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Just Another Story

Just Another Story


The Resistance’s newest groups have just graduated. They have been promised their first mission after their celebration – until something devastating happens...

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This is:

Just Another Story

The room’s air is stale and unmoving, dust settles on every surface. It’s dark, so dark it’s hard to see around but the old computer screen offers a little light as long as you are close to it. A young man pulls out an office chair tucked under the desk that holds the computer, and he winced as it creaks slightly. For five minutes he remains still, ears furiously straining to see if any other noise follows his own, but luckily all is silent. His shoulders drop as he relaxes slightly and he reaches his hand towards the monitor and lightly places it on the screen. A flicker of blue static passes from the hand to the computer and the machine hums to life. The man keeps his hand placed on the computer, and begins his work.

Syosse Mainframe Archives

Enter Passcode …

Passcode Incorrect.

Enter Passcode …

Passcode Incorrect.

Enter Passcode …

Passcode Incorrect, Activating Alarm System 5

Alarm System 5 Deactivated.

Passcode Correct, Welcome Dr.Gray

Enter Syosse …

“A land torn apart by war, half destroyed from wars before their time. Some are fighting for their freedom and rights, while others fight to regain the power they once held over the rest of the world.” Poet Drew Kernigan’s description of Syosse in his work Living Hell.


“Hardly what I would call home, there is so much organized chaos. People dying everywhere, either killing each other or just dying ‘cuz they don’t have enough to live on. People selling people like they own em’, people stealing things ‘cuz they don’t have nothing. People disappearing, people with weird mutations, people hiding in the rubble of buildings bombed years ago. Just so many people, you just can’t see them all ‘cuz they want to disappear like the rest of us.” Citizen’s Report


“Filthy place really, at least in most of the cities. There are a few villages where the rich live that are maintained but more the most part it is an unsanitary dirty place to be. The thing that attracts people is those facilities, the ones with the unordinary humans inside, and the ones who guard over them and study them. They host such wonderful events, you know. Sadly it has become too dangerous for anyone of importance to visit nowadays, seeing as they’ve got a big security problem with a band of ruffians. Shame.” Diplomat from Kilamon.

Enter Abomination Abolishers …

“…the courageous men and women who control the dangerous freaks that pollute the streets and keep the rest of us who are normal safe.” As defined by the President’s nephew, Louis Grante.


“They are like pompous policemen with better weapons and technology, and a mean attitude. They can do anything they want and get away with it.” Citizen’s Report.

“The AA kind of scare me, all dark and in the shadows, raiding buildings in the middle of the night and whisking people away to jail-like-laboratories that people whisper about over their morning tea. Sometimes their victims aren’t even given a chance to be taken away, and the AA just kill them. Two quick shots to the head. Black body bags toting them away in their vans.” Citizen’s Report.


“They are like half-fed dogs, hurting because they are hurt, because we have hurt them and their masters. They have become more lethal to any who resist, but so have we. They may have technology and guns, but we have something that they will never have- abilities.” Anonymous, suspected Abnormal/Abomination.

Enter The Resistance …

“Brave, brave people. I admire them for attempting to gain freedom and peace like the rest of us have, well I guess we don’t have much but still.” Citizen’s Report.


“The pesky lowlife ragtag team that is trying to strike back against the AA and those they work for. All they do is cause trouble, and most of us wish they would just give in and accept they are lesser than us.” Diplomat from Tarshe.

“If the AA are like shadows, these people are like air, you never see them, hardly hear them until they are this massive tornado of angry air, ripping apart any in their way and not batting an eye. They are a force to be reckoned with, they are every bit as fierce as those they fight against, and maybe a little more because they have a reason for fighting.” Anonymous


“…found a group of the so called “Resistance, but they hardly showed any of that when we blew apart their leader, and took three of the remaining five into custody. The other two we played around with before ending them. They aren’t hard to kill honestly; I don’t know what people fuss about so much with them. I’m guessing we can wipe out this problem in a year and move on.” Abomination Abolisher Scott Raegin.

