the death of the Captain, her new Captain and long time best friend promoted her.

Second Mate/Sea Artist
Image (FC: Zach McGowan from Black Sails/The 100) O P E N
|| Quiet || Distant || Protective || Humble || Tough ||
(FC: Zach McGowan) is the kind of man who is silent, yet deadly. His intimidating and cold appearance is a clear sign for most people to back off. Although he seems outwardly barbaric, (FC: Zach McGowan) is in fact quite intelligent and educated on the sea, making him perfect for the role of Sea Artist. (FC: Zach McGowan) grew up in Rebus with very wealthy entrepreneur parents who sent him off to a high end expensive private school as soon as he was able to go. When (FC: Zach McGowan) was in school, his parents got arrested for fraud and theft, leaving (FC: Zach McGowan) with no one to pay for the rest of his education. Because of him having to quit, he didn't officially graduate and wasn't considered a high enough level of education to be a Sea Artist for any form of government or any rich merchants, so he was forced to join a pirate's ship if he didn't want to live on the streets. For the past 8 years, (FC: Zach McGowan) has been on The Weeping Princess.

Master Gunner
Image (FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson from Spartacus) O P E N
|| || || || || ||
When (FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson) was a young girl, she was kidnapped from her family in Pacem and brought illegally to Potentia to be used as an underground tournament slave. It was a common occurrence to be kidnapped at such a young age and brought to illegal death tournaments to compete. She was kidnapped by Caede the Dark Witch, a long running champion in the death tournaments who was known for kidnapping children and using them as her own personal money makers. (FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson) was trained to specialize in combat with melee weapons but learned about other weapons as well. For years and years, (FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson) was the undefeated champion and slayed many children and teenagers, not because she wanted to but because she had to. When the death match was busted by government officials, many people were arrested and some simply disappeared, Caede being one of the people who disappeared and left (FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to fend for herself. (FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson) wasn't arrested because of her young age and the obvious fact that she was forced into the lifestyle, but she wasn't offered any help from the government either and lived on the streets. As a young teenage girl living in a dangerous, shady town, life was hard. She had to kill and steal to stay alive but was eventually discovered by Captain Adam of the pirate ship The Weeping Princess. She looked up to him as a father figure and he saw her as the daughter he never had.

Image (FC: Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean) O P E N
|| || || || || ||
(FC: Orlando Bloom) was in training to be a medic for the Rebusian army. Knowing that his home country was against the use of magic and instead wanted to focus on the use of technology and science instead, he still went out of his way to study magic and wanted to learn ways he could heal using the power of magic. He was so dedicated to learning the mystical way of healing because he knew magic was much more effective than science, and science didn't save his father from his curse that ultimately resulted in him combusting into flames. Not having been born by magical parents, (FC: Orlando Bloom) needed to acquire a very rare and dangerous stone called Incantare. It wasn't found on any land near any of the countries, so (FC: Orlando Bloom) tried to give up and move on. However, he simply couldn't as his heart wouldn't allow it. (FC: Orlando Bloom) continued acquiring magical books and studying, but was caught by government officials and banned to Potentia. His record made it very difficult to get him a job as an official surgeon, so he killed two birds with one stone and joined a pirate ship named The Weeping Princess. He knew that it'd be easier to find Incantare if he was out scavenging and exploring the seas and he could also heal people. However, he did have to give up his morals and accept that he was working with a group of horrible people in order to get what he wanted. Thankfully, things got better when the cruel Captain mysteriously died.

Master Carpenter
Image (FC: Chris Hemsworth from Snow White and The Huntsman/Thor) O P E N
|| || || || || ||

Sailing Master
Image (FC: Gregg Chillin from Da Vinci's Demons) O P E N
|| || || || || ||

Image (FC: Robert Sheehan from Season of the Witch) O P E N
|| || || || || ||
After being kidnapped by the previous Captain at age 10 and used as Powder Monkey aboard The Weeping Princess, (FC: Robert Sheehan) gave up and stayed on board after a failed attempt at running away when he was 13. He didn't know where his family was, as they are travelling merchants, and gave up on the idea that he'd ever see them again. However, when the war began and four lost souls boarded The Weeping Princess, (FC: Robert Sheehan) reunited with his long lost little sister, (FC: Anna Popplewell).

War Runaways/Survivors
Runaway Princess/Gunner's Apprentice
Image (FC: Sarah Bolger from The Tudors/Once Upon a Time/GoT) O P E N
|| || || || || ||
(FC: Sarah Bolger) tried doing and saying whatever she could to prevent her father from continuing to let the stupid, uncontrollable flame she calls war continue, but the man wouldn't listen to her. When she ran out of options, (FC: Sarah Bolger) decided to run away from her royal life as the youngest Rebusian princess and became known in all three countries as the Runaway Princess. There are multiple bounties on her head and rewards for her return alike. She couldn't work for anyone or trust any person because everyone knew her face. Just when she was running out of options, a blessing in disguise happened. Outside of a tavern, she witnessed a man getting gang beat by a group of pirates and was spotted by them. They recognized her immediately and grabbed her, bringing her back to a ship called The Weeping Princess. They were expecting to get money out of her, clearly, but the Captain ordered them to let her go and offered her shelter on the open seas.

