Veronica Bond

"It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone."

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a character in “Just a Part of Growin' Up”, as played by .euphoria.



{“Would you destroy Something perfect in order to make it beautiful?”― Gerard Way }
{Sex on Fire|I Believe|Waiting for Superman|Beating Heart{Main Theme Song}|Team|Explosions|So Cold|
The Last Time{Main theme song}|Say Something{Main Theme Song}|Wicked|Goodbye, Goodbye|Moth's Wings|Human|Take A Walk

|Full Name|
Veronica Madeline Bond

Ronnie {Most common} | Heyit'sRonnie. {Main YouTube account name} | Ron {Common} | Veronica {Hates} |

February 14th, 1990

Twenty-Five {25} years old

35% Chinese | 15% Thai | 50% English {British}

Stockton-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom {1-16} | San Francisco, California {16-17} | Los Angeles, California {California Institute of the Arts} {17-21} | San Francisco {21-present}

Pansexual | Sapiosexual

YouTube personality | Concert planner and/or promoter for both the Los Angeles and San Francisco area | Comedian and Actress {On YouTube} | Struggling actress to get into Hollywood |

|YouTube Channels|
She has four channels {Music/covers (3.7 million subscribers), Acting/Skits/challenges/"real talk"/advice/close to everything etc (13.9 million subscribers), vlogs and daily life (1.3 subscribers) and her Gaming channel (3.9 million subscribers)} "This is where most of the money comes from, shocker right? But, don't forget to give a great big thumbs up. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and all that good stuff and subscribe to my channel and all see you Bondies later." {main channel, HeyIt'sRonnie., Vlogs, VlogsbyMe, my gaming channel, WatchMePlayandStuff, and my music and covers, MusicByABrit."}

|Apartment Number|

{“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.”― Scott Westerfeld, Uglies }

|Height and Weight|

5'7 and 128 lbs.


Petite but, athletic in the legs

|Skin Tone|

Rather pale

|Hair Color|

Naturally blonde but has dyed it brown when she turned about sixteen, maybe seventeen years old. She has dyed it colors like teal and red but, has always gone back to brown with light caramel highlights...before chopping it all off for a dare on her channel back in 2010.

|Eye Color|

Greeny blue with specks of gold and light brown in them

|Scars? Markings? Tattoos? Piercings?|

She does have a lot of scars and markings on her body but only about four are clearly noticeable. She has one going going down from the bottom of her breast to the end of her stomach, one on the left side of her nose but she can hide it with her nose stud, one on her jaw, and the most noticable, the large scar behind her right ear from when she was attacked by her father when she was only 16 years old. Asked for piercings, she has a few, but she does have her ears pierced in several places like here on her right ear, here also on her right ear, and here on her left ear. She has her nose pierced, and her bellybutton pierced as well. And for tattoos, surprisingly she does have her fair share ever since turning eighteen. She has one on her upper right arm, one of her sister's favorite flowers on her wrist with the date she was born and the day she passed away. She also has one located on the back of her left ear that says Believe, and her favorite one that runs down her back. But, her newest one is of a golden key which is in the middle of her back where only a couple of people have seen it.

|Brief Clothing Description|

Veronica's style is very spontaneous. She doesn't just have one set style choice, she likes to dress girly some days and other days she enjoys dressing like a tomboy or a rocker or even preppy every once and a while. But, most days she does enjoy dressing rockerish or tomboyish, maybe a mixture of both with a few items from vintage stores like her collection of bowler hats and round glasses. For an idea of outfits she would wear please click the following: here, here, here, here, here, and here. Her favorite types to shoes to wear are flats, boots without a high heel, and even Converse. While she can walk perfectly fine in heels, she just doesn't like to wear them in everyday life, she feels like she's tall enough. Why wear four inch heels?

{“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl }

|{Quirks || Habits}|
Whenever she's in an awkward silence, she is more than likely going to try and crack a joke to relieve the tension and awkwardness color=#CD9B9B]▪[/color]Since the age of sixteen, she has kept a scapebook with her bucket list stapled to the first page along with some of them crossed out with proof of some sort that she actually did said thing When she's arguing with someone, she uses a lot of hand motions She double jointed in her left ring finger Whenever she has the chance, she likes buying vinyl records to put them up on her wall at her promoter office and frame the others and put them in her apartment She has a photo with every band she has ever gotten to preform. Most being with her 'best customers' Death Cab For Cutie, Imagine Dragons, The Neighborhood, HAIM, Tegan and Sara, and Fall Out Boy.She has two phones with two numbers, one for business and one for her personal life. Has a collage of all the bands' autographs that she has met through her life. When she doesn't drink coffee for a couple of hours, she begins to tap her foot rapidly on the floor She always has music playing whether its in her office or in ear buds When she's filming from 8 in the morning to 3 or 4 in the afternoon Monday to Friday, maybe Sundays to not interrupt her unless something is really wrong

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Comedy Persuading people Spotting lies Sarcasm Acting and staying in character for long periods of time Music {Piano, Guitar, Cello, and Singing} First Impressions Business meetings and acting professional In great shape from jogging everyday at seven in the morning Get her way Pushing people away She has two 'modes': Her professional mode and her real self where she's really chilled and relax. Standing her ground Knows and is fluent in two languages French and English Giving out orders and getting stuff done Being under pressure

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Very bossy, demanding, and critical but refuses to come to terms with it A perfectionist Jumps to conclusions more than she should Showing affections for others that are close to her like family members and romantic interest She doesn't know when to stop talking or when she's speaking out of turn Anxiety and panic attacks Being touched and kissed by most people Defensive Drinks a little more than she should Caffeine addiction Talking about her failed engagements and relationships Curses like a sailor Refuses to let her gaurd down long enough for someone to actually get to know her Her jealousy

Filming her videos Listening to music Going into buiness meetings Meeting the bands that she's promoting at the moment Going out and drinking Planning Video games Writing scripts Going to the Mighty Bean Making people laugh Acting and getting into character Hanging out with her friends Going to and planning concerts

Fear of falling in love with someone Fear of infidelity and cheaters Fear of failure and imperfections Fear of sexual intimacy and touching from most people Never getting her big break as an actress in a big Hollywood movie Losing her YouTube contract and losing her channel Getting to sick to do anything

Everything doing with her life back home She may be pregnant with her one of her friend's child and she's not exactly sure who She has only had sex with two people willingly She has been engaged twice once with a college sweetheart and once with [Face Claim: James Franco]How many hours she stays up to get her videos edited and up in time to keep her perfect schedule in tack after almost eight years of never missing a day She's been getting sicker and sicker but refuses to go see a doctor

To be able to have a family To become a famous actress, singer, or musician To become the most subscribed person on YouTube even though its never going to happen To promote a concert for Journey, The Who and Pink Floyd and be able to meet and talk to them about how they have been so successful To find her half brother a business partner a goddamn girlfriend or wife

{“This thing about you that you think is your flaw - it's the reason I'm falling in love with you.”― Colleen Hoover, Slammed }


A Dreamer: Most Times
Opinionated: Always
Sarcastic: Often to Always
Friendly:Occasionally to Often
Impulsive and Brave: Often to Sometimes
Affectionate: Sometimes to Occasionally
Risk-Taking: Most Times
Ambitious: Occasionally to Sometimes
Hardworking and Determined: Often
Argumentative: Always
Controlling, Demanding, and Bossy: Often {Refuses to admit it}
Honest: Most Times
Loyal and Faithful: Often to Always
Serious: When necessary
Romantic: Rarely to Occasionally {Unless she's in a relationship}
Flirty: Sometimes to Occasionally
Confident: Often
Funny: Most Times
Cynical: Always
Observant: Often
Freethinking and Passionate: Often
Hyperactive: Rarely to Occasionally
Sweet/Kind/Caring: Sometimes to Most times
Jealous: Sometimes to Often {Tries not to show it}
Spontaneous: Often
Childish: Sometimes
Prideful: Often to Most times
Perfectionist: Often
Protective and Possessive: Often
Social: Very social
Emotions: Somewhat controlled {Most of the time}

{“If you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.” ― Shannon L. Alder }


YouTube Her jobs Music {Alternative, Classic Rock, Folk, K-Pop, and Indie} Comedy and people with a sense of humor Her siblings Black coffee Red wine Sarcasm Going out Playing music {Skilled in the piano, guitar, violin, and cello} Singing {Her voice} Romantic gestures {Secretly} Her YouTube friends {Closest to PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, nigahiga Tyler Oakley, O2L, VanossGaming, and Andrew Snow} Trolling people on video games with her high pitch voice modulator Cursing Doing dares Flirting Traveling for her job Loud Music Concerts Planning concerts Her "YouTube" Room {Where she films everything} Video games Her roommates Being in charge Acting Passionate sex Parties The night The summertime Cuddling, kissing, etc.

