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Leonard Hardwick

"Huh? Sorry, I wasn't listening."

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a character in “Just A Child's Tale”, as played by Captain Awesome


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⌠ "The most comforting sound is definitely silence." ⌡

|| TJ Stafford ; Know My Name ||

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FC: Asa Butterfield


Leonard Brian Hardwick
.: Lion-hearted / Noble :.



August 4th | Leo

Leonard has always dreamed of being the heroic warrior, standing alone in confrontation with a dragon or a demon. He wants to be the one to face that 'great evil' and save the princess. Such children's stories have always captivated his mind, even well after they had been told to him. He does his best to live out his fantasy through RPG videogames, where he can be that ferocious warrior he always dreamed about.



Leo's best feature is ironically one of the things that bothers him about himself the most: his overall soft appearance. It may not prove to be effective at helping him make a first impression, it certainly does help in gaining the trust of others. It seems not many tend to keep their guard up when confronted with someone of a non-threatening appearance.

As previously mentioned, Leo is incredibly insecure about his unassuming appearance. While he is closing in on his final year of college, he is often still mistaken as a 16 or 17 year-old high school student. He fails to attract attention from just about everyone and even his own family seems to subconsciously ignore him. When his assistance is required, nobody ever seems to fully trust his abilities in what they are doing, no matter what it is.
To other people, right off the bat, it seems as though he is just a weak-willed person and he always seems to have to prove them wrong if he wants to get anywhere with them. That is, assuming they even humor him in the first place...

A tall and lanky 6 feet but with little mass in him to back it up, leaving him looking rather frail. He has messy, dark brown hair with a pair of bright, baby blue eyes, accented by his soft-looking, pale skin. Seemingly all of his features, save for his height, give him a child-like appearance, however his gentle lips arguably cause him the most trouble in this respect.



Ladies and gentlemen, holder of the world's most genuine frown: Leo Hardwick
He is a man of few words, adapted through his introverted tendencies and shaped like blacksmith's steel thanks to the passive efforts of those who made sure he would stay an introvert. He does not mind though. In fact, Leo enjoys his alone time. Sure, it gets lonely from time-to-time but the feeling goes away easily enough.
Being alone allows him to think and being able to think allows him to find his own way through any mess he gets into. Not only that, his consciousness is his most prized form of entertainment in his possession.

Leo is the type of person who has a conscious heart, even if it does not appear present. He speaks the coldest truths to the ones he loves most and does not care how he is perceived. At a glance, he may not seem to truly care about other people in general but the reality is actually quite the opposite. While he may seem distant and merciless when it comes to others, he is quick to come to someone's aid when it matters most. Unless he has been personally wronged, what he says to people is often what he believes to be for their own good.

┍━━━X LOVE X ━━━┑

  • Video Games: "Yeah, you can watch your movies and you can watch your crappy 'E News' bullshit, talking all about other people nobody even cares about all you want. Me? I'm going to choose who I want to be and pick whatever world I want to live in to top it off."
  • Intellectual Thinking: "Alright, I know it sounds a bit weird, but I actually enjoy pondering on the behavior of others and why we act the way we do. Hell, why we're here in the first place is something that really gets the gears turning too.
  • Food: "Alright, I know everyone says they love food and I'm far too skinny to be even a little convincing when I-like all the others-say 'no, I'm different, I REALLY LOVE FOOD', but hear me out. I can down, like, three boxes of Kraft-mac in a single sitting...It usually messes with my system quite a bit-but I'm just saying."
  • Energy Drinks: "I can't stand the taste of coffee and, before you suggest it, no, I'm not one of those Monster-Doritos gamer zombies that only play COD and whatever other mediocre crap they shovel out these days. I mainly drink 'Rip Its'. By the can they're about as cheap as water, they taste much better to me, and only ONE of the flavors give me the squirts. I dunno, an Iraq vet owns the convenience store down the street, so he sells them even though military personnel are generally the only ones who partake, and he got me to try 'em. Haven't looked back ever since."
  • Music: "I've a fondness for a harder electronic sound, personally."