Enter Abnormal …

Most Common Definition- A person that is mutated in some way, usually they have an ability as well. An Abnormal is someone that Gray Facilities and the Abomination Abolishers find valuable for research or other purposes, and thus they are hunted and are meant to be kept alive and well.

Enter Abomination …

Most Common Definition- A person that is mutated in some way, usually they have an ability as well. An Abomination is someone that the Gray Facilities and the Abomination Abolishers find either useless or too dangerous for research or other purposes, and thus they are only hunted to be killed. One can change from an Abnormal to an Abomination depending on Gray Facilities reports, and all information changes instantly in the database. If someone is in between the two groups they are characterized as a Borderline Abomination.

Enter Blender’s and Neon’s...

Most Common Definition- This is slang familiar with both the Abomination Abolishers and the Resistance, where Blender’s are mutated people whose ability they can hide easily, and Neon’s are mutated people whose ability is very difficult to hide, and they may also have something physically different that makes them stand out and easy to identify.

Enter Gray Facilities …

Most Common Definition- A group of government funded research facilities that will experiment on mutated people, study them, contain them, train them and a number of other things.


“A horrible place to be if you aren’t deemed normal, but if you are it is an entertaining, interesting, and education place to visit.” Citizen’s Report.


“After last year’s attack on our main facility we have been able to rebuild, and stronger than ever. We mourn the loss of our previous founder, whose name shall not be mentioned. We happily encourage the ‘Resistance’ to try and take a crack at us again, because we are more than ready.” New founder Dr. Gray’s quote from local city newsprint.

The man pauses when he comes to this name, his face scrunches up in the dark with obvious distaste. After his brief pause he goes back to his searching.

Enter Dr. Nathaniel Gray …

“Founder of Gray Facilities, as most people know. He is one of the richest people on the planet, though most of his money is funneled back into his facilities. He holds events at his facilities to gain new sponsors and donators, and he is also generously funded by the government and the President who takes a strong liking to Dr. Gray.” Citizen’s Report.


“ Dr. Gray is known to be a well-respected man when in public, but behind closed doors he is an egotistical maniac bent on controlling the freak population. I think once he has them all he’ll brainwash them and use them to take over what’s left of the world. They’ll be like his pets, except they can fly or shoot ice out of their palms or some shit. That’s why I work for him…” Anonymous.


“… his most recent investment is in an underwater facility that only 10 others know about. Know as FIAB, Dr.Gray wants to keep this project in the dark so that none of his opposition try and sabotage it.” Email segment to Louis Grante.

Enter FIAB …

Fish in a Barrel


“… we just transferred number 7347 yesterday to FIAB, he was heavily sedated and didn’t wake up until we had him in his new room. Can’t believe we caught the infamous ‘Puppy’, one of the many leaders of the Resistance. He doesn’t have much fight left in him though.” Abomination Abolisher Gregory Stills.


“They moved the all us Elite down to that godforsaken fish house, it’s so cold down there. I don’t see why we have to be here but whatever the boss says, you know? All the special freaks are bunked here too, which makes it that much more of a ‘lovely’ experience. I can’t wait till’ I can breath fresh air when they send us on the White Out operation. So excited, we’ve been planning this for months.” Email segment to Anonymous.

Enter Operation White Out …

“Finally one of our seekers detected something on the aerial scan. A large building, large enough to hold thousands. There is a significant amount of heat coming off of it, and I guess there had to be because it’s located in some arctic outlands. As they swooped closer they couldn’t see anything, best guess is they have one of the freaks cloaking it. The cloak is pretty impressive as it stretches out for miles, who knows what all they have down there. But we got the suckers.” Abomination Abolisher Ty Patton.


