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Mei Zheng


0 · 912 views · located in Republic City

a character in “Jian's Tale: Republic Revolution”, as played by Keen



"People obsess over their pasts too much anyways, I don't remember what I lost but I'm just gonna keep on looking forward to tomorrow and to what I'm gonna gain in that unknown future."


⌈Full Name⌋
Mei Zheng


Earth Kingdom




Older-sister to the Avatar Jian.

⌈Bending Element⌋

⌈Face Claim⌋
Kanbaru Suruga || The Monogatari Series

Reflected Image

⌈Height & Weight⌋
5'7" & 136 lbs.

⌈Hair Color & Eye Color⌋
Black & Amber

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
Nothing of particular note.

Along the majority of her left arm are deep scars left over from the intense burns she suffered. This arm is where the burning was most severe and as such, despite efforts of cosmetic surgery the old wounds are still quite apparent. Additionally here and there along the left side of her body are the faded remnants of the lighter scarring she received that weren't deemed serious enough to require reconstructive surgery.
⌈Physical Description⌋
Mei is a well built young woman with finely sculptured, lean musculature and mature, sharp facial features. Along with her well-toned body comes a generous helping of womanly curves that ultimately form a body that would be considered quite attractive by most standards. Bright amber orbs that seem to brim with life and energy are framed dark and wild locks of untamed hair upon a face that can be most often seen wearing a smile or a look of determination. While for the most part left unmanaged or styled, Mei's hair is a thing almost constantly in change. One week it will be long and loose down to her back, the next it's all cropped off and short and kept that way for weeks before growing out again and being pulled up into a ponytail. As for her wardrobe she often dresses quite casually and places importance on comfort over most other aspects. When out and about her clothing is often loose or boyish in style, but around ther home she can often be found wearing very little and in general has few qualms with people seeing her body so long as she has her arm wrapped.

Inner Soul

✦ Adjusting wraps || Whenever in moments of idleness Mei will often absentmindedly tighten and adjust the wraps on her left arm.
✦ Stretching || Being the active individual that she is Mei often stretches in any downtime or when she's bored.
✦ Painting || When particularly upset or angry Mei will lock herself up in her room and assault a canvas with paint.

♥ Running & exercise || It feels good and keeps me looking good too. I don't feel right when I don't get my morning run in.
♥ Dogs || They're friendly and cute, and they're always honest. There's just a special connection I feel towards the little things.
♥ Cute girls || Who doesn't though really? That said my little sis takes the number spot in this category, sorry ladies!

⌈Bending Talents⌋
✔ Stamina || If there's one thing I am actually good at when it comes to bending, I don't get tired easily. I can keep the flames coming for quite a while but all the other parts... Need some work.

⌈Non-Bending Talents⌋
✔ Athletic || Don't underestimate me because I'm a girl, I'm strong and fast and I'll kick your ass without any bending at all.
✔ Perfect pitch || Apparently it's something I've been able to do forever, I can identify and reproduce notes I hear perfectly.
✔ Massages || All that time apprenticing as a masseuse wasn't for nothing!

✖ Her scars || What do you want me to say? They're disgusting and they'll never go away.
✖ Crying || It just... Bugs me to see people crying, always makes me wanna go give'em a hug... Me? No way! I don't cry!
✖ Bullying || I don't get it, why pick on someone or something just cause they're weaker than you? I won't stand for it.

✖ Bears || Certainly such godless killing machines are to be feared but Mei's fear is more along the irrational side. She will freeze up and panic and at the mere sight of one of the beasts.
✖ Losing control || Mei's history with bending has not been a positive one and the idea of losing control of her power again frightens her, especially when faces with the prospect of accidentally hurting others as a result.
✖ Jian getting hurt || Mei is generally protective of her little sister and despite the Avatar's status as a title more than anything Mei still finds herself worried over her future.

✖ Low confidence || Despite her usual bravado Mei actually has a rather low opinion of herself and her abilities.
✖ Proud || Mei has a strong sense of pride and even honor, she has a hard time taking insults to herself or loved ones sitting down and is sometimes easily provoked.
✖ Overly bold || Mei has always been a very forward girl and can sometimes take it too far and push beyond people's comfort zones, though she typically backs off when asked to do so.
✖ Arm wrap || On the occasion that her wrap comes undone or becomes damaged and cannot be quickly fixed or replaced it will often send Mei into an almost debilitating panic. For this reason she often carries around rolls of backup bandaging wherever she goes.

⌛ Has an old stuffed plush dog from before her memory loss named Jun that she treasures dearly.
⌛ Occasionally experiences severe night terrors where she wakes up screaming and crying, they have become much more infrequent as time has passed since her incident.
⌛ Wishes she could take on the responsibility of being the Avatar from her younger sister.

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⌈Romantic Interest⌋
Currently only a minor interest in Capela.

[ Other ⌋
Current Hair Status: Ponytail

⌈ Personal Side Arc ⌋
What would you like your personal side arc to be about? This is specifically for your character, so feel free to put what ever you want as long as it's reasonable.

So begins...

Mei Zheng's Story