▶▶ Eνєяутнιηg уσυ ωαηт, вυт αт α ρяιcє ◀◀


  • Beating Around The Bush: "I can't stand it. Seriously, my HUGEST pet peeve is definitely people, y'know, dancing around what they want to say or even generally acting indirectly. I'm the kind of guy who goes to the store with a specific mission in mind and it just angers me to no end-being forced to stand around while whoever you're with spots the jean isle from-friggen-MILES AWAY and all of the sudden burst out with something like, 'OH! SO-AND-SO WOULD LOOK FAN-FRIGGEN-TASTIC IN THAT! I NEED TO STAND IN FRONT OF IT FOR ANOTHER HOUR DECIDING IF I ACTUALLY WANT TO BUY IT OR NOT!'"
  • Primal Mentalities: "Y'know that asshole who just annoys you for no reason? The one that just simply doesn't like you? Yeah, you know him. Maybe the chick like that too. They've got their heads so far up their own asses that they've stopped acting so socially restless since they no longer have to look at their pathetic lives in the mirror anymore. It's their natural drive to be 'alpha' that makes them so painful to deal with and I hate it so much. No worries though, most of them have either already hit their facade-shattering wall or it's coming. People like me, who actually GO to school to learn and actually GET a decent job are the real alphas."
  • Pop-culture: "Kids my age are always so obsessed with being an individual that they don't even realize how much like everyone else it makes them. They watch their E News-they blog on their Tumblr's-and all fantasize about people because they want to be them and then they all look at each other-they see each other all doing the same exact thing they're doing-and they say, 'WOW! You're a special individual too?! What a goddarn miracle! Lets go look down on other people for not conforming to what WE see as normal!' I don't know if that makes me a hipster or what, but I don't care. Call me whatever you like."


Leo bites his fingernails if they get to a point at which one would call them a normal length. This results in him constantly not having any untrimmed nails.
His mind is ALWAYS wandering. If you have not captured his attention after he gives it to you, you're going to need a pretty strong net...
He will sometimes nibble on his finger while thinking.
If he loses himself in thought, he will stare at whatever he was previously looking at.

Creative Leo has the creative prowess to be able to mentally entertain himself on command for long periods of time. His mind for creativity is present in every aspect of his life.
Quick Learner Leo is adaptable when it comes to knowledge and enjoys learning things about a number of different subjects.

Socially Awkward Leo is not necessarily anti-social. In fact, he almost always has to initiate conversations because of the fact that not many people pay attention to him. However, he still has very little experience in social situations.
Stubborn Leo is not someone who relents to other people simply because they asked. He is the type to hold a grudge until the day he dies.

His own incompetence
Uncontrollable situations (riding roller coasters, for example)



Leo grew up in a suburban town in Pennsylvania not too far North along I-476 from Philadelphia. His rather unassuming appearance has often led to him being overlooked in just about every way and practically raised him to be a loner and actively seek his separation from others. While this has not helped in developing friendships or any sort of active social life, it effectively forced him to ponder his future more than the social butterflies his age and develop his mind as best as he could. Ever since he was little, his lack of influence had driven him to subconsciously crave the ability to prove his worth, leading him to often fantasize about being the big hero and stepping up where others would not.

Despite never achieving great scores in school, as homework never effectively caught his attention, Leo was able to nail his most important exams and earn himself an acceptance letter to Penn State. While he had to save up for two years after graduating high school, he-with help from his parents-was able to pay the amount needed to study. As of three years later, he is currently finishing up his studies to earn a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with aspirations to work as a programmer.

✄ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Claire Hardwick // Mother
James Hardwick// Father
Elizabeth 'Liz' Hardwick // Little Sister
⋯ ⋯ ⋯
Joseph 'Joe' Crawford// Best Friend

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So begins...

Leonard Hardwick's Story


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Holding the book in his hands, Ryden watched his two children from behind pages of Atlas Shrugged. They all were bundled up on his bed, waiting impatiently for their nightly storytelling. It was a ritual of theirs to send them to bed with their minds swimming with good stories. Nightmares don't happen if you dream about being a dragon. Setting the book on the nightstand, Ryden leaned in close to his children. Emelia wore a big grin, hugging onto one of the pillows and kicking her feet.

"Since Alex got an A on his test, he gets to pick what the story is about."

There was a mixture of protests and cheers, his son slamming his fists down onto the mattress as he got to his knees, "One about a hero fighting a monster! The little boy exclaimed, his twin pouting next to him as Ryden began his story. It always felt organic, making up a tale that captivated his children. They were always a good inspiration for his novels. They sat there, listening to him intently, their attention never leaving as he painted worlds around them. As he spoke, Ryden caught Olivia in the doorway, a small smile on his lips.