“We will execute operation White Out hopefully by next month, we’ve been monitoring them for a week now and we need to act quickly in case they find us and move. The Elite squad is all ready, we’re just waiting on some finer details to be worked out and the okay from Dr. Gray. We’ve got all the equipment packed, hundreds of transportation vehicles, restraints, and of course, the serum. This will hit them so bad I doubt they will recuperate. Thousand will be taken and of course, all Abominations will be killed on sight. It will be a glorious victory for us.” Unknown Source.

His heartbeat speeds and it sounds so loud in his ears he’s afraid people a mile away could detect it. What he had just stumbled upon he knew he wasn’t supposed to, this was confidential stuff that only Gray would know about, and now he had to let the others know. The man was beginning to sweat, his palms were cold and clammy and the screen sparked in complaint when the water touched it. Quickly he copied the information and formed a message.

It is Restricted to Send Files from this location, Alarm System 2 Activated

Override: Message sent to ‘Resa Stence’

Try as he might he couldn’t deactivate the alarm, so he bypassed the sloppy block and sent the message anyways, as that was the most important thing. He could see behind him hallway lights turning on, feet shuffling and the alarm blaring in his ears. He sent a surge of energy in an attempt to erase what he had been searching on the computer, and the message he sent. He could hear voices now, angry and fast. The computer erased the content of the message, but refused to erase the notification itself. Cursing the man removed his hand and made for the window, hoping he could still escape the facility. Just as he was dragging his last foot out the window a strong hand caught a hold of it and yanked him back. Oh well, he didn’t expect to get far anyways, and he had prepared for this. The man gathered the electric energy inside him until is was a raging mass, and he let it go but not upon his attacker, but rather he let it consume himself.

Minutes later a middle-aged man in a grey lab coat entered the room, eyes passing over the dead man’s body and he raised a lip in disgust. What a waste. With his gloved hands he swept off non-existent dust from the office chair and looked at the screen.

… … …

Trace Message…

Error 236- Unable to Follow Command.

The man sighed and powered down the computer, walking out of the room with his mind swirling with questions. He would have to strike soon. Very soon.

The Resistance’s newest groups have graduated. Their leader Theresa has promised them their first mission after their celebration – until something devastating happens and in a rush the group finds themselves alone, running, carrying a data stick which holds new secrets.

This Roleplay will be written in 3rd person

Character Skeleton

* This part will be written in first person.
* Please look at existing characters so you can have a better idea of what I am looking for.
* Please make sure to include a picture of your character, please no anime
* And please no characters with wings... just... no

Start off with your character's name and any nicknames if they have any.

Next, put two lines or so about what age they began training until the age they finished at which is their current age. There are 13 years of training, so 13 years in between the two dates.

Then you'll write whether your character is a 'Blender' or a 'Neon', and explain why- this is their description.

After that say if the character is classified as an Abomination, Borderline Abomination, or an Abnormal- a nice way of stating your ability(s). If you, for example, say your ability is an Abnormal one but I think it's Abomination worthy, I'll PM you and you must change it.

Then go on to describe your personality, I know that as we go along, the characters personality will form, change, and develop, but at least give the rest of us an idea of what they are like.

Finally, say a small history, I'm not expecting much here because we are making their new history as we go along. Please note that no one may have in their history the following things: a) that they have even been held in a Gray facility, or by the Abomination Abolishers, and b) that they are children of the 'Legendaries', as they are all dead and you have no idea who they are. Fret not, this doesn't mean your character isn't special; you may, however, have a parent who helped in the Revolution.

And if you write a nice writing sample you get extra points!!
I will take reservations, and if more than one person wants the same reservation I decide by whoever is the better character and more skilled writer.
I won't accept any characters until there are at least 4 pending approval.
As for the boy/girl ratio, at least 1 boy for every 2 girls (So at minimum 2 boys)


Be AWARE or my rules:

Active, Kyren.Laili and I have put a lot of time and effort into this, and I’d like you to be fairly active or I’ll boot.
Warnings, I give 2 of them in both PM and OOC before I boot. They can be about anything, so, just fix what I ask you to.
Advanced, please give your posts your best; I don’t appreciate 2 short, flat paragraphs.
Respectful, to me as the Creator of this and Kyren.Laili as the Co-Creator.
Enjoy yourself, again, we’ve spent a lot off time, effort, tea, phone calls, and hurting wrists and such to make this. Have fun, read all the stuff and have a ball.

