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Just Believe Me

Burns, Oregon


a part of Just Believe Me, by Lonelyflower45.


Lonelyflower45 holds sovereignty over Burns, Oregon, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Burns, Oregon is a part of Just Believe Me.

11 Characters Here

Stella [20] "I just want acceptance"
Dov [18] A nightmare cannot lie. We just play with what you call... reality.
Eric Meadows [16] "As long as you pay."
Celia Hunter [11] I know what is going to happen!
Kim Sorrows [11] I'm not a scam artist, but the real thing. So don't question me.
Randolph Tombs [5] "It's... It's in the book..."
Onyx Ryliegh Edein [4] Wants to find serenity and others like her.
Gabriel Lane [4] Tall, dark, and Furry
Victoria Annabeth Polari [4] red head beautiful mess

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Dov slowly moved out of the vehicle that he had been sitting in for the last few moments. Once one foot was on the ground, he began to teleport in a curved path towards Stella, with the eyes of a predator and the face of a jester. The cold and warm feeling that crept through the air, the only way that any humans could tell that he was even there, gave off a feeling of malevolence, but not evil.

Dov now wanted to play with the human, being able to tell that Stella was more than some human. Thus, he kept to a zig-zag pattern heading for Stella. Once he reached her car, he would begin rubbing his face up against the windows, making funny faces. All the while, the only notion that something other than Stella was there, to Eric, was the feeling of cold on one shoulder and hot on the other.