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Kaz Phoenix

"Call if you need me. I'm here, even if you can't see it.."

1 · 397 views · located in A mansion in the middle of no where.

a character in “Joined”, as played by HitoriRaven


Kaz Phoenix


The Ace





Appearance Description
Kaz usually wears black, and rarely wears coats or jackets like shown. He also wears glasses. He's about 5'10.

Much like the wind, Kaz is there, but not there. Often times, he's present even if not visible. He prefers to be alone, and is a bit anti-social. He's very calm and collected, but is very indecisive. This is one of the reasons why he is glad he's not leader. Sometimes, betraying his exterior, Kaz can impulsive at times, but only when it involves his family or loved one. He respects the King, but they also have a bit of a rivalry; however, in a pinch, Kaz will obey any orders given. It's rare that he talks or opens his heart up to someone, but when he does, it's a huge sign of trust. Another thing to keep in mind: just because his face doesn't change expression, doesn't mean that he can't feel anything - he's just bad at expressing it.

Kaz respects his ancestors' decision to flee on that day in battle. In fact, he's grateful for it. The way he sees it, he might not even be alive today. Kaz believes that it was not an honorable thing to do, but he would rather survive. "When you die with honor, sure, that's great..but you're dead. If you're alive, at least you can regain it, and still be alive...Dying is never worth the trouble."

Abilities/Transformation Power
Speed - True to the ace, he's extremely fast. Anyone with untrained eyes would have trouble following his movements. He's also quite good at blending in with his environment.

Dagger training - Kaz uses two flat-bladed daggers as main weapons, which are strapped to his wrists, usually hidden under his clothes. Other than that, he carries some backups, but they are closer to throwing knives, only used in close-combat in a pinch.

Transformation - Kaz is one of the few Aces who has an actual transformation. He turns into a wolf, which increases his speed two-fold. Besides that, nothing changes - he can even talk and he also keeps his analytical mind. There is no "in-between" werewolf transformation, he's either a wolf or not. However, his human form does already keep some characteristics. Kaz is a bit stronger than his ancestors, but that doesn't mean he takes well to getting hit, either.

Quiet, peaceful places
The wind
Thinking before acting (even though he sometimes goes against this)
Living for the present
Dogs, pets in general
Getting straight to the point
Running, moving

Large crowds
Sacrifice for honor
Long conversations, in general


Hex Code

Theme Song
Wind Scene



So begins...

Kaz Phoenix's Story