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Danica Huntress

"It wasn't always like this..."

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a character in “Just Survive”, as played by Echo_Rose



"I have gone this far to turn back now"

"The Basics"

"They called me 5890 but this is my real name"
Danica Lyn Huntress

"The friends I used to have always called me this"
Dani, Nica (Her brother Lloyd was the only one that called her that)

"Does it really matter anymore?"

"I never been with anyone but I just don't have any feelings towards men."

"Whats on the outside"


"Sometimes being short can be a good thing"

"It is not polite to ask a woman's weight ya know"

.:Eye Color:.
"Why don't you take a look?"

.:Hair Color:.
"I like a little color in my life"
Brown with blonde highlights

"We all have scars and marks that show are past and who we truly are"
Danica has only two tattoo that is on the right side of her stomach, she got that done when she was 16 with a fake ID. The program also tattooed the number '5890' on the inside of her wrist with a barcode. As for piercing she has none right now for they were taken out when she was brought into the program. Dani also has done a lot of henna tattoos on her hands, arms, and face since she was a young teenager. For scars she has many, she has plenty of needle marks on her arms from where they injected her with different medications during the years she was being experimented on. She also has a scar on the back her head where they did surgery once to implant a certain chemical into her brain to trigger her ability. Three long jagged scars on her back.

"Whats on the Inside"


"These things keep me sane"
♥The Beach
♥Women [though shes never dated anyone]

"To say that I dislike these is an understatement"
♠Loud noises
♠Her memories
♠Her step-father
♠Showing emotion
♠Seeing the ones she cares about hurt

"Just don't be telling everyone this"
◇Being alone forever...She might not like being around a lot of people but the thought of being alone scares her.
◇People's thoughts...for she never knows what someone could be thinking and it truly does scare her.
◇Small spaces...after being locked in a small room for so long it is not surprising she is claustrophobic.
◇Becoming insane...literally.

"Do you really want to know me?"
Dani is not your typical social girl, she used to be very high spirited and tried to keep an upbeat attitude through her life but nowadays its been harder on her. Hearing everyone's thoughts makes it difficult to process which ones are whose and which ones are even her own lately. It is why she usually keeps to herself, its the only way she believes she can keep herself sane. When speaking to Dani she does not give off much expression for she knows what people are thinking and after so long she has become numb towards what people think or feel. It keeps her from having to feel too connected to anyone.

At first glance Dani seems to be distance and gives the cold shoulder to anyone nearby but really she is just timid and unsure of herself. Having dealt with her Step-Father and going through the Program she does not trust easily and doesn't open up to anyone. If people asks questions she usually gives single word answers, that is if she answers at all. Only having trusted two people and both of them now are gone, she feels alone and lost. These days she has herself to worry about and no one else, its the only way she can keep herself alive.

"Lets Delve into the Past"

"Everyone has their own story, some are just more interesting"
In 1995 Danica Lyn Huntress was born to Jason and Ella Huntress. At birth there was complications with her breathing and they had to take her into surgery, fortunately they were able to get her to breathe. Unfortunately her a nerve in a larynx was damaged, the doctors told Danica's parents that she might never be able to speak. Which was very much the case. Jason and Ella also had another child, a four year old boy named Lloyd, though he had a different father then Dani Jason cared for him as if Lloyd was his own.

The first four years of Dani's life was great, they went to the beach often which was one of her favorite past times. She loved following around her older brother even if he found it annoying. But things took a drastic change one night when their mother got a call late in the evening from the police telling her there was an accident. A semi lost control of his truck, running a red light and hit into Jason's car. The impact killed him on site. From the night forth everything change. There was no more fun days at the beach, no more drives out to the country side. At night Danica often heard her mother crying but she was confused, she was only five and she wondered if her father was ever going to come home.

It was a year later when Jeremy entered their life. Dani didn't like him from the first day she met him but Ella was lonely and knew him because he was a friend of Jasons'. Time went by, Jeremy was in their lives on a daily basis which was rough for Dani for when her mother was not around or not looking he was verbally abusive towards her. Calling her different names and making fun of her for not being able to talk. Two years went by Jeremy and Ella got married. Dani was in school but it was hard for her, she didn't make friends easily and was often being made fun of from the other children.

