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Ryden Burnham

"Sacrifice isn't always by choice."

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a character in “Just A Child's Tale”, as played by Shirogane




⌠ “The cost of oblivious daydreaming was always this moment of return, the realignment with what had been before and now seemed a little worse. ” ⌡


【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя: #4a6b1f ▮ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #9e682f

FC: Oscar Isaac


Ryden William Burnham
.: Horseman; rider
Resolute protector; will
burna "stream"; ham "home":.



June 30th

Ryden's fantasy was always to be a knight. A hero in shining armor. He tried putting the dream into the real world, writing about knights and maidens while also struggling to be the husband and father that his children looked up to.



Not of his own opinion, many find Ryden's height with his dark eyes and olive skin rather attractive.

Ryden hates much about himself. His body is littered with scars and needle marks from past drug abuse, the occasional new injury from some form of self-harming behavior. He has his wife's name on his wrist along with the date of his children's birth. Behind his ear is a scar from a car crash, the same crash causing an injury that gave him a scar down his stomach.

Ryden is of a height that stands at six feet and two inches. Latino, Ryden's olive skin and dark eyes are some of his better features. Curly locks sit on top of his head and usually find themselves in front of his eyes. Ryden enjoys having facial hair, constantly donning a beard that makes him look five years older than he actually is. When he does clean himself up, he seems to gain a better atmosphere of himself, seeming far more approachable than usual.



Docile and kind, Ryden is a person who struggles with many things. Being a subject of Major Depressive Disorder, Ryden is constantly struggling with himself. Despite his mental health, Ryden is a very caring guy. He has no qualms helping out another even if it means he suffers the consequences. He's quiet, contemplative and passionate. He puts his emotions onto paper, into tales of an underdog triumphing.

A thinker, Ryden doesn't react on impulsive. Instead, he's more likely to sit back and figure out a reaction to a situation. Everything needs to be thought out to the littlest of details. A perfectionist, Ryden has no room for mistakes. If something doesn't turn out correct, he'd rather scrap it than accept it for how it is. He absolutely hates having to make-do with a situation.

As stated above, Ryden suffers from Major Depressive Disorder. At times this can cause him to have breakdowns of raw emotion. succumbing to the affections of alcohol and drugs. Most of the time, he's simply dubbed pessimistic. Despite this, Ryden puts more effort into everything. He tries his hardest to be a helping hand, and a good father and husband. Family is the one thing he cherishes more than anything. With two beautiful kids and a wife, he allows them to be his motivation to keep going forward.

┍━━━X LOVE X ━━━┑

Books Being an author himself, its easy for him to immerse himself into a story.
Coffee He can't function without it.
Kids Before being an author, he was a school teacher who enjoyed his work.
Music Passion flows through words, but it can also flow through a wonderful musical piece.

▶▶ Eνєяутнιηg уσυ ωαηт, вυт αт α ρяιcє ◀◀


Addiction Having suffered from it before he fears of falling down the path again.
Horses Terrifying creatures, really.
Blueberries He has a severe allergy.
Ocean Almost drowned when he was a child.


Tugs at his ears
Cannot sit still
Loses interest mid-conversation
Runs hand through hair

Calm He has the ability to stay grounded during stressful situations.
Intellegent Knowledgable about many things, Ryden is always giving useful information.

Pessimistic Its very hard for him to see the bright side of things.
Depressed Hindering his motivation, its hard for him to get the energy to do most things.




Ryden had lived through the foster program until he was eighteen. Due to his good grades, he was able to get a scholarship and go through college. Being depressed, Ryden fell into a major depressive episode. It lasted months, swallowing his pain with drugs and booze. He had met Olivia during his addiction and despite having every reason to leave him, she stayed and helped him onto the road of recovery. It was rocky and their relationship was difficult. But they made it work. Shortly after his recovery, Ryden asked for Olivia's hand in marriage and she agreed.

Ryden worked as a teacher for several years after beating his addiction. During that time Olivia announced she was pregnant with twins. Still both young and trying to find their place, the news was a rocky announcement at best. Ryden was excited to be a father, quitting his job and deciding he would rather write literature than teach it. Being a stay at home father, he home-schooled his children to the best of his ability.

Two bright children made his world. Amongst that he gained a following with his novels, making enough money to sustain his family. Despite this, Olivia still worked as a nurse and they currently live a decent life of comfort. His children were imaginative and he let them pave their own stories with a guided hand. He couldn't imagine a world without them.

