Rhee Seung Hye

"Call me 'maknae' one more time and I swear I'll..."

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Full Name:
Rhee Seung Hye, although most call her by her English name 'Sophie', now that she lives here.
Soph/Phee || By friends and casual acquaintances
Seung-Seung || By her younger brother, when he wants something
Milk || By Mr Cheng, a man whose dairy she used to deliver milk to
6th of October
South Korean
Face Claim:
Park Shin Hye


  • Friendly faces
  • Music of practically every genre
  • Coffee
  • Laughing
  • Autumn weather
  • The sound of thunder
  • Chocolate
  • Daydreaming
  • Shakespeare
  • Random tidbits of general knowledge
  • Spike Milligan and Doctor Seuss
  • Stargazing
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Adrenaline
  • Arrogance
  • When she forgets things
  • Uncomfortable silences
  • Being the centre of attention
  • Hypocrites
  • Seafood
  • Hot weather
  • Pretentious/Selfish/Ignorant people
  • Bullies
  • Awkward situations
  • Being wrong
  • Alcohol
  • Witty
  • Artistic
  • Good with animals
  • Versatile
  • Good reflexes
  • Has knack for getting herself out of trouble
  • Charming in an unconventional sense
  • Musical
  • Creative
  • Forgetful
  • Socially awkward
  • Acts without thinking
  • Doesn't know how to pick her fights
  • Horrible at baking
  • Total klutz
  • Stubborn



Sophie is not a particularly difficult person to get along with, as she is pretty calm and collected. Until someone
somehow manages to piss her off, that is. There are a number of ways to do this, such as expressing arrogance,
ignorance or rudeness; insulting her or someone she cares about; abusing money, privileges and power; or simply
by being an A-grade jackass. She is tougher than she looks, and isn't afraid to pick a fight with a fellow twice her size,
and her sense of pride and stubbornness with keep her from backing out again, even if she begins to lose, or ends up
regretting her decision. She is kind, and compassionate, but not very good at the whole 'words of comfort' thing. She
can think on the spot, but when it comes to social situations, casual conversation or mindless gossip, she may as well
have a wad of cloth stuck in her mouth. She is clumsy and pretty forgetful, but devoted to a fault, and once she has her
mind set on something, she won't back out, no matter the obstacles. She is humorous, and her sarcasm has a habit to
slip out in the least helpful of times, such as when she's trying to satisfy an unreasonable customer, or talk sense into
a moronic stranger. She is plucky and imaginative, often finding herself daydreaming when she should really be getting
on with reality, and her fierce and fiery nature is as charming as it is fearsome. She hates being wrong, and when she is
will often deny it and fight her point, even when she knows that she is at fault, only to chide herself and mutter angrily
when alone. She is reckless, and tends to do things without planning them out, but where she lacks wisdom, she possesses
intellect, ingenuity and wit.
Quirks & Habits


Dream Walking || The ability to enter the dreams of another person. This tends to
occur against Sophie's will, when she is sleeping. "You don't know true horror until you walk
into another person's wet dream... *shudder*"

Increased Strength, Speed and Stamina || The power to remain in the peak physical
and/or mental condition of user's species with little or no maintaining.

Invisibility || The power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye. She can turn
herself, and whatever she is touching invisible, so long as the overall mass of what she is touching does
not weigh more than about 160 pounds.

Avian Morphing || She can adjust and completely change her DNA to
that of a bird.

Probability Manipulation || Basically, Sophie is extremely lucky, at
least when it comes to card games and the like, although she seems less adept in this than
she should be.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: About 45kg
Body Build: Sophie is slim, with a deceivingly delicate-looking frame
Complexion: Fair, olive skin, with few blemishes, save for a freckle by her left eyebrow
Hair: Naturally wavy. A warm, chocolate shade, cut into a bob that ends just before her shoulders
Clothing Style:XXX
Accessories: Sophie is hardly the jewellery type, although she will not
complain to the odd beanie, especially when confronting a 'bad hair day', and she is never without
her 'good luck charm', a simple rope bracelet which sports a Celtic rune. X
Piercings & Tattoos:Nada.
Scars & Birthmarks: She has a couple of small scars, although nothing to horrific.
A small, thin, diagonal burn on the back of her right hand from brushing the oven a year or two ago. A scar
under her eyebrow from being accidentally hit with a flying hockey ball. As for birthmarks, she has a small
mole beneath her left eyebrow, and an inch-long celtic-esque cross on her left shoulder blade.


