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a character in “Just Another Story”, as played by Kyren.Laili



My name is Velasco Devan Lonan. Some call me ‘Vas’ or ‘Vasco’.

When I started training, I was five. So adding on the thirteen years of training, I am nineteen years of age.

I am a Neon. Literally, my eyes are this freaky Neon green color that I am unable to disguise and my hair is a jet black. Some suggest contacts, but trust me, I’ve already tried. Multiple times. Anyways, I guess the eyes have to do something with my power. Yeah, I only have one. Shame, really. I can hypnotize others, but it’s hard to do that without looking someone straight in the eye. My skin is pale, since we don’t get much sun. I am muscular and broad-shouldered. Very well built and I am also tall. I stand to be 6’2, and I love it. Sometimes I can find a dark enough brown colored contact lens that I can wear that only hides the green a bit, but it still sort of works. I’m sure there’s much more that I could add, but would I want to get into that now?

I am classified as an abnormal, seeing as my hypnotism is useful. But I’m not really sure I want to find out what I’ll be used for.

Well, if you asked me about my personality, I would likely say that I’m a lovable, kind, caring person who never gets mad at anything. But if you asked others? Well, I’d be given the traits of Hot-headed, Short-tempered, strategic, focused, and many other things. Which one is most likely true? Definitely what others would say. I like to believe that I’m gentle and caring like a nice guy like Ron, but honestly, I’m just....not. My strategic, clever, and focused kind of traits were built into me when I’d started training. I want to be legendary like that girl Nimph’s parents were, but it’ll take a while to get there.

My history.... Not really that exciting. My parents, unlike most others like myself, didn’t help in the Revolution. Well, I think so at least. I don’t want to be taken for not as involved as some of the others because my parents did not help the revolution, they hid in a little hole while the others fought. I have been and will always fight for our kind, no matter what family I came from. But there’s not much more than what I’ve already explained. Training was and is my history. I hope to be able to train young ones like I have been trained, but first comes the missions.

Writing sample:

I lowered my eyes instinctively, knowing that if I did otherwise it would end badly. I remember back in training when the trainer would get annoyed and scold me for never looking them in the eyes. I just figured that if I hadn’t looked, then I wouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath. They said that if I didn’t look them in the eyes then it’d look like I wasn’t brave enough, and that was a disadvantage on my part.

Eventually, I’ve learned to control what comes with my eyes. But I still have to be cautious when I’m not paying enough attention, like now. Before scrunching my face up in pain, I’d stubbed my toe on an old cinder block.


So begins...

Velasco's Story


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Velasco woke up earlier than he'd exprected, but still craved the feeling of being wrapped in his dreams. He turned over and looked at the ceiling. Sighing, he sat up and noticed that his stomach was alrmingly empty. Making his way out of the room, Velasco thought about what was to come of this day. He sauntered out to the Messhall. He began to lazily put the closest available options of food on his plate. He then made his way to the table he was used to sitting at, and plopped himself and his food down.

He glanced around the room to see how many were up before him, and frowned. He knew Gwen would be asleep, and Ron would likely be pretending to be asleep aswell, just to match his sister. That kid was obsessed with proving that he and his sister were twins. Biting into something, he heard another tray hit the table, followed by the familiar huff of Gwen.

"You're up rather early." Vasco managed to say through his stuffed face.

"I had to be." She replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Because..?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Because today is a special day." A different voice, yet also familiar. Ron sat down beside his sister, a smaller amount of food placed on his tray. Vasco shrugged and looked back to whatever he was eating. It looked like he'd just took a bunch of breakfast foods and mixed it up. Making a face, he pushed it away and drank down some orange juice.