"I think it's time for bed," He said after a bit, causing the twins to protest. "It's a school night, now go and I'll come tuck you in." As the two kids slid off of the bed and left the room, Ryden got up and walked over to his wife. She smiled and placed a quick kiss against his lips.

"I didn't think I'd be at work so late," She said with a quiet sigh, pulling her hair out of a bun, "What did they have for dinner?" Olivia looked drained as she looked up at Ryden. Bags hid noticeably behind her concealer, her movements sluggish and exhausted from a long shift at the hospital.

"Macaroni and cheese," He chuckled, shrugging at her look of irritation, "I'm no chef, Dear. I ordered take out for you, it's in the fridge. I need to go work on my novel so I'll be in my office."

He gave her a gentle kiss on her temple before leaving the bedroom, his shoulders sagging as he heard her muttering about the liquor he hid in his office. He was getting over his constant addictions but it was always easy for him to fall back. It was a demon, coaxing him with a promise of pleasure and a cure for his depression. It wrapped its black fingers around his eyes and forced him to ignore all he cherished. Sinking into a seat in his office, he eyed the bottle of spirits before grabbing it and pouring a small drink. One drink won't kill me. He thought to himself, taking a sip and grimacing at the burn that slithered its way down his throat.


Cold water doused Ryden's sleep into a sputtering of curses. Covering his face with his hands, he wiped the water away from his eyes. God, he didn't even want to look up, a pounding against his skull so fierce he thought he was dying. "Get up!" He heard a screech, groaning as the noise made his head feel as if it had been cracked. "I said get up!" The voice boomed again, delivering a hard kick to his side.

"Jesus fuck, give me a minute!" He snapped back, pulling himself into a sitting position before fully opening his eyes. He was greeted with the grimace of an old man, teeth rotted out and dressed in rags. He was sitting in straw, a horse watching the two from its stall. There are no horses in Boston. He thought to himself, gripping at his head. Was he dreaming? What kind of vivid trip was this? Had he relapsed? All these thoughts went through his head simultaneously, the old man yanking him by his shirt.

"Who the fuck 'er you?" He demanded, "Why are you slumberin' with my horses?" The old man asked, a chortle following as he gave Ryden a peculiar look.

Ryden didn't respond, only watching the old man in confusion. "I am terribly sorry, but where am I?" He asked, picking some straw out of his hair. Everything smelled of horse shit, he was now soaked and his skull felt as if it were about to split in half. What the Hell was going on?

"The village of Tiel."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Tiel of Kyrik, boy!" He laughed, the sound turning into a whooping cough, "How much did ya drink to not remember where you are?" Standing up, Ryden felt his heart seize in his throat. He was still in the clothes from last night. The last thing he could remember was drinking a bit while working on his story. "Yer a peculiar looking fellow. You come from across the ocean?"

Shaking his head, Ryden walked out of the barn. He was on a farm, a valley stretching out for miles all around. In the distance was a town, the buildings looking run down and almost primitive. He couldn't help the panic that started to bud in his stomach. He needed to get home to his kids and wife. Hopefully, someone from the town could help him. He started walking towards it, ignoring the geezer as he called for him back. Someone must know what to make of this.


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4:30 PM and it could not have been any more welcome. Class would be let out in a short 15 minutes and Total War had been calling his name all day. The last time he saved the game, he was laying siege to Echigo and he was excited to continue it. Date Masumune shall bathe in the blood of the Mogami by sundown this time and he could not wait to see it.


By now, it was almost as if he could actually hear it calling his name...



"Yo, LEO."


Leo, after finally coming back to the land of the living, investigated the disturbance with a quick look to his right. It was Joseph.

"Sheesh, you ain't dead-now, aren' ya?"

"Nah, man. Just waiting for class to finish up. What's up?"

