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Anton Jakobsen

"Are you okay?"

0 · 507 views · located in Jefferson Academy

a character in “Jefferson Academy”, as played by ColaGirl4Life



If you judge people, you have no time to love them.



| Name |
Anton Jakobsen

| Nickname(s) |
Anny | This name was given to him by the Salvator family. Marco started it but soon his brothers were even calling him Anny. He doesn't mind the girly nickname.

| Age |

| Gender |

| Sexuality |

| Date/Place of Birth |

November 13 | Jutland, Denmark

| Nationality |

| Rank |
D Student



| Childhood/Family Life |
Anton's parents were both working when he was younger but that didn't keep them from spending time with him. He would often accompany his mother in her flower shop, he found it enjoyable and even took a few piano lessons with her but he didn't like it that much so he moved onto guitar. His childhood was quite normal, his parents were both supportive of him in everything he did and who he was. The only actual time his life became a bit complicated was when meeting Marcello and his family, he has never liked lying to others but he basically has to lie to the Salvator family so he can keep his relationship with Marcello.
Anton is a healthy child and his parents are very kind towards him as well as understanding. The only recent change in his life is that his parents are planning to divorce, they haven't found a way to tell him yet so he is still unaware of it all.

| High School Career|
Freshman year, Anton socialized with other students in most cases in which he was helping them willingly. He would sometimes keep to himself and draw in his notepad outside but after enrolling in Art class, he found sharing his art with friends quite enjoyable. Then somewhere around Junior year, Anton was in the art room after school with the teachers permission and the room was also being used as the detention room. Marcello seemed to come in the detention room quite often so Anton associated himself with Marcello whenever the teacher left the room in his hands. Now it's his Senior year and they are dating as an openly gay couple, to an extent.



| Personality |
Patient | Kindhearted | Observant | Overly Trusting | Creative | Naive

Anton, at the end of the day, is known as a people person. Never one to shy away from large crowds or unfamiliar people, Anton just has this way of connecting and getting to know others. Patient and genuinely sweet, he has never had a problem with making friends. He is the most kindhearted individual you'll ever meet. Always listening and watching his friends closely, if something is off he'll be the first one to notice. Anton's creative nature is something that catches the eyes of many. From his sketch pad to the music that flows through his finger tips when he strums his guitar, he truly is a talented individual though despite the praise he gets from his art and music teacher, his modest attitude never falters.

A boy with a big heart, Anton loves easily and deeply. He cares for people's well-being even when he's shouting at them and would come to the rescue for any of his friends or family, despite the cost. He hates the thought of being alone, so he surrounds himself with as many companions as he can, even when they sometimes end up disappointing him. He's just too trusting to expect the bad from people even when it's obviously there. He believes strongly in giving people second chances which, often at times, blinds his judgement. Again, he doesn't want to focus on negatives. Life is too short for that.

| Joys In Life |
Marcello's Family: Growing up as an only child was pleasant at times as well as a bit lonely for Anton but spending time with Marco and his older brothers makes Anton happy.
Playing the Acoustic Guitar: Anton enjoys all types of creative expression but his most favorite is playing the guitar, he often plays in the comfort of his own home. The music just relaxes his mind and body, making him completely forget about any stress most of the times.
Helping Other's: Anton is a genuinely kind person who seeks to comfort, embrace, as well as making others happy. It's just in his nature to think about others before himself, his parents thought like this and so does he.
Drawing: If you open up his notepad that he carries around school, you'll find a ton of drawings of people you may know. Anton likes to draw other people and he mostly does it without there knowing, he has quite a few drawings of Marco.

| Fears |
Hospitals: Anton hates the hospital, everything about it from the dim hallways to the scary rooms that you are left in, he hates all of it. More so he thinks that hospitals were created to make you more sick than you already were so they can take your money, he tries to play it safe and avoid any injuries to stay away from any trips to the hospital.
Doctors: Anton doesn't like doctors, he rather stay home and have him or his mother preform some home remedies for an illness.

| Life Philosophy |
Everyone deserves love, happiness, and a second chance. Even the once most heinous criminals can turn their lives around and become an admirable person.


❤ Animals
❤ Indie Music
❤ Traveling
❤ Cheering Other's Up
❤ Family
❤ Drawing
❤ Pot Roast
❤ Playing Guitar
✘ Alcohol
✘ Hair cuts
✘ Woken Up Early
✘ Sweets
✘ Violence
✘ Lying
✘ Clowns
✘ Television



| Parents |
Jakob Hans | Jakob is a normal business man, he loves working and helping others in any way he can. He has no expectations for his son but he does believe that he will become someone great and heartfelt like he raised him to be. Jakob shares an interest in art with Anton, he himself can not draw or paint but he does love looking and talking over his son's work. He believes he has done the right thing when it makes another person happy.

Elizabeth Hans | Elizabeth is no stay at home mother, she owns a flower shop that Anton was very familiar with because he would always walk there right after school to meet his mother. She is caring and very well mannered, she tries to set a good example for her son. Elizabeth was the one to introduce Anton to music, she plays the piano in her spare time and even taught Anton the basics of Guitar.


| Build |
Anton is 5'9" and weigh's about 152 lbs. He has a thin frame with an athletic build and a lean body.

| Hair Color |
Dark Brunette

| Eye Color |

| Distinguishing Marks |
Dreads: Anton has never liked getting his hair cut as a kid, he would mostly hide whenever his mother wanted him to get his hair cut but now that he is older he doesn't have to get it cut anymore.
Piercings: Anton has a double left nostril piercing, two rim piercings on his left ear, and a right eyebrow piercing.
Tattoos: Anton has one tattoo across his chest that says 'I Love You'. He got it out of a dare but despite that, he doesn't regret the tattoo at all and actually likes it.

| Style |
Anton's attire is very stylish and unique. His style often varies from his day to day life. On some days he can be caught wearing a tight black beater and loose jeans with sandals, or other days he'll wear a denim jacket over a regular shirt with a scarf. He doesn't set boundaries when it comes to clothing and likes to wear a variety of accessories. Bracelets and necklaces are something he is often caught wearing on a daily basis. He loves to wear beanies whenever he gets the chance to. Some could even say he's a hipster at heart though he'd rather not be labeled as one.

So begins...

Anton Jakobsen's Story