{“I don't hate you.. I just don't like that you exist” ― Gena Showalter, Seduce the Darkness }


Classical and pop music People who say her job isn't a 'job' Cheaters Beer When girls would flirting with her fiance Fighting Most people touching her People saying she's a bad driver Fried food Most sports {Other than baseball, football, and gymnastics} Her parents except her birth father Not being the boss Jealousy People who keep asking her to join their game rooms or spamming them Having to stay up at all hours of the night to shoot and post her videos Long hair on guys Her laugh Not having makeup one Being prank called on her friends' channels Being told to watch her language

{“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”― Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses }

|Place of Origin|

Stockton-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom {1-16} | San Francisco, California {16-17} | Los Angeles, California {California Institute of the Arts} {17-21} | San Francisco {21-present}

|Family Tree|Important People|

Parents, step parents, etc.
Gianna St. James (nee Rossi and Sinclair) | Estranged mother {50} | Living {Berlin, Germany}
Dante Woo | Birth father {52} | Living {Los Angeles, California}
Alexander Sinclair | Estranged stepfather {60} | Deceased
Hugh St. James | 2nd Stepfather {51} | Living {Berlin,Germany}

Siblings and half siblings
Alana Williams (nee Sinclair) | Eldest half sister {32} | Living {Seattle, Washington}
William Sinclair | Closest sibling,business partner, half brother {28} | Living {San Francisco, California}
Edward {Eddy} Sinclair | Older half sibling, on step father side {27} | Living {Ontario, Canada}
John Sinclair | Older half-sibling {27} | Living {Hong Kong, China}
Alessandra Di Valeria (nee Woo) | Twin sister {25} | Deceased {Leukemia}
Leo Bond {Woo, legally changed last name with Ronnie} | Older twin brother {25} | Living {On Tour} |
Alyson Sinclair | Half sister {22} | Living {Berlin, Germany}
Cassandra Sinclair | Half sister {19} | Living {on tour with Leo}
Caterina Torres | Half sister on mother's side {17} | Living with father {Naples, Italy}

Important People
Jasper Di Valeria | Brother in law, husband of Alessandra {23} | Living {San Rafael, California}
William Sinclair | Closest sibling, business partner, half brother {28} | Living {San Francisco, California}
Madison Willow | Close friend, edits her videos and camerawoman {25} | Living {San Francisco, California}
James {Jay} Woods | Ex-fiance and YouTube personality {JaysAverageLife} {Age 25} | Living {San Francisco, California}
Ashley {Ash} Courts | Ex-fiance {27} | Living {San Francisco, California}

{“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” ― David Richo }



{“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan }

Roleplayed by BleedingLover {Call me Jinny ^_^}

Face Claim: Alexa Chung

In her YouTube room, she has everything: Two green screens, a secton of a wall covered completely in pictures and magazine clippings, she has six different camera for different things, three microphones, numerous small microphones, a voice changer to mess with people on video games, all types of lighting equipment, three editing programs, and like all YouTubers, its all done on a Mac computer.

When she posts her videos. Main channel:Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Gaming:Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Music: Sundays and whenever she feels like it. Vlogs: Whenever something interesting is happening in her life.

Main Channel videos: What Girls Do In The Car|Things Girls Lie About|What Guys Do In The Bathroom In The Morning|What Disney Movies Taught Me|How Girls Watch TV|What A Girl's Hair Means|Text Message Decoder|How Girls Take A Shower|And lots of other videos
*Videos do not belong to me, they do belong to Jenna Marbles. :3

She was engaged once before [FC: James Franco]

She has a contract with Maker Studios.

She has been diagnosed with a caffeine addiction and must have at least two cups a day in the largest size or else she will start having withdrawn. Headaches, fatigue, anxiety, a lot of irritability, a depressed mood, difficulty concentrating... Not pretty.

So begins...

Veronica Bond's Story

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Date and Time: April 23rd, 2014 at 3:49 in the morning
Location: Her, Maddie's, and Ben's apartment|1A

Ronnie has been up since two in the morning getting ready for her music cover for her music channel. Sure, she should have done it earlier in the day but, she was busy doing the editing a video for her main channel and her main channel was her baby, her favorite and she never missed a day on her main channel and she certainly wasn't going to start now. Besides, she did start early to start editing the video, she just had no idea that she asked so many goddamn questions for her 'Dare the Brit' video. Plus, in that video she had to go out of her 'YouTube' room a total of thirteen times to go mess with her roommates, friends, and go up to random people who just so happened to be walking by just to ask them a question or dare them to do something. Which took a lot of energy and time out of her. But, that didn't matter now. She had a song to cover and the video had to be up tomorrow.

She spun her piano so that it wasn't facing the wall, but towards the rest of the room and the three cameras she had set up around the small piano she had just gotten about a month ago. She set the camera up in front of the small black piano and focused on the keys only, only showing some of her body but not her face. She focused her other two small cameras on each side of the piano so the keys were showing and the viewers could see her playing. Seeing that so people didn't believe that it was her really playing in some of her other videos. She let down the black screen behind her and let it fall down to the ground before she finally sat down and pressed record on all of her camera. She cleared her throat and cracked her fingers before she started playing her favorite song to play on the piano, at least for now, Say Something. She didn't have the sheet music, of course. Seeing that she always forgot to get it before a video, so she had to do it from memory and from what she heard when she listened to the song over and over... and over again. She closed her blue eyes and allowed herself to just start playing, forgetting that she was even recording. Before she knew it she had finished the song and sighed before pressing the stop button on all of her cameras. She put her baby upright piano but in place and started moving the cameras to a place where she could stand and start singing the lyrics, which was right next to her piano. She slid the black background behind her before fixing her hair the strands of hair she had left out of her bun before fixing her small black dress and clearing her throat.

She pressed start once more on the camera before she took her eyes off the floor and looked towards the camera as she started sing. "Say something, I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one, if you want me to. Anywhere I would've followed you. Say something, I'm giving up on you." Before long her eyes were looking away from the camera and to the side before looking back down as she continued. She already knew that some people were going to say they loved how she was giving off that fact that she was either afraid or trying to be vulnerable. In all honesty, she wasn't trying to do anything. It just happened once she started singing. As the song continued, she could feel herself getting chocked up every once and a while from thinking about things that had happened to her in her past from not speaking to her mother in almost ten years, to not being able to be there for her twin sister when the car crash happened, to even thinking about what happened between her and Ash. Sure, she was pissed off at the guy but, he still was the first guy she had really fallen for and getting over him wasn't easy.

When she finished she turned off the camera for a moment only to grab a chair and be able to her address her audience before signing off. She started the camera one last time as she made a funny face and chuckled. "Geez, who knew a song could make you look back and see how much your childhood sucked? I didn't know until I sung that song. Anyway, you guys asked me to do a song that was a little more calm and, for lack of a better word, depressing as fuck. And there you go, one sad song all wrapped up with a pretty little pink bow. As always, don't forget to give me a big thumbs up and click the subscribe button right here, She said as she pointed to the corner where she was going to add the box. "And you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and everything else in the section below. And I will see you beautiful Bondies later." She put her hand over the camera's lens before pushing the off button. "Alright, fun part over. Now I have to do actual work." She said to herself as she grabbed one of the cameras that had most of the parts of the piano.

For the next two hours, she was editing the video; Adding all the parts together, making everything in black and white and adding a little editing on her face to make it look a little blurry. She didn't even know what time she fell asleep, all she really knows is that she had finished the editing and was getting ready to push the gray upload button but, before she presses it, she decided to lay her head down for only a moment to rest her eyes.

