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James Skyraid -"Sky"

"Damn tourists, if you know you get sea sick don't stand up wind of people! These are the only clothes I got!"

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a character in “Journey Into The Unknown”, as played by chris33


Name: James Skyraid (Sky)

Age: 25

Role: Ship Crew

Appearance: James stands at an average 5’11. He has pale skin and long scruffy brown hair. He is generally very scruffy looking, not caring much for his appearance. He has a scar on his right eyebrow he acquired in a duel with a pirate.


Personality: James is a fun loving and care free soul, who enjoys fun over duty. He is morally grey and although will raise concerns over unjust actions, will not put himself in harm’s way. Survival is always the number one goal. He is a professional sailor, and although will joke around on deck, he does not let this interfere with his duties. He can keep a level head when he needs to and works well under pressure. Above all, he respects the authority of the captain and the first mate, but does not enjoy being ordered around by people who are not part of the initial crew. To him the sea is a sailors domain, tourist just get in the way of his duties.

Equipment: James doesn’t have much in the way of personal belongings, just his trusty cutlass he stole during a pirate raid, a selection of small knives and a set of lock picks.

Skills: James can read well for someone of his station, he had to learn to be a better sailor, but does not write well. James is a professional sailor, and is a real asset to have on deck. He is pretty handy in a fight, having much experience, but is nothing to special. His life at sea has given him various survival skills, he knows all about fresh water rations and what to look for in terms of re-supplying.

History: James was born to one of the smaller nations on the Western coast of Copas, called Thoronburg. It was essentially a puppet state of Lirgo. James was born into abstract poverty, his mother sold him to pirate slavers at a very young age. Luckily these pirates weren’t actually interested in the slave trade that is abundant in the Pirate Isles, but more a recruiting. James was raised as a pirate in the Pirate Isles and spent most of his life sailing and raiding. He got his last name from his fondness of leaping from the mast of ships when raiding other ships at sea, in his more adventurous youth, although most now just refer to him as “Sky” now.

When James turned nineteen, he was a first mate on a pirate ship, but was struggling with moral ambiguity of being a pirate. He did not wish to be involved in some of the more troubling aspect of piracy, as he had seen the damage it could cause people in the long term. With this in mind he left his pirate crew and became a freelance sailor in the nation Lirgo. He was hired mostly by merchant ships for a long time, being a generally fun person to be around and a first rate sailor, he quickly gained a reputation and was hired regularly for jobs.

When he was twenty four he began to be hired for Lirgo Navy ships, although still in a freelance capacity. As the king of Lirgo did not wish to risk too many of his own ships in this expedition many sailors for hire were sought out for menial jobs, such as decks hands. James was sought out due to his reputation as a decent sailor and his knowledge of the Pirate Isles. He agreed to the job, as the payout was quite substantial because of the risks. He doesn’t really care how dangerous a job is, as long as the pay is adequate.

So begins...

James Skyraid -"Sky"'s Story