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Jinrae Choi

"I'm fine being a nobody."

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a character in “Jefferson Academy”, as played by phoenix_lynx



“As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.” - Criss Jami



Jin-rae Choi
"Jin {진} meaning precious which is pretty ironic..."

"Short and sweet!"

Seventeen {17}
"Just a year to go!"

"I highly doubt people would be confused."

"I find that most appearances are somewhat fake."

Birthday || Place of Birth:
February 18th, 1997 - 12:30 AM || {Seo District} Gwangju, South Korea
"I caused quite a lot of trouble apparently."


75% Korean || 25% Japanese

"Lowest of the low so they say, not that I really care."


Jinrae Choi was born as an illegitimate child to a father of a rich businessman named Jonghyun. Her mother Sooyoung was a secret mistress which with money was sworn to stay away from him and his family. This therefore meant that Jinrae was brought up by her mother who would continuously leave her alone with a babysitter. Although her mother never mentioned nor liked talking about Jinrae's biological father the only thing she did say was that he was alive with another family. Her childhood consisted of studying hard to ensure that her dream of becoming a producer could be achieved. Being a producer made sense as her love of movies stemmed from late nights as well as the process behind every film relied quite heavily upon a producer.

They both lived comfortably due to Jonghyun's constant money bribes and Jinrae did so exceptionally well in school that she was in the top 1% in the whole country regarding exam scores so those around her believed she would go on to do great things. However at the age of fourteen she was involved in a car accident resulting in slight amnesia which she recovered from fairly quickly but the long term impact was from her occasional memory loss due to the severe head injury she had sustained. While her memory gradually gets better Jinrae has irregular spells of memory loss where it can be as small as forgetting her way home or to something more extreme as forgetting her identity. This made it harder for her in her everyday life as it only brought her anxiety and stress as the fear of falling behind and not meeting those high expectations of her from her peers and teachers become quite real.
It was her mother's second marriage that caused her life to become more out of control as they all decided to move to America causing Jinrae to pack up everything rather quickly with nothing but a smile towards her new family members. If anything it was more of a pain as things had finally settled down but at least Jinrae got the opportunity to work behind the scenes in movies for experience which led up to her producing films after a producer she was the assistant of realized her potential.

High School Career:
Jinrae isn't exactly known due to her low rank except her outgoing personality does attract some attention here and there. Though she may not have the largest amount of friends and is certainly not a social butterfly nor appears to be, she finds that the ranking system shouldn't keep groups apart from one another so will approach people with friendly terms. As far as dating goes Jinrae is an extremely unromantic individual who dislikes anything related to love so usually stays away from relationships and focuses more on movies and hobbies like badminton and cross country.



Good personality traits:
Jinrae has always been friendly because in her eyes why would anyone want to be otherwise? As her neighborhood granny always reminded her, it is better for others to see her in a positive light as that means you'll always have someone to lean on in a time of crisis. Quite bubbly and outgoing makes her sociable though at times she can be simply quite awkward especially around new people. However as a way to feel comfortable she'll most likely make jokes about her awkwardness to laugh it of, a technique that has worked over the past.

This stems of the unromantic side of her but living life with a realistic view will help you. Some may call her a pessimistic which could be true because the way Jinrae thinks is that if you set your expectations low you'll either get pleasantly surprised or you'll just go through without any disappointments. The same goes with goals and ambitions, it's all lovely to have high dreams but achieving them is a completely different matter. Jinrae finds that some people just aren't realistic enough and therefore don't work hard enough.

Hard working & Reliable
With everything you do you have to put in the greatest amount of effort to achieve that specific task to the best of your ability. Jinrae has always made sure that her own duties were accomplished without any faults and my practicing and hard work she can be better as an individual. This also makes her reliable as people have a tendency to depend on her and although she cannot say no properly, from time to time it makes her happy to be of use.

Jinrae is naturally very intelligent with a high IQ so academically she has always gotten perfect grades, but her hardworking efforts ensure that she'll always be at the top or at least where she wants to be so doesn't really rely on her intelligence as much as most would assume she would. Her love of learning makes her want to do more and her teachers see her much like a sponge being able to absorb information well. From learning languages to writing dissertations Jinrae finds new knowledge enriching and necessary.