Date and Time: April 23rd, 2014 at 11:45 in the morning
Location: Her, Maddie's, and Ben's apartment|1A and The streets of San Francisco
Song|Young Volcanos: Fall Out Boy

"Um, Ronnie? Ronnie, wake up. Veronica Madeline Bond, wake up! We have work to do!" Ronnie groaned as she heard her half-brother calling her as he was shaking her softly. She tried to ignore him, hoping that he would go away. But, that never was his style. "Ron, we have work to do, presents to get, a band to confirm."

"For?" She asked as she kept her face facing away from her brother. "Um, your little boyfriend's birthday." Ronnie let out a chuckle and shook her head before finally lifting up her head and looking towards William who was holing two cups of coffee, a latte for him and black coffee for her. She smiled gratefully towards him before reaching out for the coffee and taking a sip. She sighed before setting it down next to her Mac computer and turning back towards the man. "I don't have a boyfriend, Will. You know that."

"You know, black hair, a little young, well younger than you anyway. Um, Asian..--

"You mean Elliot?! Please, he and I are just mates, that's it." Will chuckled before answering his half-sister. "Mates indeed." Ronnie could feel the blush rush to her cheeks as she turn towards her computer and saw that her video was uploaded. Huh, maybe she did upload it after all. "Look, what do you want? Didn't I tell you yesterday that Allie and Tom have everything handled? All I need to do is keep Elliot busy for the rest of the day until they're ready." The Brit said to the man as she started to look at all the comments on her new video. Most were positive but, of course there was always those few couple of hate comments that she had learned to ignore. "Oh, you have to keep him occupied. How are you going to do that?" He asked with a smirk as he wiggled his eyebrows and nudged the woman softly. Ronnie just rolled her eyes once more as she got up and headed out of the room to her actual bedroom with her brother not far behind with a smirk still on his face. She grabbed out an outfit for the day from her closet before looking towards her brother. "Y'mind, I kind of have to take a shower."

William just raised his hands up as he walked out. "I'll call you later, Ronnie." He said loudly as he headed out of the apartment, but not before putting their emergency key on their kitchen counter. "Yea, whatever." She said before walking into the shower with her clothing laid perfectly on her bed.

She was out of her room about forty-five minutes later but, before she did leave she looked in her full length mirror to make sure she looked presentable. She turned to the side and flattened the winkles in her black shirt and leather jacket and fixing the jeans that hugged her curves. She smirked and nodded towards her reflection before heading to the side of her bed and slipping on her pair of black heels. "Perfect." She said to herself as she grabbed one of her hats and headed out of her room, only stopping in the kitchen to grab her bag and the emergency key so she could put it back in their original spot. She sipped on her black coffee as she sighed in bliss. When she was outside their door, she put the key back before walking down the small staircase and out the door into the sun. She slid on her glasses and saw her best friend, Willow leaning against the newspaper stand right next to their apartment. "So, here are your emails from this morning. She said as she handed her a few emails from other YouTubers who lived in or near San Francisco. "Ok, awesome. I'll read them later, so anything else?"

"Well, yea. You need to text Elliot..--"

"What?! Why?

"Because, he's your friend and it's his birthday. And you shouldn't let one little mistake ruin your friendship with him. You guys have chemistry but, if you don't want to admit it fine. But, you at least own him one goddamn text message on his birthday." Willow said as she kept poking her friend's chest to make her point. Ronnie sighed as she looked down. "Fine." She mumbled under her breath. "I'm sorry, what was that, love?"

Ronnie scoffed a bit before answering her friend. "I. Said. Fine." She told her friend before she pulled out her phone and started texting her friend. Before she could send it, Willow grabbed her phone to see what she said. "Hey, Elliot. Happy Birthday," Willow raised an eyebrow and looked up at her best friend before shaking her head. "Okay, this. Is pathetic. You're suppose to keep him busy, not push him into the friendzone! Okay, here let me do it.

Ronnie tried grabbing her phone, but seeing that Willow was 6'2, she always used her height to her advantage. The taller girl gave Ronnie back her phone but, before she could read what Willow had sent. She, of course deleted it. "Here ya go, Ronnie." She said with a smirk on her face while Ronnie flicked her off. "Okay, funny. What'd you send him?" The redhead just shrugged before walking away from her, knowing fully well that she was going to start walking and catch up with her. Ronnie just cursed under her breath before catching up with him. "I'm serious, what did you send him. I think he's seeing someone and I don't need to be known as the home wrecker in our group of friends." Willow just rolled her eyes before scoffing. "Oh please, who? And, if he was dating someone then why would he sleep with you?" Ronnie covered her friend's mouth. "Be louder, what don't you? And, who knows? Guys are testosterone fueled, most of them would fuck anything with a heartbeat. And I think he might be seeing this one girl who lives in his building. They spend enough time together, it makes sense."

Willow just started laughing before rolling her eyes. "Eli isn't like that and you know it. Now, c'mon, lets go listen to every vinyl record we can find."

"Thanks, this is just what I need to get my mind off of stupid guy drama." She said as she removed her sunglasses and entered their favorite record store. "That's why I only go for girls, my friend." Willow said as she entered behind her best friend, chuckling softly about the text she sent Elliot.

[Happy Birthday, Elliot. If you're not busy later, we should meet up later. I have a big surprise for you.]

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#, as written by Dumisa

Time - 12:15 P.M.
Location - Home Decoration Shop, The Mighty Bean, His and Thomas apartment 2B.

Eli glanced over at Hayley when she mentioned something about stopping at a curtain shop, or something. He nodded his head without a response as his ears twitched when his phone went off. A smile slowly started to spread among his facial features as the ringtone basically told the story. It was Ronnie. He had a special ringtone for her and her alone. Eli came to a stop after a ten minute drive as Hayley jumped out the car, he reached into his cup holder and grabbed his phone, reading the text from Ronnie. [Happy Birthday, Elliot. If you're not busy later, we should meet up later. I have a big surprise for you.] Another huge smile along with a slight blush began to spread over his cheeks as he sent a text her way. [Thanks for the birthday wish, Ronnie! I would love to meet up later. Just text me when and where. :)]

Elliot pressed the send button then sat his phone back down. He was bouncing up and down inside and couldn't wait to get back to his apartment now. He literately wanted to go and drag outside but luckily for her, she came right on out upon that thought. "Took you long enough." He joked while quickly cranking up the engine and speeding out of the parking space.

As he continued to drive towards the Mighty Bean, him and Hayley sung some songs that came on the radio. Eli lifted a brow towards Hayley then shook his head. "First off, me and Ronnie are just friends." Or at least he thinks. "Second of all, she just sent me a text to meet up with her so, endless possibilities." Eli saw Hayley's heart and pretended to shoot an arrow through it. They finally made it to the Mighty Bean and he got out as he walked over to Hayley. "So, I'll see you around." He said while leaning down and giving her a small hug, quickly breaking it forgetting he was smelling a bit sweaty.

"I need to shower quickly before I collapse." He joked. "Catch ya' around." His eyes flashed towards the inside of the Mighty Bean, seeing all his friends inside of there except for Ronnie. Eli ran away from the window before he spotted as he went up to his apartment and immediately closed the door behind him.

He went into the bathroom, where he showered and brushed his teeth again. Eli put on some casual clothing, which was nothing more than red t-shirt with blue jeans and red Chuck Taylor's. He reviewed himself over in the mirror while waiting for Ronnie to respond to his message. His mind began to wonder where she was as he decided to pop on his laptop and on YouTube, seeing that Ronnie had uploaded a video. He clicked on it then clicked off of it because of the sadness that song gives off.

It was his birthday, there was no need to be sad. He really hoped that Ronnie didn't commit suicide or something after that video but if she did, her friends and roommates wouldn't be in The Mighty Bean talking and laughing. Eli sighed, shutting down his laptop and leaning back on the couch, flipping on the television, changing the the channels until there was something decent enough for him to watch.

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Date and Time - April 23, 2014. 7:25 AM
Location - The Mighty Bean

Koriko seemed to be excelling at bitchiness once again when she explained her past to Maddie. She is meaner before 9 AM than most people are all day. If she would have been a bit nicer, Ben would have probably asked her out ages ago. Her movie 'Whispers' was basically a religion to him, he has seen it about 50 times, but never after he had met her. Somehow that magical girl on screen was something completely different in real life.

