emma Lockwood

Emma is not your typical slytherin. she doesn't care about blood status and she isn't rude. her and draco balance each other out with her wild and hyperness and his stressing and darkness at times.

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a character in “jealous much?”, as played by Jenniferloveshp


Emma- slytherin, loves draco but wants to rip his head off at times, long blonde hair, curvey in all the right places, her belly button is pierced along with her left hip. She has a tattoo on her right hip of a heart. Short, mischievous, sporty, American, competitive, edgy at times, struggles with depression, a dancer, can sing well, and pureblood but doesn't care, wild, unpredictable, can get sassy, up beat, out going, and gets along with most everyone, and she originally wanted to be in Hufflepuff.

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