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a character in “Just Another Story”, as played by Kyren.Laili


My name is Gwennyth Alarice Meia. But most call me Gwen. But my brother likes to say my full name when he pretends I’m in big trouble or something.

I started training at them same age as my twin brother, which was at the age of five. It takes thirteen years to complete training so I have just graduated at the age of 18.

I am told I am classified as a Neon, unlike my brother. It’s difficult to hide my power, seeing as when I walk down a path with any plants at all in them, they shake and shiver with my prescence. I’m not very noticeable by my appearance, just like any other 18 year old girl. I have chesnut brown and black hair with blue eyes, unlike my brother who has brown eyes. I am an average height of 5’6. I am thin, slim, whatever you call it. My face is angled, like my brothers and my skin is slightly tanner than Vas’ or Ron’s, but only because plants need sunlight to survive, right? So I stay outside longer than normal, in hopes to catch as much rays as I can. My skin is soft and isn’t really sensitive at all, but I shouldn’t speak too soon. As for apparel, I just wear what everyone else around here does, the street clothes and the cloak. I do however wear a rose necklace, symbolizing my difference to others.


I am an Abnormal, like Vas and Ron. This is because of the uniqueness of my ability, and how it can be used. Not only can I control plants, but I feel them and live like them too. My power is one that is pretty useful and significant, seeing as how many things it includes. I can make a poisonous toxin emit from my body when I’m being attacked. Almost like a skunk can when they’re scared or whatever. Thorns reopen their previous holes in my skin when I need some extra defence, and that also happens when I reach a certain temperature.

I symbolize a rose, sweet and pretty looking on the outside, but once you reach in to pluck it from its roots, you get the thorns. Like I’ve said, I can put on quite the act to be sweet and gentle, but once you provoke me I will get prickly. I have been said to lash out at times of high stress, but is this my fault? Hardly. This plays along with my power aswell. With a high heart rate things will tense up inside of me and I will snap. ‘Gwennerose’ My brother calls it. I’m sure my most important and true personality traits are that I am clever, swift-minded, headstrong, and trustworthy. All things of a loyal woman. When a problem comes my way, I can solve it, but only if Velasco hasn’t already. I am strong in my belief, and not easily manipulated. I don’t fall for any acts but my own, honestly. That’s about it...

As for my history, just like my brother I joined training at a young age, and don’t remember much. But I do recall the stories of my Legendary mother, who fought to regain freedom to herself and the others. That is what I remember of my past history, before the training began. Training was a long and difficult process to get where I am today. Which is practically nowhere until our first mission takes off. That process included many years of hard work and getting the skills I have today. Not only do I know how to responsibly know how to use my powers, but my attitude aswell. So, that’s pretty much my past, but what will be my future?

Writing Sample:

I could feel the plants stretch forward in my direction as I spoke to Vasco, yearning to speak to me themselves. We carried out a nice little conversation. But as I went to look him in the eyes, hoping for who knows what, he dropped them to the ground. I cut the chatter and focused on what we were supposed to be doing, which was finding out way. “I think if we turn here we’ll-“

I was interrupted by a loud sound. His foot against something, of course. “Ow.” He said, and them my brother came up from the back of the group, complaining about Vas’ manners and such. To be honest, I didn’t really care. But then he seemed to mentally drag me with him as Velasco limped behind.

So begins...

Gwennyth's Story


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Velasco woke up earlier than he'd exprected, but still craved the feeling of being wrapped in his dreams. He turned over and looked at the ceiling. Sighing, he sat up and noticed that his stomach was alrmingly empty. Making his way out of the room, Velasco thought about what was to come of this day. He sauntered out to the Messhall. He began to lazily put the closest available options of food on his plate. He then made his way to the table he was used to sitting at, and plopped himself and his food down.

He glanced around the room to see how many were up before him, and frowned. He knew Gwen would be asleep, and Ron would likely be pretending to be asleep aswell, just to match his sister. That kid was obsessed with proving that he and his sister were twins. Biting into something, he heard another tray hit the table, followed by the familiar huff of Gwen.

"You're up rather early." Vasco managed to say through his stuffed face.

"I had to be." She replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Because..?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Because today is a special day." A different voice, yet also familiar. Ron sat down beside his sister, a smaller amount of food placed on his tray. Vasco shrugged and looked back to whatever he was eating. It looked like he'd just took a bunch of breakfast foods and mixed it up. Making a face, he pushed it away and drank down some orange juice.