Winter excused herself and was about to leave. It reminded Ben he had to go as well, or he would be very late. He would already be late as it was. He got up from his seat as well and brought the seat back to the table that it came from. No need giving Maddie any more work to do. Thomas made his statement at the moment Ben got up and put his guitar on his back. "Tom, you should only speak for yourself. There might be many people who would want to see this show and that is the end of the matter." He did not want to wait for anyone to answer and screamed a little bit too loud. "See you all tonight!" After that he held his hands over his ears and walked out while singing the refrain of 'Just the way I do'.

Getting outside he started walking towards the nearest cable cars stop. His ride for this morning was going to be a short one, but he didn't feel like walking up the hill today. While on the cable car he checked his twitter account and from the comments he could see Ronnie had posted another song. He was always most interested in that part of her Youtube life, they shared that passion for music. He liked to help her with these and to sing duets, they usually came out very nice. He saw the next stop was his and he got out.

He was in a nice neighbourhood with some very expensive houses. He rang the doorbell of the corner house and the maid opened the door. He was teaching a 14 year old girl how to play the piano today. It would be her tenth lesson in two months, quite a bit more frequent than most of his students. Her parents paid him well for it, so why not. They had a piano on which they practised, but in the last three lessons she had expressed she would much rather learn to play the guitar. It didn't really fit with the classical image her parent had for her, but then again they were never there. They had played music together the last lesson with the girl on guitar and Ben on the piano.

This time he had asked her to think of what music she wanted to play. They would then figure out how to play it together. Ben found it good practice and had done it himself frequently. "Good morning Francine, what music are we going to play today?" With a big smile on her face she showed him the album cover of Journey. 'Don't stop believin' was a classic and Ben liked her taste in music. He hoped he had been an inspiration for that.

During one of their breaks he got his phone from his pocket and started typing. Hey Ronnie, what's up? Didn't here you this morning. Will I see you a the party tonight? He hit send and put the phone back in his pocket. While waiting for Francine to come back from the bathroom he started playing a tune on the piano to kill some time.

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Date and Time - April 23, 2014, 7:25 AM
Location - The Mighty Bean

Glancing up as Winter left, she smiled at her. "See you," she offered. Glancing at her drink, she soon realised it was empty. Hmm... maybe she should get another? But no, that would lead to her wanting to work out for twelve hours. Sighing, she pushed it away, looking over as Ben got up. She couldn't help the twitched smile edging its way to her lips. He could sing, too. Something she wished she could do. She could hold a note, yes, she could get pitch, yes, but she couldn't, for the life of her, ever sound good. It irritated her greatly and she felt it to be one of her biggest flaws.
Curling her palm up, she rested her chin on it, watching after him. "He's a teacher isn't he?" she asked. Hmm... Pushing the thought aside for now, she frowned, twirling the straw in the cup. She glanced at Allie, suddenly getting a worrying thought; this party, was she even invited? What if it was highschool all over again? Chewing her top lip, she fought the urge to ask. Instead she said a quiet 'goodbye' and stood. She took her cup and went to put it on the counter where the workers would get it. She figured it might be a good idea to make friendly with the others... A gift was in order, then.
She had plenty of money, that wasn't an issue even in the slightest. It was what to get Elliot. She knew him, yes, but not on any personal level. So she would have to ask him. Heading towards his apartment, she swept her hair behind her ear and fixed her clothes. Knocking on his door, she paused in the hall. She rocked on her feet and pushed air out from between her lips. This was definitely a strange thing for Kori to be doing. But she wanted to actually have friends for once, so she should be nice. To do that she needed to know something about this boy other than the fact that he's attractive and a talented dancer. Questions, then... favourite films, games, uh, actors or musical groups. Music! That was a good idea! She smiled to herself and mentally high fived herself.

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Date and Time - April 23, 2014. 7:30 A.M.
Location - The Mighty Bean

The crowd of friends began to disperse, Winter got a call and left with barely a word, Ben had to run off probably to teach some kid how to play Chop Sticks, and Kori well she seemed uneasy still and stood to head out as well.

"Hey Kori, let me know when you're ready to go tonight that way you can drive. I'm gonna try not to drink myself under the table this time, but it's still better if you drive." Allie called out before she was out the door of the Mighty Bean.

She looked around at the others that had not left yet, "Well I guess you all are dismissed until tonight, and remember I want those essays on my desk by Monday." she rolled her eyes at her own stupid joke. "I swear sometimes I just need to smack myself over the head I'm so annoying, honestly how do you guys put up with me?" she laughed a little.

With that she let out a cleansing breath and then turned her attention back to Thomas. "So, what do you need me to do, before tonight? Do I need to pick up something, any specific decorations, balloons, a creepy ass clown?" she gave him a smile while leaning her chin on her hand.

She began to think of Ronnie, surprised that she hadn't seen her at the Mighty Bean this morning. She must have headed out before us all this morning. Allie thought to herself as she waited for further instructions from Tom, "I should probably text her to let her know to take time out of her busy schedule for the party. She felt like she had zoned out for a minute, shook her head and blinked, trying to center herself and bring her attention back to Tom again.

"I swear I'm paying attention Thomas, I just had a thought about Ronnie is all", she put her attention back on him again.

She felt like she was almost staring at him, not that he was hard to look at. It was the complete opposite of that, he was very nice to look at. But she didn't want to make things weird by staring at him either, it was one of those situations where you're uneasy about maybe taking a friendship to the next level, risking messing everything up by turning a friendship into a romantic relationship. Then again, Allie had learned through her experience with Gavin that rushing into something wasn't such a good idea either. Not that her relationship with Gavin had been bad, hell if the circumstances had been different she would have been married to him. Still there was something about Thomas, that just seemed to draw her in, and she felt like maybe they could be something more.

She had known Tom as long as she had lived in the Daffodil and knew that he was a good guy, one of those rare ones that Allie felt like she could trust. Still everything depended on how he felt about it, did he feel anything for her, yeah he made comments, like the mentioning of her looking nice in a dress and there was occasional flirting on his part. In-particular with Allie, and she respected that about him he wasn't the type to flirt with one girl, then turn around and flirt with the next one to pass by. Still it was something she wanted to tread lightly with, they had a decent friendship that she didn't want to mess up, but she didn't want to miss out on maybe having that special person because she was scared. It was all very confusing and she hated feeling that way, so for now she would concentrate on the party they were working on together.

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Date and Time: April 23rd, 2014
Location: Vinyl Records and Thomas' and Elliot's Apartment|2B

"Oh, how about this album. It sends off this whole sexual, love makin' vibe, you know? Somethin' you need in your life." Willow said as she showed her close friend the Sigur Ros album titled Takk Veronica just rolled her eyes as she grabbed the vinyl record and set it back down. "Shut up. And beside, I already have this album. That was the vinyl I gave to Elliot, remember? It was about a month ago...ring any bells?" Ronnie asked as she continued walking through the lanes of indie bands. Willow just shook her head before looking up, trying to remember. "Oh, right! And the only reason you got it back is because you saw it the morning after you guys..--"

"Willow! Blood hell, can you please shut up. God, I knew I shouldn't have told you." The Brit said as she looked towards the records. "Ronnie, c'mon. I'm just teasing you, you know that. I'm just happy that you're actually moving on from Ashley and to someone better." Willow said as she stepped in front of the older woman with a soft smile on her face. Ronnie just sighed before pushing her aside as she began grabbing some albums that caught her eye from just the names of the bands and even how simple or perfect covers looked to her. "I'm not 'moving on' to someone better, it was a one time thing and mistake, he knows that." The girl shrugged as she and her friend walked to the counter to pay. Willow scoffed in annoyance at her best friend's reluctant just to admit that she actually felt something Elliot. "Hey babe. Hey Ronnie, what's up?" Willow's wife, Hunter said as she began ringing up all of the two girls' vinyl records. "Hey, Hunt nothing much. Your wife's just harassing me about my love live." Hunter just chuckled as she shook her head. "You mean, your none existent love life." Willow chuckled a bit before covering her mouth with her hand as she tried to stop the laughing. Oh, how the two lovebirds loved messing with their best friend.