And if you don’t know the standard: no godmod, Mary Stue’s and whatever then you’d better get outta here.



Slot I ~ Taken by Varyar
Slot II ~ Taken by VitaminHeart
Slot III ~ Taken by Deuce
Slot IV ~ Reserved for Furry Dragon
Slot V ~ Open
Slot VI ~ Open

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 6 authors


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The sun had barely made its appearance in the sky when Nimph kicked off the rough blankets, not bothering to pick them up off the floor as she tiptoed past the other sleeping bodies. Once she was out of the bunk room, she rested flat on her feet and treaded into the big industrial kitchen where older members of the Resistance prepared big meals for the mess hall. Usually if you were back there you had to be helping, but Nimph weaved through the people making breakfast, taking an apple here, a piece of bread there, until she had enough food to fill up a plate.

Just as she pushed open the wide swinging doors that led to the mess hall, Theresa Westclox stepped out in front of her. Theresa was in her early 40’s and had aged well. She had light brown hair that she kept trimmed to her shoulders, and her eyes were a calm hazel. She had a very ‘business-like’ look about her, very clean and proper even though she wore clothes as plain as everyone else. Theresa had her arms crossed and an unhappy look on her face, and thus began their morning banter.

“Why don’t you have your cloak on, where is it?”
“I just woke up.”
“Where is your cloak?”
“ I’ll put it on in a minute!”
“And why didn’t you make your bed this morning?”
“I’m 19 years old-“
“And you’d think you could handle such a menial task by now.”
“I’ll do it in a minute!”
“Good. And when you do, pack a bad as well.”
“Pack a bag.”
"But why? Today’s the day I-"
“Just do as I say!”

Then came the awkward pause when Nimph tried to figure out a way to leave, and Theresa tried to find something else to nag Nimph on. “Carry on then.” Theresa finally said after looking Nimph over once more. Released from the conversation, she nimbly made her way over to a table near the far right. Already seated there was Jack, who was always up earlier than her, sipping a tea and reading something. “The other group who is graduating today has to pack too.” Jack said, not bothering to look up from his book. Her excitement began to grow as she sat down beside him. “So, it could be our first assignment?” she smirked, setting the plate down. “Or we could be getting a transfer, or being sent off to a post.” He replied. Nimph ignored him and leaned back with a big grin. There was no doubt about it, they would be getting a mission file. Jack could understand her enthusiasm, as normally it could take months of petty tasks before a new team got their first mission. The two teams that would be graduation today were this year’s best, the two teams with the highest scores and the better chance at completing successful raids and such. Today they would graduate and receive their tattoos, each was unique to the group and signified that they were fully functioning members, and then they would celebrate into the evening.

Nimph down her breakfast in less than 4 minutes, leaving a small bread bun for Jack to nibble on. Circling back to the bunk room, Nimph once again stalked quietly back to her bed, pausing to scoop up the blanket off the floor and arrange it on the bed half-heartedly before kneeling down. As silently as she could, she pulled out the chest that would be underneath every other bunk. She had never bothered to lock it, as stealing usually never happened here. People didn’t have many personal items, but those they did have were cherished and there was a level of respect they had for each other. She yanked open the top lid ad reached her arms in, pulling out the long grey cloak and set it on her bed. Next she removed the cowl and two sets of street clothes and put them on her bed as well. She rummaged around for a while before taking out a long object- about the length of her forearm covered in black leather, and a strange silver ring. Both were items she treasured, and she placed the object tenderly on the bed and slipped the ring onto her forefinger.

