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Just Stay Alive

Just Stay Alive


And never die. This roleplay is for anything and everything, though is set in an entirely different universe.

1,088 readers have visited Just Stay Alive since Demon girl created it.



Latviel is the home of many different species. These species may live in harmony or not, it's up to you. Be whatever you want to be, however, do not make your character overly powerful. You are allowed as many characters as you want and you do not need much information for your characters. All you need to include on your form is a name, age, gender and a picture/description. However, I require that on your first post you give a link to that character, please. Any questions may be directed to the OOC thread.

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Kagomi woke up to the sound of birds.She got up suddenly, and she banged her head against the top of the bunk bed she was sleeping on."OUCH!" She yelled holding her head, squealing with passion.Kagomi got out of bed slowly and walked out of the room , grabbing the change of clothes on her top bunk.She walked to the washroom and put down her clothes on the counter beside the sink.She quietly took a bath, listening to bird outside.


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Character Portrait: Ollio Ollivan Ollisti Character Portrait: Sin Character Portrait: Hector Triviante Character Portrait: May Souskin Character Portrait: Angela Hiltoph Character Portrait: Aclri Hades Character Portrait: Hara and Hera Character Portrait: Nadi Tlesrin
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Ollio let out a yawn, sitting up from where he had slept for the night. He did indeed have a home, but at the moment, he really couldn't bothered going back and dealing with, well, Him. The annoying little brat he called cousin.

A red-haired boy pulled himself up onto the roof of his home, staring aroudn the small street in search of the similar light-brown hair of his twenty year-old cousin. "Heeeeeeeeeh, it's so boring without someone too talk to, " Sin sighed, crossing his legs and leaning his back against the brick chimney.

'One... Two... Three...Four... There's five of them,' Hector thought to himself. He turned suddenly, throwing a small knife into the woods, five birds scattering into the sky. He smiled to himself, noticing that his practice was certainly helping him improve his mind as well as his body. He looked aroudn the empty clearing before walking towards where he had thrown his knife, making sure no one was watching him.

Hera sighed, sitting back against a large oak tree and stared into the sky. It had been a rather slow morning, the sun having taken half an hour to completely show itself over the distant hills. And of all things, Hara had decided she wanted to go get their breakfast. The little girl could hardly talk, so maybe she did have the upper hand when begging for/stealing food.

Hara smiled softly, gently knocking on the door of the local bakery. She had never been here so of course there was no why they'd know her. She thanked the man who had opened the door for her, since she couldn't quite reach the handle, and walked inside, looking around.

May looked around the park, swinging her legs since she was too short to reach the floor. Next to the bench sat her friend, Eda. A white-haired wolf that followed her everywhere. May took her staff in her hand, pointing it at the wing set and murmuring a single word, "Fall." Then and there, the little girl who had been sitting on there playing fell to the ground, the swing having broken beneath. May smiled, watching the girl cry before her and the mother fussing over her, wondering how a brand new swing could break so easily.

'Oh, on I burn! Fuel is pumping engines, burning hard, loose and clean!' the lyrics of Metallica's song Fuel could be heard meters away. Obviously, the girl had no worries about going deaf, as the music was in fact coming from a set of headphones planted on top of Aclri's black hair. She was sitting by a large tree atop a low lying hill, just outside of the port town. In her lap was a small, black laptop. In fact, everything around the girl was black. Her clothes, hair, laptop, headphones, glasses, even her eyes. The only thing about her that wasn't black was her chalky white skin.

Nadi huffed, staring at the people that passed her on the street. She pulled her hat lower over he face, making sure her ears were still covered. From her pocket, she pulled out a raspberry lollipop and placed it in her mouth, smiling at the sweet taste. She could smell and hear the ocean from where she was, but she never had any intention of going near it.

"And that is Check Mate," a black haired girl murmured. She grinned as the guy across from her stood up suddenly, toppling the chair. He angrily stormed away, leaving the prize money sitting on the table. Angela stiffled a laugh, gathering the money and placing it in her wallet. She was known as pro in chess playing and often gambled, relying on her skills for the money she needed for food, water and other stuff.Being a traveler wasn't always easy when you're out of money.


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Hana woke up from her long night of intense nightmares and waking up to the feeling of bugs either on her feet or in her precious hair that was messily tied up into a bun. The hotel she was staying at was filled with cockroaches and unfamiliar bugs that she'd never seen before. She planned on going to the town since she was up in the mountains for a week or two. She regained her senses and smelled the sweet aroma of....pancakes?

"You up already Sleeping Beauty?" She flinched at the voice a.k.a her friend Mason, who was a grouch in the morning. "Sorry. Have I kept you up again?" Mason only snorted and turned stiffly on his heel.
"I'll take that as a yes.." she muttered to herself.


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Character Portrait: Sin Character Portrait: Hana Landcaster Character Portrait: Mason West
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Sin huffed, standing and starting to run across the rooves of the houses. He grinned, jumping up onto the motel and sliding down the pipe until he reached a random balcony. Knocking on the door, he called out. "Room service! Personal killer here for hire!"

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Character Portrait: May Souskin
Character Portrait: Hector Triviante
Character Portrait: Nadi Tlesrin
Character Portrait: Ollio Ollivan Ollisti
Character Portrait: Angela Hiltoph
Character Portrait: Aclri Hades
Character Portrait: Sin
Character Portrait: Mason West
Character Portrait: Hana Landcaster
Character Portrait: Hara and Hera


Character Portrait: Mason West
Mason West

"Stay away from me. I don't want your stupidity."

Character Portrait: Hana Landcaster
Hana Landcaster

"P-Please don't hurt me..."

Character Portrait: Nadi Tlesrin
Nadi Tlesrin


Character Portrait: Hara and Hera
Hara and Hera


Character Portrait: Aclri Hades
Aclri Hades

"I'm a girl, you idiot!"

Character Portrait: Angela Hiltoph
Angela Hiltoph

"Check. Mate.

Character Portrait: May Souskin
May Souskin


Character Portrait: Hector Triviante
Hector Triviante

"Piss me off, I dare you."

Character Portrait: Sin

"Fun, fun fun!"

Character Portrait: Ollio Ollivan Ollisti
Ollio Ollivan Ollisti

Just... Just call him Ollie.


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Right now if you want. I never posted because I have a lot of characters. Well, that and I just couldn't be bothered.

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Are we going to be roleplaying soon?

Just Stay Alive

Hi Y'all! I'm Demon girl, but you can call me Demmy. I live in Australia so timing and such may different. Any questions you have, just post below, or even if you just want to chat - so long as you are/going to be part of the RP, go ahead.