As time went on Jeremy became more abusive verbally and started to become physically abusive towards Dani around the age of twelve. Her mother never caught onto this for she was a nurse so she always worked long hours at the hospital. Dani also couldn't speak so it was hard for her to tell anyone about what was happening, she was scared no one would believe her so she kept it to herself. When she was fourteen her brother disappeared, they didn't know where he went but since he was 18 there was nothing they really could do about it. Things got rougher at home after that, her step-father drank more and more each day, the abuse was becoming harder to take.

When she was 16 her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, it hit Dani hard for the girl knew if she lost her mother then she would be stuck alone with Jeremy. Its the last thing Dani would ever want. Jeremy of course blamed everything on Dani, saying if she didn't stress her mother out so bad that this would never would have happened. As a year went by her mother got worse, her organs were failing and without a kidney transplant her mother was going to die. A doctor then spoke to Dani, asking if she was willing to see if she was a match to her mother. Of course Dani agreed. What happened next she doesn't exactly remember.

Waking up in the facility was one of the memories she would never forget. The doctors and scientists around her, speaking in Italian as they poked her with needles and hooked her up to different machines. From then on she went through many different gruesome procedures, physical to mental to lab work, it was a never ending cycle. When they were not experimenting on her they left her in a room with no windows, a flimsy mattress on the floor, a battered blanket, and a locked door with a small flap that they could put a tray for food through. The scientist wanted to make sure Danica was able to go through the trigger procedure, for they had to many failures for this one and they did not want to fail again. At 18 Dani was brought into the surgical room where she saw many different doctors, one in particular that seemed to be tensed and out of place. She struggled but there really was no point, in the end they knocked her out and when she woke up she heard thoughts, so many thoughts, and they were not her own.

More procedures and studies were done on her, they realized she could not only hear peoples thoughts but also project her voice into peoples minds. This gave them the idea that if Dani could do this then maybe with some training and more chemicals she could do even more. So they pushed her to the limits for over a year. Dani thought her mind was breaking, thought she was going insane. But the worse was yet to come. 19 year old Dani was yet again brought into the surgical wing, she saw the same Italian female doctor again. Danica asked her what was going on but the woman said in her thoughts 'this won't hurt'.

Next thing she knows she woke up in the wilderness, dazed and confused. Still in a hospital gown she saw the female doctor sleeping beside her. Scared and confused Dani ran, but she didn't know where she was going. So after a few hours she found the doctor but stayed a bit away, following her to wherever she was going. When reaching Livigno Dani went off on her own and found an abandoned barn which she currently resides in. Since then she has made it her home, working for people on the side to make a living.



.:The Ability:.
"I liked it before when I wasn't able to communicate, it was easier that way."

When Danica woke up from her procedure the first thing she could do was here peoples thoughts. It was like ordinary speech to her but not something she could turn off. It is overwhelming and if there are too many people in the area she often gets a headache or a migraine. If people have intense thoughts they are usually louder then others.

Dani is also able to communicate by speaking to a person telepathically, though it only works one way. Right before she escaped the doctors were trying to see about enhancing her to be able to mind control people so they could use her as a biological weapon. But she escaped before that was able to happen.

So begins...

Danica Huntress's Story


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Looking out to the horizon Danica walked across the wet grass barefoot, silently humming to herself. It has been quite a few hours since she has been out and about, only getting one or two hours of sleep, but that was the usual for her. Other people's thoughts haunted her mind as they tried to sleep, making it hard for her to shut them out. Once they did fall asleep her own mind kept her awake with memories of the program and her step-father plaguing her waking and dreaming mind.

As the sun rose she knew it was almost time to head home, knowing her brother was going to wake soon. If Dani was not home Lloyd would worry and who knows how that would go. It has been tense and awkward since he found her. Being able to read her brother's thoughts was unnatural and not something Dani wanted to do. Also Lloyd's mind was not normal and she hated being in it, making it hard for her being around him. Though Dani couldn't help but be thankful to have her older brother back in her life, if she just now could figure out where her mother was. Hoping her mother was still alive out there.