Nimph closed the lid and slid the chest back under the bed, hands groping around briefly before her hands felt the coarse fabric. She took out the medium sized backpack she had chosen from the pile. It was flat right now, but even with the few things she planned to put in it, if packed right, it would only make a slight bulge. Abandoning all attempts at being quiet, Nimph loudly unzipped the backpack and neatly packed it, making sure the black leather-covered-object was tucked in safely before zipping it shut. She snatched the cloak from the bed, slung her backpack over her shoulder and tromped out of the room, Back inside the mess hall she re-joined Jack and a sleepy-eyed Farrah. Farrah nursed a mug of coffee, her face scrunching up every time she took a sip. Farrah hated coffee, as did Nimph herself, but Farrah was convinced that it made her seem more mature, and she figured she’d get used to the taste eventually.

“How come you got to pack a bag?” Farrah whined when she caught sight of the backpack. “Because,” Nimph sighed, setting her backpack beside Jack’s bag and Farrah’s purse-like-bag that Theresa or someone would have packed for her. “You take too long and you over pack.” She said simply. Nimph put her head on the table and closed her eyes. Soon she would see more people getting up, waking for the day that would mean so much to the two groups today.


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#, as written by Varyar
Subtly, the Resistance began to wake up. People stood up slowly, as if they had difficulty in leaving the dream world they just left behind. With the activity around him, Michael opened his eyes, standing up with a sense of urgency that he always felt when rudely awakened. He had dreamt of his future. In the dream, it seemed clear, and Michael knew exactly what to do. When dragged to reality, he was not so sure how to carry on.

The young Abomination stretched his arms, trying to avoid the uncertainty in his mind, and walked to the mess hall. Now the place was filled with life, forming its own cacophony: the clink of cutlery, the creaking of chairs, the hiss of the kitchen, the casual conversation of the youngest and their anxiety, their fears, their happiness and the excitement of those who would be tattooed. Michael was among them, but he did not know how to behave or what to feel. He always wanted to make a difference in the world, but never knew how. The Resistance offered an alternative, and now he took up the commitment in body and soul.

Serving himself with a generous portion of the food available, Michael scanned the hall with his wild, staring silver eyes, and recognized some of the young people who had trained with him over these thirteen years. Again, a sense of responsibility for the others invaded his mind. He walked away and sat at a table on the right. Michael ate his breakfast in silence, lost in thought, and somehow trying not to think about what would come after the ceremony. A life of endless struggle against The Powers That Be? Fight, even knowing there would never be victory against an enemy so strong and powerful as Dr. Gray and the AA? Michael refused to believe these desolating thoughts.

Instead, he returned to the barracks to put in the bag his few possessions: A coat that supposedly belonged to his father, and a metal knife, lightweight and easy to conceal that he put in his coat pocket. As his skills developed, Michael became capable of throwing the knife at high speeds, and now managed to make it as deadly as a firearm.

Finally ready, Michael joined the others in the mess hall, sitting at a table where a young girl with blue hair and another one with red hair sat, a contrast that drew his attention: water and fire, reincarnated in human form. Also on the table was a young man focused on his book, and Michael tried to remember when he had last read anything.

Uncomfortable around the young group, Michael remained silent, sliding the blade of the knife up and down as he thought of what was to come.


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Velasco woke up earlier than he'd exprected, but still craved the feeling of being wrapped in his dreams. He turned over and looked at the ceiling. Sighing, he sat up and noticed that his stomach was alrmingly empty. Making his way out of the room, Velasco thought about what was to come of this day. He sauntered out to the Messhall. He began to lazily put the closest available options of food on his plate. He then made his way to the table he was used to sitting at, and plopped himself and his food down.

He glanced around the room to see how many were up before him, and frowned. He knew Gwen would be asleep, and Ron would likely be pretending to be asleep aswell, just to match his sister. That kid was obsessed with proving that he and his sister were twins. Biting into something, he heard another tray hit the table, followed by the familiar huff of Gwen.