Ronnie just rolled her eyes before flipping off Hunter. Hunter just blew the Brit a kiss as she handed the girl her two red bags of records. "See you next week, love." Hunt said with a smirk on her face before jumping over the counter to wrap her arms around her wife and lean up to give her a small kiss on the lips. And when it started to last longer than a couple of seconds, Ronnie rolled her eyes before clearing throat. "Excuse me, lovebirds. Willow, you're still on the clock, meaning kiss on your own time." She said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest with a smirk as she spoke to them with obvious sarcasm in her voice. Willow pulled away as she rolled her eyes and let go of her wife.

"Fine, I'll see you at home, babe." The Jamaican said as she started pulling away only to be pulled back into the arms of Hunter. "Alright, fine. Ronnie has you for now, but remember you're mine tonight. Got it? Hunter said with a smile on her face as she kissed her girl once last time before letting her go and going back over the counter. Ronnie smirked as Willow returned to smirk. Ronnie handed the taller girl her bag before waving to Hunter who just tilted her head up and returned to her headphones which was blasting classic rock. As the girls headed outside, they took a seat on a bench right in front of the record store. "So, I know you're bluffing."


"Texting Elliot. I know, you're lying. You didn't text him." She said as she looked at her friend with a look of triumph on her face. "What makes you think I'm lying?"

"The fact that my phone has been silent this whole ti..--" Ronnie said as her phone started to vibrate. Willow started to smile as she heard the phone go off. Ronnie looked at her bag before licking her bottom lip and sighing. She reached for her phone before reading it, trying to hide the smile on her face. "My word, Veronica Bond, are you blushing?" Ronnie looked down before shaking his head. "He's just being nice." She said as she unlocked her phone and started to respond. [I'll meet you at your apartment and be ready to go. You know how I feel about waiting.] She sent the text before putting her phone back in her bag and getting up. "I should get going, I said I'd meet him at his apartment."

Willow chuckled. "Okay, have fun." Ronnie started walking away before hearing her friend rush up behind her. "Here, just in case." She said with a smirk as she slipped something her friend's back pocket. "What are you," Ronnie put her hand in her back pocket only to realize what it was and looked at her friend as if she just told a bad joke. "Really? Really, Willow?" Willow just winked before heading back into the record store to spend time with her wife. Ronnie rolled her eyes at her idiot best friend before walking towards Elliot's apartment, not even realizing that she was fixing her hair and her outfit the whole time. She only stopped when she got a text from her 'brother', Ben or as she liked to call him, Benny. [Hey Ronnie, what's up? Didn't here you this morning. Will I see you a the party tonight?]

She started typing back. [Hey, Benny. Nothing much, Willow was being a pain in my ass but other than that, just figuring out what to get Elliot for his birthday. Oh, and I know you didn't hear me, I finally finished sound proofing the whole room, after what? Two years? I'm meeting up with someone but, meet me before you head to the party.] And send. She had yet to tell Ben about the whole...thing between Ronnie and Elliot. Not because she didn't want to but, because she already knew that he was skeptical of Eli and she didn't want to give him any reason not to like him. Right when she was about to put her phone away, she got a text from her ex-fiance about some small movie role in a local indie flick. Sure, she would do it but, she wasn't worried about that right now. When she entered Elliot's building she made half way up the stairs before noticing Koriko. The two weren't best friends, but unlike most of the others she was willing to give to child actress a chance. Not because, she really deserved one but because whenever she bragged about what she did in the past, Ronnie could brag about all the things she has done in the past two years alone because of her 'fame' as some called it.

Ronnie was tempted to just walk up next to her and wait for Elliot to answer the door for whatever reason Kori was there... But, that would be awkward. Hell, for all she knew maybe it was something private and important. "I mean, maybe they're together or something." She thought to herself as she began walking down the stairs and out the door. She sighed before taking a seat on a stone bench set right in between the two apartment buildings. She pulled out her phone and started texting Elliot. [I'll be outside, seems like you have company.] She sent before going on her social networking sites to see what was going on in the world as she waited, like an idiot for her friend to come outside.

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Date and Time - April 23, 2014. 7:35 A.M.
Location - The Mighty Bean

What just happened Allie thought as Maddisyn's voice pulled her back to reality, did she and Thomas just have one of those cheesy chick flick moments where you stare longingly into each others eyes. Get your head out of the clouds Allexis.

"Yeah Maddi, thats pretty typical behavior for Kori... don't think anything of it though. She's just inept at common social interaction, and has the whole primadonna complex. There's probably something about you that makes her feel threatened... so in a round about way it's a compliment to you. Besides, none of us would let her do anything but talk so please bring your lovely self to the party and have fun. You can use it after, serving hipsters all day". Allie smiled.

She picked her phone up off the table, "I'm going to text, Ronnie just to make sure she's coming I'd hate for her to miss out, because she got busy and forgot". Allie brought up Ronnie's number and started the text.

[ Hey, Ronnie don't forget about Elliot's party tonight. Tom's making it quite the occasion I'd hate for you to miss it. It's at the The Golden Dragon, right outside of Chinatown you can't miss the place its has a huge golden dragon statue in front of the place. Please tell me you're coming, it wouldn't be the same without you. Luv ya. ]

After ending the text Allie turned back to the others, "Well lets hope, she can tear herself away from youtube long enough. Soo everyone remember seven at the Golden Dragon, wear your dancing shoes... or get drunk off your ass. Whatever suits you better".

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Date and Time - April 23, 2014. 12:00 P.M.
Location - Francine's house, Vinyl Records, My Little Learning Tree

While Francine was in the bathroom Ben started playing a classical piece he enjoyed, La Campanella by Liszt. For most it was a piece about passion, but for him it was also about tranquillity. It calmed him, put his thoughts in order. After 5 minutes he noticed Francine was back in the room, listening to him playing. He stopped playing and gestured for her to get back on the seat. He skipped back a quite a few pages in the sheet book. "Can I not play the song you just played?"she asked him. "I'm sorry Francy, but that stuff is a little bit too advanced at this moment," he said with an encouraging smile on his face.

He had played piano from the age of 4 so he had quite some practice throughout his life. He was better on the piano than he will ever be on the guitar. While Francine practised something more on her level Ben thoughts continued. He thought about the comment Allie made this morning. He had heard Thomas and Allie before he joined the table about 'the gang behaving' and 'no repeat of last party'. He knew it was about him, but he also knew that alcohol had nothing to do with it. If anything Ben could be considered a happy drunk, not an aggressive one.

Last party Ronnie's ex had joined and Ben did not like him very much. Ronnie was like a sister to him and when Ash broke of the engagement he had been a dick about it. At the party Ben had heard him make some kind of lame comment concerning Ronnie. After that Ben had maybe just pushed him a little bit too hard or maybe he hit him in the face. I don't think I really hit him though,...right? While still deep in thought he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He didn't want to look while still teaching and he grabbed his guitar again. The last half hour of the lesson he joined Francine by playing the guitar. After that he packed his guitar and stepped out the door.

Finally he could look at the text message he received earlier. Hey, Benny. Nothing much, Willow was being a pain in my ass but other than that, just figuring out what to get Elliot for his birthday. Oh, and I know you didn't hear me, I finally finished sound proofing the whole room, after what? Two years? I'm meeting up with someone but, meet me before you head to the party.] Ben laughed at the sound proofing of her room, it had taken a long time and a lot of requests from Bernard Gilligan, their landlord. 'Meet me before you head to the party', what could that be about? He hoped it wouldn't be about the quarrel with Ash from last party, he would not apologize for anything he did there. He texted back [I'll be at the Daff from 5, see you there? Bring some food :D]

Ben's next job was at a kindergarten called 'My Little Learning Tree'. Basically it meant singing children songs in an overly excited manner in the close proximity of children aged 3 to 5 years. If that is not an awesome rock star gig, I don't know any more... But before he had to go he had a few minutes to spare. He walked over to Vinyl Records to see if his order came in. He had ordered new snares for his guitar and couldn't wait much longer. The moment he stepped in he saw Hunter at the counter. "Hey beautiful, what's the word on the strings you will come to love?"he asked with his trademark grin on his face, "maybe you will grow to love them as much as you love me. I mean, we all know that you and Willow are just a façade to hide your obvious love for me." Hunter had her own smirk on her face when she responded: "Honey, unless you get a sex change, and a good one at that, you will never even be able to turn my head. As for your snares, now they will make my head turn, if of course I would have them already. But I'm afraid they are still on the way."