Bad personality traits:
Hot headed
She doesn't get mad very easily but if you push her hard enough then she'll become your worst nightmare. Her temper can be resulted in being over protective of those close to her and ignorance seems to be a cause that can tick her of. No matter how close she is with a person, if you get her angry then you're probably don't even know her that well! All in all Jinrae hates violence and getting angry so most of the time she'll let it bubble inside her.

It's quite funny how Jinrae is unromantic seeing as her those around her would expect her to fall for romance as her mother is such a hopeless romantic. Of course she doesn't have the same view on love like her mothe rand regardless of what others may think she finds the whole process of love rather annoying and silly. Romantic gestures aren't possible without the individual wanting something back, everyone has such high expectations of love that no wonder divorce is on the rise. Marriage isn't taking seriously and stupid myths like soul mates tend to shape the opinions of individuals to the point that their chasing after love. Love is simply a mess that Jinrae doesn't choose to get into.

Perhaps it may be due to her strong resentment to her mother who is anything but one but Jinrae finds that perfection can be achieved if you strongly work hard for it. Her ideas are always out into practice and she will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals to the extreme. This does mean she tends to pick out flaws quite easily no matter how small they may be so this gives her pressure to hide them away or force them out.

Control freak & Dissembler
The idea of having control with everything Jinrae does keeps her somewhat sane. The fact that growing up she had little control over her own life made her feel withdrawn and cold but quickly she became adjusted to ways she could regain control back. From what she eats to having to-do lists is very common as well as making notes on everything in her little book for self reminders. Jinrae firmly believes an individual can change for the better and having control is needed very much for that change. As for the dissembler trait, Jinrae hides her emotions well and finds lying easy and used so often that it doesn't even feel like a lie anymore. Many swallow them with a seconds thought because from her bubbly and friendly appearance no one would realize how sad she is.

Greatest joys in life:
|| Her new family || Being behind the camera || Making movies || Rock climbing || Her perfect GPA ||

Greatest fears:
|| Drowning || Having a memory spell that can cause her life to be threatened || Having a memory spell but not recovering || Her father's identity || Imperfection || Her new family hating her ||

Life philosophy:
"Rather than to remain honest and reveal her wounds, pasting a bright smile on her face and lying felt safer for her."


Courteous: Always
Risk-Taking: Rarely
Ambitious: Very
Curious: Sometimes
Self-Controlled: Very
Nurturing: Sometimes
Trusting: Generally
Honest: Rarely
Loyal: Generally
Affectionate: Rarely
Romantic: Never
Flirty: Never
Sympathetic: Sometimes
Altruistic: Usually
Optimistic: Rarely
Observant: Generally
Logical: Always
Social: Usually outgoing
Emotions: Always controlled



▲Singing▲Classic novels ▲Ramyun▲Running▲Climbing▲Nature▲Colder weather▲Rain▲Lightning▲Nightly walks▲Thunder▲Learning languages▲Organizing/cleanliness▲Self improvement books▲Stargazing▲Computing▲Movie marathons▲Travelling▲Editing videos▲Watching behind the scene clips▲Indie music▲J-rock▲Kpop▲Bubble tea▲Criminal minds▲Sherlock▲Doctor who▲Manga▲Anime▲Short movies {produced by anyone}▲Tarot cards▲Stawberries▲Spicy foods


▼Humidity▼Sweets/candies ▼Ignorance▼Violence▼Enclosed spaces▼Talking about herself▼Being underestimated▼Small insects▼Close proximity with others▼Deep water▼Romantic genres▼Valentines day▼Loud music▼Mess▼Imperfections▼Being out of control▼Bullies▼Flowers as gifts▼Cold drinks▼People finding out about her memory condition▼Parties▼Alcohol ▼Cigarettes▼Carrots▼PDA▼Her mother▼Early mornings▼Paper cuts▼Mint flavored anything



Father (46)
Jonghyun Kim
They are only related by blood as Jinrae being an illegitimate child is something kept hidden in order to protect her father's status and actual family life. Jonghyun is a successful businessman who works in Samsung, his rich lifestyle attracted much attention as he was viewed in a positive light in the media. His affair with Sooyoung wasn't something that just happened in a day though it ended after a few years due to her pregnancy. Jinrae and Jonghyun have no relation and she isn't even aware of who her biological father is while secretly Jonghyun keeps close attention on her from the sidelines. If this is because of him seeing her as a daughter or just for his own advantage, no one really knows.