"You're up rather early." Vasco managed to say through his stuffed face.

"I had to be." She replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Because..?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Because today is a special day." A different voice, yet also familiar. Ron sat down beside his sister, a smaller amount of food placed on his tray. Vasco shrugged and looked back to whatever he was eating. It looked like he'd just took a bunch of breakfast foods and mixed it up. Making a face, he pushed it away and drank down some orange juice.


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#, as written by Deuce
Thomas sat on the exam table as a Resistance doctor carefully removed samples of his skin. Thomas sighed heavily as he stared at the ground, unable to shake the feeling of being a test subject rather than a patient. The doctor slid a sample under the microscope, taking his glasses off so he could look through the scope unrestricted. He then carefully added a single drop of solution to the sample. There was a few minutes of silence, Thomas biting his bottom lip while his eyes darted from object to object in the small room. "So, what's the prognosis, Doc?" The doctor sat up and looked at Thomas. "The cells in your body are still unresponsive." Thomas sighed and stood up, grabbing his cloak from the nearby table and putting it on. The doctor could see Thomas was growing impatient. "Like I said before, Thomas, your cells are viral in nature. Anytime we try to introduce outside stimuli, they just reject it." Thomas just nodded, having heard this same spiel for the last thirteen years. "I got to go to the graduation. See you next time." Thomas exited the room, giving a small wave to the Doctor as he did so.

Thomas ran his fingers along the wall as he walked down the hall, humming a slightly offbeat tune to himself. "Today we graduate and move on. Jack. Nimph. Farah. Michael. They all know what they want to do. Fight." Thomas laughed to himself as he rounded the corner, his eyes meeting a mirror at the end of the short, narrow hallway. He walked toward it slowly, biting his bottom lip while his eyes stayed transfixed on his own reflection. He stopped just three feet short of the mirror, a slightly crooked smile forming on his face. "So, what about you? What are you going to do?" He pulled the cloaks hood up over his head and the smile faded from his face. "Its not good to talk to yourself." Giving a quick tap on the glass he continued left down the hallway toward the mess hall.

He was tired. Tired of training. Tired of lying to the others about the nature of his mutation. Tired of looking over his shoulder. Just, tired. After feeling like he was stuck in the same place for thirteen years, he was now being told its time to move forward. He had decided weeks ago to stay with the group, at least until he felt it was time to leave. If there ever was going to be a time to leave, he didn't know. Take it one day at a time, that's what he decided. Its not like his life was going to drastically change anytime soon, right? Feeling refreshed after having a philosophical debate with himself, he opened the door to the mess hall to see many had already arrived. After grabbing a cup of coffee, he made his way to where the others were sitting, putting on a friendly smile as he plopped down in the chair across from the rest of his group. He nodded at each of them as he took small sips of the drink. He took it black, preferring the bitterness to the brief boost sugar and cream were supposed to give you. He glanced at the bags the others had with them, and then at the ring on Nimph's forefinger. He felt a slight ting of envy, as they all had worldly possessions that brought them comfort and security. But, also relief, as he knew this also meant he had nothing worth losing. Nothing to hold him back.


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0.00 INK

Awareness slowly crept into Feli's mind. It was like a timid little animal worried that sleepy wooziness would pounce on it and feast on its minscule form. Gradually awareness grew, perhaps feeding on the dying sleep like a vulture would a carcass. Feli started to notice things: the sheet wrapped around her, the heavy blanket resting on top of the sheet, the discomfort of her bent elbow, the charged crispness of the air. She opened her eyes. Her pupils contracted to elliptical shapes as the pale morning light reached them. Taking a deep breath, she rose out of bed and stretched, enjoying the invigorating feeling of her muscles working.

