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Draco James Artic

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a character in “Julia's House for the Insane”, as played by drampire


Name: Draco James Artic

Picture: Image

Age: 18



Race: white

Scares: (the things he scared of)
* being locked up
* being restrained
* hurting people
* needles

*some of the female doctors
* sharp things
* music
*hurting people (at times)

Other: scars on his arms were people that he was hurting tried to get free and tried cutting his arms.


Draco likes to hurt people , simply as that. he enjoys other peoples pain , before he went insane he was a rather gentle person and loved to hang out with his friends. Now he likes nothing more than to try and hurt people and way he can. There are times when he's really calm and he can be quit fun to be around. he can be a bit perverted around girls.


Draco was sane up intel he watched as his father brutally murdered his mother at the age of 15 , with that horrorific event he feels he should hurt other before they hurt him first.

So begins...

Draco James Artic's Story


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Dr. Hoffman went to Draco's room to see he was suited with his room. She knocked before entering. She paused to check his file and kept her hands behind her back. "Hello, Draco, is your room ok?"She asked him sweetly. The door was left open and she heard footsteps behind her.

Kya walked up to the boy and looked at him deeply. Then Dr. Hoffman pushed her out the door and closed it. Kya was shocked and started back towards her room. A nurse walked up to her and whispered in her ear. "Draco is violent dear I wouldn't want to come near him." She led her back to her room and closed her door. Kya, sat and lay down on her bed with her stuffed bunny and played with its bow.

Dr. Hoffman turned to Draco and told him assuringly to not mind that little girl.


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#, as written by WowDude
Henjai neared the door more, and found the source of the noise. It sounded as though someone was banging something of theirs against the cold metal door - Henjai stayed cautious at all times. They had taken away his pocket knife before entering this place, so it wasn't as though he had a weapon. His fist were his weapons, disregarding the fact that he only made it to yellow belt in karate. He approached the door, and carefully knocked.