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a character in “Just Another Story”, as played by Kyren.Laili


My name is Ronald Liam Meia , I’d REALLY prefer it if you wouldn’t call me that. Just Ron,or something. Me and my sister have really normal names, though normal is the opposite of what we really are.

I started training when I was five, plus the thirteen long years of painful training, I recently graduated at the age of 18.

I am a Blender, meaning that I blend in. Not blend things up. I have light brown hair, dark chesnut brown eyes, and a fair build. I may not be the most muscular of our team but I am nimble, and rather agile. I believe I have more of a soft face than Velasco does, as he has a more defined jaw. Since we live in the snow, we pretty much aren’t tan. I have longer hair than Vas, and I am Probably not the tallest, either. There are a lot of things I envy of Vasco, and I know he’ll use that against me. Not much more that I can add besides I am quite slim, and a few freckles dot my cheeks and nose.


I believe I’ve been classified as an Abnormal, considering how I am extremely fast. My slimness, agility, nimbleness, smaller build and speed is all in play with this, and I love it. I don’t care if it’s an unoriginal piece of crap, but it’s quite the useful tool.

If anything for my personality, I am laid back. Vasco does the thinking in most situations, but my sister and I are the ones that mostly play it out. With my speed, her weird plants, we can practically do anything. Besides... hypnotize... Anyways, I rely on my sister and Vas to plan things out, because I know they can. I’m considered nice, and carin, but honestly mostly only to my sister. I know better than to call myself the leader of the group or anything, and I know for sure that Velasco wishes he was. Other than that, I call myself gentler than most, seeing as I have a twin sister and we need to look out for eachother. Oh- and not to mention I have gotten used to depending on my sister, and she the same to me. One is not one without the other.

Me and my sister started training when we were four, so we didn’t really remember anything besides the training. I know for sure my mother was a Legendary, and I tend to hold my legendary blood against Vas when he tries to use his strong and muscular build against me. But nothing other than the training, which was, like I said, painful and long. Not to mention boring. Velasco I know was much more set on his goal, and really wants to get somewhere with it. Anyways, I’ve been in training as long as I can remember. Literally. Not much more for my History, that's it... so far.

Writing sample:

I was at the back of the group, as always, watching my sister and Vasco talk infront of me. They shared many different traits, and I believe talkative was one of them. Sighing, I sped up, wanting to steal my sister back from him.

“I think if we turn here we’ll get to the-“ My sister was in the middle of saying something as Vasco interrupted her, which made me upset.

“Ow.” He whined, and I instinctively rolled my eyes.

“What happened?”

“I hit my foot off of the brick.”

“God, I’d appreciate it if you’d at least look at someone when you talk to them.” I hissed, shooting a glare at him. He shot one straight back, but his neon eyes were annoying and too hard to keep focused on so I looked to my sister. “Gwen? What were you saying?” I asked, speeding up my pace so the limping black-haired boy wouldn’t catch up. Gwennyth frowned, and followed.

So begins...

Ron's Story


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Velasco woke up earlier than he'd exprected, but still craved the feeling of being wrapped in his dreams. He turned over and looked at the ceiling. Sighing, he sat up and noticed that his stomach was alrmingly empty. Making his way out of the room, Velasco thought about what was to come of this day. He sauntered out to the Messhall. He began to lazily put the closest available options of food on his plate. He then made his way to the table he was used to sitting at, and plopped himself and his food down.

He glanced around the room to see how many were up before him, and frowned. He knew Gwen would be asleep, and Ron would likely be pretending to be asleep aswell, just to match his sister. That kid was obsessed with proving that he and his sister were twins. Biting into something, he heard another tray hit the table, followed by the familiar huff of Gwen.

"You're up rather early." Vasco managed to say through his stuffed face.

"I had to be." She replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Because..?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Because today is a special day." A different voice, yet also familiar. Ron sat down beside his sister, a smaller amount of food placed on his tray. Vasco shrugged and looked back to whatever he was eating. It looked like he'd just took a bunch of breakfast foods and mixed it up. Making a face, he pushed it away and drank down some orange juice.