✄ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Alex Brunham // Son
Emelia Burnham// Daughter
Olivia Burnham // Wife

❖ C R E A T O R ❖
Modified by Shirogane
Permission to use requested and granted

So begins...

Ryden Burnham's Story


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Holding the book in his hands, Ryden watched his two children from behind pages of Atlas Shrugged. They all were bundled up on his bed, waiting impatiently for their nightly storytelling. It was a ritual of theirs to send them to bed with their minds swimming with good stories. Nightmares don't happen if you dream about being a dragon. Setting the book on the nightstand, Ryden leaned in close to his children. Emelia wore a big grin, hugging onto one of the pillows and kicking her feet.

"Since Alex got an A on his test, he gets to pick what the story is about."

There was a mixture of protests and cheers, his son slamming his fists down onto the mattress as he got to his knees, "One about a hero fighting a monster! The little boy exclaimed, his twin pouting next to him as Ryden began his story. It always felt organic, making up a tale that captivated his children. They were always a good inspiration for his novels. They sat there, listening to him intently, their attention never leaving as he painted worlds around them. As he spoke, Ryden caught Olivia in the doorway, a small smile on his lips.

"I think it's time for bed," He said after a bit, causing the twins to protest. "It's a school night, now go and I'll come tuck you in." As the two kids slid off of the bed and left the room, Ryden got up and walked over to his wife. She smiled and placed a quick kiss against his lips.

"I didn't think I'd be at work so late," She said with a quiet sigh, pulling her hair out of a bun, "What did they have for dinner?" Olivia looked drained as she looked up at Ryden. Bags hid noticeably behind her concealer, her movements sluggish and exhausted from a long shift at the hospital.

"Macaroni and cheese," He chuckled, shrugging at her look of irritation, "I'm no chef, Dear. I ordered take out for you, it's in the fridge. I need to go work on my novel so I'll be in my office."

He gave her a gentle kiss on her temple before leaving the bedroom, his shoulders sagging as he heard her muttering about the liquor he hid in his office. He was getting over his constant addictions but it was always easy for him to fall back. It was a demon, coaxing him with a promise of pleasure and a cure for his depression. It wrapped its black fingers around his eyes and forced him to ignore all he cherished. Sinking into a seat in his office, he eyed the bottle of spirits before grabbing it and pouring a small drink. One drink won't kill me. He thought to himself, taking a sip and grimacing at the burn that slithered its way down his throat.


Cold water doused Ryden's sleep into a sputtering of curses. Covering his face with his hands, he wiped the water away from his eyes. God, he didn't even want to look up, a pounding against his skull so fierce he thought he was dying. "Get up!" He heard a screech, groaning as the noise made his head feel as if it had been cracked. "I said get up!" The voice boomed again, delivering a hard kick to his side.

"Jesus fuck, give me a minute!" He snapped back, pulling himself into a sitting position before fully opening his eyes. He was greeted with the grimace of an old man, teeth rotted out and dressed in rags. He was sitting in straw, a horse watching the two from its stall. There are no horses in Boston. He thought to himself, gripping at his head. Was he dreaming? What kind of vivid trip was this? Had he relapsed? All these thoughts went through his head simultaneously, the old man yanking him by his shirt.

"Who the fuck 'er you?" He demanded, "Why are you slumberin' with my horses?" The old man asked, a chortle following as he gave Ryden a peculiar look.

Ryden didn't respond, only watching the old man in confusion. "I am terribly sorry, but where am I?" He asked, picking some straw out of his hair. Everything smelled of horse shit, he was now soaked and his skull felt as if it were about to split in half. What the Hell was going on?

"The village of Tiel."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Tiel of Kyrik, boy!" He laughed, the sound turning into a whooping cough, "How much did ya drink to not remember where you are?" Standing up, Ryden felt his heart seize in his throat. He was still in the clothes from last night. The last thing he could remember was drinking a bit while working on his story. "Yer a peculiar looking fellow. You come from across the ocean?"

Shaking his head, Ryden walked out of the barn. He was on a farm, a valley stretching out for miles all around. In the distance was a town, the buildings looking run down and almost primitive. He couldn't help the panic that started to bud in his stomach. He needed to get home to his kids and wife. Hopefully, someone from the town could help him. He started walking towards it, ignoring the geezer as he called for him back. Someone must know what to make of this.