Place of Residence:
Occupation: Sophie has a great number of part-time jobs, from waitressing to carpooling.
Family: Her aunt, Yvonne, and her younger cousin (although they call each other brother
and sister), Lucas.
Pet(s): Jibang, the family cat, was once thin and malnourished, now... not so much. X
Sophie was born in Gwangju, to Rhee Hwan Uk, a passionate architect, and Song Myeong Gi, a beautiful museum director. They met one another once before they officially met, when Myeong Gi accidentally spilled iced tea on Hwan Uk after bumping into one another in the street, and yelled out her phone number so that he could call her to pay for drycleaning, as she was in a rush, and already late for an extremely important meeting. Unfortunately, a car horn kept Hwan Uk from hearing the last three numbers, and he wallowed in his grief at having missed out meeting such a woman again. However, fate drove them back to one another, and they met again when renovating the museum. Long story short, they fell in love.... this is at least what Sophie was told, although she always said, "You expect me to believe that crap, you got that straight out of a drama, didn't you?" Whenever her aunt told her the story.

One thing is for certain, when Sophie was eight, her parents passed away in (what she was told) was a car accident, and she was sent to live with her lovably wacky aunt and cousin, here in the good ol' US of A.

(Rest of her bio to be revealed...)

So begins...

Rhee Seung Hye's Story


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Saturday || 9:05

Sophie pulled the key from its silver socket and dismounted the banana-yellow scooter. It's side, emblazoned with the logo of the well-known fast-food joint 'Johnno's' was buffered and dented, the curve of the 'h' scratched off so that the name read 'Jolnno's'. Sophie glanced at it with a concerned and slightly irritant frown. She was so going to get railed for this. And it wasn't even her fault! It was the moron in the Mercedes who was to blame. He'd reversed right into her. She sighed, and took off the helmet, shaking loose her helmet hair and allowing her locks to return to their usual wild array. Hm. Leo, her adviser, probably wouldn't even notice. So long as the deliverers did their job, he rarely took the time to see how they or their equipment was faring. But Nate... urgh. He'd notice. And worse, he'd totally nark on her. His weird, overly competitive nature always had him striving to get her fired. The man was two years older than her, and yet continued to bear a grudge on her. Honestly, all she did was accidentally insult his girlfriend, resulting in said girlfriend breaking up with him. Ah... yeah. Grudge was understandable. But really! The girl hadn't been all that, anyway.

Sophie glanced at the battered vehicle once more before sighing, and tucking the keys into her pocket. She glanced at her watch: 9:07Hm. She was early... or was she? Were they supposed to be meeting at nine, or ten? Oh, well. If ten, then good for her. If nine, well, better late than never. And besides, she'd been a lot later than this in the past. Try.. a couple of hours? Yeah.. typical Soph.

Sophie began walking through the woods, slipping her headphones over her head as she wandered. Bon Jovi began to play through the speakers, and she tucked her hands into her pockets. To be honest, the music on her phone was pretty random. One second she'd be head-banging to Guns n' Roses, and the next she'd be gazing dramatically into the distance to Coldplay.

"I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride.." She murmured tunefully, humming as she walked. "I'm wanted. Dead or al-"

As her foot got caught on an unidentified something, Sophie was a sent stumbling, awkwardly trying to catch herself without falling down in the dirt. She turned to see what had caused her fall, "What the-"Her words caught in her throat as she caught sight of what had tripped her. It was... a guy. Well, she thought it was. His face was more mauled than the faces of most guys she knew. Plus is nose was all but gone, which was also an irregular thing, as far as human anatomy goes. Trying not to stare, she looked apologetic, "Uh.. sorry, I wasn't looking where I was go-" She was cut short once more, this time by the man's glare, which was so hateful she half-expected him to burn a hole into her skull. He was clutching his shin tightly, as though in pain, but with a wince, he got up, shooting her a final glower before storming off in the opposite direction, muttering something about a 'blonde bastard'. Sophie stared after him a moment in silence. "Uh... okay."

Still unsettled by the man's hateful look, she turned and continued her journey to the park. By the time she broke through the foliage and reached the park, all memories of the angry stranger were gone. Well, no. Actually, they weren't. But Sophie tried her best to forget, and that had to count for something.