War Refugee/Ship's Accountant
Image (FC: Anna Popplewell from Reign) O P E N
|| || || || || ||
Long before the war, (FC: Anna Popplewell)'s brother (FC: Robert Sheehan) went missing from their city in Rebus when she was only 8 years old. Her rich, dedicated parents hired many private investigators and the best trackers possible, but he was nowhere to be found. They eventually, but it was obviously quite difficult for the family to accept that they lost a son and brother and they never truly recovered. (FC: Anna Popplewell) and her parents mansion was recently bombed, killing her father. Her and her mother managed to escape, but not for long, as her mother got kidnapped by whom she thinks is the Potentian Government. (FC: Anna Popplewell) escaped with a group of war refugees to Potentia to try and find her mother, but found her long lost brother instead in a tavern.

War Prisoner/Head Cook
Image (FC: Emilia Clarke from GoT) T A K E N
|| || || || || ||
(FC: Emilia Clarke) grew up living a comfortable life. She and her brother were raised on a thriving farm and helped their grandparents run a local restaurant. Things changed when bombs began to drop around their heads and everyday (FC: Emilia Clarke) lived in fear. One day, her fears came true and her town was attacked. Potentian soldiers were kidnapping children and women, killing and stealing. While they were attempting to run away from the town, soldiers caught her and her family trying to leave and took (FC: Emilia Clarke) away. She was kept as a slave to one of the highest commanders in the Potentia military and suffered every second of it. Months later, the commander took her on a business trips to a small town by the ocean. He brought her to a sketchy tavern and openly boasted about how he enslaved her to the people in the bar, catching the attention of a particular Captain. When the commander got drunk enough, the crew members of The Weeping Princess were ordered to beat him up outside the tavern so the Captain could bring (FC: Emilia Clarke) aboard his ship.

Shipwreck Survivor/Ship's Nurse (aka Surgeon's Assistant)
Image (FC: Sam Claflin from Pirates of the Caribbean) O P E N
|| || || || || ||
(FC: Sam Claflin) was a Rebusian soldier on a military ship on it's way to attack Potentia territory, however, there are undercover spies who infiltrate the government and militaries, and they discovered that there was an attack. An undercover spy set off bombs on the ship and it sank in the middle of the ocean. The last thing (FC: Sam Claflin) remembers before waking up on an island is falling into the ocean. For approximately a year, (FC: Sam Claflin) stayed on that island with 5 other soldiers, but left their alliance early because his old allies trying to eat each other. (FC: Sam Claflin) was discovered on the island by the members of The Weeping Princess who came to the island in search for treasure. They were going to dump him off back to the closest country, which was Potentia, however they met a few other lost souls and decided to come up with a solution.

NPC's: Royals
Queen of Potentia
Image (FC: Tilda Swinton from Narnia)
Runs the country of Potentia with her twin sister because of their policy against mixing romance and business life. The twins murdered their parents to rule the country.

Queen of Potentia
Image (FC: Tilda Swinton from Narnia)
|| || || || || ||
Runs the country of Potentia with her twin sister because of their policy against mixing romance and business life. The twins murdered their parents to rule the country.

King of Rebus
Image (FC: Anthony Head from Merlin)
Married to the Queen of Rebus and the father to three daughters, one of them being the Runaway Princess.

Queen of Rebus
ImageImage (FC: Joely Richardson from The Tudors)
Married to the King of Rebus and the mother to three daughters, one of them being the Runaway Princess.

King of Pacem
Image (FC: Christopher Lee from LoTR)
Married to the other King of Pacem. They cannot have children, so instead live near an orphanage and (used to) visit everyday.

King of Pacem
Image (FC: Ian McKellan from LoTR)
Married to the other King of Pacem. They cannot have children, so instead live near an orphanage and (used to) visit everyday.

NPC's: Villians
Image (FC: Angelina Jolie from Maleficent)
(description here)

Gemini & Gemina
Image (FC: Anna Walton & Luke Goss from Hellboy 2)
(description here)

Caede the Dark Witch
Image (FC: Olga Kurylenko from Centurion)
Caede is a witch who specializes in dark magic and ex-death match champion who mysteriously seems to never age. She raised (FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to be a child tournament fighter and forced her to kill a lot of people, simply for her to collect the wealth.

Nivalis the Ice Queen
Image (FC: Jaime Murray from Defiance)
(description here)

Cinis the Fire Demon
Image (FC: Robert Carlyle from Once Upon A Time)
(description here)

Image (FC: Harry Lloyd from GoT)
Elder brother to (FC: Emilia Clarke)

Image (FC: Naomie Harris from Pirates of the Caribbean)
(FC: Cynthia Addai-Robinson)'s mother and a voodoo queen of her own remote island. Long ago, she lived in Pacem with her husband and little girl and tried suppressing her abilities for the sake of her familiy. However, after her daughter went missing, (FC: Naomie Harris) went crazy and her dark magic took over her body. She killed her husband because of her suspicions, stole a pirate ship by taking control of the entire crew's bodies and went to an island where she continues to live a thrive with her community of pirates.

Living Quarters:
Captain's Room
First Mate & (FC: Emilia Clarke)'s Room
Second Mate's Room
Master Gunner & (FC: Sarah Bolger)'s Room
Master Carpenter & Sailing Master's Room
Surgeon & (FC: Sam Claflin)'s Room
Pilot & (FC: Anna Popplewell)'s Room
Other Crew Members Rooms

So begins...

Roleplay Idea 4's Story