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Reiji Heikatsu

"I'm sorry, did I make sense?"(W.I.P)

0 · 305 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Jonetsu High School::High School of Love”, as played by ViceRicePres




"I'd be highly upset if you couldn't tell."

Age and Year of Highschool
Age: 16
Year: Junior


”If you see a five foot purple platypus flying in a puddle... maybe I’ll tell you.”

Reiji is a lazy athlete with a rather odd, sick sense of humor and basically treats everyone the same (which also means he isn’t afraid to hit girls though he’s not a fan of violence). He is moderately talkative and mostly speaks in a blunt or monotone voice so others sometimes get confused if he’s serious or not whenever he makes a comment they don’t particularly like. Either way, it somehow satisfies him whenever people are embarrassed, flustered, confused, or are currently in an awkward situation (preferably him being the source of it). Though he may not look it, he actually doesn’t take things too seriously and pushes most things to the side- except when it comes to personal hygiene and messy things (that’s when shit gets real). He tends to state the obvious, too, just to see people’s reactions whenever they’ve had enough of it and is very capable of holding grudges.

Reiji actually has an active, playful alter-ego after having too much sweets which gives him a hard time due to the fact that he is quite protective of his pride.

”Please, don’t remind me.”

Brief Description
Reiji stands at 6’ and weighs around 67kg. He has lean and strong built due to many activities he participates in -despite the fact that he’s quite lazy- with broad shoulders and fair skin (inherited from none other than his mother) that some ladies envy. He has spiky, unruly, silver locks with a greyish tint to them. His eyes are sharp and intimidating at first glance; his right being a ruby red whilst the other is a rather light stormy grey.


In Reiji’s opinion, the best and only instrument for him is the bass. Though he also knows how to play the guitar, he’s known for playing his infamous bass in which he calls “Amazingly Wonderful and Excellently Smexy Object Made Ever” also known as A.W.E.S.O.M.E. He’s a pro when it comes to that certain instrument and always favors it among others. He is also quite the jock and excells in many sports and physical activities and likes to have a good challenge once in a while though he usually likes to take the easy way out of stuff. Sadly, Reiji is a terrible cook so he’s an expert with things that have to do with ready-made food- especially ramen/ instant noodles.


  • Ray-Ray
  • People Touching His Belongings
  • Losing his Pride
  • Seriousness
  • Germs
  • Skinship
  • Pity
  • Comforting People
  • Unwanted Attention
  • Weakness
  • Messy Places
  • Slobs
  • Cats
  • Diseases
  • Emotionless People

  • Ailurophobia- Fear of Cats
  • Amathaphobia- Fear of Dust
  • Kynophobia- Fear of Rabies
  • Pediophobia- Fear of Dolls
  • Verminiphobia- Fear of Germs

”Tch, I really don’t need love but someone doesn’t want me to end up Forever Alone... The whole idea of the school is a bit weird and honestly, I’m a bit offended that I’m enrolled in it ‘cause it basically states that I’m desperate, right? Anyways, this can’t be all that bad so let’s just get this over with.”

Be creative! At least five sentences.

Hex Code

Reiji is a clean freak and his alter-ego’s name is Ray-Ray.
I like Cheetahs and Pandas. I also enjoy eating candy and meat though I get cravings for salads once in a while. :3

Take Off- 2PM

Kimi to deatta no wa
Tada no guzen jyanai
Kore wo unmei to yobunda

Sono hitomi ni utsuru
Bokutachi ga kagayaite
Irareru yo ni Zutto mitsume tsuzukete

(I'll be) Itsu no himo kimi ni
(With you) Egao wo tayasanai
Ima koko de chikaitai (you and me)

(Please be) Dakara moshi kono mune ga
(With me) Michi ni mayou hi ni wa
Mirai e no tobira wo hiraite hoshii

Ready ready ready for the take off
Michinaru sekai e to maia garunda
Dakara (dakara) sono te hanasanaide buddy

Ready ready ready for the take off
Yume ga mezasu basho e
Tsukanda kono kizuna nigiri shimete

Dare mo ga idomu toki
Fuan ni karareru
Sonna toki wa sotto senaka oshite yo

(Please be) Kimi no sono hitokoto wa
(With me) Tsugini susumu tame no
Tsuyoi yuuki ni naru
Mahou no kotoba

Ready ready ready for the take off
Chiheisen mezasunda
Ano mukoude kitto to dareka ga matteiru buddy

Ready ready ready for the take off
Umarekawaru basho e
Mai orirunda hitotsu ni naru tame ni

Now low low low to the flow We got a future kanjirou (aiight! )
Baby make that and break down let's jump up, let's jump up! (uh! )

We're gonna go high, jidai ga Yes motometa do you want it?
Oh my God!
Everybody do it now sonomama we will show you how
Baby it's my dream but sore wa just joking
Let me hear kimi ni todokeru are we ready?, let's take off!

De ai ga inochi wo hakonde ikerunda

Ready ready ready for the take off
Yume ga mezasu basho e
Tenishite kono kizuna nigiri shimete

So begins...

Reiji Heikatsu's Story