Ace Wilson

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a character in “Just Like Paradise”, as played by kemj25


Name: Ace Wilson
Age: 35
Gender: M
Job: Unemployed
Home: He lives in a small condo near the beach.
Weapon of choice: Anything that explodes.

Appearance: Ace has blonde hair and a perfectly chiseled body. He usually wears a nice blazer over a turtleneck with some slacks and comfortable running shoes.
Personality: Suffering from PTSD, Wilson is often a confused individual and his moral compass can sometimes be a bit out of whack. He has a kind heart, but is also very self-righteous and has a hard time admitting when he is wrong.

History: Wilson is a Vietnam Vet. He has post traumatic stress disorder from taking shrapnel to his shoulder. While he never fully recovered, he is still physically fit. Most of the damage was mental. Once put under stress he starts to crack, quickly recalling images of the war and his troubled past which he almost completely pushed out of his memory.

Motive: While doing volunteer work for the community, there was a horrible accident. Ace Wilson would help out the youth recreation facilities but the children ended up becoming involved in a hostage situation. A group in the Montez Syndicate was looking for an out after a failed robbery. Unfortunately for them, these children were under the protection of a beefy 'Nam vet. Ace quickly overpowered one of the thugs and shot the other with relative ease. Now he wants to stop the organized crime since it has proved to be a threat to the general public and the innocent.

So begins...

Ace Wilson's Story