Looking up to the sky Dani took a deep breath in as she felt a breeze flow pass her. One hand going up to her hat to hold onto it as she just stood there taking in the moment. The girl was just wearing a black t-shirt, blue shorts, and a black hat. Her hair was a mess, looking like it has yet to be brushed for the day. A few minutes went by before Dani started to walk again, heading for the house. Her steps were slow, she was not in a hurry, not really wanting to be around others for she would then have to be hearing their thoughts for the day.

Reaching the steps to the house Dani knew someone was awake, most likely Benjamin for he was usually the first one awake. Stepping through the door Dani looked around before heading towards the common area as her eyes landed on Ben. There was no expression on her face as she spoke to Ben through his mind <"Goodmorning."> Turning towards the cupboard before heading towards the sink to fill it with water. Taking a sip Dani headed towards the couch and sat down quietly as her grey eyes stared at Ben with that same expressionless look <"I take it you had a rough night also?">

It was hard to keep things from Dani, which she did not like at all. People had their right to privacy and Dani felt like she was evading it. It felt wrong but she could not stop unless she disappeared all together and lived her life in solitary. Lloyd would never allow, at least she did not think so. It was easy for her to get lost in her thoughts or others' it happened often, spacing out when others were talking. In public places she would get odd looks but Dani would pay no mind to it, for the towns people already thought she was some gypsy Romani. They didn't think kind thoughts of her but Dani did not care.

Giving Ben her attention once more, tilting her head a bit as she twisted a piece of her hair between her fingers<"so is there any plans for the day?">


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Renata/Ren - Lesbian - 25 - 5'8"

There were only two ways Ren woke up on a given day. She either woke up screaming, nightmares of her time in that lab getting picked apart over and over haunting her, unable to escape the pain even in sleep. The frequency, as well as her begrudging proximity to other people, prompted her to sleep with duct tape over her mouth. It didn't always help. The other way Ren woke up, such as this morning, was starving. Her power/ability/curse/whatever you wanted to call it had her body constantly active, even if she wasn't. The good news was it kept her fit, burning calories to where she didn't need to work out nearly as often as she should to keep her physique, but the downside...

Her stomach grumbled, an indignant rumbling that demanded she get out of bed. Her eyes shot open in response, looking at the clock to see that the sun had barely been up. Benji was probably awake, but nobody sane probably should be. She shot up to a sitting position and scanned her room as she ripped the tape off of her mouth and absent mindedly fidgeted with it. None of her food stores seemed to survive her midnight snack in the hopes of sleeping in. She turned and reached under her pillow, frowning when she found only an empty Gobstoppers box. Her stomach gave a low growl of urgency, which only served to upset her further. She flopped out of bed, landing among the empty bottles and food wrappers she always said she'd pick up but never did, before slowly getting to her feet and scanning her room again. No food near her dirty clothes pile, she remembered eating the cheez-its in her closet, and the cereal boxes under her bed had been empty for days. She swore under her breath as she grabbed a shirt off the ground and started for the door. She hesitated for a second, glancing back at a pair of pants before looking down at the booty shorts she had fallen asleep in. She shrugged and opened the door, figuring Benji would be the only one up anyway, and she only intended to get something to eat before going back up and actually getting ready anyway.

She headed downstairs and made a beeline for the kitchen. She gave Benji a cursory wave as she passed him by, throwing open the pantry and analyzing its contents. There was still a box of what she'd guessed was supposed to be the European version of fruity pebbles left, which she greedily grabbed and threw open, shoving a fist inside to grab a handful before stuffing her face. The feeling of it sliding down her throat after she swallowed was euphoric, and it wasn't until she went to the fridge to grab the milk that she even really looked at Benji, or noticed that Danica was on the couch in the common room.

'Fuck... Sorry for the show Dani', she thought, but made no attempts at covering herself up or even really hurrying to get out of her line of sight. Focusing back on Benji, she thought for a brief moment again of how they met. The thought always came even if Ren didn't actively seek it out, of Ben crying as he stopped her heart, or scrambled her brain, or whatever else Abrams wanted him to do that day. The thought left as quickly as it came, and Ren pushed down the anger. She'd forgiven him, and the memories wouldn't take that away from her.

