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Jets vs. Sharks

Jets vs. Sharks


In 2007 a rivalry broke out seperating the kids of Manhattan. When there are tons of kids in one place what do you think might happen? (See inside for more)

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Just like teachers tell us there are two sides of every single story. But what if we bring those two parts togerher in one school and city. They both hate each other with a burning passion say each other is better than the other. In 2007 ,After a shooting happens in the Bronx to the leader's brother. All the parents want to send their kids somewhere safe. So they send them to Manhattan in this little part of town that is almost like theirs except a hell of a lot more safer. Every thing seems fine until that September when they have to go back to school,That school was not big enough for all of those wild kids. Ever since then they "Sharks"* and the "Jets"* have hated each other. This year has been the wrost of them all and no one talks to the other side,even in school when they have to. They violence rate is up and it seems to only get higher and higher some this generation wants make it go down, can they?

*Jets-The kids born and raised in Manhattan. . Mostly high class and high middle class

*Sharks-Born and raised in the Bronx. Mostly black,Hispanic. It does say MOST not all you can make them different. Mostly middle class.

Leader of the Jets -Ashton "Creed" Kane played by foreverxraining
Jet 2 -Cynthia Gates played by gezzygezzy
Jet 3-Jamie Choi played by BleedingLover
Leader or the sharks (and Shark 2 older brother)-Jose Gonzalez played by gezzygezzy
Shark 2-Rosalina Gonzalez by Bleeding Lover
Shark 3-Scale Leo played by foreverxraining

First name:
Middle (if so):
Race or nationality:
Jet or Shark?:
Born where?:(Can be out of NY, if so say where did you move to?):
FOR SHARKS: What is your thought on the Jets?
FOR JETS: What is your thought on the Sharks?

Pictures of the settings
The High school:

The Jets neighborhood

Sharks neighborhood

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"Wait,what?!"She saids jamming on the brakes making her head fling forward. "Oops."She saids with a weak smile on her face. She starts toi drive again trying to pay attention to the road and to what Ashton's saying at the same time. "So,what happened or you didn't ask did you?"She asks with a smirk on her face.

She looks in the mirror and sees Ashton's head down looking at his lap. "You look terrible,no offence but you do. You wanna sleep a hour or two at my house then go to school? Beside I have homework due first period I didn't do."She saids stoping the car in the Starbucks' parking lot just wanting to see if he was ok or not.

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She really was a good friend. Ashton gave her a small smile. 

"That actually sounds pretty good," he replied. What had his father done? Was it something so bad that it would bring Crawford running to Ashton's place to hide? 

The word 'hide' made him roll his eyes. Crawford was 23, he should have been able to take care of himself.

It wasn't as if Ashton could protect him. 

"I bet I could sleep for days..." he murmured quietly to himself. 

"Of course I didn ask him," he added as an after thought. "I was busy restraining my urge to throw him out,"

He really had. There may have been a time when the two were close... But that was now gone. They were enemies now. Enemies did not shelter enemies from angry fathers. 

He leaned back in his seat and sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time. 

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Manhattan High School

Manhattan High School by RolePlayGateway

Welcome to the mist of it all

The Sharks Neighborhood

The Sharks Neighborhood by RolePlayGateway


Jets Neighborhood

Jets Neighborhood by RolePlayGateway


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Character Portrait: Jose Gonzalez
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Character Portrait: Ashton "Creed" Kane


Character Portrait: Ashton "Creed" Kane
Ashton "Creed" Kane

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Character Portrait: Ashton "Creed" Kane
Ashton "Creed" Kane

Are you contradicting me?

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Character Portrait: Ashton "Creed" Kane
Ashton "Creed" Kane

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