He was always in his own little world, the boy called Leo. If he found his way into a boring situation, he would make his own way out with his head and never look back. It was nice having a mind like his, able to keep himself entertained on a whim. In a way, it was what made him who he was.
Logically, one would normally believe who they were allowed them to do certain things, not the other way around, but Leo believed himself to be different from that cut. He was creative, yet mentally tamed. He was awkward but socially sound. He was a nobody, yet here he was, studying at the University of Penn State, nearing the end of his final year of study in Computer Science before taking his bachelor's degree and using it to land one hell of a starting career.
His head made him the man he was, not the other way around, and he enjoyed feeding it. Leo believed that that was what made him better than who he was previously, week-by-week.

He calmly itched the right side of his nose as he looked over to the boy next to him. Leo was a kid, or, at least he looked like one. His skin was soft and freckled, his eyes were all-round juvenile in appearance, and his lips looked gentle and feminine. He had the appearance of a 17 year-old who probably gets mistaken a lot as a super tall 14 year-old and then, upon further review, is noticed to-in fact-be a 17 year-old...except Leo, a 24 year-old, was none of those things. Unfortunately for him, while he was 6 feet tall, he was only 140 lbs., and nobody ever seemed to be able to take him seriously. In the rare event that someone would actually address him, he would be generally talked down to or even straight-up conversationally abandoned.
It was annoying. Goes to show how much people act like sheep, unable to look past physical appearance before making a judgement call on reality.

"Nothin' bredduh, just lookin' to see if you're alright. Swear t' God, dude, you must die and come back to life, like, four times a day."

Joe was...well, he was someone to talk to. Leo would not go as far as to call him a friend but the guy was definitely friendly. They ended up sitting next to each other the first day of class and, while he was a bit awkward like Leo is, the guy was social and would have tried to get along with whoever he happened to sit next to.
It just-so-happened that Leo would be the first one he stumbled upon. One could say he was an acquaintance.

Leo simply shrugged.

Joe shook his head. "What exactly goes on in that head o' yours every time you drift off like that? Y'ain' thinkin' o' packin' an uzi next time you come to class are ya?" He laughed.

"Yeah, and you're first on my list," Leo said flatly.

"...Dude, I was kidding."

"So was I. Calm the fuck down."

Joe rolls his eyes, trying to appear like he was not about to shit his pants but it was easy for Leo to see the truth.

The boy went back to his work in an effort to get as much done as he could before dismissal. He sighed loudly before dropping his shoulders and lifted his chin to the ceiling.


There was a disturbance in the row directly in front of the two boys. One of the other students scooted back in his chair and turned around.

"Joe. Seriously, nobody thinks you're entertaining. Shut the hell up."

Nathan. It was plain to see he was easily annoyed. He never did anything but be annoyed. Leo did not mind him but he has constantly butt heads with Joe all year and things have started to get a little rough as of late. Perhaps Nathan was reaching his limit with Joe; perhaps Joe was just tired of being told to suppress his regular way of acting. It mattered not.
Either way, their time to come to blows as long-since been due and it seemed like it would for almost every day this past week now.

"Quit bein' so touchy, man. I ain't botherin' nobody," Joe said, brushing off the command for silence.

"It's bothering me. Look, would you just be quiet for one day? You're always so fucking obnoxious."

Joe, who normally has a smirk permanently glued to his face, seems to let his lips twitch downward just a little.

"That's new..." Leo thought.

"Hey. Fuck you, dude. I don't need none of your bullshit. Ain'chyer ma ever teach ya about men and how they ain't suppose' to get hurt over a few words, like some punk bitch?"

Leo's eyebrows raised. He has never seen Joseph ever really get too worked up before. At least, not this quick.

Things were definitely going down hill quite fast this time...

"How about a fist, asshole?" Nathan questioned, rising to his feet. "Did your 'ma' ever teach you about that?"

Yeah, things are going downhill VERY fast.

"My Dad did," Joe said, also rising to his feet while his eyes sized Nathan up. His expression finally dropped entirely into animosity. "an' I know-heh-I know he taught me much harder than you're funny-ass ever could."

The two men stared each other down, completely quiet for what seemed like ages.


"...We'll see," said Nathan, breaking the silence just before the professor called the class dismissed...


"Eeeeveerrrythiiiiinng~allllriiiiiight~?" Leo asked as they walked through campus.

"Never better," Joe replied through a malfunctioning grin. "Finally gedda remove the stick from Nate's ass and shove it back down 'is throat."

Leo pursed his lips.

