Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

Jumanji; The Return To Chaos


Are you ready to face Jumanji, a board game that brings all your worst nightmares to life? Then step right up and be my guest but first, a warning, you might not make it through alive. [Semi-Lit/Literate roleplayers, please.]

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A game for those who seek to find ... A way to leave their world behind

Are you ready to face Jumanji, a board game that brings all your worst nightmares to life? Then step right up and be my guest but first, a warning, you might not make it through alive.

Jumanji is not a game for those faint at heart, for the game is dangerously smart.
Bringing all your fears to life; with it comes horror and strife.
If you cheat while playing this deadly game, you will find yourself full of shame.
For those who seek to win unfairly, you will find yourself human - Barely.
Make sure you finish what you started, because if you find yourself parted.
The game will not continue without them, so treat the other players as precious as a gem.
Now, it's time to play, hurry up you don't have time to stay.

Rules of Jumanji

You roll the dice to move your token.
Doubles gets another turn, the first player to reach the end wins.
Adventurers beware: Do not begin unless you intend to finish.
The exciting consequences of the game will only vanish when a player has reached jumanji and called out its name.


| Male One | Name: | Age: 10-12 | Brother to male two & female three |

| Female One | Name: | Age: 16-18 | Sister to female two & cousin to male three | Reserved by Kugorie

| Male Two | Name: | Age: 16-18 | Brother to male one & female three |

| Female Two | Name: | Age: 10-12 | Sister to female two & cousin to male three| Reserved by PatchworkHeart

| Male three | Name: | Age: 13-15 | Cousin to females one & two |

| Female Three | Name: | Age: 13-15 | Sister to male two & male one |

[I can add a few more spaces if needed]

Character sheet

Code: Select all
[center][img]GIF Of your Character[/img]
[i] A Quote/Something your character would say [/i][/center]

[b] Full Name: [/b] First name, middle, and last
[b] Nickname(s): [/b] What do they go by or what do people call them?
[b] Age: [/b]
[b] Date of Birth: [/b]
[b] Sexuality: [/b]
[b] Occupation: [/b] What do they do for a living? I'd expect most characters who are in high school to have at least one after-school or weekend job.


[right][img] Another GIF of your Character [/img]
[img] And Another GIF [/img]
[img] One last GIF [/img][/right]
[b] Likes: [/b]
[b] Dislikes: [/b]
[b] Quirks: [/b]
[b] Fears: [/b] Everyone is afraid of something
[b] Skills: [/b] What can they do?
[b] Romantic interest: [/b]

[b] Personality: [/b] What makes they tick? How do they think? A good paragraph or so on your character's personality. Try and go into detail if you can, please!
[b] History: [/b] Everyone has a beginning and a story of their lives. About three good paragraphs or so.

[b]Extra: [/b]

Toggle Rules

I will be choosing what comes out of the game and will post it in a separate thread, in the OOC.
We will be taking it in turns (obviously, or the game wouldn't work) so please make sure to be active or no one can enjoy the roleplay.
If you are inactive, there are many ways I can kill off your character, believe me.
No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues. Every character has both good and bad points.
Literacy is pretty important, you don't have to write a massive piece each time but keep it around 250 words, please.
All reservations go in the OOC.
Romance and violence are expected. Keep them within RPG rules.
Password is Adventurers beware.
Reservations last for 48 hours only, if you do not at least give me a WIP by then, I will remove your reservation.
I know that stuff comes up in life that means you can't get online. If something like that happens, try and post a quick message in the OOC or shoot me a PM.
Face claims must be real people, no Anime, please.
Make your characters interesting! Give them interesting quirks and allow for interesting relationships with others.
Swearing is also expected, but don't be cussing like a sailor - It's not flattering also, if you have a younger character, they probably wouldn't know many swear words or even if they did, not use them infront of adults/teens nor know what they mean.
Keep the drama IC, if you have a problem with another user, let me know or discuss it with them over PM. I don't want fights breaking out in the OOC.
Now for the rather cliché part - Have fun! That's what this whole roleplay is about.

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Re: Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

Sounds awesome to me :)

Re: Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

I was thinking Tate, sound good?

Re: Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

Hmmm good question lol I have nothing on the top of my head but feel free to just choose something :) lol

Re: Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

Sure, female one is reserved.
I also do that so don't worry & do you have an idea for the surname, as our characters are related!

Re: Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

Edit for the above: Jeez I hate it when I do that.... aka *Reading the rules "Oh look a password!" and keep reading then go to OOC and request the reservation then look at my msg later on. "AHHHH the password! *Smacks forehead on hand.**

Soooo to sum this up I apoligize and I promise I did read the rules, like actually READ the rules lol so to fix what I said above...

May I reserve Female one with of course the password being .... Adventurers beware! :D (And sorry for not putting it earlier)

Re: Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

Kugorie, please read the rules first.

Re: Jumanji; The Return To Chaos

May I reserve female one?

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