"Want a bowl, Benji? Actually eating something might help you feel a little less like shit. Same for you Dani. Nobody should be up this early by choice," She said, opening another cabinet, grabbing as many bowls as needed before setting them down on the counter and pouring her own bowl.

"Also shouldn't have to eat... Strawberry Pops?" she said as she looked at the box, her face sinking in annoyance," God I'd kill for some Captain Crunch. Or a fucking Big Mac."


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#, as written by Igari


He lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with a frown. He hadn't slept well that night. To be more specific, he had gotten perhaps an hour before the visions had started. Then he had given up. He had been just about falling asleep a few moments ago when he heard a door open from somewhere in the house. Hm, who was up at this... hour? Morning? Day? He turned on his side, glancing at the clock. Well, it was definitely the "morning" but that was a stretch. Was he really just going to settle for one hour of rest? The groggy, sick feeling in his joints told him that indeed, he wasn't going back to sleep. He was going to have to slug through the day like usual. Maybe if he got lucky, there would be time for a nap.

He laid there in silence for a few moments longer, trying to control his breathing. Trying to feel a little more at ease. He should feel happier, better, more accomplished. He found his sister. After all the hassle, after all the aggravation, he had tracked her down. She was back in his life. He hadn't been able to break it to her, to tell her the truth of what he had found back home. To him, it was priority that she be taken care of. Looked after. Even if he had a distant and rather abrasive way of doing it. She was his only family... and she meant the world to him. Ugh. He was getting sentimental, laying on his bed in the dark.

He leaned up, throwing off his boxers and shirt to slip on some new clothes. Screw this, he was hungry. He needed something to get his mind off of things. He opened his door, nearly banging into the wall. He forgot how thin the hallways were, really. Ever since he had escaped, well, the lot of them had--they had adapted this... "living" situation. He couldn't say he was too pleased, Benjamin was an awful roommate. He would come home completely wasted, slink up the stairs, crash into everything and anything that could be knocked over, and was just too loud. His sister was a downright angel, quiet, and respectful, never a complaint about her. And Ren, well, all too clearly he remembered how she had snuck into his room the night before last looking for food. That had been unpleasant. He was pretty sure they were both sticking to the "it was too dark to see" story because neither one of them was bringing it up.

As he wandered down the hall, he caught the faint tones of conversation from the kitchen. A quick peek over the banister confirmed at least three occupants in the immediate area. Deciding instead to take the long way about, he went down the stairs and walked out the back door. He breathed out. Freedom kind of felt shitty. It wasn't fulfilling, it wasn't anything of which he fantasized about. Who knew where those psychopaths were now... or was he the crazy one. He was the one... wait.

He turned back around slowly, no longer seeing the house behind him. His pulse began to quicken and he frowned, looking frantically to either side. This couldn't be happening again. He tried to calm himself but to no avail, he could see his sister coming over the hill. Instinctively, he went to approach her, but as he neared, he saw that she was being pursued by someone else. His blood ran cold, he went to go call out her name... but she was being pushed to the ground, one of the figures straddling her. He stuck something into her arm, she was screaming, gasping. And then they locked eyes. In a horrifying, split second, they shared a stare. And she screamed out his name. It seemed to last an eternity and as he went to reply, he was standing in the backyard. His mouth half-hanging open.

He blinked several times, trying to feel better, trying to relax. Was he back? Was that real? What the hell was that in the first place? He immediately turned back into the house, rounding the corner to the kitchen. He looked at everyone with wide eyes and with no words, he stepped over to Dani and hugged her tight. Shit. He hated it when he had those visions, he hated it when he saw... he drew back, settled her with a firm look, and then crossed his arms, barely able to speak.

"... morning." He didn't meet anyone's gaze. His sister knew a little more about these panic attacks he had. Everyone else probably just thought he was overly affectionate towards her. He was tired of confirming that she was still alive. Tired of checking that they were still real. His thoughts were running a mile a minute and his body was shaking. He hated this "power". And now he was going to be paranoid for the rest of the day. Fan-tucking-fastic.