Mother {40)
Sooyoung Choi
The relationship between mother and daughter is just like her relationship with her father regardless of the fact that Sooyoung is with her. Her mother was more interested in living her own life to take care of a daughter she had to early on due to a mistake. Jinrae has hardly seen her mother during her childhood as she was mostly stuck with babysitters and only recently is beginning to know her after their move to America. Sooyoung was exactly the person Jinrae didn't want to be so is somewhat of an opposite to her mother.

Family Tree - father's side
|| Eun-hye Kim || Step-mother || 44 || No relation ||
|| Jongsuk Kim || Half-brother || 23 || No relation ||
|| Jungshin Kim || Half-brother || 22 || No relation ||
|| Yoona Kim || Half-sister || 19 || No relation ||

Family Tree - mother's side
|| Junghoon Choi || Step-father || 44 ||
Junghoon is someone who tries hard to please Jinrae for the sake of keeping the family happy and together. Even though he is her step father he has already become more of a family member to her than any of her biological parents. Jinrae finds him to be too good for her mother except she is secretly happy about her mother making a good decision for the first time in her life. He is simply caring and quite protective of Jinrae as he finds that she keeps most of her emotions inside and kept well hidden which is something he is trying to bring out.

|| Taehyung Choi || Step-brother || 21 ||
Taehyung is Jinrae's favourite sibling from the two only because he is someone who can't help but put a smile on your face. From the very beginning they both showed no interest in pretending to get along so Jinrae finds his bluntness refreshing. They are both highly competitive so a lot of the time they do tend to shout verbal abuse at each other within reason but of course it isn't taken to heart. Although he is currently in college he tends muck about with his studies and call for help as his passion in singing and rapping is something that he puts more effort in.

|| Eunji Choi || Step-sister || 17 ||
Though they are the same age Jinrae and Eunji have nothing in common. While Jinrae is bubbly and outgoing, Eunji is quiet and introverted and rather withdrawn. It was Jinrae's task to slowly bring her sister out of her shell however long that may take. They both hold a secret common interest in movies but Eunji being more centered towards writing scripts. Jinrae tends to tease her while Eunji follows her closely by like a younger sister.






Hair color:
Her natural hair colour is a light shade of brown however in more recent years she changes her style and colour frequently.
"I prefer it black and short, I should definitely go back."

Eye color:
Caramel brown

Distinguishing marks:
Jinrae has a small amount of scars, mostly due to climbing incidents or when she got scratched badly with twigs when she used to her morning job around the forest near her home back in Korea. However one fairly noticeable one would come from her car accident where she sustained a brain injury and got cut deeply on the corner of her forehead {which is usually covered up by her fringe} that required stitches.

No birthmarks however she does have a small beauty mark right below her right eyebrow.

Tattoos & Piercings
{x}{x}{x}{x}{x} {no piercings}
"I love tattoos, I'm planning to have more in the near future!"

Jinrae has no particular style because she pretty much likes everything from bright colors to patterns. From a very young age she has found an interest in fashion but more so creating her own style which revolves around how she feels when picking out an outfit. If she feels happy then she will most likely wear something that will reflect that, like a bold colored jacket or some patterned jeans. Jinrae loves color and usually sports bright colored lips if she can't fit it in the outfit. However as much as she loves colors she always has a strong love for blacks and whites though has a tendency to be in the extreme end of things. Either there is a lot of colour or it is all black, there is simply no in between.

So begins...

Jinrae Choi's Story