Kaiyle Qendellson

A deep-thinking young prince.....whose solitude is about to be interrupted, much to his annoyance.......but eventually, to his enjoyment.

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Name: Kaiyle Qendellson [Kaiyle is pronounced like Kyle, and the Q is pronounced like a "K"]

Role: The Prince of the Earth Kingdom.

Gender: Male

Age: 22


Height = 6'3
Weight = 170lbs
Built = Naturally muscular.
Eye color = A beautiful & piercing Crystal Blue
Hair = Black, and to the base of his back when out straight.

Personality: Kaiyle is a deep soul, who often appears to never smile.......and to be one who is cold and harsh to almost all, including most of his family[his mother and older sister being the exceptions]. But deep down he's not only a genius, but he's a caring and compassionate soul........who will protect those he cares about with everything he has. And even while being cold and silent, he always has a level of common decency about him. Meaning he might not like you, but he would never deny you basic human needs/rights.......such as food, or a fair chance in a battle. And while you might be his prisoner, he would never take pleasure in degrading you to anything like an abused-slave..........for at the end of the day he knows you're a human being.
Some might call that a flaw, but it's a character trait that has never held him back, or put him at any real disadvantage, in his entire life.

History: Born and raised in the Main Palace, the beginning of Kaiyles life was sheltered........with his mother not wanting him to be involved in the military at all. But when the prince reached 13, being the 2nd oldest boy, and 3rd oldest of 6 children in the family, his mother reluctantly let the king put Kaiyle under the guidance of the militarys top general.......his eldest brother, the 32 year old Tenner.
Under Tenners guidance, Kaiyle quickly became the most skilled Swordsman, Sniper, and Archery-user in the military, and it's believed by many, but said by very few, that Kaiyles Martial Arts ability far surpasses his older brothers Tenner. But that being noted, at age 18, Kaiyle began to draw back from the Military, and his visits to the palace in the middle of the forest began to grow more frequent.........

Annoyance from Tenner, and the King, grew quickly. How could the young prince so casually put such simple things like music, art, and solitude, in the middle of a forest, ahead of fighting for his kingdom?, they'd wonder. Someone so skilled, someone who could be of such value.........wasting his time away being of little help on the battlefield.......it was something that annoyed the King to all ends.........but enraged Tenner, making the relationship between the two brothers nearly non-existent.

However the two have come to an understanding of sorts, thanks to the Queen and Rabellea[his 34 year old sister], that prisoners of high importance, on occasion, would be held in the the princes secluded palace.....and it would be his duty to watch over them until they were to be brought back to the main palace...............a deal Kaiyle reluctantly accepted, so that he could claim SOME involvement in the war to satisfy the noblemen, without any real effort.

Over the years though, he has only payed host to fifteen or so prisoners..........all high-level guardsman or generals in the Sky Kingdoms army. But within weeks nearly all were taken back to the main palace for either interrogation, or public execution. The only prisoners that reside at his palace now are five bitter guardsman, and an old general named Ringo, from the Sky Kingdom. The all stay the prison chambers in the watch tower...........which appear more like comfortable guest rooms, that just happen to be tightly secured with cement walls and barred windows.
Ringo has resided there longer than anyone, from the start of the war, and is believed to be crazy, so in a twisted idea of a joke Tenner has purposely left the man there to be a constant annoyance to Kaiyle...........but in reality, Kaiyle has grown a bit found of the old man.........who might be a bit bizarre, but is far from crazy.

Love Interest: No one at the moment. All though a nobles daughter, who resides on the grounds of the main palace, and comes into the woods like clockwork every day to bug Kaiyle, is head-over-heels in love with the prince. However he couldn't be any less interested. The girl is whiny, clingy, and talks far more than she cares to listen. But much to his chagrin, the girl, Winrey, seems to not care about his cold shoulder, and will often stay for lunch, and talk his ear off whether he shows interest or not.


- Swordplay
- Excellent Sniper abilities, with average use of other military grade guns/pistols.
- Archery
- Martial Arts[his own deadly mix of Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai]
- Drawing/Painting
- Acoustic Guitar

Insight on Love Interest (How he/she really feels about him/her): At first, Kaiyle will find the responsibility of watching the princess to be utterly annoying. He'll brush off her kindness as some kind of plot or agenda, and treat her with the same level of cold lack of interest he treats Winrey with. But it won't take long for him to find her kindness to be genuine.......and he will begin to give her more room to roam freely.......and while always keeping an eye on her, he'll eventually find himself following her out of interest, not security/guarding.
It might take him a while to word his feelings, and admit them to himself........but it won't take long for his actions to speaker louder than his words, as his interest will be peeked, and his heart will begin to control his actions instead of his mind.......which is telling him to stay clear of the young woman. Winrey will begin to question his feelings for the woman, or at the least, the princesses feelings about him, and grow jealous.......possibly causing trouble down the line.

So begins...

Kaiyle Qendellson's Story