Feli quickly put her clothes on and made her bed. Today was a big day. Today was the day of graduation. She felt excited and a little nervous, too. She went out to go to the bathroom and on the way back to her room she received orders to pack a bag. Various items went into her well worn bag. Sunglasses to cover her eyes if need be, a pair of gloves, a pencil, a swiss army knife, water, and a few other things she thought she might need. On the spur of the moment she tore off a sprig of mint from her potted mint plant and put it in her bag. You never knew when you were going to need a different taste in your mouth.

Carrying her bag, she went to the mess hall. From the available food she selected bacon, eggs, and a bun and milk to drink. For Feli meat was one of the easiest things to eat, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy other foods, too. She sat down by her group and half listened to their early morning banter. Her mind was on other things. Why did they have us pack bags? I don't think that's normal. What will my group's tattoo look like? And so on. Feli continued to eat and wash her food down with milk. Milk and water were her favorite beverages; she never really like any of the fizzy sodas some people did. Sometimes you just had to keep things simple. Juice was ok, though. When she finished her food Feli absentmindedly scratched out wavy lines on her plastic cup with one of her claws. Without something to distract her, excitement was building in her mind. Sleep was by far out of the picture now; the scavenger that ate it off had done its job well. Feli was ready for the day.


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The cloaks, she supposed, had a certain symbolic value, but she couldn't help but feel that they could be a little counter-intuitive...especially if you started glowing in the dark. Kora splashed some water onto her face, the droplets shimmering odd coloured as they hit any patches of bioluminescent skin before dropping back down into the basin.

Principals were never a substitute for practicality, but thankfully The Resistance seemed to be holding itself together...well as far as she knew anyway. She could assume that they might not be too willing to admit they were being served to some ungraduated trainees. "Hey, welcome to the Resistance, soldier. You're probably going to die soon." wouldn't really be a great opening to one's career.

Kora preferred to be fairly optimistic though. If anything, she could not wait to get out there and DO something. To some degree her impatience had been the key to her own success...that and a hefty dose of pride. From her introduction she'd come as a kid from a rich family...and she'd almost immediately set out to try and disprove any idea the other trainees had that it had made her soft. It had made her lack in self-preservation maybe, but it hadn't made her soft. Fortunately her effort hadn't gone to waste. Graduating that day and doing so as one of the highest scoring teams they had.

The whole thing with packing a bag seemed a little peculiar, but she really wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. She wasn't going to start asking questions when there was a celebration involved. As far as she was concerned she could have been called to bring a robe and wizard hat to graduation and she'd have been alright with it.

She made her way downstairs at a decent pace, already fairly aware that she was behind, and not wanting everyone else to tear through any food there was left. Bunch of young people, they could eat like things you'd normally find in a barnyard in quantity if left to their own, and Kora wasn't really an exception, though her diet was a little more...erratic than most. She made her way in and grabbed a cup off coffee and a bowl of cereal, before dropping into her seat at her table and promptly duping about half the sugar bowl into the drink. It was the sort of thing most people could not stomach, but she seemed to get some sort of considerable enjoyment out of.

She had landed on a seat next to one of her team-members, Feli, the cat-girl to be exact, and Kora extended a greeting insofar as to wave, any sort of verbal command being out of the question due to a mouth full of cereal. It was very much an average way for Kora to arrive in the morning.

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Re: Just Another Story

Is this dead?... Unless I'm told to the contrary I'm going to assume its dead.

Re: Just Another Story

I am going to be gone for about a week. Just so you guys know.

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I won't let this die.

Lol so we're going to continue on without waiting for VitaminHeart, she can catch up.

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... sure is quiet...



Re: Just Another Story

I'll get a post up later today. :)

Re: Just Another Story

That's okay :p

Hope to see VitaminHeart's and Furry Dragon's post soon, and if not I'm just gunna post again and hopefully get this thing in motion lol.

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Gunna post nao, sorrt I've been gone for a while... I got adicted to some stupid game... Anyways, Imma also edit my pics, Because they're bugging me. Alot.

