Jaz Clouet

Jaz is a 19 year old cat. She is known to be rude on occasion, but she puts other's needs before her own and once you get to know her, she can be a prettty good friend- even if a bit harsh at times.

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a character in “Jaz's Coffee”, as played by BunniLuv


Jaz has long hair, which ends about where her hips are. Her hair is blue, purple, and pink, and she has a tail of the same colors, which goes almost to her knees.
She has cat ears in the same color as her hair, and she has dark human skin. She wears a purple t-shirt with a heart on it, as well as jean-shorts which are held up by a black belt. She has thigh-high socks, which are striped white and purple, and she has a pair of blue flats.

Jaz can be quite rude at times, usually without even realizing it. She's not the type of person who tries to be nice, but once you get to know her, she can become a pretty decent friend. She is 19 years old, and she owns a coffee shop called Jaz's Coffee which she opened up just when she turned 18. It has been a successful business and grew to be known as the best coffee around.

Jaz was born in a city, but growing up there was a bit overwhelming. She eventually moved to a town outside of the city, and has lived there ever since. She makes a good living off of her coffee shop, but she also sells art on the side, although that hasn't been nearly as successful, and is simply a way to earn extra money. She, however, is quite talented at art, and she is also able to play piano pretty well. Jaz has never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend, for that matter), and currently she tends to be a bit flirty with some guys...

So begins...

Jaz Clouet's Story