Disappointed he went through the racks of new records, but he found he had been threw this same set of records before. Now bored he eyed the other people in the shop. Aside from Hunter there were a few familiar faces, but no one that he knew by name. He decided to leave, and went to say goodbye to Hunter. "Hey Ben, say hi to your sister from another mister, she was here just a little bit earlier." Ben thought of the text he had gotten from Ronnie earlier and responded with played anger."Aha, now everything becomes clear. Ronnie steps in this place, talks to you and now she needs to talk to me before a party. What did you say exactly? You know what, don't answer that. I will be leaving now and you are not allowed to check out my butt while I'm doing so. Good day!" He stepped out of Vinyl Records and looked for a way to get to his next job.

After a bus ride he arrived at the kindergarten he was supposed to sing at. He had done this a few times before. It were three classes and one hour each. He had to have the energy level and patience of Dora the Explorer to get through it. Ai caramba But as he had lived through it before, he knew he could do it again. Especially since they paid him quite handsomely. With a slow walk, as if it was his last, he walked up to the doors. At the entrance one of the interns was awaiting him. Normally he would say something flirty to her, but with this task coming up, he just couldn't.

Three hours later he stepped out again. The war had wounded him severely. His left leg was covered in milk and started to smell, his right leg was covered in something that might have been milk at some point in time and had smelled as soon as it attached itself to his leg. He walked uncomfortable and his eyes still saw images that could not be unseen. He got into a bus that allowed someone in his state. They probably take pity on a war veteran like me. 30 minutes later he arrived back at the Daff. "Honeys, I'm home!"

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#, as written by Dumisa

Date & Time - April 23rd 2014. 3:49 P.M.
Location - His apartment building, 2B.

Elliot looked down at his phone and seen that Ronnie had sent him a text. 'Company?' He thought to himself with a raised brow. Soon, a knock was heard over his door as he thought that Ronnie was trying to surprise him. "Oh, Ronnie, you always seem to..." But it wasn't Ronnie who was behind the door, it was Koriko. His brows furrowed a little as he wondered why she had stopped by his place. First Hayley, now Koriko? Eli hopes that Ronnie doesn't think of him as a player or something.

A soft sigh escaped over his lips as he looked down at his watch, time was ticking fast. "Oh, come on. Ronnie is waiting for me downstairs so better make this quick." He said towards Koriko as he walked into his apartment for a brief moment, grabbing his Jeep keys and cell phone. Elliot closed the door behind him and locked it then waved for Koriko to follow him down the stairs. "So, what is that you wanted?" He asked towards her, pushing the door towards the outside, seeing Ronnie sitting on a bench, alone.

He turned towards Koriko and put his index finger over his mouth, signaling for her to keep quiet. He sneaked up behind Ronnie and covered her eyes with his hands. "Guess who?" He had asked in a playful tone then turned his gaze back towards Koriko. He removed his hands from over Ronnie's eyes then sat down beside her. "Sorry, Koriko. What is that you wanted again?" He had asked, again. When Ronnie was around, she was his only focused - Nothing against anyone else or anything.

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Date & Time - April 23rd 2014. 3:49-5:30 P.M.
Location - Her apartment.

Smiling when he opened the door, she went to speak. She was paused however, when he moved about before walking out the door. Following him down the corridor, she tried starting again. "Actually, Elliot, I was j-." Okay, so he interrupted her again. This was seriously beginning to bother her. Pulling the hem of her dress in frustration, she watched as he went over and scared Ronnie. Yeah, this was a bother. This was going to be embarrassing around Ronnie, seeing as she wasn't on the best of terms with the girl.
Finally she could speak! Letting out a sigh, she smiled slightly. "Um, this is going to seem like a bit of an odd question," she murmured, running a hand through her hair briefly. "But I was just wondering... uh... what kind of music are you into?" She paused, listening to his answer, glancing at Ronnie. Well good, she didn't seem outwardly angry or... whatever it was she usually seemed to feel towards Kori. She grinned. "Thank you Elliot!" she smiled, giving a little clap and hopping on her feet. She said a quick goodbye, before turning and dashing away. She needed to buy him some CDs like now so she could wrap them and such before the party. She browsed through the local music store, before picking up three CD cases, all of which had the name of groups that Elliot had mentioned. Smiling to herself, she walked to the cashier and paid for them.
Heading back to her apartment, she unlocked and went in. Hold on, did they even have any wrapping paper? Hmm... Making her way to her room, she went through her stationary. Finding a large sheet of green paper, praying he liked the colour, she took out another, smaller, sheet of yellow paper. Hmm... now, if she was getting crafty about this, that would mean she was showing interest, right? That was bound to look good to everyone else. Or so she hoped. She cut out a series of stars and carefully glued them down before wrapping the cases and adding one of her old hair ribbons, a black one. It looked alright, she supposed. Too late to think about that now, she'd spent an awful lot of time and it was nearly time for the party. Scanning her clothes, she decided on a simple baby doll [url]dress[/url]. She briefly wondered where Allie was, hadn't she asked Kori to give her a lift?

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Date & Time|April 23rd 2014.
Location|Ghirardelli Square & Daff's.

Ronnie started looking over her phone until she felt someone come up behind her and cover her eyes. She raised her eyebrow as she heard the voice of Elliot. "Guess who?" She smiled before feeling his hands and moving up his arm. It wasn't until he removed his hands and started talking to Koriko that she let her smile loosen a bit. When he sat down beside her, she moved over a bit to make more room for him. She looked towards the other girl with a raised eyebrow as she started talking to the man next to her. "Um, this is going to seem like a bit of an odd question, but I was just wondering... uh... what kind of music are you into?"

That's what Kori needed to ask him all of a sudden? Ronnie turned back to her phone as she let the two talk as she responded to the text she had just gotten from Ben. [I'll be at the Daff from 5, see you there? Bring some food :D] She smirked and chuckled to herself before pressing send. {Sure, I might be a little late but, I'll be there.} She turned back towards Elliot hoping that this conversation wouldn't take too long.

Elliot didn't want to seem like a jerk or mean but Koriko kind of asked him a stupid question. But being the kind of person he was, he answered her anyway. "I like anything but modern rap." He made a disgusted look plastered on his face - But it was the modern rap part that made him make that face and nothing else. As his watched Koriko trek off, he turned his full attention back towards Ronnie and smiled. "She is a little weird, no?" He chuckled because it was really out of his character to talk about anybody.Ronnie shrugged. "I don't know, it was a strange question but she was probably asking for your birthday." She told him as she looked back at her phone for a brief moment before putting her phone back in her bag and looking towards Elliot, who's eyes were fixed on the ground before turning back towards her. His eyes looked towards the ground then back up at Ronnie. "So, what's the plan?" He asked her while literally popping up out of his seat. Elliot wondered who she was texting but it was really none of his business so he didn't even bother to ask. Even though the question burned inside of him. A soft, hushed sigh escaped over his parted lips as he waited for Ronnie to answer his question, or at least say something.

She looked up from her phone before looking up at the younger man. When he asked what the plan was. Ronnie, once again just shrugged "In all honesty, Willow sent the the text. And, I truly thought you'd be busy today, so I didn't plan this far ahead." The woman got up from her seat as she brushed off the back of her jeans and put her phone back in her bag after responded to a text from her brother, from Willow, and from Jay about the role he was sure was 'perfect' for her. Elliot looked at Ronnie and laughed a little with the shake of his head. "Well, I was suppose to be busy until I got the text from you then I got someone to close up the studio for me." He watched as she got up from the bench and started texting. As she sent the very last text to her friend Tyler, who she was working on plans for a collab with in the near future. Seeing that they lived five "You sure are very popular today." Eli patted her on the back softly with the palm of his hand. When he patted her on the back and ting of electricity go up her spine before she smirk. "Popular's not even the word, busy and flustered it more like it. But, that doesn't matter. Today is your day, no complaining." She said as she shook her head and took a deep breath to help relax herself. "We could just explore, look around. Oh! We should go to Ghirardelli Square. It's close to the beach and they have this cute little dessert shop and this awesome local pub I went to back when all those YouTubers came to town back in November." Ronnie said as she fixed the strap of her bag on her shoulder before looking at Elliot. "I mean, we don't have to. You're the birthday boy after all, youngster." She said with a smirk as she ruffled his hair a bit.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets, walking alongside with Ronnie, listening to make suggestions on where they should go. He nodded his head and started thinking but then she did the unthinkable - She touched his hair. Not just touched it but went over and beyond to ruffle it a little bit. "Whoa! Whoa! You do not mess with a man's hair!" He shouted in a joking manner. Elliot couldn't really be serious around Ronnie but he could be himself. Everything seem to disappear when he is around her. His head lowered as he tried his best to shake away the current thoughts from his head, eyeing her once more. "So, direct me towards the Ghirardelli Square. Do we have to drive?" He asked while stopping in his tracks, turning heel to face her as rocked on the balls of his feet, waiting for an answer. She looked back at Elliot as he stopped to before answering his question. "It's about fifteen minutes to walk, ten minutes by cable car, and seven minutes to drive. Not that long any way. Your pick." Once they started walking again, she started thinking about what she had gotten him for his birthday, she was sure she had gotten him something but, she wasn't sure what it was. The more the she started to think about it, the closer she was to remembering. "Oh, I almost forgot, with a birthday comes presents." She said in fake despair before smirking.