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Sorry for taking so long, I was editing it so it wasn't long and boring, so I cut it short.

Ta da.

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Okay, so for the groups we have

Myself, Varyar, and Duece
And Kyren, VitaminHeart, and Furry Dragon

This doesn't reallly matter later on, it just for namesake in the beginning, and it will mean the characters in the seperate groups will just be more closer or some such.

I'm just going to explain the beginning to make it a tad more easier for everyone.

The characters are graduating from their training, and the 'ceremony' only is the members reciecing tatto's, in Duece's case we way have to get creative haha. Later on they will celebrate, and as all of them have been told to pack a small bag, they are expecting to be recieving their first assignment.

That's all I'm gunna say for now, I hope to post soon, I've been writtng it but my laptop's charger is glitching out. But I will have it up by tonight for sure.

Re: Just Another Story

It's fine by me if you post using a 'narrators' point of view by me.

Re: Just Another Story

Everything looks good :D

I'll do the first post sometime this evening, if everyone's okay with that.

It might be a tad bit long, just to inroduce the setting, and events and such, but don't be intimidated( is that the right word for here...?) or I don't know. You don't have to post a major post.

Just a heads up I guess haha.

If you guys would rather, I can just post from a 'narrators' point of view, or give you a feel for the beginning in OOC, your choice(s)

Re: Just Another Story

Ok, I finished my character. Sorry it took a while. I hope she looks fine.

Re: Just Another Story

Phew, sorry.

I was a bit concerned.

Re: Just Another Story

No, I wasn't reffering to her but rather Duece's character, sorry for the mixup :(

Re: Just Another Story

Er, not wanting to come across as or confrontational at all, but was that last post referring to my character as well?

If so, I'd kinda want to know how Kora comes across as overpowered. If I wasn't clear enough on my application her ability isn't 'lifting up semi-trucks' sort of enhanced strength and more in a sense that the human body is capable of considerably more physical ability than most humans can use. Muscles are actually rather a lot more powerful, but are limited in a sense that they would break bones and tear ligaments if they were used to their full capacity, and the human brain places a limiter on how much force someone can apply.

Kora's ability grants her more durability in the tendons, ligaments and bones that wears she doesn't tear all her muscles when she does something, and removes the limiting factors in the the brain, so she is considerably more physically adept than the average human, but not to superhero levels. She couldn't stop a speeding train, or outrun a car, but she could probably take on a guy bigger than her and outrun someone who was fairly athletic.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Re: Just Another Story

They're abilities are a bit... advanced. I wasn't sure really about Dueces and asked him to tone it down but I don't know if he will. As long as I don't end up with godmodders. I am really happy with your power, it fits the roleplay so well. Just do what you do and I'm sure everything will be fine :D

Re: Just Another Story

Thanks Whiskyness, but I think it will suit the character better if he is an Abomination. Besides, after seeing Vitamin and Deuce's characters, I feel kinda embarassed... They are much more developed then my own! I'll try to compensate that in the posts. And Deuce... Playing Prototype much? Your character is exactly like Alex Mercer! lol

Re: Just Another Story

I'm starting to work on a character right now.

Re: Just Another Story

As soon as Furry Dragon's chracter is done I'll post the first post, as I dont really care if all the slots are filled or not.

Also, Kyren and I have made a slight change: in the beginning, our characters were going to be in a group and the new characters in their own group, but we've decided that we'll go half and half so we can help steer the plot along and such.

So her characters (a total of 3) and then 2 or 3 other new characters in one group
And my characters (a total of 3) and then 2 or 3 other new characters in another group.

We'll wait till' Furry's character is done and then we'll let you know the groups.

This really doesn't change that much, seeing as after **something** happens the two groups will be basically blended into one....

So yeah.

Re: Just Another Story

I find that really tough as well, probably because I end up with far too exact ideas of how characters look.

Also, finished my character profile, just let me know if there's anything else you want added/changed.