"I don't know if that's a good idea, dude. Think about it rationally. It's the middle of the day and, if you're caught-"

"Look, bredduh. You're m'friend-you're a cool guy. And, as a friend, I need t' ask ya not to-...jus-..jus' don' deny me this."

Leo was taken aback.

Friend?...Huh...Since when did I ever act like a friend? You were more friendly anyway.

"Uuh.....I-I-oh-..Okay...I guess..."

However, now more than ever, Leo did not seem to like the idea of a fight in broad day.

They made it all the way to the parking lot with not sign of Nathan and, for some reason, Leo could not help but actually feel relief in the two getting to their cars without incident. He could not help but sigh as he placed his bag in the back seat of his ride.

...But Joe was not as oblivious as Leo was...

"There he is! C'mon, dude."

Leo stumbled with his words.

"U-uhm...okay, I guess."

"'EY!" Joe called out.

Nathan looked up from his keys to the approaching men and calmly returned them to his pocket before stepping out from behind the driver side of his car and into the open lot.

"Joe..." Leo struggled out. However, nobody seemed to hear him.

"So, you hadn't left yet. Good-I was hoping you didn't turn into a little bitch," Nathan said, practically spitting the words from his mouth.

"You fuckin' wish, ass-wipe!"

"Guys..." Leo quietly pleaded with the two.

"Doesn't sound so far-fetched to me," Nathan accused. "All you ever do is hide behind that stupid-ass grin on your face.-Like, you think you're better than everybody or something?"

"Hell no," Joe yelled, his eyes sizing up the man in front of him again. "Everyone else's fine. YOU'RE the ONLY one who seems t'have a problem with me so I KNOW I'm better than YOU, mother fucker!"

"HEY!" Leo yells.

"FUCK YOU!!!" Nathan screams as he postures up.

He did not understand why-He could not understand why-but, upon sensing the dramatic change in energy, Leo stepped forward with the intent of putting a stop to what was happening before him...He simply had to.

"Guys!", he yelled just before stepping between the two.

Suddenly, the world went fuzzy around him. What had happened? Everything was spinning.

...Were they spinning? Everything was moving too fast to tell but one thing was for sure, he was on the pavement. That much he could feel as Leo's world began turning black. At least...that and pain.

...But even the pain quickly began to slip from his mind.

"Dude, what the fuck did you just do?!".


...Leo's eyes slowly drifted open, the saliva of sleep's kiss still drenched his eyes and hid the world around from him.

"Wh-...What happened..." Leo moaned.

He could hear the distant sound of-...was that wood chopping?

"...Hey...who's there?"

A gentle breeze pushed fresh air into his face.

...Fresh air which he could have swore carried the heavy stench of manure into the very fibers of his soul.

"Yo, who took a shit??"

Leo violently sat up, wiping his eye and then freezing as his hand fell.

"...What the...fuck?"

He laid in a dirt alleyway between two wooden structures. Directly in front of him...was a horse tied to a rail.


"What the fuck?" Leo repeated.

The boy scanned his surroundings, looking for clues as to his whereabouts but could find none. He looked down to find his clothes were the same set, so it was unlikely that his apparent unconscious field trip was TOO drastic. But...where was he? Who brought him there?

Leo tried to remember what exactly happened to him. He had been walking with Joseph and they encountered Nathan in the parking lot...

...Then they...argued?

He could not recall any events following that moment.

And now, he was out in the middle of nowhere with nobody there to explain what happened to him. Great.

Best get up for a look around. Maybe someone can tell me where I am or how to get back...

Leo struggled to his feet, using the side of the building on his right to assist him. From there, he walked forward to peak around the corner. Before him was like a glimpse into the middle ages. People passed up the road in odd-looking clothes, horses appeared to be the only thing moving cargo around, and the source of wood chopping seemed to be from a man collecting wood to place inside of a furnace, where raw material awaited its turn to be shaped into fine metal.

...Great, they dropped me off in one of those history actor towns. I didn't even know there WAS one of those around here!

It was the obvious conclusion. All he could hope for now was that none of them took their jobs TOO seriously because he knew, if that were the case, he would have to spend a good half-hour of his time trying to convince the actors to give him the information he needed.

Alright, Leo. You've seen that episode of South Park. You can do this...

With renewed confidence, he took a deep breath and stepped off, determined to get it all over with so he could make it back to his dorm and make himself some ramen noodles.