"But, mine is a secret until we get to the square." She said as she softly grabbed his wrist to get his attention. "But here, you can have this one thing since it's not part of your present," She shuffled around in her bag, moving aside her vlogging camera, her two cell phones; one for her business and one for personal use, and her wallet to grab a small dancer figurine that kind of reminded her of Elliot when she looked at it. It was small but, she had to get it when she saw it when she went on tour with a bunch of other YouTube personalities and they stopped in New York for a couple of days. She was away for almost two months but it was worth it. When she pulled it out and showed it to him, she chuckled before feeling herself start blushing. She face palmed herself softly with her free hand and chuckled nervously before speaking. "I know it's stupid and it sure as hell isn't as great a bloody car for your birthday, but I couldn't resist. It was just so darling and if you look at it closely, it kind of looks like you." She told him as she tilted her head a bit to the right.

Elliot shrugged his shoulders, basically thinking on what to do. His mind was racing everywhere but then he felt a tingling sensation when Ronnie touched his wrist as his eyes immediately snapped towards. When she started shuffling through her bag, the excitement inside of his body grew as she pulled out a small dancer figurine. "Wow. Thanks, Ronnie." Eli smiled brightly while staring at her in those beautiful eyes of hers. "No problem." She said with a smile as she shrugged a bit.

He handed her the figurine. "Keep it in your purse, I don't want to lose it as we walk towards the Square." Elliot said with a smile as he went on to grab Ronnie's hand without even thinking about what he was doing. She nodded and put the little toy back in her bag before feeling Elliot's hand move to hers. She cleared her throat a bit before sighing. It was weird but, she couldn't pull her hand away. Sure, she wasn't used to a man holding her hand even when she was in a relationship but, it didn't mean she didn't like it.

Once they started walking again, he responded to Ronnie's previous statement. "It's alright. That wasn't my real present from you but it still matters and I am happy you brought me something that symbolizes me." Eli spoke those words softly towards her as he couldn't help but blush and tried his best to hide but then thought what the hell. He was really enjoying his walk with Ronnie and he squinted his eyes then pointed his index finger. "Does that sign say Ghirardelli Square?" He asked towards Ronnie, turning his head to face her. "I can't see that far." He commented as he glanced back towards their destination. Ronnie looked towards the sign as she shielded her blue eyes from the bright sun. She smiled when she saw the huge but, hard to notice Ghiardelli sign. She nodded towards him as she smiled. "Yup, that's it." She looked down at their hands before clearing her throat softly and slowly removing her hand from his. Whatever was there before, whatever ounce of romance was there, she had shaken out of her. She had to remind herself that what happened and what they did was a mistake. A one time thing that was behind them.

She scratched the back of her neck as she walked into the square, not really waiting for Elliot to walk beside her. As she looked down at the ground, she slid her hands in the back pockets of her jeans and bit down softly on her bottom lip as she continued walking towards the large map in the middle, not far from where the entrance was. She looked behind her at Elliot before pointing to the map. "Birthday boy's pick." Elliot was a little saddened when Ronnie removed her hand from his. A soft sigh escaped through his lips as he remembers that night, which was a mistake but he felt a little something towards Ronnie after that. He couldn't hold it in anymore - Tonight was the night that he was going to tell Ronnie how he really feels about her, whether shes like it or not. He finally caught up with her then shrugged his shoulders while closing his eyes and pointing his index finger towards a random spot. "There, wine tasting. Sounds nice and elegant." He said, looking at the way they were dressed. Eli shrugged his shoulders again then looked towards Ronnie. "Veronica..." He only used her whole name when it was something serious and boy was this serious. The Brit looked towards him with raised eyebrow. She wasn't used to him, or anyone really calling her Veronica unless she was either in trouble with them or something that they weren't joking around about. She didn't even say anything as she turned and looked up at him.

"I know that the other night was a mistake but..." Ronnie let her eyes fall to her feet as Eli sighed heavily while gulping big and clearing his throat and taking a step closer towards her, placing his hand on her arm. "I like you, honestly. I wish I can shake these thoughts and my feelings away but I can't." Ronnie wanted to look at him but, she didn't even know what to say. She had promised to act like it didn't happen as long as he did the same. And here, he was bringing it up and telling her the same sweet nothings she had heard several times before... Even if Elliot was different, he still was a guy and he still really only wanted one thing. Elliot quirked his lips to the side while turning away from her. "Wow. Didn't think that this would be so hard to do." He said while rubbing the back of his neck with the palm of his hand. When he looked away, Ronnie looked back up before sighing deeply, trying to think of what to say. "Elliot, I..--" She stopped herself as she ran her hand through her short hair. "Elliot, look. I like you, okay? I do. And do I sometimes... imagine about being with you. Yes. But. I'm not willing to throw away our friendship a one night thing that we agreed was just an accident," She grabbed his hand and made him turn back around. "We were drunk, or maybe we weren't. But, either way, we weren't thinking. We were just acting on impulse without thinking of what could happen after. Which is stupid and you might be okay with throwing away our friendship over a spur of the moment but, I'm not tossing out what we have out the window because of a stupid decision we made one night." She wasn't trying to hurt him, she wasn't. This was just the way she dealed with things she didn't want to deal with, she acted somewhat like a bitch, hoping that it would push that person away and make them drop the subject.

Things had gotten awkward between Eli and Ronnie at that very moment but he still listened to her words and turned around. He didn't look at her though, instead, he looked to the ground, still listening. When she was finish speaking, his heart literally dropped to the bottom of his stomach. Her rejected made him feel a little low about himself because he really dreamed of this day and thought it would go a lot better than it really did. A soft sigh came through his partially parted lips as he finally looked up at her, tears swelling up in his eyes. Ronnie looked up at him only to look back down as he started speaking. She knew he was hurt, who wouldn't be hurt after someone just blatantly saying that they weren't interested. She was about to speak but before she had the chance Elliot started talking again.

"Uhmm, you know what, forget the wine tasting event, forget everything." He waved his hands out towards Ronnie and basically stormed off away from her with his head low. He pulled out his cell phone and texted Hayley. [Can you meet me at The Mighty Bean, please?] He pressed the send button then looked up from his phone but not back. Elliot was crushed. His world had been set on fire and Ronnie's words were the gasoline that started it all and she just kept on adding fuel to the fire. Veronica just watched him walk away from her as she down lightly on her lip, trying to find out what had just happened between the two of them. It wasn't like he really wanted to be with her. The were just petty feelings that popped up after he had time to think about that night. "Elliot, come on. Don't be like this." She called after him but, seeing that he just kept walking, she just let out a huff before reaching for her phone and seeing the time. Five. Right on time for her to go see Ben and seeing by what just happened she really could use a talk with her 'little brother'. She ran her hands through her hair before starting to walk in the same direction as Elliot. Hopefully, they weren't heading to the same place.

It was his birthday and he was sad. 'Thanks, Ronnie.' He thought to himself while walking into The Mighty Bean, ordering his usual and taking a seat in one of the secluded corners of the cafê. Eli really tried his best to push the moment that had just happened out of his mind but he cared and liked Ronnie so much, he couldn't. Tears were slowly streaming down his cheeks as he grabbed a napkin and wiped them away. As he waited for Hayley to show up, he pulled out his headphones and plugged them up to his iPhone 5C then planted them in his ears. He went to his YouTube and typed in Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess then started listening to it.

Elliot honestly wanted to know why Ronnie rejected him. Yeah, it would ruin their kind of ruin their friendship but there has to be someone else or something else but he was leaning more towards there being someone else.

As Ronnie headed back towards the apartments, she just kept thinking about the look on Elliot's face, he truly looked upset. As if she had ripped out his heart and stomped it on the ground. She looked back at her phone as she passed The Mighty Bean and sent a text to Ben, saying she was on her way. [Hey, Benny. I'm on my way now, I should be there in a few minutes.] She slid her phone back in her bag as she headed towards Daff's. When she headed inside the diner, she saw Ben and offered a small smile as she headed over to his table. When she slid into the booth, she rubbed her temples as she lifted her eyes from the table to her friend. "I need advice...about a guy."

For the next hour, she explained what had happened between her and Elliot... she didn't use his name of course, but she did tell him close to anything. No need to tell her about them sleeping together, it wasn't his business anyway. Besides, no need to scar him for life or anything. "So, tell me. How bad of a person am I?" She asked as she looked back up at him.

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Date and Time - April 23, 2014. 3:55 P.M.
Location - Her Apartment Building, 2B.

Hayley had got home about a half hour ago and the muffin she had ate earlier didn't really do much to her stomach. The young woman strolled around her apartment heading towards the kitchen as she pulled out her phone.
[Hey Allie, want to come over and play some PlayStation tomorrow? I got snacks and the aspirin you may need for a hangover because of the party, Anyway, Yeah let me know! ;)] With that Hayley sent the text to Allie as she took out the frozen pizza and popped it in the oven. Yeah she liked Allie a WHOLE lot but Hayley could see how she acted around Thomas. The young woman knew that she was no match to go against Thomas so she kept her distance when the two love birds were together. Hayley believed if they were meant to be then it would happen naturally but if they weren't then I guess that's just how it was.

The blue eyed woman shook the though from her head and decided to play some video games. She quickly turned on her PlayStation and began to play Saints Row 4 as he pizza was cooking. A good 20 minutes passed when she heard the little Ding from the oven's bell. Hopping up from the floor, Hayley all but skipped over to the oven slipping on the mitts and pulling out her delicious pizza. " Come to momma!" She said to herself as she licked her lips setting the steaming hot pizza on the counter.

Hayley couldn't wait for the pizza to cool so she pulled a piece out and blew on it before taking a bite out of it. " Crap!" she cursed as she pulled away, cheese stretching from the pizza to her mouth. The woman quickly chewed trying not to burn her mouth as she poured herself some water with her free hand. Never letting go of the delicious cheesy goodness, Hayley picked up the cup and gulped down some of the cold water to relieve the burning sensation on her tongue. " Ahh, that's much better" At that moment Hayley heard her phone vibrate on the coffee table and she made her way over as she took more bites of her pizza. She picked up her cell and unlocked it seeing that Eliot had text her. [Can you meet me at The Mighty Bean, please?]

Hayley thought it was a bit weird that Eliot would be texting her while he was with Ronnie. She pushed this thought away as she munched away and held the pizza in between her teeth as she sent a text back to Eliot. [ Yeah sure, I'll be there in 10 hun.] After sending the text, Hayley finished her slice of pizza and covered the rest. Grabbing her helmet, keys and wallet the woman headed out her door once more not bothering to turn off her game leaving it paused. Hopping down the steps her stomach now all happy, Hayley walked out the door slipping her helmet on and sitting on her bike turning it on. The bike roared underneath her before she pulled off. In under 15 minutes Hayley was at The Mighty Bean, parking her bike in the back. She walked in with her helmet still on but she removed it once she sat at the same table with Eliot across from her. " What's up Birthday boy, why aren't you with Ronnie?"

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Date and Time - April 23, 2014. 04:30 P.M.
Location - Apartment 1A, Daff's Diner

Ben did not hear any response from the apartment, he appeared to be the first one back home. Slowly and on his toes he made his way to the bathroom, he didn't want his dirty jeans to touch any other surface in the apartment. The smell of sour milk came from it, and he was not interested in cleaning up the mess he might create. In the bathroom he slowly and carefully took off his clothes and he threw his pants in the shower. He turned on the hot water and grabbed the shower head from the wall. He sprayed his pants with the hot water and threw some of his body lotion on top of it. The smell seemed to get better after about a minute and he placed the shower head back where it came from. He took the pants and tried to wring out as much water as he could, afterwards he hung it over the heating so it could fully dry.

That out of the way it was time for himself to get clean. He jumped under the still running shower and spend about 20 minutes doing little more than washing his hair and body. Stepping out he quickly shaved before getting to his room to get some clothes. He put on a simple shirt and a pair of pants he found in the corner of his room. Coming home between or not, he was ready for tonight's party. He sprayed some of his favourite after shave on his neck and wrist as he always did before a party. Lastly he grabbed his wallet and keys and headed for the door.

He walked towards the Daff Diner where he would meet Ronnie. Still wonder what she has to say... It was a short walk, he thought about walking into the Bean first to get a coffee for on the way, but he felt more like a beer at this time. As such he passed the Bean only to walk into the Daff minutes later. As he sat down in a booth he felt his phone vibrate and he saw Ronnie's text message. [Hey, Benny. I'm on my way now, I should be there in a few minutes.] Good, maybe he could order for the both of them. A waiter stopped by to take his order. "Could I have a Heineken and a glass of Merlot for my friend? She should be here soon." The waiter left and to kill some time Ben played Candy Crush on his phone.

When Ben took his first sip of his nice ice cold beer he saw Ronnie coming in. Smiling at first his grin turned to a confused look when he saw the expression on her face. She didn't look her usual self this evening. While she sat down on the opposite side of the table Ben waited for her to speak. He was wondering what got her worried. "I need advice...about a guy." Oh oh, she didn't often call on Ben for guy trouble, but if she needed his help he was more than willing to assist. "Okay, if you need advice, I need the full story,...spill." For the next hour he listened to the full story, at least as full as she described it. She didn't give a name, which meant it was undoubtedly someone he knew. He suspected it was Elliott, but if she wouldn't bring it up, neither would he. She was allowed her privacy after all, not everything was Ben's business.

"So, tell me. How bad of a person am I?" She looked up at him with wide open eyes. Ben stood up from his side of the booth and sat down again right next to Ronnie. He put his arm around her and gestured for her to put her head on his shoulder. "You're not a bad person. There isn't a universe where you could ever be a bad person. Now about advice regarding guys. First of all a general rule, all guys are assholes. Yes, every single one of them. They only think of one thing, that is how to get girls and what would happen if they do get them. There is no exception, I'm guilty as hell. Please accept this, I'm your friend, consider you my family and value your opinion more than others." He put in a little pause to let it sink in. He knew that all girls suspected it, but it needs to be confirmed every once in a while.

He continued with his wise lesson: "Now that we have established the base rules, we can go on with the exceptions, 'cause there are exceptions. Even though all guys are the same, it does not mean they are the same with every single girl. For every guy in the world there are a few girls that make him want to be not-an-asshole. A girl for which they will do everything. They will put aside their pride, their cool, in short: their asshole behaviour. Now this guy can either be a run of the mill asshole, or you can be the girl that he will try his best for not to be an asshole." If this was really about Elliott he wasn't sure if he wanted to give this advice. He didn't knew the guy all that well, and he might just be another Ash in the making. But who was Ben to take away any possibility of a love life for Ronnie.

Ben ordered another round for them. From all this talking his mouth was getting dry. "Now that we have all the facts, we can get to the real problem. Nobody ever knows when the guy is an asshole or an asshole trying his best not to be one. Many times the guy himself doesn't even know. Me personally, I have not yet met someone I wanted to become a non asshole for. I thought there was, but I think I was wrong there and so I look on. By the way there is one more exception, and that is family. And since I consider you as such I am not an asshole to you, I merely see you as a friend. A friend that, for the purpose of this conversation, is genderless to me." Taking a sip from his beer he hoped this would be enough to give Ronnie a bit more insight. He had more theories, and he could continue, but he thought this was enough truth for one evening.

"Knowing all of this..., are you still up for tonight's party?"